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15 Best Amazon Alternatives For Online Shopping in 2022

With the advent of the internet, life has become convenient, and everything is accessible with just one click. The internet has offered vast scope for developing many sectors, including education, business, etc.

The entire world has come on a common platform to share its thoughts and ideologies. We can do many things with the help of the internet – be it studying, connecting with other people or even shopping.  

Speaking of shopping, the internet has paved the way for developing businesses through e-commerce portals. Today, tons of e-commerce websites offer a colossal variety of products over the internet.  

One such e-commerce giant is Amazon; It is one of the biggest e-commerce websites operating on the web. Amazon offers a wide range of products starting from clothing to electronics items.

However, not all of us would like to shop from Amazon due to our personal preferences. Some people may not like the products available on the Amazon website, while others may not like the pricing. Hence, time and again, we sort for an alternative to Amazon.  

If you too are searching for an alternative to Amazon, worry no more – Here, we have listed the 15 best Amazon alternatives that you can check out later in this article.  

Best Amazon Alternatives – Our Top Pick 👌👌

In the hassle of our busy lifestyle, we hardly find time to go shopping in the local markets. However, many e-commerce sites have come up to ease our burden of physical shopping in the recent past.

The E-commerce websites offer a wide range of products to choose from, including clothing, grocery, electronics, and much more. These online shopping websites help us save time and money to a greater extent.  

There are many e-commerce websites on the internet; however, only a few offer the best deals and quality products to users.

Amazon is one such great and well-designed platform that offers great deals on products and easy shipping for its customers. With Amazon, you get good quality products and excellent customer support.  

However, some people may not like the product quality or price on the Amazon website. Some people may find the shipping charges expensive, and others may find a delayed delivery of the products. Thankfully, there are many other e-commerce websites similar to Amazon operating worldwide.  

These websites focus on a specified product category and offer huge discounts on the products. Some of them can be regarded as the perfect competitors of Amazon in terms of product quality and service.

If you are searching for the perfect alternative to Amazon, you are at the right place. Keep reading the article; below, we have mentioned some fantastic Amazon alternatives that might help you.  

 1. eBay – Alternatives to amazon for online shopping

Talking about e-commerce websites without eBay on the list is almost impossible. When it comes to the list of famous e-commerce giants, eBay undoubtedly occupies the list.

eBay is one of the best Amazon alternatives and an excellent platform to buy and sell products on the web. It is regarded as one of the perfect competitors of Amazon in terms of service.  

eBay and Amazon commenced their business simultaneously, but eBay is more like a mediator between sellers and buyers. Unlike other e-commerce sites, eBay does not have its products to offer to the customers, but as mentioned earlier, it acts as a bridge between the sellers and the buyers.  

eBay provides excellent features and also offers a user-friendly interface for the users. It even has a great customer support system and allows you to track your orders with ease.

"ebay | How To | eBay Android - Buy, Sell & Save"

eBay also has a unique feature of product auction, where a particular product is auctioned and sold at the highest bid price.  

eBay offers easy and fast delivery, and the superior packaging prevents the product from all sorts of damage. eBay offers enormous discounts on different products at regular intervals making it a popular platform for online shopping. 

You can check out the official website of eBay for further information or download the eBay application. The eBay application is supported on both IOS and Android devices.

The official application of eBay has crossed 100 million downloads on the Google Play store and offers the following features:-

  • With the application, you get to buy and sell products online without any hassle. 
  • You get to discover new deals and great discounts on different product categories. 
  • You can easily track your order using the application or visiting the website. 
  • The application also offers a platform to connect directly with different buyers and sellers through in-app messages. 
  • The application offers a vast number of customization and search filters, making it easier to shop or sell products.  

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2. AliExpress 

Adding to the list is another perfect competitor of Amazon and excellent online shopping – AliExpress. AliExpress is a well-organized e-commerce platform that offers an enormous range of products to customers worldwide. AliExpress is designed and run by one of China’s leading companies – The Alibaba Group.  

The Company’s main motive behind the introduction of AliExpress was to avoid intermediaries in the channel of business and deliver goods directly to the consumers.

The idea and initiative of cutting mediators resulted in price reduction and faster delivery of the products.  

Best Amazon Alternatives

The platform offers a wide variety of products ranging from personal care to electronics at affordable prices. With AliExpress, you get assurance of quality products and protection against fraud.

