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13 Best Apps For Learning Hindi To learn and Speak

With several 615 million people, Hindi is the 3rd most spoken language in the world after English and Mandarin. Though Hindi is majorly associated with India, as it’s India’s official language, surprisingly, seven more countries speak Hindi.

Along with India, countries like Fiji, New Zealand, Singapore, Jamaica, and French Guiana have a chunk of people who speaks Hindi. Whether you’re visiting the subcontinent as a tourist or looking for a business opportunity there, learning Hindi can be very helpful for you.

If you’re someone who wants to master the Hindi language, this article will be immensely helpful for you. In this article, you’ll learn about the 13 best apps for learning Hindi.

All 13 apps are selected based on learning quality, user experiences, user reviews, and ROI so that you can get the maximum value.

Let’s start the list.  

Best Apps For Learning Hindi  – Our Top Pick👌👌

Regarding learning Hindi, apps and courses on the internet are uncountable. In the sea of uncountable language learning apps, choosing the one that brings value becomes very difficult. To help people choose the right one, we’ve found the 13 best apps for learning Hindi.

Here is the list of the best 13 apps –      

1. MONDLY – Hindi learning for beginners

Mondly is one of the most loved and trusted Hindi learning apps on the internet. With a base of 50 million people, it’s also one of the most used apps for learning Hindi.

With Mondly, it becomes very easy for native speakers of other languages to grasp and ace Hindi. With more than 5000 words, phrases, and grammar rules, Mondly is like a goldmine for Hindi learners.

This app uses a powerful teaching technique that makes Hindi learning easy and effective. Mondly daily provides cool and engaging content that helps learners memorize words, build patterns, and speak fluent Hindi.

Best Apps For Learning Hindi

From beginners to advance, this app has Hindi lessons for everyone. On Mondly, users can practice Hindi conversation based on day-to-day scenarios, which will help build their speaking capability.

In a recent update, Mondly has added 240 engaging lessons, around 5500 quizzes, and more than 2000 new words, which will enrich learners more.  

**This app was named “App of the year” & “Editors’ Choice”.    


  • Daily effective Hindi lessons  
  • Community of 50 million learners  
  • Crystal clear Hindi audio for learning and better pronunciation  
  • Small lessons with graphics  
  • Conversation Practice facilities  
  • More than 5000 words 
  • Around 5500 quizzes  
  • Advance statics and adaptive learning  

Available on – Android & iOS  

Ratings:- Android – 4.4 /5  and iOS – 4.8 /5    

Download on Android  

Download on iOS  

2. Language Curry  

Another great Hindi learning app is Language Curry. It’s one of the best apps for learning Hindi.  Language Curry is known for its clear and effective teaching of lessons. On this app, learners can learn to speak Hindi directly from experts.

Best Apps For Learning Hindi 1

Though the main focus of this app is Hindi, users can learn other languages like- Kannada, Sanskrit, Punjabi, Tamil, etc. With this app, users can start learning Hindi and become Pro by investing 5-15 minutes daily, which is a great ROI.

Vocabulary Builder is a key highlight that attracts many learners to this app. This Vocabulary Builder feature categorizes words and shows them according to usage.

Language Curry not only shows any word but also provides insights about that word, which helps learners to remember words easily. Another great feature of this app is that it allows learners to test their pronunciation.

As a result of this cool feature, learners start pronouncing words correctly. Progress tracking and the dashboard are other cool features of this app.

Language Curry - Learn Indian Languages and Culture


  • Learn Hindi, Kannada, Sanskrit, Tamil, etc.  
  • Vocabulary Builder feature  
  • Word Insights  
  • Pronunciation Test  
  • Fun Hindi Learning Games  
  • Learn Live with Best Experts  
  • Track your progress, Dashboard  

Available on – Android & iOS   

Ratings:- Android – 4.2 /5  and iOS – 4.4 /5   

Download on Android  

Download on iOS  

3. Duolingo  

The third name on this list is Duolingo. Duolingo is well-known to the world for its simple and amazing language-learning features. With more than 100 million downloads, it’s also one of the most downloaded language-learning apps.

On this app, learning Hindi is as easy as playing games. Duolingo provides fun, bite-sized animated lessons that make learners ace any language fast and effectively.

