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9 Of The Best Android TV Boxes in 2021


Android TV boxes were an amazing invention for TV sets. While issues kept growing with traditional TV connections, users often found themselves bored with no options to kill their free time. Since the downfall of Blockbuster, online streaming platforms got popular worldwide. 

Users could now stream the latest shows, movies, and a lot of video content on their mobile and laptops.

However, to stream one’s favorite shows on a bigger screen at home, one needed a Smart TV. Since Smart TVs are relatively new in the markets, many users still have non-smart TVs.

Streaming online content on a non-smart TV was a messy process until technology evolved. Gadgets like firestick allowed users to stream online content on any TV set without any hassles.

With a good internet connection, a reliable streaming box, one can watch any movie or show on their non-smart TV. 

Most importantly, streaming gadgets or boxes killed the user’s dependency on cable TV operators. A user willing to stream a movie on their TV only required a subscription to the streaming service and a TV box. While smart TVs are expensive, a cheaper alternative is gadgets like Android Box. 

While it can do wonders for a non-smart TV, Android boxes are pocket friendly and powerful at the same time. These boxes are feature-loaded and can compensate for a Smart TV. The impressive part is, Android boxes can connect with almost any TV set.

A satellite-based cable connection often repeats shows and movies frequently. Users get the power to choose what to watch when streaming with an Android box. In addition to everything, Android boxes are portable, and users can carry them with ease.

Imagine, it’s a vacation, and you’re carrying your Smart Tv to your relative’s house where they have a non-smart TV. Carrying the TV makes you look like a fool, don’t you think so?

Now, imagine yourself carrying an Android Box. For sure, the second option is more convenient and smart.

The markets are flooded with a variety of Android boxes that can help users stream online content on their non-smart TV. Choosing the right Android box could be confusing for some users.

To ensure that you pick the right streaming box, we’ve reviewed some of the most promising ones available online.

Best Android TV Boxes: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K 

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is a robust streaming stick that users can buy as an alternative to a Smart TV. The Fire Stick 4K can help users stream online content on their TV from most online platforms. Moreover, users can control their Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K with their voice. 

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Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant works smoothly with the Fire TV Stick. One can ask Alexa to play a song, read the news, skip the video, and much more. The voice assistant feature makes Amazon’s streaming stick fun and easily controllable. 

Despite all the exciting features, the Fire TV Stick doesn’t compromise with the picture quality. Irrespective of the TV set, one can watch their favorite shows and movies in the highest clarity of 4K. Once well connected, Alexa can also make orders from nearby restaurants or fast food outlets.

While the Fire Stick is compact, it is no less than a beast in terms of features and built quality. 

Moreover, Alexa’s voice recognition outperforms the rest. What makes the upgrade to Fire Tv Stick impressive is the smart working of the device and the voice assistant. 

Pros of Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K:-

1. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K lets users stream content on their TV in 4K Ultra HD with Dolby Vision and HDR. The fire stick provides excellent picture quality and an interactive voice assistant.

2. Users can stream video content from various providers like Netflix, Disney+, HBO, and many more. While most services require users to have a subscription, users can also stream on free content providers like IMDb.

3. The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K can store up to 8GB of data with its physical storage. The 8Gigabytes of physical storage in the Fire TV Stick allows it to load faster.

4. Along with the physical storage, users also get access to cloud storage with the Fire TV Stick 4K. Cloud storage can be used to store additional media content. The cloud storage feature is perfect for amazon prime members.

5. The prime users who buy the Amazon Fire TV Stick Android TV Box will also access Food Network Kitchen. Food lovers fond of making new delicacies would be delighted with their purchase.

Cons of Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K:-

1. The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K runs on Android 5.0, Lollipop variant. Some users have complained that it’s not really up to date.

2. Some users might face issues with the remote of the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. 

3. Some users may face connectivity issues with their Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. However, if a connectivity issue arises, the support team should be able to assist you.

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2. Nvidia Shield Android TV Pro 4K

Android TV Box, Nvidia Shield Android TV Pro is a premium-looking android box. Nvidia Shield packs tons of features for its pricing point. While many android boxes support only one assistant, users can use either Alexa or Google Assistant on this box.

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Users can also play the latest games on their Nvidia Shield Android TV Pro 4K. It’s built-in 3GB ram, and 16GB storage empowers users to store and run heavy files and games on the box. Moreover, users can also connect the box with Bluetooth 5.0 effortlessly. 

The inbuilt support for Google Chromecast also enables users to stream media files directly from their mobile devices. The voice command for the Nvidia Shield is responsive and accurate. One wouldn’t need to manage space frequently on this android box by Nvidia. 