The platform offers excellent customer support that helps the customers with all their queries. It even assures you of a full refund of your money on product returns and offers COD services.  

The company even guarantees that you can get enough items for under $10, which is quite impressive. It also offers sleek navigation for the users and several in-app customization features. With all these great features, products, and prices, AliExpress can be regarded as one of the superb Amazon alternatives.

Do check out the official website of AliExpress or download the AliExpress app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store for some exciting products. 

Features you get with AliExpress:-

  • Explore from the well-organized list of millions of items starting from soft toys to personal care. 
  • You can also search for a product with the help of pictures, which is a unique in-app feature. 
  • The platform even offers its users to play fun games and earn discount rewards on different products. 
  • The platform provides safe and secure payment methods. 
  • Guarantees customer protection through excellent customer support and also provides excellent product recommendations using cookies.   
  • The platform also has an easy return and exchange policy for all its users. 

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3. Zappos: Shoes, clothes, boots, coats, & more!

Zappos is another excellent place to find quality products, including clothes, footwear, and other personal accessories. Zappos is an Amazon initiative and has been in business for quite a long now.  

Zappos offers a great deal on products and houses clothing and accessories of different well-known brands. With a wide array of products, Zappos also has excellent customer support that solves the customers’ queries.

Best Amazon Alternatives 1

Shopping on Zappos can earn you substantial reward points that you can redeem on your next purchase, which is a great way to attract customers.  

With Zappos, you get to opt for faster deliveries in exchange for a certain amount of money. The platform offers free shipping and returns on particular product categories. It also offers a user-friendly interface and a fabulous shopping experience.

You also get secured payment methods and COD services. Zappos can be regarded as one of the fabulous Amazon alternatives with its outstanding customer service and range of products. 

Visit the Zappos website for some crazy deals on wearables and accessories. You can also download the Zappos application from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. 

The feature you get with Zappos:-

  • You get all the clothing accessories at affordable prices under one roof. 
  • You get free returns, exchanges, and deliveries with Zappos. 
  • You get personalized product recommendations for easy shopping. 
  • The platform provides helpful customer support around the clock and year via text, e-mails, and calls. 
  • You earn enormous reward points on every order you place on Zappos. 

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4. Newegg – Shop PC Parts, Video Cards, Tech & More

If you are searching for the best electronic goods on the internet and find them expensive on amazon, you can check out Newegg.

Newegg is one of the best Amazon alternatives in terms of electronic items. The platform houses millions of tech gadgets and the latest electronic goods at affordable prices.  

In the recent past, Newegg has grown to be a million-dollar company and a formidable competitor to Amazon with its wide range of electronic items and excellent customer support. The platform even promises a faster and safer delivery to different locations worldwide. 

With Newegg, you get guaranteed return and exchange of damaged products. The platform offers excellent deals on the products regularly, making it profitable for the customers.

You can visit the Newegg website and check out the crazy deals on electronics, including laptops, smartphones, smartwatches, and much more.  

The Website even has a phone application that provides an excellent and sleek interface to the users making it easier to access. You can download the Newegg app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. 

Feature of Newegg:-

  • With the Newegg app, you get easy tracking of your orders. 
  • The website offers a shuffle feature that goes live every day, and you can win exciting rewards from it. You get an in-app notification every time the spin game goes live. 
  • The app provides a wishlist feature to add all the items that you would purchase in the future. 
  • The platform provides you with detailed product comparisons, making it easier to choose the best product. 
  • The app’s AI helps you build your artificial PC so that you get to choose your PC components wisely. 
  • With Newegg, you get round-the-clock customer support through live chat, which is quite impressive. 

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5. Rakuten– Cash Back Shopping & Coupons

Formerly called Buy.com, Rakuten is another leading online shopping website and one of the best Amazon alternatives. In 2010, the website was taken over by a Japanese business giant named Rakuten after Rakuten Inc. Rakuten is a well-designed website that offers a wide range of products ranging from apparel to personal care.  

Like eBay, the platform does not sell its products but links local businesses and customers. Any business can sell its products in different locations with the help of Rakuten.  

The review feature of the website helps choose the correct product, and it even has videos of the product description, making it easier to shop. With Rakuten, you get assured cashback on every purchase.

