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11 Popular Anime Girl With Black Hair Of All Time

Animes are the hand-drawn and digitally animated characters born out of the workstations of Japanese experts. Anime is a term referring to all the animations in Japan, irrespective of their style and origin.

However, outside Japan, Anime characters are specifically referred to as the ones produced in Japan or resemble similar characters. 

Anime itself is a mixed medium with various production mechanics adapted in response to emerging technologies and trends. This is associated with graphic art, characterization, cinematography, and other types of individualistic and imaginative techniques.

Anime productions do not focus more on the movement; instead, its main focus is the use of various camera effects like zooming, angle shots, and others, at the right instance. 

Furthermore, as unveiled by the statistics, there are more than 430 production companies in this sector, including prominent studios like Toei Animation, Sunrise, and Ghibli.

As of 2016, Japanese Anime creation also accounted for around 60% of the animated television shows available worldwide.

Introduction of Anime girl with black hair –

Anime productions do not believe in leaving many facts on the imagination and is thus a unique type of storytelling widely popular across the global industry.

But, there are still some symbols related to the appearance of the characters. These symbols reflect a unique trait about the anime character’s entire personality under consideration, and an Anime girl with black hair is one such connotation.

Hair color reflects a significant aspect of the anime characters’ nature and personality and the role they might have in the story. Different anime characters have different hair colors, like pink, blue, yellow, and black (which is not so common).

Having colorful hair is a common trait in most of the characters of anime stories. Black is a rare choice that reflects that the concerned character is ordinary, insignificant, and the carrier of traditional values. This is because all the Japanese are born with black hair, making a choice an ordinary one.

Significance of black color for anime hair –

Black is often referred to as the color of death, power, mystery, and the unknown and thus reflects a few anime characters’ traits.

Having black-colored hair is an ordinary behavior that some anime characters copy from the real world, amid the popularity of bright-colored hair among the characters from anime stories. 

Different anime characters have different appearances. Hair colors, hairstyles, power, and personality, making them unique in their way. Even though having vibrant hair color is a predictable choice among them, it still gives a magical and dynamic touch to the entire appearance.

On the other hand, black-colored hair depicts a more relaxed and calm nature of the character in the story, making them more admirable. Anime girl with black hair is mostly noticed.

List of popular anime girls with black hair

An anime girl with black hair always stands out from the crowd and is the calmer and peaceful character in the entire story.

Such a character is more like a real ordinary person, unlike just a story character. Here is the brief about some prominent anime girl characters with black hair.

1. Eru Chitanda

Eru Chitanda, an anime girl with black hair, is a central character out of the four lead ones in Hyouka. She studied in Kamiyan High School in the story.

popular anime girls with black hair

Also, She served as the President of the Classical Literature club, where she was responsible for getting the club to indulge in solving various mysteries. In Hyouka, Eru is the only daughter of the Chitanda family, a lineage of some renowned wealthy farmers.

Eru appears as a cute and young girl in the story, and this anime girl with black hair also is a stunning beauty of an average height.

In the story, she had straight hair of medium length, and she used to gather them up sometimes into a ponytail. Eru has purple eyes with a perfectly shaped physique, and in the story, she appears mostly in the school uniform or some loose-fitted “dainty” clothes.

This anime girl with black hair excels in cooking and is vulnerable to caffeine and alcohol. She was also referred to as a top student in the class.

Eru has a good hearing and smelling sense and is also relatively more robust physically. She also comes out as a meticulous character who can catch even the most delicate details and has a very sharp vision.

Personality traits of Eru Chitanda –

1. Eru is a polite and cheerful girl with lady-like behavior. She is also described as a realistic, friendly, and emotional character, and she again turns out to be very innocent and gives a childlike behavior in various instances.

2. Eru is known for reflecting positive vibes and having positive behavior, and she is rarely spotted harboring any negative emotion.

3. This anime girl with black hair has well-behaved mannerisms but might become compulsive and nosy whenever intrigued. She is also known to become hyperactive at times and glare and ignore others’ personal space.

4. Eru often gets distracted easily but can also be highly focused on specific subjects such that she might forget anything else that does not relate to the concerned matter.