There are two USB 3.0 ports in the Nvidia Shield that can be used to expand the device’s storage capacity. One can also connect cameras or controllers using the two USB 3.0 ports. These ports help users to perform multiple tasks with their android box. 

Pros of Nvidia Shield Android TV Pro:- 

1. The Nvidia Tegra X1+ processor performs like a beast, and the box works at an impressive speed. The company claims the X1+ processor makes Nvidia Shield Android Tv about 25 percent faster and efficient. 

2. The Tegra X1+ processor allows the Nvidia Android Tv pro to convert high-definition (HD) video to 4K, Ultra HD video. Tegra does all this with the help of Artificial Intelligence-based upscaling of the video content. 

3. The sound system in the Nvidia Shield runs on Dolby Atmos with Dolby Vision HDR. The high-quality sound that it produces will give users a theater-like experience at their homes.

4. Users can access thousands of videos and apps with their Nvidia Shield Android TV box. 

5. The User Interface of the android box is simple and straightforward. One wouldn’t be confused while using the box. Within a few hours of use, users will get familiar with the functions and features.

6. The new remote has better functionality with Bluetooth. 

7. All the new upgrades from Nvidia are extraordinary and make the entire box even better.

Cons of Nvidia Shield Android TV Pro:-

1. To play the latest games, users need to buy a game controller. Without a game controller, users cannot play games using the Nvidia Shield Android TV Pro. 

2. Some users may find the device quite expensive and beyond their budget.

3. The new and improved remote of the Nvidia Shield Android TV might not work properly with all TV models. If the remote doesn’t work properly, users may not be able to experience all the features.

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3. Ematic 4K Ultra HD Android TV Box

The Ematic 4K Ultra HD Android TV Box comes with 8GB of internal storage, which can be further extended. Unlike many other boxes, the storage limit of the Ematic box can be extended using a micro SD card.

The Ematic Android box also features two USB ports, which can also be used to connect with a variety of devices.

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The box also supports Google Assistant, which provides more comfort and control to the users. The Google-based voice assistant can do searches, read the news, and do a lot more.

Moreover, users can choose to stream any movie or video from the 4,50,000 videos available on the Ematic 4K TV Box.

Ematic 4K box users can also play a variety of games using the Ematic Ultra HD TV box. Moreover, users can easily carry the box without any inconvenience. Its sleek and sturdy design gives it a great look, which packs some fantastic features. 

Pros of Ematic Ultra HD Android TV Box:-

1. Users can access more than 4.5k streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu on the Ematic Ultra HD box. Not just paid platforms, and users can also stream content through free-to-use platforms on the box.

2. Ematic Ultra Android HD Box users may also play games using their devices. The storage and the latest chip helps in the seamless gaming experience.

3. The device comes with two USB ports that can be used to connect it with other gadgets. Along with the two USB ports, the Ematic device also comes with a micro SD card slot. With an SD card, users can expand the storage of the device and load more content.

4. The video plays at 60FPS with a 4K resolution that gives great picture quality with vibrant colors. 

5. The Ematic Ultra HD TV Box’s remote control is amongst some of the best from a wide range of Android TV Boxes. The remote works with Bluetooth Connectivity and can work from any corner of a room.

Cons of Ematic Ultra HD Android TV Box:-

1. Ematic Ultra HD Android TV Box features Bluetooth Version 4.0. While it’s not the latest version, users may face connectivity issues on some devices. 

2. Sometimes, the updates might come later than expected. As a result, the device may misbehave for some users.

3. With only 8GB of internal storage, users need to be careful about the space on the device. One must either use a micro SD card or the device slows down like a snail. 

4. Some users might feel the Ematic Ultra HD TV box is quite expensive for the features it comes with. 

5. Alexa Voice Assistant might not work on this device. Instead, users may have to settle for Google Assistant.

4. Xiaomi Mi Box S 

Xiaomi Mi Box S is another Android TV Box that has 8GB of internal storage and works with Google Voice Assistant. The Mi Box S operates on Android 8.1 for a better user experience. Users will also get frequent updates for the device so that it continues to stream effortlessly. 

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The Streaming media player box connects through wifi for a non-interactive streaming experience. The device is packed with a Quad-Core CPU that makes it function at a blazing speed.

The built-in Chromecast gives users the ability to use Google Voice Assistant and make various commands. 