With Duolingo, Hindi learning becomes easier because of its speaking and listening feature. Not only Hindi but this app also has 30 more languages to learn on it.

13 Best Apps For Learning Hindi To learn and Speak

Due to its high-quality classes, Duolingo claims that its 34-hour language training is equally valued as a semester of university learning. On top of everything, learning Hindi on Duolingo is free, making this app more special for Hindi learners.

Anyone can clearly understand its quality by looking at the 4.6/5 rating of Duolingo (12M reviews). Start your Hindi language acing journey freely with Duolingo. 


  • Learn 30+ languages for Free 
  • Fun, Bite-sized lessons  
  • Practice listening and speaking  
  • Track and see your progress  
  • Animated lessons   
  • Awesome UI and UX  

Available on – Android & iOS  

Ratings:- Android – 4.6 /5  and iOS – 4.7 /5    

Download on Android  

Download on iOS 

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4. Rosetta Stone  

When it comes to practicing speaking any language, there are only a few better apps than Rosetta Stone available on the internet. With millions of downloads on both the Play Store and App store, Rosetta Stone is one of the leading apps for learning Hindi.

Not only Hindi, but with Rosetta Stone, one can start learning 24 languages like- English, Spanish, French, etc. Rosetta Stone provides 10-minute bite-sized lessons that help students grasp the content and build mastery.

To make Hindi learning more fun and enjoyable, Rosetta has developed its content with 100% illustrated graphics and visuals. On Rosetta, you’ll find Hindi learning content based on various experience levels (Beginners, Intermediate, Proficient).

Best Apps For Learning Hindi 3

This experience-based Hindi learning saves lots of time and provides students with what they need to improve. With all the handy language tools (Phrasebook, Stories, Sentence Builder) of Rosetta Stone, learning Hindi will become way easier than ever.

Rosetta’s progression tracker helps learners keep an eye on their Hindi learning progression and suggests lessons according to that. Practice speaking Hindi on Rosetta and correct your pronunciation using the AI system.  


  • Learn to speak Hindi with Confidence  
  • Learn to speak Hindi and 24 other languages  
  • 10-minute bite-sized lessons  
  • Personalized lessons according to your experience level  
  • Handy language Tools (Phrasebook, Stories, Sentence Builder, etc.) 
  • Progression Tracker and AI system for lesson suggestions 
  • Pronunciation Checker 

Available on – Android & iOS  

Ratings:- Android – 4.5 /5  and iOS – 4.8 /5   

Download on Android  

Download on iOS 

5. Fun Easy learn – Hindi learning app for kids

To master any language, it’s very important first to get a hold of the vocabulary. Fun Easy Learn is an amazing app that teaches 15000+ daily used Hindi words to make the language easier for learners.

To make Hindi learning faster and more interesting, Fun Easy Learn uses a game-based approach. This technique helps people to be more attentive and enjoy learning as they play games.

13 Best Apps For Learning Hindi To learn and Speak

Keeping peoples’ busyness in mind, Fun Easy Learn has developed short, fun, and impactful lessons that fit into any schedule. Categorized learning is another great feature of this app.

This app contains 320 topics of different situations, and people can learn Hindi based on those. With Fun Easy Learn’s beautiful illustrations and visuals, learning seems like using Instagram.

This app has various difficulty levels, so check your level, and learn Hindi effectively. Fun Easy Learn also provides a tracker that tracks your learning progress and suggests required lessons.     


  • Learn over 15000 words and sentences  
  • Vocabulary Builder  
  • Hand-drawn illustration  
  • Professional Audio recording  
  • Detailed Statics  
  • Speech recognition  
  • Progression Tracker  
  • Game-based approach. Short & Fun lessons  
  • 320+ topics based on the day-to-day scenario

Available on – Android & iOS  

Ratings:- Android – 4.0 /5  and iOS – 4.7/5 

Download on Android  

Download on iOS 

6. Bhasha – Learn Hindi

The next name on this best app to learn Hindi through English list is Bhasha -Learn Hindi. Bhasha is one of the best apps for learning Hindi and mastering it. In the case of learning Hindi, Bhasha becomes special because of its easy, fast, and super fun language lessons.