They offer great deals on a wide array of products; furthermore, they have a Super-points offer round the year, under which you can earn cashback up to 1% on every purchase you make on the website. Isn’t it amazing? 

The platform offers the best-in-class navigation features and 24*7 hours of customer support. You can quickly return or exchange damaged products on the website.

You can head over to the Rakuten website for more information or download the Rakuten app available for Android and IOS devices. 

Features you get with Rakuten:-

  • With Rakuten, you can shop from the stores of official brands, including Kohls, Nordstrom, eBay, and many more. 
  • The app offers massive reward points on every purchase, which is incredible.  
  • You get to enjoy free shipping and gifts through coupons and gift cards. 
  • When you sign up on the Rakuten app, you get a $10 bonus. Isn’t that amazing? 

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6. Walmart – Ethical amazon alternatives

Walmart is another famous name in the e-commerce industry and one of the most significant Amazon alternatives in operations.

Walmart is one of the leading companies with an enormous chain of supermarkets worldwide. Walmart deals in a wide array of products, which are available in its supermarkets and online website. 

Walmart can be regarded as a perfect competitor to Amazon, with the colossal variety of products it offers. With Walmart, you can either get the products delivered straight to your home or opt for a pick-up from a Walmart outlet near you.  

The platform provides a user-friendly interface and great deals on products. There are everyday discounts and huge rewards on the products offered by Walmart. It also offers excellent customer care support to all its users round the clock, worldwide.

1920x1080 WMT Video Android OneApp App Store Videos v2

Suppose the product you are searching for at a Walmart supermarket isn’t available. In that case, you can order from the Walmart website to your home or a local Walmart store near you, making it the most accessible e-commerce website. 

Walmart operates using different channels, including a website and an application. You can download the Walmart application from Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. 

Features of Walmart:-

  • Walmart offers to deliver a wide range of products, including groceries and medicines. 
  • With a Walmart Plus membership, you get faster delivery and lower prices all year round. 
  • The Plus membership also offers unlimited free delivery without any minimum order. 
  • The app’s innovative scan and checkout feature help you quickly make payment and leave the store without waiting in the billing queue. 

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7. QVC 

Adding to the list is another excellent Amazon alternatives – QVC.com. QVC symbolizes “Quality, Value, and Convenience” and is famous for its teleshopping services.

However, with modernization, QVC has developed its online e-commerce website for the convenience of customers.  

Best Amazon Alternatives 2

QVC deals with a vast range of exquisite products that you can buy through its online website or teleshopping channel. The products available on the QVC website are pretty expensive, but the quality of the product is superior.

The platform even offers products of different well-known brands that are not available on any other website.  

The e-commerce site even offers excellent discounts and daily rewards, making it popular among shoppers. The app provides excellent customer support through e-mails, calls, and live chat. The app’s part payment or easy installments feature allows you to pay small amounts at equal intervals, convenient for the users.  

Go check out the QVC website for great deals on a wide array of products. You can also download the QVC mobile shopping app for more details from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

Features you get with QVC:- 

  • With QVC, you get secured payment options, including Paypal and Paypal Express. 
  • The QVC application offers a voice search option which is helpful for the customers. 
  • You also get personalized brand recommendations as per your choice. 

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8. Best Buy 

Best Buy is another great online platform and a vast marketplace to shop electronic items. Like Newegg, Best Buy also focuses on selling electronic items, including smart televisions, mobile phones, and other latest tech gadgets.

Best Buy offers the lowest price deals compared to other online e-commerce platforms. It houses a wide variety of electronic goods of different well-known brands from worldwide.  

Best Amazon Alternatives 3

The platform offers free delivery to almost every location it operates in and promises the best customer support service to all its users. Best Buy operates through multiple channels, including online media and offline stores.

There are some electronics stores that are registered under Best Buy, and you can also pick your products directly from these stores.  

A unique feature of the platform allows the customers to reserve or book a product well in advance and get it delivered on their specified date, and they can even pick the product from the local Best Buy Store.

With Best Buy, returns and exchange are convenient and faster than any other e-commerce website, making it popular among users.  

To know more about Best Buy, visit their official website. The platform also has a mobile application that you can download from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

With the user-friendly interface on its website and mobile application, the platform can be regarded as one of the best Amazon alternatives.

