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11 Of The Best Apps For Girls To Have on Your Phone in 2022

Girls are always busy searching for something new to improve their lifestyles. Either it’s about beauty, planning for the future, or learning something new, they are always keen to get it.

Mainly, you will see this among teenage girls who want to live their lives on their conditions. The amount of time they spend on their phones is unlimited. However, for girls, they want some new crisp that phone apps can bring to them.

A mobile phone without apps is boring, especially for teen girls, where they would like to have many choices to improve themselves. These apps are to bring fun and enjoyment and hence help us in organizing our lives.

These are the best apps for girls that are something very exciting to bring productivity as it has turned their life more comfortable than before. So, what do you think? Are you willing to look into life-changing apps?

 So, out of thousands of apps, here are the best eleven girl apps that they would surely love to work with.

Best Apps For Girls To Have: Our Top Pick 👌

1. Color Splash Effect

Create astonishing-looking color photos with one of the best apps for girls for photo editing. Its Color Splash Effect includes multiple tools to give any photo a unique touch.

Color Splash Effect Photo Edit

Frequently used by all photo lovers and photographers, this photo editing app allows you to retouch photos and give it a glamorous look. 


Color Splash Effect has an exclusive shape splash feature. It allows you to highlight color with the pleasing shape and get an eye-catching color pop effect. Apart from it, this best photo editing app for girls will enable you to enjoy the following features:

  • Capture photo directly with a camera
  • Select an image from the gallery to retouch
  • Use two fingers to zoom the image
  • Adjust brush size according to need
  • Share your retouched photo to social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or any other platform

Why use Color Splash Effect to edit your photos? 

Best Apps For Girls

  • Color Splash Effect is an excellent photo editing app for girls that permits you to create unique spectacular photos with a wide selection of colors. 
  • Added HDR quality allows you to give your photo an alluring look.
  • The photo editing effect illustrates the viewer’s attention to the colored areas.
  • Use it to convert your photo into a stunning B&W, Black, and White image. 
  • Minor bug fixes enable you to edit your photos without any interference and falling issues. 
  • Choose the border effects for different shapes and select frames and colors automatically. 
  • The app not only provides you with smooth HD quality but is also trouble-free to use. 

Being one of the best photo editor apps, Color Splash Effect allows you to make your photos more vibrant and artistic as well.

To be precise, you can turn your simple photographs into a beautiful part of pics art. It is one of the best apps for users who want to edit their photos on Androids. 

Click here to download Color Splash Effect Photo Edit from Play Store

This Application is not available for iOS users. Click Here to view a similar app.

2. Pinxter

Are you looking for the best apps for girls where you can share your outfits? Pinxter is your answer. The colors, as well as the spontaneous interface, are vibrant and modern even from the foremost look. It’s one of the best apps that allow you to share and get instant feedback on your outfit.


  • Upload a picture anytime when you feel comfortable
  • Ask for feedback and get instant results
  •  Trust the views of unbiased fashionistas and make an instant decision
  •  Get your friends involved in rating your outfit with unique sharing branding
  • Share any pictures from Pinxter to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter
  •  Get a chance to earn pink diamonds by uploading, voting, and sharing pics
  • Use the earned pink diamonds to promote your photos 

What makes Pinxter a unique fashion app?

Best Apps For Girls

Be ready to reform the way you choose your outfit. Download Pinxter, post your pic and then select the outfit according to the viewer’s votes. Today, this application is a widely used and highly praised tool among fashionistas.

  • Get pink diamonds by rating fashion pics of others. Use the collected diamonds to promote your pics and mount the fashion leaderboard with Pinxter. 
  • The Pinxter app allows users to post, vote, and be encouraged by photo feedback.
  • It provides a user with the ability to not only post but also search for the latest trends across the world. 
  • The fascinating part of Pinxter is the real-time feedback, which you can get from enormous numbers of Pinxters. 