To understand people’s learning psychology and needs, this app is developed by linguists. On this app, you’ll daily find fresh and engaging content that will help you ace the Hindi language.

Best Apps For Learning Hindi 5

Bhasha uses great graphics to teach people Hindi words and their significance, which helps people to remember more effectively. The sentence builder feature is one of the best features a language learner can get.

With the help of the Bhasha app, Hindi learners can learn to build sentences like a pro. To make you aware of your progress, Bhasha has included a progression tracker, which adds efficiency to your learning.

Linguists and professionals are always on the Bhasha app to help people with the Hindi language. With all the advanced features and efficient execution, Bhasha makes its way to the list of best apps for learning Hindi.  


  • Daily new engaging content for learning Hindi  
  • Easy, useful, and fun lessons  
  • High-quality UI and UX 
  • Sentence Builder  
  • Progression Tracker  
  • Get coached by Professionals  
  • More than 2000+ popular words and phrases  
  • Algorithmic practice   

Available on – Android & iOS  

Ratings:- Android – 4.3 /5  and iOS – 3.5 /5   

Download on Android  

Download on iOS 

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7. Innovation Apps – Learn Hindi  

Learn Hindi from InnovationApps is another great app you can consider for learning Hindi. This app would be very helpful for people who wanna learn new Hindi words and phrases.

Learn Hindi has over 9000 commonly used Hindi words and more than 2000 sentences. Anyone can start their Hindi learning journey by learning the words and commonly used sentences.

13 Best Apps For Learning Hindi To learn and Speak

Though this app is not for advanced-level learners, it would be very good for beginners to start with. The best part is that Learn Hindi supports over 32 languages, so you can now start learning Hindi through your language.

This app also supports offline mode, which will increase the flexibility of your learning. Pronouncing Hindi words is difficult, and many learners make mistakes. Learn Hindi provides users with high-quality audio that teaches them the right pronunciation.

The learning content is categorized in this app so learners can easily find what they want to learn. Daily quizzes, fun content, and visuals are other helpful elements of this Hindi learning app.  


  • Multilanguage Support (More than 32) 
  • Quizzes, fun content, and engaging visuals  
  • 9000+ common Hindi words and 2000+ sentences  
  • No internet connection is required 

Available on – Android  

Ratings:- Android – 4.3 /5   

Download on Android  

8. Hindi Alphabet 

The Hindi alphabet is one of the simplest and most helpful apps for learning Hindi. Though this app focuses more on kids, anyone starting with learning Hindi would get immense value.

Hindi Alphabet uses audio, videos, and visuals to teach people the basics of Hindi. This app has different pictures and presentations for each word that help learners understand and remember things more.

Hindi Alphabet also teaches learners Hindi grammar, which includes ‘Swar’, ‘Vyanjan’, etc. Along with learning words and sentences, on this app, one can also draw the alphabet, which is very helpful.

Best Apps For Learning Hindi 7

This app keeps learners interested and engaged by using great graphics and a strategic learning plan. Over 1 million people have downloaded Hindi Alphabet, and it also has 4.0 ratings, which tells us the quality of this app.  


  • Learn Hindi through audio, video, and visuals  
  • Word-based pictures and presentations  
  • Learn Hindi grammar  
  • Draw Alphabets  
  • Engaging lesson plan content  
  • Community of 1 million people

Available on – Android & iOS  

Ratings:- Android – 4.0 /5 and iOS – 4.8/5 

Download on Android  

Download on iOS 

9. Drops: Learn the Hindi language

There is a huge difference between learning Hindi words and ultimately speaking Hindi. For speaking fluent Hindi, knowing many Hindi words is not sufficient.

Fluency in Hindi needs proper training and guided practice. Drops are among the best apps for learning Hindi and speaking it fluently. Drops are known for their high-standard training and guided speaking sessions.

Drops make sure you feel effortless fun while learning Hindi on the app. This Hindi learning app engages learners with its beautiful graphics and quick mini-games.

Drops: Learn Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew and 25 more languages!

