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We live in a hyperconnected era. This is the most plugged-in time in history, and we’re more reliant on machines than ever. In fact, most younger people can’t stand to go more than a few hours without some form of online connection. Totally terrifying, right?

Actually, we’re going to have to play the tech devil’s advocate here. This amount of technology people are using is a little alarming, sure, but this has been true with almost all other major technological advances.

This generation is enjoying groundbreaking literacy rates; which makes sense when you think about all those text messages and status updates.

Why would we call it a social network if people weren’t networking and being social? Humans have a basic need to be social, and may even work and learn better in groups. And if your LMS doesn’t allow for some form of social learning, you may be missing out. Here’s one of the greatest platform that you can use to socialize with intellects from all around the world and learn at the same time. Meet Heuro!

What is Heuro all about?

Heuro is a social learning app that’s currently available for both iOS and Android devices, developed to bring people from all over the world in one single place where they can learn, create, connect and share knowledge, information and ideas with like-minded individuals and to have the best intellectual and creative experience. Designed with friendly user interface and tons of great features, this cross-platform tool can easily become your virtual classroom.

App Highlights

As we mentioned above, Heuro is a feature-rich app, offering tons of tools that can be used for educational purposes. Whether you want to create and share your creative thinking, to learn from publishers, bloggers and intellectual minds, or to open your mind with diverse ideas, the Heuro app is the perfect way to go. This is a simple place where intellects and creative people come together to create and share values for each other and nurture creativity and intellection of the community overall. You will get a customized and organized home feed full of news and blog publishers, you will have the chance to discover topics from Wikipedia articles, blogs to academic articles and even books.

The app allows you to connect with other users, friends and intellectuals around the globe, to write and create your own articles and share them with the world, and so much more. Additionally, Heuro features one click notes to capture your flash of genius ideas and sticky notes that can help you note your ideas anywhere and anytime.

Immerse in one of the best social networking platforms that’s made for consuming and sharing innovative ideas and thoughts, download the Heuro app for free from one of the following links and enjoy!

Official Website: Heuro

App Store Download Link: Heuro

Google Play Download Link: Heuro


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