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13 Best Amazon S3 Alternatives [Radically Cheaper]

Amazon simple storage service or popularly known as Amazon S3 is an Amazon service that by the name itself suggests that it lets its customers save items. In simple terms, you can store almost any object (data) on Amazon S3 without any need to worry about its safety. 

You can have your technical genie in the form of Amazon S3, always with you that makes sure to provide access to data at any hour of the day.

If you still have any doubt regarding your data’s safety and accessibility, you should know that the storage services have identical storage infrastructure as Amazon.Com. 

Let’s be real, I’m sure that you and I would not want to use storage services that do not have many layers to protect the stored data so Amazon S3 is one such storage service that guarantees you strict protection.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) stores the data as objects in a special place called bucket/s. With your own created strong passwords, it would be hard to break the code.

Along with this, the ability to define who could access, refine, erase and manage the data, and keeping tabs on who is logging in and out makes many protective layers for malicious users to reach the stored data.

Apart from being a very economical and exclusive storage service, many enterprises and software and graphic designers are looking for Amazon S3 alternatives for one or other reasons. 

AWS has many ways for you to decide how to pay them for their services. It has fair pricing policies as well as customized policies. It also has a free tier that you can access for almost a year following sign-up, it is one of the longest free period services provided by any storing services. 

It may be that the enterprise is not in dire need of expensive and advanced services like Amazon S3 or it may be costlier than the budget.

To save your time, in this article, we have jotted down some of the best Amazon S3 alternatives available in the market that will surely fit in your budget and provide you the same service as Amazon S3.

Best Amazon S3 Alternatives – Our Top Pick 👌👌

Let’s start this journey to find suitable storage services that can replace Amazon S3.

1. Azure Blob Storage

Azure Blob Storage is a rightful contender for Amazon S3 and manages to stay in healthy competition with the Amazon S3 package. Whether it is billing option, data security, look-a-like interface, and such give a very close resemblance to S3.

Azure has tried to make its protection department at par with its Azure Active Directory, Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) plus encryption adds a cherry at the top. With such tight protection, you won’t have to look over your shoulder every time you add credentials to the Azure Blob immutable storage.

Best Amazon S3 Alternatives
Built-in data security

Microsoft Azure made sure that its storage solution will maintain its legacy by making sure that it meets all the ends that a large enterprise will need. Cloud-native application developers can have a great asset to their armory.

It is a suitable storage service for analytics workloads with a strong data lake such as Azure Blob Data Lake Storage. If you wanna compare both the pricing options then Azure Blob Storage has four sections: Premium, Hot, Cold, and Archive. 

You can customize your bill according to your expectancy of accessing data. Such as Hot tier storage for meeting the demands of those customers who want to access their data frequently, the premium for storing sensitive data, cold for data that you want to access exceptionally, and archive that you will rarely access.

You can lessen the cost of the storage tier by choosing the right tier so choose wisely as it will lead you to save the money that you can use later to empower your enterprise. 


  • Scalable, durable, and available
  • Secured
  • Optimized for data lakes
Introduction to Azure Blob Storage

2. Digital Ocean Spaces

DigitalOcean Spaces is one of the Amazon S3 alternatives that copies the footsteps of Amazon S3 and provides Cloud-based storage. It is a solution that many simplicity lovers would love to have. 

If you want a simpler version of AWZ with minimal features and a much cheaper price than the S3 prices then you know which alternative to go for and that is Digital Ocean Spaces.

Best Amazon S3 Alternatives 1
Host images, containers, or software libraries that your customers can download.

The DigitalOcean project’s Spaces is an Object solution with as low as $5 for integration a month. Although it may be pricey for some, it is still less than what an S3 customer pays. 

The best thing you can see in Space is that it does not charge you for anything other than space such as read, writes, as well as any other API-related tasks. It is a great tool for just $5 to help you in reducing the latency of your websites with its built-in CDN feature.

Before going for DigitalOcean Spaces, make sure that you are a citizen living in San Francisco, New York, Amsterdam,  Frankfurt, and Singapore to access the services of one of the affordable Amazon S3 alternatives. 

The Object solution claims to be a solution for small-scale to large enterprises with reasonable billing prices. You can test their official statement, Big or Small, you can rest easy with Predictable billing, and can give your predicament on this subject but not checking this alternative out may be something valuable that you are leaving behind. 


