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11 Best Anti Tracking Software To Take Back Your Privacy

With everything moving online in the digital age, your data and privacy are at an all-time high risk. Your personal and professional data that is stored online is always vulnerable.

Whenever you visit any website, you follow a digital footprint. Ever wondered when you search about new shoes online, you start getting advertisements on your social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.  

This footprint in the wrong hands can be easily used to manipulate you if you don’t want anyone to look into what you search, and where we highly recommend using any anti-tracking software given below.

This exhaustive list is carefully curated to best suit your personal needs. But before we dive deeper into this list, let’s closely look at how you are being tracked and why you need to be using these anti tracking software when surfing online.  

Why Am I Being Tracked? 

Big companies like Google and Facebook keep track of your movement online and offer these advertisements from companies who use their services.

Organizations use Google Analytics to target their customer base by explicitly showing the products and services they might need.  

Your social media handles will also start showing you various advertisements relating to your advertisements with the help of online tracking.

As you leave these footsteps invisible to you, many companies exploit these to gain more attraction for their products and services. 

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How Am I Being Tracked? 

There are several ways your online movement can be tracked. While the most common are cookies, numerous others have also come up that facilitate online tracking. 

Cookies:- Cookies are used to associate you with a website. All the information about how you move around the website is stored in cookies.

A first-party cookie is from the site you are currently on. Another type of cookie, known as a third-party cookie, is used to track your footprint from other websites. 

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Fingerprinting:- Fingerprinting is the method of associating you with the device you are operating from and storing its characteristics such as operating system, extensions, language, and even the fonts installed on the device. 

IP Address:- The address of your device, known as the Internet Protocol address, is used to track your device. This address is given and stored by your Internet Service Provider and can be used to track your movements online. 

Supercookie: Supercookies are harder to detect and are placed at locations other than the normal cookie. Also known as ever cookie, they are used to track your movements without your knowledge.  

Beacon(Tag/Pixels):- Beacon is a small and invisible object embedded into a webpage or an email that records your activity.  

Best Anti Tracking Software: Our Top Picks👌

Let’s look at some anti tracking software such as secure extensions, web applications, and secure browsers that protect you while you surf online.  

1. Brave 

Brave (Download Here) is a secure web browser that is famous anti tracking software. It allows you to surf faster by loading the content quickly without pop-ups and advertisements. It also protects your online data by putting a stop to any online surveillance.  

While other browsers sell your data to companies and breach your online privacy, Brave puts control back into the hands of the user.

With the help of Brave Shield, all the advertisements and trackers are blocked that are trying to identify you and your location.  

By blocking the harmful ads, you can browse much more freely and at a more incredible speed. Brave promises a 3 times faster experience than other web browsers.  

Brave also allows you to surf privately with the help of Tor. You can use Tor in a tab to protect your history and location with the help of encrypted connections. 

To provide an enhanced browsing experience, Brave has been integrated with IPFS protocol designed to provide a more safe and open web. This lets you load content faster and improves online resilience.  

Brave allows you to customize your shield settings on a site or a wider browser basis. You can look at the ads and trackers being blocked by Brave. Also, the default setting is designed to block all types of harmful ads.  

With brave, you can also sync multiple devices to be on top of things at all times. It supports all the web extensions and allows you to configure their settings with ease.  

Brave is a web browser alternative and a sought out anti tracking software. They do not sell your data, and all of it stays private at all times. With Brave, you can be sure that your online privacy is protected at all times.  

2. Disconnect 

Disconnect is innovative anti tracking software that can be used as an extension across all major browsers to protect against online tracking.

Disconnect provides complete control to the end-user by allowing them to block all the advertisements. It doesn’t facilitate the storage of your private data on any website. 

Best Anti Tracking Software

If you want, you can whitelist certain websites to let them store your data if it is a trusted website. It currently serves more than 750 million users worldwide by blocking malicious content.  