 Features of the Platform:-

  • With Best Buy, you get superb and lowest deals on electronics. 
  • You also get easy returns, exchanges, and guaranteed cash refunds within hours of the pick-up of returned goods. 
  • The platform offers periodic discounts, where you can shop for electronic items at the most affordable prices. 
  • The platform has a team of technicians called the “Geek Squad” that helps you install and maintain your electronic goods. 
  • The platform also offers extended warranties on certain products in exchange for a small amount.  

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9. Thrive Market – shop for healthy groceries

Our lifestyle is greatly affected by the food we consume, and with modernization, many farms have adopted the techniques of growing food products such as fruits and vegetables chemically.

The food products developed using chemical components pose a severe threat to our health. However, certain companies have come up with organic food products which are healthy and available at affordable prices. Thrive Market is one such online e-commerce platform that deals in organic food materials and beauty products.  

Thrive Market is an American-based food-producing giant that promises a healthy lifestyle to its customers with its organic products.

Best Amazon Alternatives 4

It is mainly famous for its diet food supplements and chemical-free beauty products. The platform offers a user-friendly interface and tons of filter options to choose the best products according to your requirements.  

Thrive Market deals in a wide variety of products, including baby products, personal care supplements, Pet products, and much more.

Thrive offers healthy food at the lowest prices compared to Amazon; be it rich or mediocre, anyone can afford to shop from Thrive.

The platform is regarded as the best eco-friendly platform for its sustainable packaging, lower wastage, and organic methods. With Thrive Market’s membership program, you can unlock tons of exciting rewards and features.  

Go check out the Thrive Market website for some excellent quality food and beauty products. You can even download the Thrive market application, available for Androids and IOS devices. 

Features you get on the Thrive Market:-

  • The platform organizes gift programs for its members at regular intervals, where you can have the chance to win exciting premium gift hampers. 
  • The application notifies the users of the new product launch and other trending products on the front page.  
  • With Thrive market application, you get product recommendations based on your requirements, making it easier to shop. 
  • The platform offers free shipping and faster delivery to all its members. 
  • With the application, you get to track your orders easily. 
  • The platform is well-known for its friendly customer support. 

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10. Barnes & Noble 

Barnes & Noble is the largest bookseller operating in America with hundreds of retail outlets. Unlike Amazon, the platform focused only on selling books, but with time and modernization, it has evolved as a leading online store for books, gift items, toys, games, and much more.

The platform promises to deliver quality products to all users at affordable prices. With Barnes & Noble, you get to choose from a wide variety of over Six million books and millions of other items.  

Barnes & Noble is the most formidable competitor of Amazon in terms of e-books. The platform is a house to over five million e-books, some of which cannot be found on any other website. The website of Barnes & Noble is notable for its sleek and user-friendly interface and easy-to-use navigation. 

With Barnes & Noble, you get faster deliveries and easy returns, the platform guarantees delivery with 24 hours of order placement on certain specified products, which is impressive.

The B & N has a membership program, under which you are offered free delivery round the year, exciting gifts, reward points, huge discounts on books, and much more.  

The website of the e-commerce giant provides you with the best recommendation of books and other items for an enhanced shopping experience. Visit the Barnes & Noble website and check out the incredible deals on books and other products.  

11. Overstock 

Adding to the list is another fantastic e-commerce website and one of the most acceptable Amazon alternatives – Overstock. Overstock is one of the leading websites that deals in handicraft artifacts and tools used by artisans. The website is the perfect place to find the best-in-class craft tools on the internet.  

As the name suggests, Overstock was a website dealing in surplus products from crashed e-commerce websites in its initial period. In its initial days, the website used to sell overstocked products from failed platforms at cheaper rates.

The website offered massive discounts on the surplus products and still managed to earn a significant amount of profit. 


Overstock evolved with time and modernization and started selling its products that mainly include craft tools and items. The Overstock website deals in millions of craft items that you can purchase at affordable prices.

It also provides impressive weekly and seasonal discounts on certain products. The platform has a decent interface coupled with excellent customer support, making it easier for shoppers.  

The platform has introduced an innovative program known as the Worldstock, under which it offers handicraft products developed by artisans from across the world at affordable prices.

The program is an initiation to bring young and talented artisans to the limelight. Overstock offers approximately 55-60% of the proceeds to the artisans.  