  • S3 Compatible
  • Content Delivery Edge Network (CDN)
  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
  • Enhanced file browser
  • Global availability
Scalable Cloud Object Storage: DigitalOcean Spaces

3. Wasabi

Wasabi is again one of the Amazon alternatives that thrive to provide storage and do not focus much on the cloud servers. The newly launched in the market, Wasabi is said to be a lot simpler and easier than AWZ.

The storage service avered themselves to be a service that is relatively 80% lower than the Amazon S3. It does not create your billing experience hard with its simple billing frames as well as no complicated tiers.

Since its launch, it has doubled its popularity with the claim and poses great competition to other storage solutions such as Backblaze B2 who is in the industry for quite some time now. Wasabi offers the best way to start free and then go from there.

It is providing its services to 4 locations at the time, Asia, Europe, US West, and US East, and has pricing rates starting at as lows as $0.0059Gb a month. So you can clearly see the price difference between Wasabi and Amazon S3.

It has 30 days free trial, in which you can get hang of creating buckets, and users, and learn its policies and features. It would be better to check out by yourself and then decide whether the Amazon S3 alternative is worth your time. 

4. IBM Cloud Object Storage 

If you are handling situations on large scale then IBM Cloud Object Storage (Visit Here) can be your companion in making sure that you can easily store your data in the form of objects. It has provided storage solutions to well-noted brands such as Zenfolio and Bitly.

The caveat that an S3 user may face in IBM is that it asks for more work from its users due to it being a bit more intricate than Amazon S3. Before selecting IBM as your storage solution, keep in mind that if you are more of a minimalist person then IBM is not for you.

IBM Cloud Object Storage has 6 tiers of billing options: Smart, Standard, Cold Vault, Archive, and Accelerated Archive. So choose according to your need. Going for the Smart plan seems a better option as it fluctuates prices according to the access frequency.

IBM Cloud Object Storage: Built for business

Thus assuring that it does not ask more for the time you are not accessing the data. A large enterprise should include it in the list of Amazon S3 alternatives as it would be a waste of valuable resources.

Fun Fact:- IBM was not really into this field but back in 2015, IBM gained a storage service provider under its wings, Cleversafe, and named it their service.

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5. Google Cloud Storage

You have probably heard of Google Cloud Storage (Visit Here) and it is a fit solution for any big-scale enterprise and can also be posed as one of the Amazon S3 alternatives.

Google cloud storage is among storage solutions such as IBM, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon S3, and all the large enterprises, MNCs opt for it.

It is one of the largest providing storage services that provide storage power to more than 20 regions and 140+ locations, thus increasing its customers with a rapid speed. It has all the bells and whistles of a good Amazon S3 alternative and fits perfectly on the demand of object storage that s3 provides.

The solution provides 4 billing options that will be decided on your frequency to use the data. Standard, Nearline, Coldline, and Archive are the options from which you can decide the best one for you. 

If you were using Hot tier in Azure then you can go for Standard as it offers the same features along with no limitation on storage duration.

Archive plans have minimum storage duration and are aware that even deleting objects earlier will cost you a penny. The Storage space is divided into two operations: Class A and Claas B, adding objects and reading respectively. 

There are a lot of packaging offers in the GCS other than the 4 mentioned above such as monthly packages that unveil 5GB storage, 5K Class A operations, 1 GB Egress, and 50K Class B operations. It is one of the alternatives that have low starting rates such as $.02 per GB.

6. Backblaze B2

Cheap storage solution? Check. Feature-rich? Check. Trusted Amazon S3 alternative? Check. Well if all these listed items are what you are looking for in an alternative to replace Amazon S3 then Backblaze B2 is the way to go.

The solution claims to reduce the pricing amount up to 1/4th the price available in Amazon S3. The prices are relatively similar and economical to what you can see of Google Cloud Storage.

To download you have to pay up to $0.01 and then you can start storing objects at less rate as %0.005 per GB a month. 

Best Amazon S3 Alternatives 2
Backblaze B2 costs a simple $5/TB/month. No ifs, and, or buts. And certainly no hidden fees

BackBlaze B2 offers 10GB free in the starting. Backblaze does not have monthly charges so you can pay when you are using the storage, unlike DigitalOcean Spaces and Wasabi.

Any users that it has keys that function only a singular task. The B2 protocol allows customers to set it up without any hassle. 

If any blogger is trying to find a storage solution then cheers up because BackBlaze allows you easy creation of the umpteenth number of keys for accessing permissions so that you can make sure that your website backup data are secured.  