The powerful one-tap protection blocks any unwanted surveillance and tracking. If you want to keep your online activity private, or use public Wi-fi during travel, Disconnect masks your IP Address for online safety. 

Disconnect is a smart software that doesn’t let the threats take advantage of human error. By overcoming the technical limitations, it stops the start of an attack chain by blocking all network requests. Therefore, all ads, malware, scams, phishing, etc. are blocked. 

Disconnect doesn’t facilitate the collection of sensitive data that is used to collect information about your identity and sold to companies. Preventing trackers from locating you via cookies, e-mail, IP address, and any other surveillance method allows you to surf care-free. 

Third-party requests and advertisements also slow down your processing time. Still, with Disconnect’s help, loading pages takes half the time as usual to provide a better online experience.  

Disconnect is among the anti-tracking software market leaders and has been serving clients for more than a decade.

It is safe and trustworthy software that offers complete online protection. It provides basic and premium services to its customers. For information about its pricing plans and features, Click here. 

3. uBlock Origin: open-source ad content blocker

uBlock Origin is an open-source, anti-tracking extension that protects your online privacy against scams, thefts, and tracking. 

uBlock was founded in 2014 and remained an industry-standard anti tracking software. It supports all browsers such as Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.  

The default filters offered by uBlock include Easy List, Easy Privacy, Peter Lowe’s ad tracking, Online Malicious URL Blocklist, and uBlock Origin’s filter. This open-source content blocker is free for use.  

Best Anti Tracking Software 1

uBlock origin reduces the load on your CPU and memory by blocking unnecessary advertisements and cookies that store your valuable information to target you with ads.  

The primary function of uBlock Origin is to free up the CPU and provide memory efficiency. It is a wide spectrum content blocker and not just an Ad Blocker. 

It uses content filtering that protects you from privacy invasion. It neutralizes all advertisements and phishing attempts, thereby providing a safer and faster web browsing experience.  

With various browser support, it can be added as an extension to safeguard any online privacy threat. Also, open-source ad blockers increase efficiency and reduce your costs.  

You can monitor ad blocking at all times. uBlock origin shows you the ads being blocked at any given time and provides advanced settings to customize your preferences.  

uBlock Origin is free software that can be downloaded and added as an extension on any browser. By using its default filters, you can block specific ads as per your requirements.  

4. DuckDuckGo 

DuckDuckGo is anti tracking software that is available as an extension, search engine, and application. It safeguards your online privacy by not collecting or sharing your personal information.  

The mobile application is equipped with a search engine, encryption platform, and anti tracking software to provide private browsing for your iOS and Android devices. DuckDuckGo helps you to avoid manipulation by advertising companies. 

Without any downgrade in the search quality, the DuckDuckGo search engine provides a private browsing experience. It blocks all manipulated ads, therefore, improving your browsing experience. 

11 Best Anti Tracking Software To Take Back Your Privacy

It also works well with your browser. You simply need to add it as an extension, and it will start blocking all the ads and third-party trackers. 

By just using incognito mode, you are not browsing privately. It doesn’t save your information on your device, but your browser and service provider can see what you are searching for. But on the other hand, DuckDuckGo offers an entirely anonymous browsing experience.  

DuckDuckGo is a preferred choice of many users as it provides an ad-free and safe browsing experience. The DuckDuckGo search engine gives beneficial results to all your search queries.

By adding DuckDuckGo to your browser as an extension, you can still avail yourself of all the anti-tracking software features.

Download App on Google Play Store

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5. AdGuard 

Adguard is an anti tracking software application that you can download for your device to get rid of ads and online tracking.

It helps you protect your device from malware that can harm your device and make you vulnerable to data theft, privacy invasion, and online tracking. AdGuard is available for Mac, Windows, Androids, iOS, and a web extension to cover all of your devices. 

Block ads on Windows, Android, Mac, iOS with AdGuard

AdGuard provides Ad Blocking, protection from hackers and trackers,  blocks all fraudulent scams and phishing websites. It can also set up parental control to prevent kids from accessing inappropriate and adult content. 