The Google Assistant can perform various tasks like searching movies, pausing videos, reading the news, and more. Mi Box S users can also ask the Google Assistant to set their alarms and scroll images in the gallery. The Chromecast also allows users to browse tons of apps on their streaming media player. 

The most impressive feature is MI’s personal suggestions based on a user’s streaming style and preferences. The personalized recommendations save user’s time and lead to quick decision-making.

Moreover, in a state of confusion, users can also rely on personalized suggestions and decide what they watch next. 

Pros of Xiaomi Mi Box S:-

1. The Xiaomi Mi Box S works on a Quad-Core CPU and a 3+2Core GPU. The duo results in the smooth functioning of the Mi Box S.

2. Users get to watch their favorite shows and movies in an improved 4K Ultra HD quality. The streaming box ensures that users don’t have to compromise and watch videos with low-quality pixels.

3. One may stream videos on their non-smart TV with Mi Box S from over 3000 streaming platforms. Vast functionality with a number of apps provides users options to stream content from any service of their preference. 

4. The pack also includes a voice control remote, which means users don’t need to buy it separately. A voice control remote can come in handy to operate the streaming box without many troubles. 

5. Users can also connect their Mi Box S with Bluetooth. Bluetooth connectivity makes it easier to control and operate for the user. Since it’s Bluetooth-connected, users can also control the box from a distance. 

6. In addition to high-quality video and picture quality, users also get crystal clear sound with Dolby. Dolby-based sound support makes the streaming experience thrilling and cinematic. 

Cons of Xiaomi Mi Box S:-

1. The Mi Box S features only one USB Port. Some users may need multiple ports for better connectivity with their other devices. 

2. Since there’s no support for the SD Card slot and only one USB port is available, extending the storage might be an issue. 

3. Since Mi Box S has an inbuilt Chromecast, the Alexa assistant will not work by default. Users may need to buy Alexa Echo. 

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5. Amazon Fire TV Cube

The bigger and better variant of the Amazon Fire TV Stick is Amazon Fire TV Cube. With the Fire TV Cube, Amazon allows users to ditch their remotes and control everything with their voice.

To make things even better, Alexa gets a wider range of hearing users’ commands for the Fire TV Cube.

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One may be outside the room and still make commands to Alexa, and she acts rapidly to get things done. The Fire TV Cube also has a built-in speaker that makes Alexa even better and efficient for users. The speaker isn’t ordinary either; it works on Dolby Atmos and produces crisp sound.

While Amazon has upgraded so many features for the Fire TV Cube, there was no point in leaving picture resolutions unchanged. Users can stream the video and browse pictures on the Fire TV Cube in 2160pixels, 1080pixels, 720pixels, and 60Frames per second.

In simple words, users can easily stream videos in 4K with this streaming media player. 

The increased storage capacity of the Amazon Fire TV Cube provides better storage capacity and a great function of the device. The storage capacity of the Amazon Fire TV Cube is 16GB with 2GB of Ram. Whereas Fire TV Stick, on the other hand, only had 8GB of ram. 

Pros of Amazon Fire TV Cube:-

1. With far-field and near-field voice support, Amazon Fire TV Cube manages to lodge requests from a longer distance. 

2. Even if the user’s TV is off, they can still contact Alexa through the built-in speaker of the Fire TV Cube. The in-built speaker is of good quality and works efficiently, even in bigger rooms.

3. Customers buying the Amazon Fire TV Cube in the US can also buy an extended warranty. The extended warranty can be bought for one year and two years respectively. Extended warranty packs are sold separately. 

4. Users can easily connect their Fire TV Cube with any Bluetooth device, including video game controllers and headphones. The seamless Bluetooth connectivity is possible because the streaming media player houses the latest Bluetooth version 5.0. 

5. The users who buy digital content from Amazon get free cloud storage to store their data. The Cloud Storage feature saves a lot of space from the device’s storage.

6. While the Amazon Fire TV Cube works on voice control, developers didn’t compromise the user’s privacy. The device also has a button that users can use to switch on and off the microphone.

Cons of Amazon Fire TV Cube:-

1. The Amazon Fire TV Cube may not function on TV sets that don’t have HDMI Ports. 

2. Extending the storage capacity of the Amazon Fire TV Cube may not be possible. 

6. TUREWELL T95 Max Android TV Box

Turewell T95 Max is a beast of an Android box. The box is packed with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. The storage capacity of this box is phenomenal. 

Since the device runs on Android 9.0, users can load and browse through hundreds of apps without the device lagging. The quad-core ARM cortex processor makes the box even better.