Combining the unique designs, animations, and analytics, Pinxter is an enjoyable app. It’s an alluring thing if you are confused about a decision while shopping. You need to upload a photo on the app and ask the viewers what they think. With the immediate votes, you can decide whether the dress is looking stunning on you.

Click here to Download Pinxter from App Store

This application is not available for Android users. Click Here to view a similar app.

3. myPill

Download myPill app on your smartphones and ensure never to miss a contraceptive pill ever. It allows you to arrange the active and break days consequent to your oral contraceptive method.

The app is well-designed to look like a pack of 28-day pills. With the pass of each day, a pill in the pack fades away. 


11 Of The Best Apps For Girls To Have on Your Phone in 2022

  • Pill Reminder: myPill recognizes when to remind you and when you are on a break. Additionally, it includes automated appointments and drug refills. 
  • Protection Status: The app examines your pill-taking history and lets you know if you are confined or not.
  • Snooze reminder: You can turn it on. It will keep reminding you until you take your pill.
  • History tracking: It allows you to track symptoms, record instructions, and maintain notes for your doctor. 
  • Prediction: It’s easy to plan your vaccination according to your period with myPill. The app makes it easy to evade any unpleasant surprises and schedule holidays without the fear of missing doses.
  • Planner: The app reminds you to acquire new pill packs, meet the doctor, schedule checkups, or anything. 

What makes myPill unique?

  • myPill reminds you to use your contraception every day at a fixed time. 
  • Additionally, you can stop the app reminders on the seven days of the period and then reschedule it automatically when the next pill pack begins. 
  • It presents a monthly view of your pill pack with high-resolution graphics.
  • It provides built-in notes. You can use it to write down questions that you wish to ask the doctor.

By using the history tab, you can view all the past events. The app allows you to get a regular and customizable reminder message sent with email or text. It’s free to download this best app for girls on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Click here to download myPill from the Play Store

Click Here Download myPill from App Store

4. Killswitch

Your phone or computer keeps several apps running in the background that consumes your system resources. However, with Killswitch, you can remotely lock your phone, computer, or other devices fluently.

Being one of the best apps for girls, Killswitch not only shuts down your system but also ensures security. 


11 Of The Best Apps For Girls To Have on Your Phone in 2022

  • Close all the apps and shut down your device quickly with a simple touch
  • Provides security
  • Enhance system performance
  • Close the services and tasks running in the system background
  • Shutting down the system remotely save battery power

Apart from all the features mentioned above, Killswitch app version 1.0 can request access to:-

  • Full network, 
  • Prevent your phone from sleeping, 
  • View network connections, and 
  • Control vibration 

Girls having private information on their devices may not feel comfortable with the request access option. The app allows you to disable the option in settings. With time to time updates to Killswitch automatically put in extra competence within each group. 

What makes Killswitch the best app to download?

  • This multi-platform app permits you to remotely shut down all your devices with just the touch of a button. 
  • The app for your tablet or smartphone is the remote control. However, the app running on your computer or any other device is the background practice that listens for the remote signal. 
  • It allows multiple remotes as well as listeners coupled to the same amount. 

The only limitation while using Killswitch app is that all the remotes and listeners joined to the same account respond to the same signal. For instance, if you want to shut down your computer system separately, you need multiple remotes and numerous accounts

While your app is active, any device bound to the system will remain to lock until you turn the app off with your remote. This anticipated functionality offers you security, even if your password is known to someone else. Shut down your phone or computer remotely with the Killswitch app.

Click here to download Killswitch from Play Store

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5. Makeup Videos Tutorial App

Best Apps For Girls

Get the latest makeup tips, learn how to apply them, and become a makeup artist with Makeup Videos Tutorial App. This is the best app for girls who want to know how to do face makeup, eye makeup, and many more. 


