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Android Pie : All you need to know


On August 6th, Google gave us a sneak peek to its latest Android version, Android “P”. This time, Google released its latest update without creating fandom about the name. Android P stands for Android 9 Pie. It is already available to the Pixel users and some willing beta testers.


Launched on 6th August, Android P was available right away for phones officially belonging to Google series. But for the first time Google made an ammendment to make the latest version available to the volunteers who were willing to install the beta software. On 6th itself, Google announced 140,000 users participated in the program. For the first time Google offered this to other companies like Vivo, Oppo, Nokia, Samsung, etc.


Android Pie is a revolutionary update to the Android line up. With plenty of new updates and add ons, Pie is the new celebrity in town. With new API+ML kits and theme which automatically matches with wallpaper, Pie offers everything that a leisure user or a developer can ask for. Let’s jump to the specific features our and discuss about them.


The three navigation buttons on the bottom of the screen are of no use because of the new gesture control. You can close, navigate back, switch apps just by gestures. One can also swipe up to get app suggestions or recent apps.

What’s new in Android Oreo?

New emoji’s

To all the texters, a great news. As many as 157 new emoji’s have been added. Llama, gender-neutral family and many more have been added. Now “Pie” users can easily sweep new emoji’s in conversation to flaunt.

App action 

App action is an AI feature. It analyses your general tasks, time, need and everything related to it. For example if you connect to any Bluetooth speaker, it’ll suggest you play lists for the same.


This feature is like “Do not disturb” feature when the phone is placed downwards. Only allowing notifications from starred contacts.

Adaptive battery and screen

Adaptive battery and screen brightness is a feature that also works on pattern analysis. It analyses your application uses with point of time and also your brightness preference and uses it at the time of implication. It also saves battery for the app you generally use at time while cutting off the power used by other useless one’s.

“Digital wellbeing” 

A new experimental feature added by Google to the Android this time. It’s main purpose is to “discourage excessive use of phone” which is a necessary initiative in this era of digital world. It’ll monitor your time, unlock count and you can also restrict stuffs. The time for which you use and app, how many times you unlock your phone, everything can be monitored by this app. You can monitor and control your addiction.

Some other updates – 

  • Richer messaging notifications, where a full conversation can be had within a notification, full scale images, and smart replies akin to Google’s Reply.
  • Adaptive settings for the new trend of Notch.
  • Adds controller mapping for the Xbox One S wireless controller
  • Camera updated for the access of stereo vision for accessing Dual camera through multi camera access.
  • A “Lockdown” mode which restricts bio-metric verification and accepts only password for further access.


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