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Android or iOS : Make the right choice of operating system


This world runs on Android and iOS. Leaving some, all of us work on either of them. While most of the iphone users hate android users, the reverse is same too. Many of us fall into the dilemma of choosing between the two. As both of the operating system have their perks and downsides, it is a tough choice sort between the two. Some of us want a nice looking phone, while others want a rock solid workstation, its all upto what you like. Let me help you up with finding the right operating system for you. Because your phone is like your soul mate, it’ll be with you through your thick and thin.


  • Phones specialize  When you buy a phone, you are buying something you’ll use the most in span of a day. it’ll be your companion for numerous tasks such as calling, application usage, gaming, office stuff, file security, etc. You have to rely on your phone’s operating system according to the usage.
  • Phones stay – You don’t buy a phone everyday, what you buy stays with you for a span. So it’s like a marriage, it’ll be with you for a long time and requires mutual care. So before buying a phone, one should analyse every aspect.


Now the main question arises, what to choose. Will iOS be a better friend or Android operating system help to discover more. Most of us get confused between these two, let us talk about it.


 If you are from corporate world and you want your data to be tight, go with iOS. Android is the windows of the mobile universe. It has the most virus dedicated to it, update problems, security issues. It can be hacked easily unlike other operating systems as Windows or iOS. If you want your data to be highly safe and secure, go with iOS.


With android, you have the freedom to download anything. From applications to data’s, without any restrictions unlike iOS. You can also obtain developer options with this operating system. It gives you freedom to do anything.


Android is much more vulnerable than iOS, which is highly secure. It restricts download of specified data to prevent vulnerability. A simple virus can ruin android while it can’t even be downloaded on iOS. iOS has the minimal count of virus analogous to computer universe.


This is the department where Android takes a major lead. Most of the app development takes place for Android. Android Google play store has the highest amount of applications present. You’ll have a variety to choose from. You may find hundreds of apps just for a single task. Thousands of free games that may be paid on iOS. Many User interface to choose from. Types of themes, skins, customisations that make Android the most used and versatile operating system existing


This aspect depends, some like UI of iOS operating system, others prefer android. Some prefer siri, some bixby while others like Cortana. Some claim that apple gives better interaction supports and some feel that for Android mobile operating system. Although iOS hangs and lags a lot less than android. That’s where apple takes the slight lead over Android. But Android equalises it by providing a variety of UI. A user can customise it according to his taste other than being stuck with the same theme forever.


Although Apple provides decent configuration, but in case you are searching for a power house, go with Android. 8GB ram, 512GB storage, 5000 mAh battery and all these top notch configuration are a thing of phone with android operating system. You can choose between a variety of specification of among the flagships. While Apple only provides one with certain limited specifications and not a variety of choice.


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