  • Excellent ideas for Bridal Makeup. 
  • Go through the step-by-step video tutorial and learn how to do pink monochromatic makeup or fresh and glowing makeup.
  • Girls can learn how to get the bronzy smokey eyes with my wedding makeup tutorial
  • Learn party makeup with a glitter cut crease step-by-step tutorial video
  • Quality Waxing & Hair Removal Video Tutorial for women and girls
  • See Bold lip + Maroon Eye Tutorial video and get amazing ideas to makeup easily at home
  • LOW PONY TUTORIAL is the best one to get a stylish hairstyle quickly 
  • Peachy Keen Eye Makeup Tutorial help you to discover a lot of beauty tips for getting a natural glow
  • Manny Mua X Makeup Geek Palette tutorial step is best to look glamorous occasionally.

What makes Makeup Videos Tutorial App a perfect makeup learning app?

  • From lipsticks to eyeliners and brushes, there are several makeup products that can help you look stunning and feel better about yourself. Makeup not only gives you a glamorous look but also boosts your confidence. 
  • From beginners to professional level artists, step-by-step video tutorials help you to learn how to do makeup perfectly. 
  • Using the application Makeup Videos Tutorial, you will learn how to apply lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, and other popular cosmetics. 
  • Makeup Video Tutorial helps you to explore different and stunning makeover looks with one click.
  • Whether you want to learn bridal makeup, bold lips makeup, festive makeup, or any other makeup tip, this step-by-step video tutorial app is best.
  • Featuring eyebrow, blusher, eyelashes, and the entire collection of complete makeup looks, the video tutorial app helps you to look alluring. 

Hide your face imperfections, change the way you look, and feel more confident by downloading this Makeup Videos Tutorial App. 

Hide your face imperfections, change the way you look, and feel more confident by downloading this Makeup Videos Tutorial App.

Click Here to download Makeup Videos Tutorial App from Play Store

Click here to View a similar app to Makeup Video Tutorial App on the App Store.

6. Tumblr

Create your blogs; post your activities, images, and videos through the blog posts—the best way for girls to share inspiring posts every day.

Whatever you feel interested in new fashion trends, music, movies, etc. Tumblr is the best app for girls that is always there for you with cool stuff to connect with different people from around the world.


Tumblr is a social media application where girls can use hashtags and create reposts for the posts of others. See what features Tumblr brings for girls.

  • A way to express yourself: There is nothing better than finding a way to express yourself. Tumblr is the best canvas platform to post videos, photos, and a GIF maker tool. Also, you may text for other posts by reposting them.
  • Post original audio: If you want to post something exciting like original audio or the songs, Tumblr gives you a chance to do so. You can add streaming services from Spotify.
  • Your identity is consistent: If you are preparing a blog, you can customize it with different layouts, colors, and fonts that you want. Add the topics that you feel interested in or find the new topics that have never been shared before by someone.
  • Stay up-to-date: For girls, always like to stay updated always. Suppose, they are looking for new memes, blogs regarding fashion, or about animals and studies, Tumblr is the best platform for them.

What makes Tumblr unique from other social media apps?

Logically speaking, Tumblr being a social media app, has many similarities to Facebook, Twitter, and other blogging sites. A user will have followers.

And if his followers share some posts, it will automatically direct to the user’s home page. However, it is the same as the Twitter feed.

  • Tumblr is an image-focused application where it has no world-limit criteria to share the post. Text that Tumblr users add is to complement images.
  • Tumblr posts will be common to the users who share the same interest in it.
  • Any user is allowed to follow another user with no permission or request required for it.
  • Tumblr is not a strict app for information regarding different users.

Tumblr main focus is on sharing images and photos and preparing a post for them. Usually, girls feel more attracted to this app within the age group of 18-34 years.

Click here to download Tumblr from Play Store.

Click Here to Download Tumblr from App Store

7. Pinterest

Girls love creativity in their lives. Pinterest brings new creative ideas with creative designs or searching for new concepts for lifestyle, fitness, and fashion.

Explore something very new with cooking recipes, or get inspiration for new thoughts on Pinterest. It is the best apps for girls to produce a way of good ideas.