5. Furthermore, the girl is very stubborn and persistent, especially when it comes to the mysteries, as she cannot stop thinking about it until it is solved.

Drunk Eru Chitanda moment

2. Nico Robin

Nico Robin is an anime girl with black hair, known as the “light of the revolution” and the “Devil child”, is a popular character in the anime One Piece. She is an archaeologist of Straw hat pirates.

List of popular anime girls with black hair

Nico is also the seventh member and the sixth one to join at the Arabasta Arc’s end. During the Water 7 Arc, she left the crew temporarily and then rejoined during Enies Lobby Arc. At an early age, she ate Hana Hana no Mi, thus getting the powers to reproduce her body parts or the entire body on any surface.

Nico Robin is also the sole survivor of Ohara Island. Thus, the last one with the ability to decipher and read Poneglyphs, a forbidden and threatening skill to the World Government.

She is also a tall and slender woman who is younger and carries shoulder-length hair. This anime girl with black hair also has darker eyes with wider pupils and a long and defined nose. 

When it comes to the anime story, Robin has a comparatively darker skin tone. She much resembles her mother and is only different in terms of hair color and skin complexion. Nico also has longer limbs, especially the legs, which contribute to the fighting capabilities.

Personality traits of Nico Robin –

1. Among all the Straw Hat Pirates members, Nico Robin is among the serene ones who rarely act comically in any scenario. She is a comparatively smarter character, and even in her impulsive actions, she starts laughing frequently.

2. During the sailing time, Nico is often found reading and investigating data from places they visit. This shows that she is always open to getting details about various things and places available across the World.

3. She is a wiser, intelligent, and patient one who does not play any significant role in the ship. Still, she can foresee what can be spotted where, and thus benefiting the others around.

4. Nico also comes out as an archaeologist and historian who seeks comfort in studying the World’s history. She is also a quieter one with rare outbursts of emotions.

5. Just as the anime girl with black hair is expected to be, Nico has calm behavior during conversations with anyone. She is also a kind one who shows maternal care for others.

3. Mikasa Ackerman

This anime girl with black hair, Mikasa Ackerman, is reflected in the series Attack on Titan, as an adoptive sister of Eren Yeager and a deuteragonist. She is also the last living descendent of the Shogun Clan, left in Paradis Island.

11 Popular Anime Girl With Black Hair Of All Time

She thus associates with the Azumabito family and has significant political powers in Hizuru. She often desired to have a peaceful life but ultimately ended up joining a military where she was the best soldier among the 104th training corps.

Mikasa is a pale-skinned girl who is taller and fitter. She has a more pleasing tone. Mikasa is an attractive anime girl with black hair, gray eyes, and muscles lined through her arms, abdomen, and legs. She is often found wearing the corps’ uniform or in the casual white dress with boots and her signature black scarf.

Mikasa has various abilities and skills and is genuinely considered a genius. She has excellent vertical maneuvering equipment skills and can seamlessly use the blades for striking and efficiently slashing Titans.

Mikasa also mastered the usage of Thunder spears and can easily carry up to eight spears at once. She was a talented fighter from a younger age.

Personality traits of Mikasa Ackerman –

1. Mikasa initially appeared as a cheerful and outgoing personality. She was a gentle and innocent kid with the capability to push away anxious thoughts. However, as a kid, her peace was shattered when the criminals attacked her family.

2. As she grew up, Mikasa became emotionally withdrawn and comparatively dangerous. Also, she was often spotted intimidating her enemies and comrades. However, she rarely loses her cool and stays calm in any situation.

3. Mikasa is a strong-willed person who deeply cares for her friends and companions. She also cares for the children and is not entirely immune to her emotions. Her determination to protect who she cares for contributed to the phenomenon of soldier-like skills.

4. This anime girl with black hair mostly stays wise and aware of nature’s harshness as she witnesses the scenarios of hunters and prey. She has a stronger sense of what and who is right and wrong, and thus she often tries to let her friends follow the right track.

