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11 Of The Best Apps For Medical Students – [ Updated List ]


Ask a child what do they want to become when they grow up?  Most of the kids reply that they want to become a doctor. 🙂

Being a doctor is a fixation and fancy of every child, but as they grow up, they understand being in the medical stream needs immense dedication and thus all weak hearts change career plans.

Studying medicine is a daunting task and requires your 5 to 6 years of uninterrupted studies and slogging. Studying medicines is a long course as the course volume is too hefty and includes loads of theory as well as practical sessions.

There are no short cuts to become a doctor as it takes years of dedicated studies, continual perseverance and lots of sacrifices too. There are different specialization options to choose from once you decide to pursue medicine, ranging from a physician to a surgeon.

You can choose your field according to your liking but the bottom line for all medical students is to study very hard. One can choose and download from the best apps for medical students to simplify the complex and huge volumes of study materials along with the latest news updates and give a kick start to their slow pace of studies.

It is easily available on iPhones, Android phones or tablets and some apps can be even followed offline. There are a plethora of amazing applications that can be easily downloaded. Here, we have shortlisted the 11 Best Apps For Medical Students.

Here is The List Of Apps For Medical Students

1. Medscape

This app is very commonly used by doctors in the U.S and has been downloaded a million times. It is a very resourceful medical app and can be referred to get all updates.

Practitioners can refer here to all medical information and take quick and the best decision. It assists one in receiving news reports about the medical field.

Apps For Medical Students

It provides you a tool to help you to identify pills. A comprehensive information list of around 8000 drugs is present to assist you and saves so much of your precious time. You especially learn the way to check the interaction between two or more drugs.

You get access to a database inclusive of 4000 medical diseases and conditions with images too. You can watch educational videos and explore different images for several medical procedures.

You can also check the directories of various pharmacies and physicians. You can be largely benefitted by reading Medline’s journal which is a treasure and gives you an insight into the medicinal world. These aspects collectively make it an excellent app for medical students.

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2. Lexicomp

This is an app that gives you a wide and in-depth knowledge of the medical field. It provides treasured information regarding all kinds of infectious diseases and toxicology.

Apps For Medical Students

You can collect information on prescription medications and drug interactions. Additional information on calculators and medical dictionaries are also available here. This app should never be missed as it is a treasure of valued information under a single app.

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3. Epocrates

This is one of the oldest app but still going strong with many downloads. A high percentage of U.S doctors refer and rely on Epocrates. It has earned a reputation of being a trustworthy, time-saving app that helps you in taking the best medical decision.

You can even connect with other doctors by text using athenaText, a connection service. It is particularly beneficial when the doctor is seeking some advice or referrals. You can extract valuable information on OTC medications, prescriptions, and supplements.  You can even check their interaction with 30 drugs in a single time.

Additional features include calculation of patient measurements and checking the insurance coverage’s authentication for prescribed medications.

You get regular updates about diseases, clinical guidelines, labs, and medical alternatives. This is the best app to learn medical terminology for all aspiring medical students.

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4. UpToDate

This application is a treasure trove of important medical information all put together for the user to get maximum benefit. You can explore and scan from a total of around 8500 topics, even set bookmarks and also precisely retrieve recently viewed information.

Best Apps For Medical Students

In addition, you get to know around 4400 expert discussions and views,  which are updated regularly by the app for others to follow. This assistance and advice help you in your decisions while diagnosing a patient.

Other advantages include regular alerts for current medical news, notifications about the topics already read and continuous updates about expected changes in the medical field along with recommendations.

You don’t need to adhere to one language while searching for topics, which means you can search for information in various languages. You get access to view more than 10000 images including tables, illustrations, figures, etc.

like other apps medical calculators and a checker for drug- interaction is also available. This extensive app is an all-inclusive app and the righteous choice for clinical practice.

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5. DynaMed Plus

This app is a reliable medical reference application that aims at providing the latest, evidence-based and factual information to help you to derive the best clinical conclusions.

Information is provided in a very straight forward, precise and clear manner to avoid any wastage of your precious time. The information displayed on the app is continuously revised by the experts and even updated multiple times in a day.

11 Of The Best Apps For Medical Students - [ Updated List ]

The app is accessible by iPhone, iPad and Android users. It is available at a cost of $395 yearly for physicians while students need to pay $99.95 yearly.

This app is wonderfully equipped with simple navigation tools and precise search options. Drug information access from the Micromedex Clinical knowledge suite is specially made available to the app users.

You can make handy notes, mark your important articles, send emails and extract information even when you are offline. This power-packed app is a must-try and is one of the best study apps for medical students.

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6. Prognosis

With Prognosis, one can improve the diagnosis capability and quickly manage the main medicinal presentations that re-linked with the concerned disease.