Pinterest is like a discovery platform for new things, including fashion, cooking recipes, and new concepts of living your life. The basic features include

  • Explore new articles for the trending topics you like.
  • Create a group on it and then collaborate on it, adding your friends and family members.
  • A platform to share the new ideas you have found with the world.
  • A platform to know different beauty tips, design concepts, and come up with new ideas for day-to-day life.
  • Pinterest is famous for DIY projects where people can share the new tips that they follow at home.
  • You can discover different possibilities in every part and learn how to create extra home storage space.
  • Learning the trending topics and get inspiration from them
  • You never know about what strikes on your mind at a moment, and Pinterest helps you to share with others.

Thus it is all about the new inspirational concepts that every girl likes to follow. It is an idea-sharing platform.

How to use Pinterest | Cute Girls Hairstyles

What makes Pinterest different from other apps for girls?

  • Pinterest is a network app to join millions of people together, and hence you never fear what you have left behind. It is a platform for human motivation.
  • Pinterest is a simple application for its design, functionality, and user experience. It is key to form a network with other people sitting remotely.
  • Girls can view different images shared all over the world in the network.
  • You will board through the topic that makes you feel interested in it. Of course, it helps in forming good connections.
  • It is a way to collect human motivation where users can quickly show off their collection.

Click here to download Pinterest from Play Store

Click Here to Download Pinterest from App Store

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8. Swelly

What girls need is advice but indirectly. However, none can provide the best opinions to you rather than friends on Swelly. For you, keep comparing your pictures, and friends will keep advising you with the best results.

What Swelly exactly does for you sharing the new trends in the market. It can be either regarding fashion, beauty, food, tech, and sports.

Swell - Android App Tutorial


Swelly has various new features that have improved the productivity of girls in decision-making. Usually, girls look for some advice that this app can help efficiently. Som best features include:

  • It is a chatbot to share your opinions with others.
  • Usually, none can make the right decisions, or they feel confused about it. Swelly can help you gather different views.
  • You get answers to your questions in seconds of a post made from around the world.
  • Keep voting for your friends to make them number one or as the right choice.

What makes Swelly unique from other apps?

Are you looking for someone to advise you on clothes, or a caption on Instagram and want to ask what to eat? Swelly can help to connect with different people in the world.

  • Suppose you want to make a comparison between two, post it on Swelly, people will choose the best one for you. Don’t forget to add hashtags to it.
  • People will let you know the most popular choice you should make. Also, there is an option for voting, and you can do it for your post.
  • Ask your friends to choose between the two. You can chat with them as well to share your opinions about it.

The uniqueness of Swelly is the factors mentioned above. However, these all make it unique and the best apps for girls to use. So what are you waiting for? Get these right now, and enjoy your best.

Click here to download Swelly from the Play Store.

9. Colorfy

Girls love colors, and Colorfy is just for them. It is a fun time pass that has an addictive coloring book included in it. There are different shapes available, including flowers, animals, landscapes, florals, and many other patterns. 

Colorfy iOS11 V6 1920x1080 portrait EN


Colorfy has been the best application which keeps you busy for a long time. These colors will attract you the most. The app features colors to add to your daily life. 

  • It is a free application that fills the shape with color with one click inside the boundary. 
  • While coloring, one would feel like a kid but addicted to it to fill one shape after another.  
  • Choose a color from the palette and keep clicking on the mentioned number in shape. 
  • Usually, for once, one may feel it to be a kid’s app, but adults show better addiction to it. 
  • It is the best app to make you feel stressed out of problems and forgetting all your issues. 

What makes Colorfy different from other apps?

Do you feel stressed in daily life? You need to add some colors to your dull days, and Colorfy can quickly help you with this. It is a unique application where you would simply add colors of your choice to the shapes. 

  • This app is the best way to inspire someone. It is much like an Instagram feed where you can even like the posts and comment on them. 
  • It has an excellent User Interface as the user feels it is easy to color shape and cannot stop himself once he gets into it. 
  • The great feature that makes it different and unique from all others is you can draw your own on paper and take a picture of it. 

Usually, you feel stressed with the days, and girls especially need to calm up. These are the best apps for girls to bring a change to their daily life routines. 