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With a powerful processor and great storage capacity, playing games would be no less than a treat on the Turewell t95 max. 

Users can stream both 4K and 6K videos on the Turewell t95 streaming box. It’s powerful professor also enables users to share files using DLNA. One may also stream content directly from their mobile devices to their TV set through Turewell t95 max. 

Users may also connect a wireless mouse or keyboard to the device to better control the TV set. Connecting the additional devices like a wireless mouse or keyboard isn’t a complicated process either. The user-friendly interface of the Turewell t95 max makes it easier to control and master using its features. 

There are two types of USB ports given on the Turewell t95 max streaming android box. Despite being a feature-loaded box, the picture quality, and video output always stay up to the mark. Even with heavy use, the picture quality wouldn’t be compromised with. 

Pros of Turewell T95 Max:-

1. The Turewell T95 Max has great storage capacity. The internal memory of the Turewell T95 Max device is 32GB, while the RAM is 4GB. Despite having probably the largest storage capacity, users can still extend it using a microSD card. 

2. For improved controls, users can connect a keyboard and a mouse using either a USB or wireless connection. 

3. One may also run apps like Skype, Facebook, and YouTube on the Turewell t95 max. 

4. Users can also stream 3D movies effortlessly without annoying buffers. 

5. The device doesn’t lag and works smoothly without requiring the users to care about the storage. 

6. The Turewell t95 max can stream 6K videos without any interruptions. 

7. The overall gaming experience is rich and exciting, thanks to Turewell t95 max’s processor. 

Cons of Turewell T95 Max:-

1. Turewell users may not be able to control their device with the voice assistant. The voice assistant is a handy feature that puts the TV remote on rest and is easy to use.

2. The Turewell T95 Max includes only one USB 3.0 and 2.0 port each. Users may not be able to connect to more than one device using USB 2.0 or 3.0. 

3. Users need to buy their own 3D glasses since they’re not included with the Turewell T95 Max. 

4. The remote of the Turewell t95 max might not work with some apps. 


Minix Neo U9-H is amongst one of the most robust Android TV Boxes. One can stream a variety of media files on their TV because the Minix Neo supports the most popular file formats. With universal support for TV sets, Minix Neo delivers the highest quality video at 60 frames per second.

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The pictures are crisp and vibrant, thanks to the HDR10 support. Even the audio quality is excellent with Dolby Digital Audio. The combination of great picture quality and dynamic sound gives a cinematic experience at home.

Minix Neo has 16GB of Internal Storage and 2GB of RAM. Users may play some exciting games on their TV sets without spending huge amounts of money. The support for Dual-band wifi ensures users get to watch content on their TV sets without interruptions. 

Pros of Minix Neo U9-H:-

1. With Minix Neo U9-H, users get access to licensed support for Microsoft PlayReady 3.0 and Google WideVine 1.0. 

2. For taking control of things, users can connect a wireless mouse. The mouse can make scrolling less annoying and more convenient. 

3. Users get to experience Dolby Digital Audio with their Minix Neo U9-H. Dolby Audio is much more clear, crisp, and realistic. People who love to experience sounds with great detailing would enjoy the surround sound with their Neo U9-H.

4. Users also get a QWERTY keyboard along with their Minix streaming box. The keyboard makes typing more convenient while using apps like Facebook on the TV set.

5. The licensed Dolby Audio provides cinematic sound. Pixel-rich images and crystal clear sound enhances the movie-watching experience. 

6. The box has a sturdy built quality and premium looks.

7. The UI of the Minix Neo Android box makes it easy to use and user-friendly. 

8. Users keep receiving firmware updates at frequent intervals. Firmware updates ensure that users can stream all the apps without them lagging. 

9. The customer support for the Minix Neo stands out from the support provided by some of the more prominent brand names.

Cons of Minix Neo U9-H:-

1. The Minix Neo U9-H lacks a crucial USB 3.0 port. Gamers might feel the absence of this USB port while connecting their controllers. 

2. Minix Neo U9-H doesn’t have a virtual assistant to take voice commands from the users. Users who wanted to try the virtual assistant feature may not enjoy using this streaming box.

8. Xgody X96Q Smart Android Box

Xgody X96Q operates on Android 10 with a super-fast Allwinner H313 QuadCore Cortex A-53 Processor. The Xgody box has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage to perform the tasks without slowing down. The users can expect a great streaming experience with impressive picture quality. 

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Users can operate their Xgody X96Q streaming box in multiple languages like English, French, German, Spanish, and more. Vast support for various languages makes the Xgody X96Q streaming box even better for native speakers.

