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13 Of The Best Anonymous File Upload Websites


Today let’s talk about some of the best anonymous file upload sites that will help you share your content without compromising on your privacy on the Internet.

Nowadays everything on the Internet is tracked. It seems like the best way to ensure your privacy is to go anonymous.

There are many software and websites which can help you go anonymous and share your files with your loved ones on the Internet. If you are somebody that is always worried about your privacy on the Internet, anonymous file sharing is the way to go. 

We have tried to gather a list of anonymous file upload sites that not only help you go anonymous while sharing your files but also encrypts your data and make sure that it is available to the designated person only for a temporary period half time. Without further delay, let’s dive into our list!

Best Anonymous File Upload Websites: Our Pick 

1. Firefox Send 

Firefox Send is the first anonymous file upload site on our list. Firefox Send is developed by Firefox, using which you can upload your files anonymously without the fear of being tracked. However, there are limitations to the upload limit. 

Anonymous File Upload

The maximum file size of your data can be 1GB, and your data will be available anonymously for only 24 hours. Once you have uploaded your data into Firefox Send, it will generate a download link.

This download link will be encrypted, but you have to make sure that the file you upload is encrypted before you upload it. 

Firefox Send is exceptionally safe to use. If you choose to delete the link for the uploaded file, it will immediately be inaccessible to anybody with the link.

If you want to check how much time is left for each of your uploads to expire, you have to go to the homepage, and this information will be available to you.

Don’t worry about any cookies storing your data, or any sessions created because all of your data is stored in the local storage. 

2. Tiny Upload 

As you might guess from the name, Tiny Upload helps you upload small files anonymously into its server. The maximum file size limit is 50mb on Tiny Upload. However, there are upsides to Tiny Upload. 

13 Of The Best Anonymous File Upload Websites

You can upload any number of files, and it will host your data for an indefinite period. If you want your data to be available for an extended period, Tiny Upload is a great choice. 

It is straightforward to upload the files on tiny upload. You have to select your desired files and click on the upload button. Upon this step, a dialogue box showing the time remaining for the upload to finish will popup in front of you. 

Make sure that you do not close this window. If you do, the upload will not be complete. Once the file is uploaded completely, you will get a message notification saying ‘file upload finished’. 

Once your upload is finished, you will be provided with two links. One of them is the download link and the other one being the delete link. You can share this download link with the intended people, and they can access your files by clicking on your download link. 

Clicking on the delete button would take you to a page where you have to confirm the deletion of the selected data.

Like other file upload sites, Tiny Upload also has its disadvantages. If the file on the server is not downloaded for more than 100 days, it will be deleted from the server.

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3. ZippyShare

ZippyShare is another excellent alternative for anonymous file uploads. Like Tiny Upload, Zippy Share does not have any limit on time. However, there is a limit for the maximum file size that can be uploaded. 

Anonymous File Upload

You can upload a file that is up to 200 MB in size. You can access your data for up to 30 days, after which the files will be deleted from the server of ZippyShare. There is no limit on how many files you can upload, meaning you get unlimited disk space.

Same goes for the downloads as well. There are no limits on the downloads. It is not essential to sign up for ZippyShare, unlike other file uploading sites, but having a user account will make handling your files more straightforward. 

The file upload process is straightforward. There are two ways this can be done. Firstly, you can drag and drop your files on the zippy share website, or you can also upload your files using the HTML uploader. 

If you want to avoid any sessions being created or any cookies being placed on your computer, make sure that you check on the ‘set as private upload’ option.

Once this is done, click on the start upload and you should be on your way. You will be provided with a download link once your upload is complete. 

Zippy Share provides you with a lot of options like links for HTML, HTML embed links, links with names and links for forums.

If you create an account on the Zippy Share website, it has a few advantages like more configuration options for your links and access to live statistics. 

The downside, however, is that the files uploaded cannot be deleted manually. To remove your data, you need to have an account on the official website.

All in all, it is a safe, fast and reliable file upload site. If you would prefer to have a software tool instead of uploading the files on the website, there is also a provision for that.

4. File.io 

File.io is quite similar to Snapchat in the way it functions. However, the difference is that File.io helps you to be anonymous. Once the uploaded data is downloaded by the intended user, your data will be deleted. 

