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Android developer: the features of the profession 

In this article, we will analyze what Android programmers do, what they can do, and what tools they work with. Let’s find out if it’s hard to be an Android developer, and which companies are in demand for these specialists. 

What an Android developer does  

An Android developer creates software for any device that runs on the Android operating system. This includes not only phones but also other technology such as tablets, laptops, smartwatches, fitness bracelets, e-books, gaming consoles, TVs, and more. 

This operating system is number one on the smartphone market – almost 3/4 of the gadgets in the world run on Android. 

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An Android programmer is a developer who creates mobile applications such as messengers, online games, social networks, online shopping, online banking, ordering goods or services, watching movies, entertainment content, learning, etc. He participates in all stages of development: 

  • creates the interface, architecture, logic, navigation, and options 
  • collaborates with other specialists, e.g. a designer or marketer, to create a user-friendly application 
  • thinks through possible scenarios, such as how the service would work if a smartphone receives a call or a message 
  • writes the code in one of the programming languages 
  • tests the software at each stage of development, looks for and eliminates bugs, checks for vulnerabilities and security 
  • develops internal documentation and user manuals 
  • uploads the completed application to the google play shop 
  • monitors feedback, optimizes the program already running, adds new features, and creates updates

Android programmer tools 

The Android developer’s main tool is the Android Studio development platform, a program that has all the tools to create software: 

  • a text editor for writing code 
  • a multifunctional emulator – a service that simulates the operation of an application on different devices, e.g. a pc or tablet 
  • frameworks 
  • code templates 
  • integration with github 
  • a debugger for searching for errors 

The development environment has all the features to create the software from scratch. A programmer does not need to have a smartphone for Android or any special operating system. 

Another developer tool is the programming language. Android applications can be written in JavaScript, Python, C, and C++, but only two languages are officially supported: 

  • Java – the traditional language that most Android apps are written in.
  • Kotlin is a young and concise development language. Indispensable for creating new online services on Android.

What an Android developer should know  

Here is a list of the things an Android app developer should know:  

  • the principles of object-oriented programming. 
  • Git version control system and GitHub service. 
  • Java and Kotlin programming. 
  • popular frameworks and libraries for mobile applications. 
  • features of the android operating system and google’s design system. 
  • features of work in the environment of android studio. 
  • management of databases using sql. 
  • ways to test software to evaluate its quality. 
  • rules for publishing apps on google play. 
  • technical English. 

Android development – is it complicated?  

You can’t say that mobile development is easy. You’d need to be able to write code in Java or Kotlin and be familiar with Android.  

But if you have the time and desire to develop in this industry, the profession can be learned from scratch at any age, without knowledge of programming languages and technical education. 

On average, it takes 1 to 2 years to get an entry-level Android programmer. During this time, you can learn the theory and make a few of your programs. 

It is difficult to become an Android developer if you are learning on your own. But if you learn development step by step and under the guidance of experienced teachers, with plenty of practice, you won’t have any difficulty. Besides, you can use online essay service to cope with study difficulties. 

You can learn Android development through online courses as well as simple classes. It all depends on which format you’re comfortable with. There are plenty of training programs and reputable online schools to choose from – make your choice according to cost, duration, class format, credentials, employability, and other criteria. 

Android or iOS? 

There are currently two popular sectors in IT: iOS and Android developers. Here are the main reasons to choose Android development: 

  • Android smartphones have more users. Gadgets are as functional as Apple devices and more affordable. 
  • many companies in different business sectors want to develop their mobile apps, so the demand for Android developers is growing. 
  • the entry threshold for Android development is lower. The whole cycle of work can be done in the Android Studio development environment, which is free to download and install on a PC. Unlike iOS development, which requires a MacBook. 
  • the Android operating system is not only used to create applications but also for software for smartwatches, games consoles, consumer robots, etc. 

Working place 

Android developers can work in different fields. To get an idea of the industries where these professionals are most in-demand, we looked at job openings on the HeadHunter website: 

  • IT companies that create their digital products. 
  • the financial sector  
  • media, advertising, marketing  
  • providers  
  • online services  
  • retail  
  • education  
  • governmental organizations. 

This is an incomplete list of areas where beginners and experienced programmers can find work. 

According to Android developers themselves, members of this profession are most in-demand in the banking sector, online sales, and the creation of online services.  

Prospects for the profession 

As in any other area of IT, the profession of an Android programmer starts as a trainee or junior specialist. A beginner works on creating individual pieces of software under the guidance of a mentor, and his code is not always used in the final version of the project. 

With 2-3 years of experience in development, it is possible to reach the Middle level – such a developer can make a mobile application independently, and his work does not need a code review. 

The next step in the career is the Senior Developer, who can create almost any application from scratch and publish it on Google Play. To become a professional at this level, 5-6 years’ experience is required. 

The most successful members of the profession become Team Leaders, Technical Directors, Heads of Development at large corporations, or start their own IT companies.