Click here to Download Colorfy from Play Store.

Click Here to Download Colorfy from App Store

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10. Myntra

None can deny that shopping is the favorite activity for girls. When they do not find anything exciting around them, they move out for shopping. So does Myntra fall for the best apps for girls for shopping to help girls always to have branded and quality products.

Various dresses, jeans, western, and Indian dresses are available on Myntra with the best purchase price. 


11 Of The Best Apps For Girls To Have on Your Phone in 2022

For shopping, a girl looks for swiping, selecting, and buying. What actually attracts girls are clothes. Myntra is the best application to offer a wide range of clothes for all age groups. Here are some basic features of the application:

  • You will get everything fresh and brand with quality assurance. 
  • You can choose, add items to the cart or wishlist, and then purchase making secure online payments. 
  • There are EMI options available for purchase orders at low interest. 
  • You can shop for more than 2500 brand products on Myntra. 
  • Also, the best part of this shopping application is the new register benefits. 

What makes Myntra a unique application from other shopping apps?

Myntra has become the one-stop platform to purchase quality products of different brands. It is the largest store in India for various clothing and wardrobe accessories collections. To date, no girl has faced a significant issue while shopping with this application.

  • The wide availability of branded items makes it a unique application that no other shopping site can assure. 
  • It has given the power to the customer to make the purchase in the best and most convenient manner and offers various coupons for discounts. 
  • You can either make online payments or offline payments as per choice.
  • Myntra products have a 30 return policy to make customers satisfied with the product. 

So, what are you waiting for? Download your best shopping application on your phone and enjoy your days. 

Click here to download Download Myntra for Android.

Click here to Download Myntra for iOS users.

11. Instagram

Instagram has become the top choice for girls to use in routine life. Various news feeds, story feeds, and options to post your pictures and videos are the basic requirements that every girl searches for.

11 Of The Best Apps For Girls To Have on Your Phone in 2022

It has become an important app on a mobile phone of all time. It is your madness if you do not add it to be on your mobile phones. 


Instagram has unshakable power today that no one would find an alternative to it. It is the best way to share your pictures and videos with your friends, and many have even turned to be bloggers with it. Here are the basic features of Instagram.

  • It is the best platform to connect with different people in the world. You can get and give them good opinions on it.
  • There is an option for image editing while you post a story feed or post an image on your account.
  • You can easily form a group with your friends and enjoy messaging them.
  • A platform with a wide variety of hashtags to include in your post captions.
  • This growing platform is the best ever choice for people to grow and share their views. 

The features for this app are quite very interesting to note which makes it unique and different. Instagram user girls usually spend 90% of their time on it.

What makes Instagram unique from other social media apps?

Instagram has turned out to be a completely visual platform of all time where you can keep a display of news feeds in detail. 

  • The Instagram scheduling tool is a completely free tool where you can easily share your visuals with other people.
  • As per the detailed study, if you post something on Facebook through Instagram, it has more views with a better engagement of people on it.
  • Around the entire world, Instagram has been a leading growth platform where girls are engaged in sharing their views with others.
  • Around more than 500 million people show active behavior on Instagram.

Click here to download Instagram from Play Store.

Click here to download Instagram from the App Store.

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The apps listed above are the best apps to pass your free time. These are the top eleven best apps for girls to make your life quite interesting as you want. The best part is to feel relieved from the tedious and stressful life.

Worry not! Everything goes well when you have the best time to pass, forgetting all your stress. You must be thinking to come out of such routines and do something very interesting as these apps can help you out. 

So guys, did you enjoy different apps with unique features and their uses? Now, are you ready to go up with the same in your phones? Since a smartphone is very boring without apps.

It is important to run an enjoyable life, and the present world is all into using their phones. So why not make it very interesting for you? These are the best apps for you teen girls to start with the new phase of your life. 

Teen girls feel more excited to use the new apps as they want to learn something very new in that phase of life. New apps, using mobile phones, and other factors affect their lifestyle. So, come to make it more interesting and better learning for the future.