A very simple and easy-to-use solution can help in securing credentials and backup so you won’t have to always look over your shoulder. With its easy-to-use dashboard, creating buckets and access keys becomes a matter of seconds to handle, without the need to go through various menus. 

The best part is that you can do the same thing with the help of CLI which allows you to do the task from the command line. Let’s make one thing clear Backblaze B2 and Backblaze backups are two different things so do not mesh up together. 

Backblaze B2 is a storage solution that is a good alternative to Amazon S3 and allows you to store the data in the form of an object whereas Backup is a tool that lets you sync your device’s data in the cloud server. 

7. DreamObjects 

Another object storage solution, DreamObjects is a creation of a well-known web hosting company, Dreamhost, whose main expertise is WordPress web hosting.

DreamObjects is an open-source Ceph software as a popular web hosting company that believes in creating open-source projects. 

You should not have doubts regarding whether DreamObjects is a well-matched alternative for S3 as it has all the fancy jazz that all the Amazon S3 alternatives contain here. There is a caveat though.

The primary one is that it does not provide you all the features that S3 has. It has Access Control Levels (ACLs) but does not have bucket policies. Comparing AmazonS3 and DreamObjects rates, differences are very easy to detect. 

For downloading, customers just have to $0.05 and then starting storage rate is $0.025 per GB a month. Just like Wasabi, DreamObjects also allow you to test the surface of their feature with its 30 days trial. 

Best Amazon S3 Alternatives 3
Flexible and Predictable Pricing

DreamObjects is a perfect blend of Wasabi, Backblaze B2, and Amazon S3 as the solution allows you to manage your buckets and create such types of access keys that would make protection better. 

The data center for DreamObects is located in Irvine, California. It may not be as feature-packed as Amazon S3 but it is more than enough to be the best storage solution for your website backup and media. The storage data center may be in a single place but it is worth checking one of the best and most affordable S3 alternatives.

8. Rackspace Cloud Files

Rackspace Cloud files are in the industry for quite some time now as it was released in 2008. It has made a great impact in the market alongside Amazon and Google cloud. Rackspace’s object storage solution is called Cloud Files.

It is one of the largest storage solutions that are available in more than 30 regions and its data centers are in great locations. Cloud files is a great and excellent alternative that screams money so we can say that it is not a solution for small-scale business or personal use.

The prices start at whacking $0.10 per GB so if you want 1TB then calculate for yourself as it crosses $100 bills. And if you wanna add CDN bandwidth, then get ready to pay $0.12 per GB. But you can rest assured that you will have free incoming bandwidth. 

Many times, prices turn away their potential customers as it is 3 times the prices available at S3. Well, it has a right side to it as well and that is easy to use and learn infrastructure.

9. Linode Object Storage

Linode is famous among developers as a cloud VPS provider since 2003, so you can imagine its customer base at the time. But they have started fresh in the object storage solution in recent years, 2019 to be specific. 

It is considered among large services as they have their data centers in almost 10 locations including the Asia-Pacific region, along with Mumbai, Tokyo, and Sydney.

Although object storage is currently available in a total of 3 regions, Newark, Frankfurt, and Singapore. But they are focusing to launch it soon in different regions as well. 

Linode Object storage is similar to DreamObjects, and DigitalOcean Spaces in pricing options and package as the rate is $5 a month to have 250GB of storage along with 1TB of outbound transfer. There will be no need to pay for API requests as it is free.

S3 Object Storage on Linode | Getting Started

The best thing is that if you changed your mind halfway through the month, then you would have to pay only for the days you use their services. It would be a complete waste to know the alternative but not check it. 

10. Vultr Storage Object

Vultr Storage Object is another solution for Amazon S3 alternatives. launched in 2019, Vultr has recently stepped into this domain.

Vultr has also decided to follow the path of its colleague alternatives and start its venture in object storage as well as continue providing cloud storage. Vultr launched its object storage just 2 months ahead of Linode’s launch. 

In pricing and offers, features are quite identical to DigitalOcean Spaces so if you wanted an alternative that has both Amazon and DreamObject Storage in it then Vultr Storage Object is the right choice. 

13 Best Amazon S3 Alternatives [Radically Cheaper]

The same price that is mentioned in most of the Amazon S3 alternatives, $5 a month is needed to make Vultr yours. It provides bucket storage along with 250GB of storage and 1000GB bandwidth. You won’t have to pay for reads, writes as well as API requests. It is also one of the widely spread services with over 17 locations around the globe. 