It blocks all third-party cookies and masks your IP Address to safeguard your identity and location. In addition, an abundance of features is available to you to customize protection and safeguard your data. 

By checking each website for malicious content, AdGuard blocks all malware and any requests from harmful websites. It provides you with a safe web surfing experience.  

With the help of a dedicated module to protect your data, AdGuard filters the website as per your setting and customization. You can select your preferences accordingly to allow and block content from specific websites. 

Browsing security module that protects you against frauds and scams are in-built in the application. Its database is updated regularly to protect any newer forms of threat.  

AdGuard provides online surveillance at all times against malware and distractions that slow down your processing time. It blocks all scam ads and fake news as well. You can monitor what it is doing for you at all times so that you are in complete control. 

AdGuard is application software that can be used across any device. You can download AdGuard for your mobile devices from Play Store and Apple Store.

It can also be set up as a web extension on your browser. AdGuard offers 14 days of free trial to test out the software.

Download App on Google Play Store

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6. Tor 

Tor is free anti tracking software that allows you to browse privately over the internet. It protects your animosity over the internet and safeguards against any surveillance and tracking. Even though Tor is a free browser, it has all the features to block malware and harmful advertisements. 

Tor was started back in 2006 by a bunch of like-minded people to facilitate safe web surfing. It was built on the Firefox platform, and therefore all the firefox extensions and add-ons work on the browser. It also supports all the Windows, iOS, Mac, and Linux platforms.  

By isolating each website you visit, the Tor browser prohibits ads and third-party trackers from following you when you visit any other website. Also, it automatically clears all the cookies stored after you move away from the website. 

It prevents any hacker or tracker from seeing what websites you are looking at. It will simply show that you are using Tor Browser, and no other information or data will be revealed.  

Tor Browser prevents you from being identified based on your device and browser information by making all users look the same. With no personal data about you, your identity remains hidden among other Tor users. 

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With the help of Tor relays, information traffic is relayed and encrypted thrice when it passes through the Tor network to safeguard your personal information. 

Tor Browser allows you to browse freely without any hassle. Also, you can use websites that your local home network may block.  

Tor developers aim to provide free and open-source anonymity to every user. By providing a free for use browser to everyone and safeguarding their data, they can browse privately. They do not charge for anything but do accept donations.

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7. Privacy Badger 

Privacy Badger is a browser extension that functions to stop any ads and third-party trackers from tracking your identity and location.

It automatically blocks all the content from third-party advertisers and masks your location. The Browser extension functions efficiently on all major browsing platforms such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc. 

What separates Privacy badger from other anti tracking software extensions on this list is the default settings. While others require a certain level of customization, a Privacy badger is developed to serve any user. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge of the user as the software can block any ads on its own. 

Privacy Badger keeps track of all the third-party trackers and domains that embed into images and ads. Suppose these are identified as any tracking methods such as supercookies, third-party cookies, or fingerprinting.

In that case, a Privacy badger will alert the browser to not load any more content from the third-party website. 

11 Best Anti Tracking Software To Take Back Your Privacy

Privacy badger uses color codes to distinguish third-party tracking. A site is marked green if it, as of now, is not tracking your identity. The color code turns yellow if the site looks suspicious or trying to track you.

Privacy badger will start blocking its contents that might track you. The red color signifies that content from that third party is disallowed. 

Privacy Badger is not specifically designed to block ads but rather to safeguard your online privacy. It blocks all visible and invisible third-party trackers embedded into a website. As most of these are in the form of ads and images, they are primarily blocked.  

Privacy Badger doesn’t block specific websites but rather content that it finds objectionable. It screens each piece of information displayed on any website to prevent tracking. 

Privacy badger is an effective tool to protect you against online tracking. It works efficiently against all tracking methods, such as canvas fingerprinting and supercookies, complicated to track.

