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7 Amazon Review Checker Programs To Spot Fake Reviews

We’ve all seen versions of the “what you ordered vs what you got” joke online. There are several instances where the product you got was different either in quality or in looks from what you actually got. Using an Amazon Review Checker is one way to avoid such disappointment. 

If you’re like me, the first thing you look for before you buy anything from Amazon is the product rating and reviews. You want to see how many five-star ratings there are, and what the overall rating is.

You also want to read a few of the reviews both good and bad, to be sure that what you buy is of the desired quality. This is especially important because you cannot physically test a product before buying it.

The problem is that you cannot always trust the review you read. Several fake reviews do not give an accurate reflection of what you are buying. This article would focus on how you can use Amazon review checkers to solve this problem.

I will explain what review checkers are and how they work. I will also give suggestions on what the best review checkers are. Before I do that, let me tell you what fake reviews are, and how to spot them.

What Is A Fake Review? 🤔

For sellers on Amazon, visibility is everything. To get sales, they need to be the most visible vendor for their products. So, what does that have to do with fake reviews? Everything.

Amazon Review Checker

Products with the most favorable reviews and ratings have greater visibility. So, sellers are very concerned with the kind of reviews they get, and some even take matters into their own hands.

Some sellers solicit or even pay others to give five-star ratings and write glowing reviews for their products. This is done even though what they sell isn’t as good as the reviews describe them to be. These reviews that do not give accurate descriptions, and are not based on genuine customer feedback are called fake reviews.

Some review sites specialize in giving fake reviews. Sellers on Amazon pay them to receive several good reviews so they can boost their product’s ratings and visibility. 

Some sellers also employ similar tactics to populate their competition’s page with negative reviews. By doing this, they make their own products seem good in comparison.

How Fake Reviews Affect Buyers And Sellers

In most cases, fake reviews are few, so they do not really affect the overall rating of the product. However, there have been several overt, brazen attempts to populate reviews with fake reviews. Sellers who are desperate to rank better often pay others to give glowing reviews.

The customers are affected because they get products that they don’t want. Fake reviews lead to a greater likelihood of buying poor-quality products. A customer who blindly follows reviews may lose a lot of money, especially if he buys the product in bulk.

Fake negative reviews also make it more difficult to find quality products that would have ranked better.

Sellers are affected more by negative fake reviews. When they are targeted in such a way, it makes it more difficult for customers to find them, or to be interested in buying from them. Sellers that are targeted this way struggle to make any sales or profit.

Even sellers who use fake reviews to boost their ratings face negative repercussions if caught. Their reputation is smeared. In addition, they risk facing legal action both from Amazon and disgruntled customers.

This is why it is important for both customers and sellers to use Amazon review checkers.

How To Spot Fake Amazon Reviews

In several surveys, it has been shown that most shoppers rely on reviews in making a decision to buy a product.

Furthermore, only a minority of buyers feel very confident in their ability to spot fake reviews. If you know how to spot fake reviews, you can easily notice products that seem suspicious.

The first thing you do before you read the reviews is to compare the rating for the product you are interested in with ratings for other similar products. If there is a wide and noticeable difference in their ratings, that is a reason for suspicion. 

Amazon Review Checker

The most important trick to spotting fake reviews is to actually read the reviews. Some users only focus on the overall rating of the product, but they don’t spend time reading the reviews. Reading the reviews will make some patterns stand out.

7 Amazon Review Checker Programs To Spot Fake Reviews

If you see reviews that are too good to be true, that could be a sign of fake reviews. If there are several five-star reviews that do not leave comments of more than one line, that is a red flag too.

If there are an overwhelmingly great number of five-star or one-star reviews, that is also a reason for suspicion. 

Also, look for “verified purchase” reviews. These are reviews from people who bought the product. There are however a few sellers who offer refunds for verified purchases to give good reviews.

Other patterns to look out for are several positive reviews in a short while, particularly from sellers who do not have a brand name or a website.