You can visit the official website of Overstock to know more about the website or purchase craft items at the most affordable prices. You can also download the Overstock application from Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. 

Features you get on Overstock:-

  • The platform has a membership plan called the Club-O-Gold, under which every member is entitled to free shipping and 5-6% cashback on every order. 
  • The application has a “deals of day” page where you can find unique artifacts for instant purchase at the lowest price possible.  
  • The application also provides products for home decor, including furniture, rugs, curtains, and much more. 

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12. Target 

If you are from The US and searching for an alternative to Amazon and Walmart, then Target would be the correct answer.

Target is another leading and fantastic supermarket operating in the United States. It is regarded as a formidable competitor of Walmart in terms of product quality and pricing.  

15 Best Amazon Alternatives For Online Shopping in 2022

Target deals in a wide variety of items, including grocery, personal care products, home decor, electronics, and much more. The platform offers the best price on all its products, and it offers better quality products than Walmart at considerably low prices.

Like Walmart, the platform also offers doorstep delivery and in-store pickup facility to all its customers. The products offered by the website are best-in-state and of superior quality.  

The website has a well-designed platform coupled with fast delivery and a great customer support system. It also offers weekly discounts and gift coupons to the customers on every purchase. You can visit the Target website or download the Target application to know more. 

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13. Etsy 

Etsy is another platform similar to Target, and it deals with hand-crafted items, including jewelry, apparel, and furniture. The platform is a great place to find valuable vintage products over the internet. If you are an art lover and urge to collect old artifacts, Etsy would be the perfect marketplace.  


With Etsy, you can shop for exceptional hand-crafted gift items for your loved ones at pocket-friendly prices. The platform offers an excellent user interface and a number of product filters to use while shopping. You get huge discounts on a wide range of products.

It also provides the customers with cutting-edge customer service and support. The platform promises to deliver superior quality products that are unique in design and are not mass-produced.  

Go check out the Etsy website for more information and some beautifully hand-crafted jewelry and other art & craft products. You can also download the Etsy application from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

Features you get on Etsy:-

  • The Etsy application provides a Wishlist feature to save the products you like for future purchases. This feature saves your time and provides you with a better choice of products. 
  • You can turn on product notifications to know about your favorite product and the time of its sale. 
  • The best feature of Etsy is that it lets you communicate directly with the sellers to avoid future disputes. 
  • You get secure and safe payment options on the Etsy application. 
  • The application lets you easily track your order, and you can also turn on email notifications for product delivery. 
  • The platform operates in different corners of the world and offers language features to change the browsing language as per your requirements. 

Download the App on Google Play Store

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14. A Good Company 

A Good Company is another fantastic e-commerce platform that offers daily use products, including Toothbrush, floss, phone cases, water bottles, art supplies, and much more.

The main aim of the company is to manufacture sustainable products at affordable prices. The products offered by the platform have a sleek and unique look and are of superior quality.  

The company uses eco-friendly materials and methods in the production process and encourages a green revolution. The product packaging of the company is impressive because of its creative design and eco-friendly materials.

The company does not offer free shipping or returns, which is a significant drawback. However, most e-commerce websites do not offer replacement or returns on everyday use products.  

You can check out the Good company’s website for more product-related queries. The platform does not have an application which is again a drawback, but the website of Good Company offers a decent user interface for the convenience of the customers. 

Conclusion on Best alternatives to amazon

With today’s busy lifestyle, online shopping is a blessing in disguise for humankind. Online shopping saves our time and money simultaneously and provides us with exceptional products that are hard to find elsewhere.

Many web-based platforms offer online shopping, but not all can be trusted. Some e-commerce websites offer the best-in-class services, while others are full of ads and fraudulent activities. 

Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in the world with top-edge products and fantastic customer support. The platform offers free shipping, faster deliveries, and easy returns.

However, not all of us would prefer to shop from Amazon; hence we sort for an alternative. We hope you find an alternative from the list of excellent Amazon alternatives listed above in this article. There are unique websites listed here, most of which offer low prices and excellent service compared to Amazon.  

You can shop from Zappos, Walmart, or Target, offering free shipping and superior quality products at affordable prices. If you are an art lover, you can also check out Overstock, famous for its fantastic art & craft items.

If you are a book lover, you can also visit Barnes & Noble, which offers millions of books worldwide at the lowest possible price.