5. As a teenager, she was a lot influenced by Eren, who asked her to learn to fight for her survival.

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4. Hestia

Hestia is a beautiful and petite anime girl with black hair and a youthful appearance that makes her personality and character an admirable one. She appeared in the anime series DanMachi. Her black hair is of mid-thigh length, and she also has blue and gorgeous eyes.

11 Popular Anime Girl With Black Hair Of All Time

She often gathers up her hair into two ponytails, coming to her mid-thighs. To tie the ponytails, she used an exclusive accessory with blue and white petals and bell-shaped ornaments.

She was comparatively smaller in height and emphasized her breasts, thus getting the nickname “Loli Big-boobs.” Usually, Hestia is found in the white mini dress and blue ribbon tied around her neck.

She also tied one ribbon under her breasts, around the arms, and wore a pair of gloves. She mostly stays barefoot or occasionally wears white flip-flops.

Hestia is a petite goddess who refused courtships with males when in heaven. She, along with Artemis and Athena, are popular as Big 3 Virgin Goddesses. She got named after the Greek goddess of the hearth. Hestia’s second name is Vestia, which refers to the sacred eternal fire and the Roman goddess of the home, hearth, and family.

Personality traits of Hestia –

1. Hestia is one of the most energetic and kind goddesses and is a popular character of the series. This anime girl with black hair often dreams of a relationship with Bell and considers Ais and other girls as the love rivals.

2. Hestia used to acknowledge the lower world’s children, thus reflecting her kindness and generosity.

3. Hestia is a hard-working character who willingly goes for two jobs just two pay off her debts for the Hestia knife.

4. Even though she is hard-working, she often reflects a lazier personality as she stayed with Hephaestus until forced out and then took a while to find work. Overall, she reflected an admirable and appealing character.

5. Rory Mercury

This anime girl with black hair is a demigoddess and an apostle of Emroy, the god of violence, war, death, and darkness. She appeared in the anime series Gate – Thus the JSDF fought there! She looks like a 13-year old girl, despite her antediluvian age.

11 Popular Anime Girl With Black Hair Of All Time

Furthermore, despite the petite frame and delicacies, she is famous as Rory the Reaper. She is a 961-year-old character who stopped aging and ascended to become the living deity in mortal flesh and blood. She has the exclusive powers that no ordinary humans can ever hope to gain.

She is a popular anime girl with black hair tied with a decorative black ribbon. She is often spotted wearing a red frill containing black dress with black stockings, which she supported with garters and red boots.

Additionally, her primary weapon is a purple axe that she wields. Furthermore, on getting angry, her lip color changes from pink to purple, reflecting that she is getting dangerous.

Rory Mercury is an immortal character and is immune to aging. She can stay alive even if she is torn into pieces. She can turn others immortal too for a specific time, and this acts as whenever the other person is damaged, Rory gets hurt, which might lead to her death.

Rory also has superhuman strengths and can skillfully wield her halberd that is too heavy for anyone even to lift it. She is also faster and has immense speed that makes her able to dash around the battlefield at a higher rate and outrun even any speeding vehicles.

Rory Mercury is a skilled anime girl with black hair with combat power and unique capabilities even to outrun an array of soldiers armed with various weapons.

She is also known to use hex-based spells. Due to the immortality powers, her body has high-speed regeneration power, and thus her body instantly regenerates any wound she receives. She is an intelligent character with good driving skills.

Personality traits of Rory mercury –

1. Rory has an amiable nature, but she has no mercy for them when it comes to her enemies. She even slaughtered a gang of bandits without any remorse.

When it comes to the battles, she reflects a sadistic and violent personality but lacks a sense of justice and mostly targets criminals.

2. Rory is often spotted wanting to help the people in need and get rid of bandits and criminals’ clans. She is also found making efforts to delay the ascension for a more extended period because she loses all the vestiges of human emotions in doing so.

3. Rory Mercury also arouses sexually when people die nearby, which was reflected during her fights in Italica. The reason for this is claimed to be because the souls of fallen warriors pass through her body to be drawn to Emroy’s other side.

4. She also has a complex about her actual age and gets mad whenever anyone mentions the same. Rory has an immensely greater sense of pride and is a mighty anime girl with black hair.