Finally, you can rely on Amazon review checkers. This is important if there are several reviews, or you do not have time to check the reviews yourself, or if you are not confident in your ability to spot fake reviews.

What Are Amazon Review Checkers

Amazon is a large marketplace. It is the world’s biggest spot for purchasing items online. This means that Amazon sometimes has a difficult task in keeping up with suspicious or even fraudulent activity. Amazon Review Checkers is one way Amazon users can take responsibility for the safety of their own purchases.

Just as there are sites and groups that specialize in giving fake reviews, there are also those websites and software designed to spot these fake reviews.

Amazon review checkers combine the skill of experienced experts with the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence to spot activity and patterns that are indicative of fake reviews.

When you submit the product URL to the review checker, it reviews all the reviews, to see if there is any behavior that seems suspicious.

For instance, if one person gives several positive (or negative) reviews for the same product, or one individual gives several reviews of different products in a short time, such activity will be flagged.

Review checkers save you the time and effort of having to read through all the reviews and do background checks on the reviewers.

Note that though several Amazon review checkers do excellent jobs, you cannot trust them 100%.

How Does An Amazon Review Checker Work

Earlier, I walked you through how to spot a fake review. Amazon review checkers use similar principles to those discussed there. Furthermore, though the different review checkers apply the same basic principles, there are a few differences in their mode of operation.

One of the things reviews checkers will watch out for is the same person leaving several positive (or negative) reviews and ratings for the same product. This is especially important if the repeated reviews contain similar thoughts and sentiments rather than additional follow-up or questions.

The review checkers will identify bulk reviews done in a short time. So if there have been 15,000 five-star reviews in three days, such activity will be flagged.

If those bulk reviews use similar wordings to describe the products the Amazon review checker will also flag it. If a bulk reviewer has a history of participating in other bulk reviews, it would also be noted.

Amazon review checkers also check to see if reviews contain useful information about the product or if details are rarely mentioned in the reviews. If the words in the reviews do not make sense or talk about the product at all, such will be noted.

Also, if there are negative reviews that go into detail endorsing another similar product, it will be noted.

The review checkers have different ways of grading the product. Some grade them A-F, others give scores.

Best Amazon Review Checkers: Our Top Pick 👌

Now that you know why you need an Amazon review checker, I can dive into suggestions of what Amazon review checker you should use. There are several review checkers available, and selecting a good one makes all the difference.

Here are seven Amazon review checkers I will recommend to you. These have been tested by me.

1. Fakespot

Fakespot is a free Amazon review checker. It also has the bonus of being a useful review checker for other sites such as eBay, Best Buy, and Walmart. All you need to do is copy the URL of the product page and paste it into the Fakespot analyzer.

7 Amazon Review Checker Programs To Spot Fake Reviews

Fakespot looks at both the reviews and reviewers, analyzes previous reviews and purchase history to get an idea of the trustworthiness of each review.

It filters out reviews considered fake to give a more realistic product rating. Sellers are also analyzed and categorized based on reputation.

The product review summaries are broken down into categories such as quality, competitiveness, price, shipping, packaging, and so forth. After the review, Fakespot gives the page a grade to denote how trustworthy the reviews are.


Fakespot has a Chrome extension which makes your task easier. With a push of the button, you can begin checking reviews. In addition to that, there are mobile apps on iOS and Android for those who shop from their smartphones.

2. ReviewMeta

ReviewMeta is one of the best places for Amazon review checking. It is designed to help you easily see through inflated ratings and fake reviews.

Just paste the Amazon URL of the product you wish to review into the ReviewMeta search bar and you are good to go.

At the end of the check, unreliable reviews will be eliminated and the aggregate Amazon rating would be changed to reflect the real ratings of customers.


Each customer review is put through twelve analysis tests. ReviewMeta makes use of the best statistical modeling to get more accurate results. The statistical modeling takes random inaccuracies into account.

