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15 Best Alternative Apps like Discord To Talk & Hang Out

Whatever your reason for searching for an alternative, we have provided you with some of the best alternative apps like discord, in this post. 

Without any further ado, let’s get started. 📗

VoIP apps are gaining immense popularity globally in today’s rapidly developing world. Their usage cannot be underestimated by the masses worldwide. They are a great way to connect with your family, friends, and colleagues worldwide. 

Professionals in many fields use many of these voice and text apps. You could be a gamer, IT professional, student, or homemaker. They can communicate and exchange sensitive information without hassle or worry. 

One of them is Discord. It is a popular app used by millions worldwide, mostly by gamers. That is because the app was designed mainly for players. Of course, others can use it without any problem. 

However, today, there is a growing concern about using it. Some reasons are server raids, bombarding chat, and some individuals harassing others using the app. 

As you can see, the app’s name has been slightly tarnished. But, for whatever reason, if you plan on finding an alternative, we have got your back. You will want to know that the app can help you connect easily with your loved ones. 

Why should you make use of Alternative Apps like Discord? 🤔

As we have mentioned earlier, people like to use Discord because of its ability to connect. Many gamers consider using this app. However, users are looking elsewhere due to recent malfunctions or loopholes in the app. 

When you are running a small business or organization, you might as well use some other VoIP app for your benefit. But we still reiterate this is one of the best apps for gamers. 

  • The main reason is it comes with a poor UI. 
  • The app does not allow you to host itself. 
  • There are raids on the server that can be quite frustrating. 
  • As we mentioned earlier, most of the bombardment occurs in your chat, which can annoy you. 
  • The integrations are not sturdy enough for your use. 
  • Some users feel that their privacy is getting hacked. 

The above were reasons for not using Discord and the masses searching for an alternative. The app was released in 2015, and they have made rapid inroads in the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) market. 

Let us start our journey. 

Alternative Apps like Discord – Our Top Pick👌

1. TOX

If your main worry is the safety of your data and privacy issues, then you might want to use TOX.

This discord alternative has a fantastic design that is fit for a military rating. The encryption used here is one of a kind. 

Apps like Discord

This app allows you to do so when you are not into gaming only but want to discuss some important stuff with your peers.

The UI is simple and easy to use. However, some users felt that it was slightly on the problematic side to understand. 

But, it makes it up with its features. It can offer video, voice, text, and screen-sharing chatting capabilities. When you are often in business settings for online conferences and meetings, then TOX can help you out. 

We would also like to mention that this app has no central servers. It works on a server where shutdowns are most likely to occur.

However, the app can be used on all major operating systems like Windows, iOS, and Linux. 

2. Guilded – Apps like discord for gamers

The second app on our list is Guilded which is best for Gamers, IT geeks, and everyone who indulges a lot in online work or recreation, recognizing the internet as a superb communication tool.

15 Best Alternative Apps like Discord To Talk & Hang Out

Thanks to the internet, people may converse with family members or suffer rude or dull workplace humor in a virtual reality metaverse.

In the end, for the people that matter, the internet serves to offer access or enable.

Some online apps, such as Discord, are designed to enhance the amount of connectedness and communication available to users. Guilded is one of them, and because of its variety and characteristics, it will continue to be a top pick.

The following are the reasons Guilded made my list:-

The Chat System – Users may transfer their Discord server setups into Guilded since Guilded and Discord are almost identical. This makes it a great alternative for Discord users looking to switch.

Guilded servers will feel very familiar, especially since they include a large center area where users can watch ongoing talks and side panels where they may explore the several servers they’ve joined and see who else is online. 

Guilded will also enable administrators to designate moderators and will provide users the option of creating public or private servers with invitations.

Personalization of the server – Servers play an important role in Guilded. Guilded is a great alternative because it beats discord to ease customization.

Guilded’s free version users enjoy a server name, a banner, a unique icon and URL, numerous emojis, and an about section. This plentiful offer of tips Guilded above Discord regarding server customization makes it a worthy option. 

Personalization of Profiles – Additionally, users may create their profiles.

When users join Discord, they get an avatar, an about me section, and the possibility to integrate third-party accounts like Twitch and Spotify.

On the other hand, Guilded provides users with a profile picture, a profile banner, an about me section, and the possibility to connect to other accounts such as Steam and Twitch. This makes it very comparable to discord and a great alternative. 

For users with gaming-specific servers, Guilded is a great alternative to Discord as they will have the possibility to attach extra gaming-related accounts. 

Integrated Streaming Option – One feature that Discord lacks is the ability to stream. Even though Guilded’s streaming capability does not connect to OBS and Twitch, you may use it to live stream within the Guilded Server.