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6. Yukino Yukinoshita

Yukino Yukinoshita is OreGairu’s popular anime girl with black hair who is the deuteragonist in the anime story. She reflects in the anime story as a student of Sobu High School’s class 2J.

She also served as the President of the Service Club and was the only member there until Hachiman Hikigaya joined. She is known for her cold and arrogant personality but is also quite a popular character. She is a teenage anime girl with black hair of fair skin, and average height.

Yukino Yukinoshita has long black hair that goes down to her waist and spills over her shoulders. She styles them with two red ribbons just above the shoulders. Yukino’s most charming feature is the piercing blue eyes.

She mainly appears in her school uniform in the entire series, wearing a black blazer with a white shirt, red ribbon tie, and plaid skirt. She also wears black stockings with white strips and occasionally adds a blue scarf in the winters.

Yukino is good at sports but lacks confidence in her stamina and often gets exhausted after long walks, and when spent more time in-crowd. She is an honest girl who also sees through people’s personalities.

Yukino also exhibits good leadership quality and is known for athletic abilities. She is also good in academics and extracurricular activities and is famous for standing first in all the school subjects.

She is also skilled in Judo and won a competition in the same using the acrobatic skills. Yukina can also sing and play guitar and is also a fantastic cook who can even teach others various recipes.

Personality traits of Yukino Yukinoshita –

1. Yukino is a talented and smart anime girl with black hair who also has pride in herself. She bluntly points out any faults in others and believes that exceptional skill bearers must help the less fortunate ones.

Initially, she reflected a cold and unfriendly behavior, thus getting nicknamed the Ice Queen, but later she became kinder and friendlier, therefore referred to as twister nobility.

2. Yukino often comes out as an arrogant personality for some people. However, she always tries to understand the other person and is compassionate and kind in a twisted manner. She is known as peerless in her personality and skills.

3. Yukino mostly looks more elegant and dignified and does not like when others compare her with the girls with bigger chests. She has a competitive personality and is always willing to prove herself in any scenario.

4. Yukino is exceptionally vulnerable to her closed ones, which came out by time later in the series. She is obsessed with Pan-san and is attracted to the spots where there is an existence of Pan-san. She is also fond of cats and is attracted to things related to them. 

5. Despite the calm behavior, she also has a darker side, and she is known to emit an evil aura when she is angrier. Furthermore, when it comes to giving directions, she is terrible at it.

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7. Yuuko Ichihara

Yuuko is a tall and slender anime girl with black hair and pale skin that appeared in the Holic series. Her hair lengths down till her knees. She has hair with layer cuts and has a changing eye color that is sometimes red, sometimes purple, and occasionally turquoise.

11 Popular Anime Girl With Black Hair Of All Time

She is mostly spotted wearing a Kimono at home, and she prefers wearing revealing outfits when going out. Furthermore, she is very precise about what she wears and never repeats the outfits. She also loves to style her outfit with some ornaments and decorative items, and she also changes her hairstyle according to her mood.

Yuuko Ichihara is known as a sorceress of greater power and spiritual energy. She gained various titles due to her capabilities, with The Witch of Dimensions being the most renowned ones.

She is also capable of time travels and is very powerful, enough to handle dangerous objects and protective seals and create powerful barriers.

She has the power to grant the wishes and develop gods for the other worlds, manipulate time, and speak through the people’s minds. She often gives a glimpse of her powers whenever she faces anyone, but she does not use any offensive attacks.

For getting a wish granted, Yuuko charges some fee from the customers, and the cost must be precisely equal to the demanded amount; no negotiation is allowed by her end.

Even though her abilities seem like a curse to some, she cannot do anything without making it a binding transaction. She knows various magical objects existing around.

Personality traits of Yuuko Ichihara –

1. Initially, her resolutions seem meaningless but eventually come out to be wiser as related to the plot. Also, most of the time, she tries to come out as a spectator, but her intervention results in the plot’s governing speed and dynamics in most cases.

2. She is entertaining and respectful to all the people around her. However, she prefers not to intervene to prevent someone from any mistakes or engagement as she believes in fate. 