Anyone with basic knowledge of technology can operate the Xgody X96Q streaming box with ease. 

As the Xgody X96Q runs on Android 10, it’s more efficient and fast than other boxes. Many boxes that run on the lower Android versions often lag or don’t receive updates for a long time. Moreover, the device also has better connectivity with TV sets and wifi networks. 

One may stream movies with a higher frame rate, and the pictures are rich in details. Moreover, the Xgody X96Q supports the AV interface, which allows users to see high-quality movies and images on old TV sets. Not many streaming devices come with the AV interface, and that’s what makes Xgody X96Q cut the competitors. 

Pros of Xgody X96Q Smart Android Box:-

1. Android 10.0 helps Xgody X96Q load apps faster and avoid annoying buffers and lags. 

2. Users can stream movies in 4K Ultra HD, thanks to the superfast processor that the Xgody X96Q streaming box houses. 

3. The box’s inbuilt storage capacity is 16GB, which users can expand using a TF card. Extra storage space helps users browse apps without compromising the device’s speed.

4. The Cortex A53 CPU powered by Quad-Core all winner also allows users to watch 3D movies and shows on their TV sets. 

5. Got an outdated TV and a low budget? Well, users can still stream video content on their old TV sets in better video quality and frame rate. And, all that is possible with Xgody X96Q Android Tv Box. 

6. Users can also load apps on their Xgody X96Q android box using a USB flash drive. Sometimes, this feature may also come in handy for loading apps or programs that may not load through the Play Store. 

Cons of Xgody X96Q Smart Android Box:-

1. Users may find it challenging to find some apps on the Google Play Store. However, alternate ways to load apps will let users browse them. 

2. The remote control of the Xgody X96Q Smart Android Box might misbehave at times. Moreover, it might not work perfectly with some apps. If the remote stops working, users will have to control the box through a mini wireless keyboard. 

3. Some bugs might lead the box to slow down. 

9. Pendoo X11 Pro TV Box

Pendoo X11 Pro TV Box comes with Android 10.0 and the latest Processor, QuadCore Allwinner H616. The storage capacity of the Pendoo X11 Pro is 32GB ROM with 4GB RAM. The latest chip and it’s huge storage capacity makes the box work blazing fast. 

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Pendoo goes one step further by installing dual antennas and dual-band wifi in the X11 Pro TV box for better connectivity. A seamless connection can stream high-quality movies without interruptions. Users with an unstable network would benefit from the dual-band wifi and antennas. 

The box can stream movies in high resolution of 6K and 4K ultra HD. The movies look real on the TV screen and the sound quality is excellent for both 6K and 4K videos. And as a bonus, users can also stream movies in 3D using the Pendoo X11 Pro TV Box at their home. 

The box has powerful connectivity set up to obtain a stronger signal to stream content without interruptions. Connectivity speed doesn’t take a hit while connecting the device with Bluetooth devices. The Bluetooth version 4.2 is quick to connect with most devices instantly. 

Pros of Pendoo X11 Pro TV Box:-

1. Dual-band wifi support makes it easier to stream high-quality movies and videos without interruptions. 

2. Users get a mini keyboard with their X11 Pro TV Box. The keyboard makes it easier for users to control the box and type faster to search for videos. 

3. X11 Pro users can extend the storage capacity of their Pendoo X11 Pro TV box with a TF card. Moreover, users can also connect their external hard drive with the X11 pro TV box for a larger storage capacity. 

4. Users can also mirror screens without any wires. Yes, the Pendoo X11 Pro TV Box also supports wireless screen mirroring. Screen mirroring can enhance the gaming experience for mobile gamers.

5. The Pendoo X11 Pro TV Box pricing point makes it widely accessible for users on a tight budget. After all, it’s a powerful android box under $100. 

Cons of Pendoo X11 Pro TV Box:-

1. Like most android tv box remotes, Pendoo X11 Pro’s remote might not work with some apps. 

2. Users might need to install some apps using APK files.

3. Users don’t get access to virtual assistants with Pendoo X11 Pro TV Box. 

4. Some users might need a USB 2.0 connector to connect their external devices but that port isn’t available in the Pendoo X11 Pro TV Box. 

5. The box might misbehave or might not function properly if it’s updated from its original version.


Before making a decision, users need to be clear about what they expect from their Android TV Box to avoid confusion. Since Android boxes are available across budgets, users can find great deals for the price they decide to spend. 

It’s not like only high-end boxes are great; some cheaper ones also perfectly do the job. Rest, it all depends on what a user prefers.