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Google launches Android Oreo for your wrist along with Android Wear beta


Google is not giving up on the Android Wear platform even though Verizon shelved its enthusiasm on the technology. Three years after the wearable platform was launched, Google yesterday announced that it has launched its beta program for Android Wear that will allow users to play around with many cool features.

However, for most diehard fans, the Android Wear beta programme is highly limited.

Google launches Android Oreo for your wrist along with Android Wear beta

To truly experience the tech, you must have LG Watch Sport or else hope for the best that this beta version supports your smartwatch. Besides, the most exciting features of you can try out through this beta version are entirely based on Android 8.0 Oreo.

If we consider this from a consumer standpoint, the latest offerings might not be a big thing, since users of smart wear are still talking about the standard Android Wear 2.0 interface. In simple terms, the main features of the beta version are still some standalone apps, features and complications, the Google Assistant, and also the mobile payments, besides others.

However, the good news is that the latest Android Wear beta program comes with an upgraded API level to API 26. This means users will have permission to access notification channels and the background limits.

android oreo for android wear beta

Of these two features, the former is extremely useful for those who rely on applications that come with their own notifications feature instead of just forwarding the ones shown on your smartphone. The latter ensures that it doesn’t quickly drain your device’s battery while sitting in the background.

All in all, the beta features seem a bit less and also small considering the pace at which users are adapting to newer systems. Even then, we love the fact that Google is trying its best to make Android Wear absolutely independent of your smartphone.

If you are the lucky ones who have the LG Watch Sport, you can sign up for Android Wear Beta Programme here. You will be able to automatically download the factory image. However, please keep in mind that the beta version has some issues, like any other systems. But, the overall experience would be increased efficiency and performance.

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