3. She frequently acts a bit bossy, annoying, and sarcastic, but in that too, her love is hidden for the other person. She also uses her lustful side to disturb her companions. She is also a lover of alcohol and gets a hangover many times in the series.

4. She acts differently when with friends versus when with a customer. She is more kind towards her friends than other people and shares more opinions and thoughts with them.

However, even after being closer to her friends, she prefers to keep the more serious feelings and matters to herself and does not want to burden others with her issues.

5. She does not reveal her feelings as she does not want to attach too much to anyone. She also behaves much in an immature manner. She also has various spiritual beliefs that affect her actions.

8. Kaoru Kamiya

Kaoru Kamiya is a popular anime girl with black hair that appears in the anime story Rurouni Kenshin. She is a young proprietor and an acting instructor in the series.

11 Popular Anime Girl With Black Hair Of All Time

She also served as the primary motivating factor for Kenshin in the series and slowly became a love interest. She is a beautiful and slender woman with average height and sleek black hair gathered up in a ponytail. She has large blue eyes that add to her appearance too. 

She regularly engages in physical activities and dresses simply and decently in the training sessions. However, when it comes to the normal days and time, she is very fashionable and prefers colorful and patterned kimonos and ties the ponytail with a larger ribbon.

She diligently maintains her sense of discipline and duty and is entirely unskilled in domestic practices like household work.

She is skilled in martial arts and has expert swordsmanship abilities, thus being even better than many national level champions. She is also proficient in succession techniques of the style.

However, her skill in technique is never used on the dojo matches successfully. She also comes out a bit more analytical in the battles and can quickly deduce the mechanics for the opponent’s technique and uses it for her benefit.

She also shows herself as resourceful in the matches and uses her intelligence and abilities to gain the upper hand in any combat.

Personality traits of Kaoru Kamiya –

1.Kaoru is a strong-willed anime girl with black hair, and all her strength and pride is because of her samurai lineage. To protect her father’s legacy, she can also willingly keep her blood, tears, sweat, and even her life at stake.

2. Kaoru has greater faith in the honor, artistry, and potential of kenjutsu and does not believe that swords only exist to harm and take life. Her temper is also a bit fiery and violent that exhibits without restraint when she feels insulted.

3. She often acts childish and immature and is also incapable of witty verbal retorts if stuck in any argument or got insulted. She thus acts violently and makes herself look like a fool. She also becomes jealous whenever any other woman gets closer to Kenshin.

4. The most positive trait about Kaoru is that she looks good in others, even when hidden deep inside the other person. She is also ready with encouraging words and utilizes the opportunity to help anyone.

She has her strength existing for the stake of people around her and can even lend the samurai spirit for helping others without any hesitation.

5. Kaoru also reflects a feminine side more often and appreciates the more delicate clothes and art always. She has a good taste for food and fashion too. She is also unapologetic for the masculine athleticism, but worries about her look and consider herself not attractive due to her plain physique. 

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9. Rin Tohsaka

Rin Tohsaka is among Fate/Stay night’s main heroines, acting as the Archer master in the Fifth Holy Grail war. Rin is a young anime girl with black hair and aqua eyes.

She styles her hair in two-part ponytails tied with black ribbons, and the majority of the hair hangs loosely over her body. In the school timing, she wears the uniform that she often accompanies with a long red coat. However, her casual clothing has a red turtleneck with a black skirt and long black socks under brown–colored flats of leather. 

10 Facts About Rin Tohsaka You Probably didn't Know

Rin was born with manipulative capabilities for transforming all five significant elements. She can also be considered the top hundred ranking magi in the Mage’s Association’s entire history.

Rin, being the Tohsaka family’s successor, excels in the Conversion of power, including the ability to store magical energy in particular objects. She also successfully accumulated all the magical energy that her body produces through jewel crystallization. She daily used to turn the jewels into powerful bullets, using her abilities. 

Rin also has proficiency with reinforcement sorcery, as this allows her to strengthen the legs so much that she can even run for a hundred meters in less than 7 seconds.

She is also capable of using the same on herself for some seconds while dealing with critical damage. Rin is a powerful anime girl with black hair who can also use her jewels for a more considerable amount of protection and forming a protective cover just by placing it over her stomach.