Anonymous File Upload

There is a limit on the file size that can be uploaded on File.io which is 5gb. A maximum of hundred uploads in a single day are allowed. The upload process is straightforward.

Just click on the upload button and select the desired file. Your file will start to upload to the file.io. 

Once your upload is complete, it will generate download links for you. You can share these download links with the designated person, and thereby they can access your files.

However, keep in mind that these files will be deleted once they download the content. No backups of your data are placed on the File.io server. 

There is also a provision of setting up your upload and download service by using their API if you are a developer. You can still edit the download link even though you are not a developer. For example, you can set the expiry date for your download links.

If the files are not downloaded within the stipulated period, they are deleted from the File.io server. Also, if you want to generate multiple download links, click on the add file buttons, or add parameter buttons. If you have any doubts, check out their FAQ section.

5. Send Space 

Send Space is an anonymous file upload site that has tons of different features compared to other file upload sites. Just like other websites on our list, there is no limit on the number of files that can be uploaded.

13 Of The Best Anonymous File Upload Websites

However, the maximum limit in terms of file size for any upload is 300 MB. You can also upload all the data together and generate download links for them. 

Other cool features include the option to share your file through email, and also you can set a description for your data. You can generate different kinds of links.

For example – links for forums, links for embedding HTML and delete links. You can erase your data using the delete link which will ask you for confirmation before doing the same. 

If you would like to configure and manage your data on the Send Space server, having a user account always helps. Other advantages of creating an account are that there will be no limit on the upload size and you will be provided with the custom download page.

However, there is a downside to Send Space. Send Space stores cookies on your computer and tracks your activity on this site. 

6. File Dropper 

File Dropper is an excellent alternative if you are looking for a simple anonymous file upload site. The file upload process is hassle-free, and you can and get access to download links of your files as soon as your files are uploaded to its server. 

Anonymous File Upload

Along with the download links, you can also generate embed links using which you can embed the links two other sides to make it available for download.

There is no mention of the expiry time of the links on the website, but there is a limit on the maximum file size of the upload. 

You can upload content that is about 5gb at the maximum. If you want to enjoy premium features and would like to manage your files better, it is advised to create a user account.

7. Ge.tt 

Ge.tt is one of the simplest anonymous file upload sites on our list because of its highly user-friendly interface. It provides you with all the details that an anonymous user might need.

13 Of The Best Anonymous File Upload Websites

Ge.tt has a maximum upload limit of 250 MB, and you can access the uploaded files for up to 30 days on its server. 

If the uploaded files are not downloaded within that period, the data will be automatically deleted. The upload process is simple and hassle-free.

Upon the completion of upload, download links will be generated, which you can share with your friends. You can also remove the file from Ge.tt’s server any time you wish. 

The cool feature about Ge.tt is that you get a lot of file upload details for anonymous users. Details like how much storage you have remaining, how many files you have uploaded to its server, and the number of times your files were downloaded are available on Ge .tt’s page. 

If you like this service and would like to get more storage on Ge.tt’s server, you can create a free user account to get an additional 2 GB of storage space.

Having a user account also allows you to extend the duration for which your file will be available on its server. You can get access to many more features if you are a premium member.

8. Uploadfiles.io 

Uploadfiles.io is one of the famous names in the anonymous file sharing sites category. The limit for maximum file size is about 5 GB on this site, and you can set the time limit according to your needs.

Once you upload your file, the site automatically encrypts the data and generates a download link. 

13 Of The Best Anonymous File Upload Websites

You can also create a delete link with a specific expiry time. It can be anywhere between an hour, a week or a month. It will also provide you with social links using which you can share your download links on other websites as well.

If you want more control over your files, and extend your time limits on your uploads, you can opt for a premium subscription of Uploadfiles.io.

9. Transfer.sh 

Transfer.sh is an anonymous file upload site you will love if you are somebody that likes command lines. You will be using shell’s cURL command to upload content on to the Transfer.sh server and thereby generate download links. 

13 Of The Best Anonymous File Upload Websites

Another cool feature about Transfer.sh is that it gives you the option to encrypt your files before you upload them onto its server and also allows you to decrypt your data before downloading. The file size limit on Transfer.sh is about 10 GB e and the expiry time limit about 14 days. 

There is also a provision to upload files directly from the site itself. All you have to do is just upload your files or drag and drop them directly onto the site and your upload should be well on its way.