As a result of this fun learning, learners remember lessons more and start speaking Hindi faster. Drops only take 5minutes/per day to teach you Hindi and make you master it, which might sound unreal. All the lessons of Drops are 100% illustrated and fun-based.

Drops don’t get trapped in teaching grammatical rules; it only teaches users to speak fluently, which saves lots of time and makes Hindi easier. This app claims that by using it within 30 days, you’ll be able to master fluent Hindi.  


  • Effortless fun learning  
  • Beautiful Graphics and mini-games  
  • 100% illustrated and Game-based  
  • It takes 5 minutes/per Day 
  • More than 1700 words and 99 topics 

Subscription – 2.99/month  

Available on – Android & iOS  

Ratings:- Android – 4.1 /5  and iOS – 4.7/5 

Download on Android  

Download on iOS 

10. Simply Learn Hindi  

There are thousands of apps for learning Hindi on the Internet, but only a few provide the required value. Simply Learn Hindi is one of the best value providers for learning Hindi.

Professionals and linguists highly recommend this app for learning Hindi effectively and in less time. This app is categorized into 30+ categories and has over 1000+ Hindi phrases and words.

On this app, you’ll get high-quality Hindi recordings recorded by native speakers, making your Hindi accurate and efficient. Because of its beautiful lesson design and easy-to-navigate content, this app stands out among the rest of the Hindi learning apps.

Best Apps For Learning Hindi 8

Simply Learn Hindi arranges frequent fun quizzes which make you memorize old lessons. The search bar is also there to search for any sentence in Hindi. You can also customize this app according to your learning plan.

With this app, you can track your Hindi learning progress, save favorite words and phrases, adjust flashcards, etc. Simply Learn Hindi is a free app that provides you with all the Hindi learning features that a premium app does.  


  • High-quality recorded audio by native speakers  
  • 1000+ phrases and words in 30+ categories  
  • Beautiful and easy-to-navigate design  
  • Smart flashcards and quizzes  
  • Easy search function  
  • Track your learning progress  
  • Save favorite phrases and words  

Available on – Android & iOS  

Ratings:- Android – 4.1 /5  and iOS – 3.5/5 

Download on Android  

Download on iOS 

11. Ling  

The next app on this learn hindi app free list is Ling. Ling is a Hindi learning app that takes less time and teaches very efficiently. Ling has no level barrier as they provide Hindi lessons for beginners to advanced levels.

Ling contains more than 200+ lessons which vary from level to level. This app can be very helpful for new Hindi learners because of its practice sessions.

On the Ling app, learners can directly talk and practice with native Hindi speakers and master speaking the language. Not only speaking, but Ling also provides features that allow learners to write Hindi and polish their Hindi writing skills.

13 Best Apps For Learning Hindi To learn and Speak

Ling contains sets of daily life conversations that can help beginners get an idea about speaking.

Ling hosts weekly quizzes and challenges, which work like magic to remember old lessons. Strategic teaching plans and effective lessons make Ling one of the best Hindi learning apps.  


  • Comprehensive 200+ lessons from beginners to advanced level 
  • Practice speaking with Native Hindi Speakers  
  • Practice writing and polishing Hindi Writing skills 
  • Listen to over 200+ conversations  
  • Weekly quizzes and daily challenges  
  • Community of 5 million people  

Available on – Android & iOS  

Ratings:- Android – 4.4 /5 and iOS – 4.7/5 

Download on Android  

Download on iOS  

12. Agurchand – Learn Hindi through English

There are lots of English-speaking people throughout the globe who are attracted to Hindi and wanna learn it. If you’re an English speaker and want to learn Hindi, this app would be the best choice.

Learning Hindi through English provides quality training that makes Hindi easier than other courses. This app teaches people to understand and speak Hindi using simple and to-the-point content. 

On this app, you’ll find more than 800 commonly used Hindi words and more than 500 daily used Hindi sentences, which will help you to step into the Hindi learning process.

13 Best Apps For Learning Hindi To learn and Speak

Agurchand has also built a search functionality that helps people to search for any Hindi word and shows the usage. The recent update of Agurchand has added 100 more Hindi sentences and 100+ HQ audios to improve the learning process.  