It also supports several streams, enabling Guilded players to collaborate and broadcast.

It contains all the basic streaming features, including chat, different layouts, group broadcasting, screen sharing, and even specialist features like noise reduction and keyboard shortcuts.

The Pricing – The two premium programs offered on Discord are the Nitro Standard and the Classic. The monthly fee for Nitro Classic is 5 USD, whereas the monthly fee for normal Nitro is 10 USD.

Users get additional features, URLs, unique emojis, greater file sizes, and customization options.

Guilded, on the other hand, provides most, if not all, of them for free, often even more than Discord.

On the other hand, owners of servers may limit a few services so that they can charge a fee to remove them.

Because Guilded gives server owners so many options, it may be considered better than Discord; this makes it a great alternative. 

Guilded vs Discord... 5 Reasons Why Guilded is Better!
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Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store

3. Riot.im

We have ranked Riot.im third on the list. It destroys the competition with its secure safety features.

The voice and text chat comes with end-to-end encryption that ensures your data is safe, no matter what. 

Apps like Discord

It is suitable for those of you who work insensitivity and are looking for a secure platform to share information. The service is designed on the Matrix open communications protocol that lets you communicate with anyone using Matrix.org.

RIOT : Riot.im : A New World Of Open Communication!

You can use it on android, iOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems. As far as security is concerned, we found this to be the best. 

4. Slack

Though we have placed Slack in fourth place, it is one of the best alternatives for the app discord. This is a common name and app used in the VoIP sector. The UI is simple and basic but has essential features for you. 

Gamers will feel very much at home. Not to mention, there are ample features that can stem your workflow. You can integrate with more than 500 third parties and software. It can support uploading of up to 1GB. 

Of course, Discord provides you with more than 6GB of downloads. But this is about business and safety. If you are a gamer, then you might not appreciate it. However, this app can be useful when you want to get your work completed before deadlines. 

It works well with Trello, Mail Chimp, GitHub, and others. Users can chat using their voice, text, and video chat. You can also share your data with other users. Not to mention, this comes with the paid version of the app. 

Discord VS Slack: The ULTIMATE Comparison

The free version of this app is good but comes with limited features. Overall, it is an excellent and worthy alternative to Discord. 

5. Overtone

The overtone might be when you prefer something that reminds you of Discord. This might be your preferred VoIP service as it is a perfect option for those into gaming. This is a free Vivox-integrated chat service.

15 Best Alternative Apps like Discord To Talk & Hang Out

Players who regularly play high-end games like Fortnite, PUBG and League of Legends are known to use it. The app works well on group as well as voice chats. Apart from that, the app works well on community creation and direct messaging.

The app can be downloaded on your PC or through its browser. Its ability to offer excellent voice calls is due to the high bit rate. You will be delighted to know that there is no sluggishness in placing those calls.

This app for gamers was released into the market recently but has made quite a following. The app gives you a modern design feel, and the UI is easy to use.

Most of the menus and options are on the screen, which helps you save time when using the app. 

6. TeamSpeak3

You will want to know that this app is one of the oldest in the group. If you are a gamer, you may know that and come across this alternative app for Discord. That is because many gamers have relied mostly on TeamSpeak3 for communication when playing. 

The app makes use of the opus codec for efficient communication in audio. Here the audio signals get transmitted in a single format for interactive communication. Users can also make use of their dedicated server.

15 Best Alternative Apps like Discord To Talk & Hang Out

You will be glad to know that there are no security issues with TeamSpeak3. That is because you are provided with AES encryption. It helps in offering you secure communication. 

Sadly, you have no support on the browser, as you have to download and install the app on your PC or smartphone. Apart from that, it comes priced on the higher side. You can work on android, iOS, Windows, and Linux. 

7. Skype

The next one on our list is Skype. This app is a common name globally. You must be using it if you are into business or communicate with your loved ones based all around the globe.

The app is good enough to offer excellent communication abilities with an essential function. 

A few features of the VoIP app include video chat, file sharing, and screen sharing. In a professional setting, the app comes with ample features. Perhaps, the only drawback of this otherwise fantastic app is that it drains out your PC functions. 

You will face sluggish performance if you want to do other tasks. Though you can use it free of cost, you must make international calls payments. The UI is one of the best VoIP services in the market today. 

You can also text chat with your loved ones using this app. Apart from that, you can share documents and files amongst yourself. This is an outstanding VoIP service you can consider using as an alternative to Discord.

8. Flock

Flock is one of the ideal VoIP services offered for business teams. If you are a modern-day businessman, you would appreciate its features that help you finish your work on time. This alternative can be used in private and group chats. 