An in-depth breakdown of the reviews is given. This breaks down in easy-to-understand terms how the entire review analyses process works. You can also tweak the algorithm to give particular emphasis to one criteria or the other in their review.

The criteria are analyzed on a pass, fail or warn basis. To make your review easy, there is a browser plugin that can be installed. You can also use apps on Android and iOS.

review data analysis

3. TheReviewIndex

TheReviewIndex is an online search tool for aggregating ratings for tech products on Amazon. It also doubles as a review checker.

It can help you determine if the ratings for a product are inflated by fake reviews. All you have to do is post the product page URL to TheReviewIndexer and allow the site to do the rest.


The review is broken into several categories based on the words found in the customer reviews. Furthermore, a spam test is carried out to make sure each review is original and authentic. Pass/Fail grade is given for the spam test. An overall score is also given for the review.

7 Amazon Review Checker Programs To Spot Fake Reviews

You also get to see pulled clips of both positive and negative reviews in each category. You can also view the factors that go into the spam testing.

To make the review checking easy, Chrome and Firefox extensions are available.

4. App Bot

This review checker (Visit Here) is ideal for people who use the Amazon mobile app. It was specially designed to check product reviews and ratings on mobile apps.

It is a top review checker used by large companies such as Verizon, Twitter, Microsoft, the New York Times, and so forth.

Though it is primarily used to check reviews on the App Store and Google Play store, it can serve the same purpose on Amazon. It integrates well with other third-party sites like Slack, Google Hangout, and so forth.

As part of the consideration to determine the genuineness of review, App Not takes into account user sentiment, review volume, and star rating.

To enjoy the app, you need a monthly subscription. The small plan costs $39/month, the medium plan is $79/month, the large plan is $149/month and the Enterprise plan is $349/month.

7 Amazon Review Checker Programs To Spot Fake Reviews

5. eConEngine’s FeedbackFive

Though eConEngine’s FeedbackFive is a paid service, there is a lite version available for free for everyone. Unlike the review checkers I have mentioned so far, it is tailored for the sellers.

It provides a method for sellers and customers to communicate. It provides analytics for sellers such as sales, orders, and so forth. It also has a “negative feedback” tab. Under this tab, sellers can find and analyze potential fake reviews.

For authentic negative reviews, sellers can use this tool to email responses to customers. The responses can also be automated.

6. Review Monitoring

This is another review checker that sellers will love. It gives IP addresses of fake reviewers, so you can take action.

Reviews can be verified, and product review monitoring (Visit Here) can block the account of fake reviewers and ask them to delete the fake comments.


Sellers can use it for their reviews regardless of the platform they use, the products they sell, or the service they perform. Review checking is automated. You can track up to 10,000 products.

The reviews are categorized as verified, unverified, and vine. The verified reviews are from certified Amazon buyers. The unverified review may be genuine or not. The vine reviews are fake.

The service is not free, however, you can request a demo that can be used for three months before payment begins.

You can compare reviews on Amazon with those on other sites.

7. AMZFinder

This is another platform designed for sellers. You can keep track of negative reviews with AMZFinder. It helps sellers take action to optimize reviews. Such actions include improving customer service and product quality.

There are two main features: customer email system and review management. Review management helps you use filters to find negative and untruthful reviews. 

The AMZFinder can only be used by a professional Amazon seller. So this is in fact a bit limiting if you are the ordinary amazon user looking to buy a project. 

Final Thoughts On Amazon Review Checker

Amazon reviews play a large role in our purchasing decisions. We rarely buy products that have poor reviews. On the flip side, good reviews give confidence that the product we are buying is good.

In the majority of cases, the reviews accurately reflect the quality of the product. There are however some people who try to game the system by soliciting fake reviews for their products so that more people would be inclined to buy. Some target their competition with several negative reviews.

Amazon review checkers help us know which reviews are legitimate and which are not. This way, we can make informed decisions about what to buy and what not to buy. In this article, I introduced you to some of the best Amazon review checkers that are available for your use.