Although object storage is available in a single spot, NewJersey, US. Vultr may expand its data center soon so make sure to stay updated. 

11. IDrive e2 – alternatives to amazon s3

IDrive e2, a revolutionary S3-compatible item storage service that now the business believes is very often quicker and cheaper than any of its rivals, is now available. The startup kept its price structure simple, giving a special tier up to 10GB & charging $0.004/GB/month for everything over that. 

The majority of e2’s functionalities are compatible with Amazon’s S3 API, while some services, such as hosting dynamic web pages on AWS, are not currently enabled.

Storage costs may be less significant to most commercial customers than having the information proximate to where they execute their applications. IDrive’s e2 could be a cost-effective backup solution for them.

s3 alternatives new

Additionally, the company gives extra storage space for synchronizing all of your platforms and PCs, allowing file sharing with anybody, and even backing up to something like a local drive. Instead of backing up on a set schedule, iDrive utilizes continuous data protection (CDP). 

It’s preferable to also have files supported as they update, rather than on a predefined schedule, if you have a highly dynamic data set.

iDrive also works with practically all PCs and devices, including Windows, Chrome Os, Android, iOS, and NAS machines. Snapshots, which allow you to recover your PC to a certain moment in time, are also useful.


  • Affordable
  • Quick uploads and downloads
  • Advance Storage

12. Contabo

Contabo is indeed a German hosting service that used to be branded as Giga-International. It focuses mostly on premium VPS, VDS, or dedicated server hosting.

Its Object Storage is S3 compatible with features like versioning and locking. It also runs, by default, in high availability mode and makes use of local replication.

The server setup that you currently have can be used with this Object Storage. It also ensures a high level of redundancy of data. It offers low latency regardless of where the user is. 

Contabo offers a web interface that can be used to manage files and buckets. You can share links to such files and manage their public access accordingly. You even get to decide the geographical location of these files and such files won’t be moved to another country without your permission.

13 Best Amazon S3 Alternatives [Radically Cheaper]
All the Features You Need for a Fraction of Cost

It also provides colocation solutions and domains at reasonable prices. Contabo has many benefits, one of which is the ability to create your personal dedicated hosting. Physical hardware such as processing power, hard drive space, or RAM, as well as extras such as backup space and continuous management and monitoring, are all included.


  • S-3 compatible API
  • Built-in Redundancy
  • Full control over file location


Does Google have an S3 equivalent?

Google’s Cloud Storage is the perfect answer for all looking for an alternative to the Amazon S3 equivalent. You can register for free and get a limited space which you can use to store and share files with other users. It has all the features you will find on S3 and unique aspects that make it worth switching from Amazon S3. 

Is Amazon S3 free? 

Amazon S3 or Simple Storage Service offers a free tier to every user, but it is only limited. You can only access the features this storage service provides for 12 months, after which you will be asked to pay a small fee based on the service you choose. 

What is an alternative to Amazon S3? 

The best alternatives to Amazon S3 are Google Cloud Storage, IBM Cloud Storage, Azure Blob storage, etc. You can choose between them based on multiple factors. You can first look into the price factor, less complexity, and excellent security features to keep all your files secure. 

Why is S3 so popular? 

The reason millions of people trust Amazon S3 is that not only it is affordable but highly secure too. Companies like Netflix, Dropbox, and Reddit are avid users of this storage service.

The best part about this is that you only pay for what you use. Another brilliant part of this program is that it keeps multiple copies of your file. Even if there is a system failure, you can retrieve your files. 

Is Amazon S3 cheap? 

Amazon S3 is known to be one of the cheapest storage services on the web. You can make the best of the Free tier that offers a range of features, including 5GB storage, 20,000 GET Requests, 2,000 PUT, COPY, POST, or LIST Requests, and 100 GB of Data Transfer Out each month. Furthermore, all the other tiers are paid where you only pay for what you use. 

Wrapping up

We can not say who is better from all of the Amazon S3 alternatives as they have their own set of features and prices. There is no order in which we have compiled these alternatives in the article. 

Backblaze B2, Wasabi, and DreamObjects are the types of Amazon S3 alternatives that are fit to be finalized for personal purposes, DigitalOcean Spaces, Linode storage, and Vultr storage can be a great asset for small-scale businesses or startup businesses whereas Google Cloud Storage, IBM, Azure, and Rackspace are fit for large enterprises.