15 Best Alternative Apps like Discord To Talk & Hang Out

You can also use it to share files and documents with other users. You can also text messages safely without hassle. The feature is ideal for IT professionals wanting to share applications online. 

You can make video and voice calls using the Flock program. This app can also have online meetings and conference calls as a businessman. Users have commended that the quality of the video and voice calls is fantastic. 

9. Google Chat (Formerly Hangouts Chat)

Google Chat is a popular name and is used globally. Millions of users use it by default when they have a Gmail account. This is a very strategic app designed by Google. The UI is fantastic; you can use it on all your Gmail devices. 

apps like kik new


The data is in sync with other devices that you use often. This is an extremely useful feature for business people who want to stay in constant touch with colleagues and clients on the go. It also comes with the G Suite that is used in the system. 

It can support multiple messages as well as languages. The messages are translated using the chosen language.

10. Mumble

Mumble is another excellent option as other Apps like Discord. This is an open-source app that is also free to use. Some of you might be pondering about its quality. This offers you high-quality chat and video features. 

15 Best Alternative Apps like Discord To Talk & Hang Out

For professional gamers, this is the best option when they want the best voice chat experience. Apart from that, the low latency mode makes it an ideal choice for high-end games. You will appreciate the features that come with the app for games. 

You can also check your gaming sessions without having to minimize the app. There is no lag in using it on your PC or other devices. You can also add key binds. The need to open the program and then control it is not required. 

The app comes with a useful UI. It is almost the same as Discord. When you have used Discord, you would know what that means. The design and the usage are the same, and you are using a worthy alternate when gaming simultaneously.

11. HeySpace

HeySpace is another alternative to Discord. It comes with ample chatting features. Some users have felt that it is one of the most popular apps to operate when working on projects. You can divide work among team members. 

15 Best Alternative Apps like Discord To Talk & Hang Out

This helps you to complete the work before deadlines. Apart from that, other team members can interact with each other.

It helps you know when somebody has finished a particular task. You save time when using the alternative app while working in a team. 

The UI of the app is simple and easy to use. Compared to the apps mentioned in the list, this is one of the best management tools. 

12. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft enters the list of apps like Discord with Microsoft Teams. This is one of the best programs in the market. The app helps you to collaborate with others when you work on a single project. 

Files can be shared, and you can text others using this app. You can also make video calls, voice calls, and conference calls. Microsoft developed this app, and you know it comes with free access to Microsoft Office. 

Different people on a team can work on the same project simultaneously. 

Welcome to Microsoft Teams

13. Raid Call

Raid Call is another of our other apps like Discord on the list. You can work with several users using the app. It comes with several features that are suitable for chatting with many users. The poll features are one of them. 

15 Best Alternative Apps like Discord To Talk & Hang Out

Users can vote for a particular question. You can all do it at once through voice calling or text messaging using this app. Both businessmen and gamers will find the features helpful in this app. 

The app can access several features with the simple UI of Raid Call. Several users appreciate the layout of the app. 

14. Steam Chat

The older versions of Steam Chat were not that aggressive or attractive. Not to mention, they did not come with excellent features.

Today, it has several features that are much better than the previous versions. 

 Apps like Discord

Of course, you might be able to voice-call others using this app. But, groups can be created by similar gamers. You can send text messages to them. Apart from that, you can also send them voice messages. 

Media files and images can be sent to them. This is possible with the UI that it comes with. Many users have complimented their handling and management. As a gamer, you want to have it installed on your PC. 

15. Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is our final alternate app for Discord before ventrilo. This is a simple communication tool used for small and large organizations. Users can send messages and reply to others instantly. 

Troop Messenger - A Unified Business Messenger for Team Collaboration

A few of the abilities include instant messaging, where you save time. You can make better decisions with the help of this feature. The communication is kept for your referral. You can conduct virtual conferences without having to be present in a single place physically. 

16. Ventrilo

Ventrilo comes with a lightweight design and is ideal for making voice calls. When you are on the lookout for a VoIP service that is durable, then this is it.

Unlike most apps in the market today, this app does not drain your PC’s resources. 

Not to mention, the communication of the players is encrypted. Hence, the need to worry about your privacy is not required. Some users have complained that the features are quite basic, but that is alright because it can perform the tasks and comes with no issues. 

📗 FAQs on More Apps like Discord

Below are a few queries on Best Apps like Discord that everyone is expecting to answer, and I did include the same for my readers.

Who is Discord’s biggest competitor? 

Among the greatest Discord competitors are TOX, Guilded, Slack, Overtone, Skype, and others.