  • 800+ Hindi words and 500+ sentences  
  • Search functionality  
  • 100+ HQ audios  
  • Offline mode  

Available on – Android & iOS  

Ratings:- Android – 4.2 /5  and iOS – 4.3/5  

Download on Android  

Download on iOS 

13. Smart Training – Hindi Speaking Phrasebook

The final app on this list is Smart Training -Hindi Speaking Phrasebook. This Hindi teaching app has over 30+ categories, and each category contains commonly used Hindi words.

Best Apps For Learning Hindi 11

With the simplest and most basic content, this app is perfect for those just starting with Hindi learning. Along with learning words and sentences, on this app, one can also learn the Hindi alphabets, which will be helpful.

Smart Training not only shows any word, but it also provides usages of that word, which helps learners to remember words easily. 


  • Word Insights  
  • Pronunciation  
  • Fun Hindi Learning 
  • Quick search and bookmark  
  • 30+ categories  
  • Alphabet, greetings, conversations
  • learn Hindi free  

Available on – Android & iOS  

Ratings:Android – 5 /5  and iOS – 4.7/5  

Download on Android  

Download on iOS 


Which app is better for learning Hindi? 

MONDLY, Language Curry, Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, Bhasha, etc., are among the best apps to learn Hindi effortlessly and effectively with a wide range of learning tools and effective language-learning methodology.  

Which app is best for learning Indian languages? 

The Multibhashi App was created to make it easier for language enthusiasts worldwide to learn languages online. With the help of this program, a user can simultaneously learn as many languages as they choose.

To enjoy learning nearly all Indian languages, you can also try other straightforward yet incredibly useful programs like Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, Language Curry, Bhasha, etc. 

Is Hindi on Duolingo? 

Unquestionably, the most well-liked method of learning Hindi online is Duolingo. With our game-like lessons on the app, you can learn Hindi in just five minutes each day.

Duolingo is proven effective, whether you’re a novice starting with the fundamentals or looking to practice reading, writing, and speaking. 

Why is learning Hindi so difficult? 

Devanagari, the script used to write Hindi, is extremely challenging to learn. 

The script is also known as an abugida, which means that each character represents a combination of a consonant and a vowel rather than just a single vowel or consonant. 

In an abugida script, for instance, the letters “to” and “ta” might each have their letter. For many people who speak English, this idea is novel. 

Hindi is a very complex language, where small changes in sound and context can completely change the meaning of a word.

This complicates matters further because Hindi words are not phonetically marked in written form. 

Is it useful to learn Hindi? 

Of course! Communicating with more people worldwide is one of the key motivations for most people to learn a language.

For example, the second most spoken language on Earth, Hindi, is spoken by more than 500 million people worldwide. Additionally, India’s national language is it.  

Hindi is a popular choice for people who wish to study a second language because it is the official language of the second-largest nation on Earth. Hindi is the second language of up to 200 million people.

Because so many people are studying, you won’t have trouble finding someone to practice with online if you can become proficient. You’ll also be joining a fairly huge and diverse group. 

How long will it take to learn Hindi? 

According to research from the Foreign Service Institute, Hindi belongs to Language Group IV and can be learned in roughly 1,100 hours.

For English speakers, Hindi could be one of the hardest languages to learn, but that just makes it more rewarding! 

Why do foreigners learn Hindi? 

The likelihood of appreciating Indian culture and history increases with the ability to speak and understand Hindi.

To improve business outcomes and their ability to interact with Indian clients, multinational corporations have started setting up offices in India and encouraging their staff to learn Hindi. 

What is the most spoken language in the world? 

Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Russian are among the most spoken languages in the world.  

How can I learn Hindi by myself? 

  • Use a recording or a buddy to practice frequent phrases. 
  • Find someone to practice speaking with in your Hindi language class or search online in language forums. 
  • Put phrases first 
  • Even if you only have a rudimentary knowledge of the vocabulary and syntax, don’t be frightened to start speaking the language. 

So, this was the list of the 13 best apps for learning the Hindi language. There are many more apps to learn Hindi, but as per ratings and user feedback, these are the best ones that bring the most value.

Learning Hindi and mastering it isn’t that easy, but it always takes the first step to start. Take your first steps towards learning Hindi with these apps, master the language and be fluent.