This app is intended for doctors, students of medicine, nurses and other healthcare specialists who love this field. All things considered, careful practice with the help of this app can bring about promising results. 

Apps For Medical Students

The app has a collection of over 450 case studies. Each comes with complete documentation of diagnosis, major learning points, and a concise discussion of the case.

These cases are based on real-life situations experiences with 200 doctors from 33 different special verticles. This app is loaded with fresh cases at regular intervals, helping the user to keep oneself abreast of the latest info and details. Because of its wonderful feature, the app also bagged the Best Health App Award in 2012 at the World Summit. 

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7. Omnio

Omnio is the revised and updated version of Syscape, which had been introduced a decade ago and is amongst the few earliest medical app.

This app gives you an important option of assimilating all your important information in a central location so that you can easily retrieve it without wasting any time.

11 Of The Best Apps For Medical Students - [ Updated List ]

Other important features of this app include checking and understanding symptoms, identifying pills, understanding prescription medications, checking drug interactions, usage of medical calculators, and determining drug dosing.

It even allows you to review and interpret the Merck Manual and also extract information from the reputed National Comprehensive Cancer Network, the American Diabetes Association and many more.

Since this app is an updated version, the new features added are impressive and make it one of the best medical apps for students.

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8. Visual DX

This app has an enormous library that comprises of 32,000 digital pictures which explains variations of ailments and helps in diagnosing an unexpected or rare disease. Images depicted here are taken from patients of different age, skin color, and other features.

11 Of The Best Apps For Medical Students - [ Updated List ]

They excel in cross multiplying specialties including radiology, pathology, dermatology, emergency medicine, oral medicine, ophthalmology, and infectious diseases. Continuous reviews and checks are undertaken by the medical experts to maintain the authenticity of the app’s content.

The app can be easily downloaded on iPhone and Android. You can even take a free trial of a month to know the app better. The yearly subscription cost for an individual will be around $400 but the rates vary if you are subscribing for a group or your institute. This app is definitely liked and used by many for its unique features.

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9. Prime: PubMed Journals & Tools

Prime: PubMed Journals & Tools gives you a chance to immerse yourself in the wide sea of 24 million awesome articles from Pubmed’s database.

You get the liberty to customize your search with the help of filters and options to squeeze out the most relevant ad essential information. The app helps you by suggesting the related articles by referring to your search history.

You can mail your important documents and save it on your email address or even download it in a Dropbox using multiple formats. You can even share important information on social media like Twitter and Facebook.

This is an app that truly has no dearth of information, and it is ideal for all the people who love and follow social media.

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This is an app that aims at guiding physicians of the emergency room to make a diagnosis and start treatment accordingly. The content is extracted from the research work made by the Family Physicians Network and the American College of Physicians and the American Academy of Emergency Medicine. PEPID aims at diagnosing critical and rare conditions.

It is a very simple procedure, you just need to fill the patient’s symptoms, his lab results and other reports into the app to figure out the best diagnosis for the patient. This is a very unique feature of this app and goes a long way to even save an ailing patient.

In addition, you can even be guided for dosing recommendations, checking drug interaction and be updated about all the latest research in the medical field globally.

The app also features videos related to medical examinations and procedures and also offers credits to deserving students who want to continue their medical education.

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11. Doximity

This app is a social networking app and works like Facebook and Twitter. It allows you to connect securely with other physicians and exchange important and relevant information.

11 Of The Best Apps For Medical Students - [ Updated List ]

You can even send secured faxes abiding HIPAA requirements. Other salient tools of the app let you locate the top hospital employers and get connected with them, compare salaries, research viable jobs and participate in activities to continue medical education.

A majority of physicians rely on Doximity for its authenticity. It is regarded as one of the best-rated apps and can also be used by the IOS and Android phones. It is essential to sign up and become a member to use the app effectively.

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Aspiring to be a doctor involves perpetual hard work, focus, and determination. A medical student needs to put in their best and keep continuing it till they hold a degree in their hands.

The tough days come to an end and all hard work pays off well, as being in the medical profession is one most respected career worldwide. Intensive studying is the key to click the medical exams but along with that one needs to be abreast of the latest news, scientific procedures and latest treatments for being a versatile medical practitioner.

No stones should be left unturned so being tech-savvy, referring the best apps for medical students and using social media to one’s advantage will help you in your preparation. Doctors are considered next to god, as they save hundreds of lives.

They make a huge difference by helping ailing patients reduce their pain, by motivating one to live life happily even with a disability and by instilling hope to fight deadly battles of fatal diseases.

With the immense knowledge they gain with the help of these apps, their behavior, words, and motivation will have a huge impact on the patients and their families.

These helpful medical apps for students will bestow the aspiring students with magical powers that they can use for curing the people, helping the society.


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