Like the normal upload process, you will be provided with download links that you can share with other people so that they can download your content on Transfer.sh server.

How To Upload & Share Files From The Linux Terminal With Transfer.sh

10. We Transfer 

We Transfer is one of the simplest anonymous file upload sites you will come across. The user interface is very user friendly, and the upload process is very straightforward compared to other file upload sites. It does not require any sign-up and is available for free. 

Anonymous File Upload

You can securely share files using this site with file size up to 2gb. It is quite easy to share your files using this site, and it also gives you control over your data during the upload process. You can share the download links with anybody and anytime without any problems. 

If the file size limit is a hindrance for you, there is also a premium option provided by We Transfer. By opting this, you can extend your file size limit to up to 20 GB and also you can customise your emails and downloads.

You can also choose to password-protect your files if they are private. With the premium feature, We Transfer allows you to keep your data on the server forever unless you decide to delete it.

11. Dropbox and Google Drive 

Dropbox does offer the option of anonymous file upload, but it is kind of different from other sites. There is a feature called ‘file request’ on Dropbox using which anonymous file sharing is possible. Any users can upload the files anonymously utilising this feature. 

13 Of The Best Anonymous File Upload Websites

You just have to upload or drag and drop the data into the directory of your choice. The process is straight forward. Click on the create a file request option and set a directory of your choice. You can also name it as your wish. 

After doing this, you will be presented with the link which you can share with people who would upload the files into your directory. Anybody who has access to this link can upload the files anonymously into your directory.

It can be used for various purposes like to upload photos, submit assignments, or send design mockups to your customers. 

Google Drive also provides a similar feature wherein you can use Google forms and ask the others to upload files into the directory of your choice.

12. Expire Box 

Expire Box is an anonymous file uploading site where you can upload files for a limited period. If the data is not downloaded from the Expire Box server, it will be deleted after two days. There is a file size limit of 200 MB when you are using Expire Box. 

The file upload process is straight forward. Just click on the select file option, and choose the file you want to upload to the Expire Box server. Upon the successful upload of your data, a download link will be generated for your data.

Expire Box also gives you the option to make this link password protected. Along with the download link you will also be provided with a delete link. Using this link, you can delete your file on the Expire Box anytime you wish. 

There is also a provision to reduce the number of downloads and restrict the expiry time of the download link. Once the number of downloads crosses the limit that you have set for the maximum number of downloads the file automatically gets deleted from Expand Box’s server. 

Expire Box does not place any cookies on your computer or does not generate any sessions if you send the links through email. If you feel restricted by the time limit and the maximum file size of the upload, you can try out ‘Filenurse’ which is a sister site of Expire Box. 

13. Drop Canvas 

Drop Canvas is a unique anonymous file upload site on our list. The users of Drop Canvas will be provided with a Canvas where people can upload edit or Delete content.

To upload your files, click on the upload option and select the desired data or simply drag and drop the data that you want to share. 

Once the upload is completed, you will be provided with a download link. Each of these Canvases can be edited or renamed and managed according to the cookies placed by the website on your computer. If you are concerned about safety, there is also a lock feature provided by drop Canvas using which you can set an expiry date for your files. 

There is also a preview option offered by Drop Canvas. So, it is more suitable to share photos and videos. Before downloading the content, you can have a glance at the content.


When you want to share files, but you don’t want to compromise on revealing your identity, anonymous file upload sites are the best way to do so. They help you to share your content on social media, forums for discussion boards without revealing your identity. 

If you are afraid that your content can be misused, you can also set an expiry time for your content using many of the anonymous file upload sites on our list.

Along with this, many of the sites on our list also come with an auto-delete option. That means the files will only be available to two users for a limited period.

If the files are not downloaded within the stipulated time, the data will be no longer accessible. There are two advantages to this. The first one being your privacy and secondly, it helps to keep the Internet clean from junk files. 

If you use services like Google Drive or Dropbox, the files remain there forever unless you manually delete them. Since most of these sites use encryption, you can be sure that your data does not reach the wrong user.

So these were some of our choices for the best anonymous file upload sites. We tried to gather a list of file upload sites all at one place for your convenience. Tell us which of the file upload sites on our list is your favourite, and why? Hope you enjoyed our choices. Thank you for tuning in!