8. Ghostery 

Ghostery is anti tracking software that provides a complete privacy solution to users. With its browser extension and web browser, you will be in complete control of your online privacy. Ghostery has smart ad blocking that automatically optimizes your surfing experience.  

Everything loads faster with Ghostery as it declutters the webpage of all third-party trackers and ads. With Ghostery, you can continue to use the internet without making your data vulnerable to hackers and trackers. Ghostery doesn’t allow third-party trackers to identify you by keeping it anonymous. 

Ghostery is an advanced adblocker that monitors all the third-party cookies and ads trying to identify you without your knowledge. You can also keep track of which websites are trying to track you with the help of the tracker list. 

With enhanced protection features such as ad-blocking, anti-tracking, and smart browsing, you can keep your data protected at all times. Trackers that are affecting your surfing experience will be automatically blocked. 

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You will have complete control over every website, and therefore you can allow specific websites and block others as per your preferences. 

Ghostery has a one-tap feature that allows you to restrict or allow any site with a single tap. You can command ghostery at all times to improve your surfing experience.  

Ghostery also allows you to customize your surfing experience. You can custom choose to block specific third-party trackers. Ghostery is industry-standard anti tracking software that provides premium services at an affordable price. 

Ghostery has been serving customers for the last 10 years and provides efficient adblocking. The software is a paid one, and you can choose between a monthly subscription or an annual subscription.

Click here to visit the Ghostery website and compare the pricing plans. 

9. Avast AntiTrack 

Avast AntiTrack Premium is a privacy protection software that safeguards your data and identity online. The Avast AntiTrack is one of the best anti tracking software, which frees you from online trackers. It masks your online identity and disguises you to avoid trackers from identifying you for greater online privacy. 

It protects you from malware, targeted ads, and manipulative techniques by hiding your online identity or fingerprint. It works with all browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and many others to provide a safer and faster browsing experience.  

11 Best Anti Tracking Software To Take Back Your Privacy
Take back your privacy

Avast AntiTrack warns you as soon as it detects trackers trying to detect you. It also automatically starts taking action against them to stop any invasive online tracking.  

Advertisers use your online fingerprint, comprising your device information, browser, and online habits, to send targeted ads your way. This can be in the form of price manipulation and spam advertising to make you purchase anything and everything you have been searching for. 

Avast AnttiTrack restores your online privacy by blocking these trackers. It also blocks embarrassing ads that might pop up when you are surfing online related to your search history. 

Data miners will dig up more information about you and then can misuse your data. But with Avast AntiTrack, you can be in control of your privacy. By disguising your identity, no one can track your identity. 

It doesn’t send any information about your device to third parties and blocks third-party trackers as well. 

Avast AntiTrack brings the benefit of Adblockers and Incognito Mode, and much more to safeguard your online privacy.  

Avast AntiTrack is a premium and paid software that will establish complete privacy and control over your online web browsing. You will be able to see who’s trying to track you and will be able to block them.

It also makes your PC private. Avast AntiTrack is available for both Mac and Windows users. Click here to know more about the pricing plans offered by Avast. 

10. iCloud Private Relay

iCloud Private Relay is the new name in the field of tracking protection. It’s provided by Apple to the iCloud+ subscription providers. This feature is only available to iOS users with iCloud+ subscriptions.

iCloud Private Relay is providing privacy protection to the safari browser, to enable this navigate to Setttings> Tap on your Apple ID Option> and Tap on the iCloud option.

browser with builtin vpn

and here you have a Private Relay Option, Tap on it to enable it.

11 Best Anti Tracking Software To Take Back Your Privacy

That’s it. Enjoy tracking free browsing with private relay on your safari browser.

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Staying protected while online is of utmost importance. Advertising companies are misusing your data to target you with ads and spam. This has been made possible due to various tracking techniques that identify you.

Anti tracking software detects these trackers and blocks all the ads to allow a safer browsing experience. With anti tracking software, your browsing speed also increases as it declutters the websites. 

A lot of good free options are also included in the list above so that you can use them right away.