She is also well versed with healing magic and can use it whenever required. Rin is also known for practicing pseudo-karate as a self-defense form.

Personality traits of Rim Tohsaka –

1. Rim is a serious, resourceful, perceptive, and extremely competitive anime girl with black hair. She is admired as a prim and proper honor student across the school, and she does not allow others to spy into her life.

Rim is also a notably shrewd, loud, bossy, and stingy personality bearer who cares deeply for others and is famous as a model student and the school’s idol.

2. Rim has a pretty hostile speech manner and is dismissive of others, but deep inside, she cares for others and has a big sister-like disposition.

She has a deep curse of making some trivial mistakes in the worst situations. Even though she is known as a more pleasant person, she claims to have always made significant rational and cold logic decisions.

3. Rim is also a more challenging, mischievous, aggressive, and fiery person who reflects both sides of the trope. She is not well known about her father’s negative personality as she was too small to remember much about him when he left. 

4. She only seeks to obtain the Holy Grail for her father and family’s name, even though she has a little desire for it. She also considered herself guilty and that she abandoned Sakura after her adoption, so she always looked after Sakura from a far distance.

5. Rim loved teasing serious people like Shirou and has spent an equal amount of time cooperating and quarreling with him. However, when she thought that he lied to her, she wanted to kill him.

However, she was supportive of Shirou’s friendship with Saber. She had an interest in jewels a lot and always admired them. But she still felt much ashamed for relying on the previous generation’s work.

10. Mayuri Shiina

Mayuri Shiina is a popular anime girl with black hair, also famous as Mayushii. She was the childhood friend of Rintaro Okabe, a significant member of Future Gadget Lab, and even a part-time worker at May Queen Nyan-Nyan.

11 Popular Anime Girl With Black Hair Of All Time

She is also a friend of Akiha Rumiho and Luka Urushibara and came out as an avid cosplay maker. During the Beta Attractor Field, Mayuri became the adoptive mother of Kagari Shiina.

Mayuri is a shorter-heightened anime girl with black hair of shorter length and light blue Iris that adds to her beauty. She has fringe-forming hair that sweeps from both sides of her face.

Mayuri has noticeably thicker eyebrows and is a cute character. She wears a more uncomplicated and comfortable outfit, mostly a light blue colored one-piece dress and a hat of the same color. She also wears leggings under the dress. Occasionally she also used to wear a golden hair wig and style it up as a ponytail.

Okabe claimed that his first kiss with Mayuri was in elementary school, even though they were messing around. Her voice is also known to be used for Phone Microwave that made it silly, according to Rintaro.

She had a habit of regularly saying “Tuturu.” Overall she is a gorgeous and kind-hearted anime girl with black hair.

Personality traits of Mayuri Shiina –

1. According to her age, Mayuri had an extraordinarily childish and naïve attitude. It is believed that the reason behind that might be that she could not accept her grandmother’s death when she was too young.

2. Okabe also stated that she had a unique personality and is a bit different from others. 

3. Mayuri admires the cuter objects and creatures, like the UPA cushions. She also had a habit of giving nicknames to the people she is familiar with, like Okabe’s nickname was Okarin, made out of his first and last name Okabe Rintaro. She also even nicknamed herself Mayushii, from Mayuri Shiina.

4. Even though she reflected as a comparatively less intelligent member of the Lab, Okabe claimed that she is wise, and is capable of catching the things that no one else can, and is very precise about various findings.

5. Mayuri can also understand what and how others feel and do not easily get offended by anyone’s comments. Even though she was known to be socially inept, she is responsible for the well-being of her friend Rintaro and was always there whenever anyone needed her.


Anime characters and movies are currently the most admirable animation visuals across the globe. Hundreds of anime series are available in the digital market with many characters with unique appearances, capabilities, powers, and personalities.

Even though the anime characters are different in their ways, a few of them often resemble ordinary people’s personality traits in the real world. Anime characters are there with mainly vibrant hair colors, but a few of them also carry black hair.

Anime girls with black hair are mostly mysterious and powerful. They also sometimes reflect an ordinary personality as, in reality, most Koreans have black colors, thus derivating from the same.