They provide a wide range of capabilities and are fantastic for students, IT professionals, and even homemakers to privately exchange various forms of critical information without worrying about personal data. 

Does Discord have a competitor? 

Microsoft Teams is a perfect substitute for Discord. It is the ideal central location for a collaborative workspace where you can meet, talk, share files, and use business tools.

Top characteristics of Microsoft Teams Use group chat, online meetings, phoning, and web conferencing to bring your company together. Team Speak, Chanty, and Troop Messenger are among the top Discord rivals. 

What did gamers use before Discord? 

They enjoyed playing video games with their buddies, so they utilized TeamSpeak or Skype to communicate with them while they were online.

Although TeamSpeak and Skype were largely despised, they were the only options. 

Is Discord the best chat app? 

The finest program for chatting, Discord, has swiftly grabbed the gaming world by storm. Regardless of your game preferences, it offers a user-friendly design that makes group chat simple and enjoyable.

In addition, discord provides capabilities not available on other chat platforms, like server and client voice chat, global moderator features, and rich media support.

Discord is a fantastic option if you’re seeking a Skype alternative or want to make speaking with friends more convenient. 

Is Discord a dating app? 

You may exchange audio, video, and text chat with friends, gaming communities, and developers with the free communication app Discord.

It is one of the most widely used platforms for interacting with people online, with hundreds of millions of users. 

Although Discord isn’t a dating app, it has become a venue for users to find love relationships. 

What is NSFW in Discord? 

Discord’s “NSFW” channels prevent employees from inappropriately accessing adult content.

This is helpful for users who wish to avoid age-restricted content that isn’t appropriate for work and parents whose kids are on Discord. 

Can 12-year-olds use Discord? 

According to the COPPA regulation, a child may be less than 13 if they have parental consent and supervision, and the guardian has complete control over the account.

You must enter a parent’s email for the parents to control their child’s account on Roblox and Google. Discord ought to be uniform.

Children enjoy Discord for many of the same reasons as adults do. Discord can be used for school and work, as well as to keep up with games and their communities, join various communities, stay in touch with all their friends, and operate their server. 

Why is Discord 17+? 

Thirteen years or older unless a higher age is mandated by local legislation. However, according to its website, Discord “changed its age rating to 17+ at Apple’s request” to “help ensure minors are not exposed to information inappropriate for them.” Under-17s can still register and use the platform. 

Is Discord under 13 illegals? 

The official Twitter account for Discord states: “According to our Terms of Service, no one under the age of 13 may use Discord.

We will take action against the server and/or owner if the owner is aware of it and chooses to disregard it “. 

Is Discord deleting accounts in 2022? 

Fans of the software shouldn’t be concerned because any information regarding account deletion by Discord is bogus. It appears that the sole purpose of this fad is to prank your buddies.

Therefore, if you receive any messages or forwards that claim Discord is set to go down at a specific date or year, they are almost certainly false.

Furthermore, if this were actual news, you wouldn’t receive DMs about it from random users or accounts; instead, you would learn about it from reliable news sources. 

Why does Discord take 14 days to delete? 

After pressing the final delete button, a Discord account can only be deleted after 14 days.

After that, discord has to take action on their end of the platform to remove anything connected to your account. Thus, they have included this waiting period. 

Can Discord be used for gaming purposes? 

Yes, Discord was developed mainly for gamers only. That was the basic idea for releasing the app into the market. However, today you can find users wanting to use the app for several purposes apart from games. 

So, Discord is not only meant for gaming purposes. 

What is your thought on mumble better than Discord?

Though this post is about the alternative to Discord, it is extremely in poor taste if you say that Discord is not excellent or worthy of use. It is an excellent app that comes with a few drawbacks sadly. 

However, when you compare it with mumble, then mumble is a better choice because it provides you with a better sound quality experience. You can easily make it out by using Discord on your device. 

Can we say that TeamSpeak has the upper hand over Discord?

TeamSpeak is good, but so is Discord. Now many users tend to underestimate the value and use of Discord. It is good; it comes with useful features embedded in it. We need not remind you that most of the alternative is based on the concept of Discord. 

TeamSpeak makes use of similar bots that are found in the audio quality that is used in Discord. Apart from that, they use opus as their codec. So, according to our research, both are good. 

What is a suitable replacement for Discord? 

Though we have discussed many alternative apps like Discord, we felt that the most suitable replacement for it would be Steam Chat. This is the perfect app for voice and messaging between people.

They could be students, working professionals, and gamers. As we mentioned earlier, most of the discord alternatives are similar. The UI is the same as Discord, making it the ideal replacement for the app. 

Can you get hacked using Discord?

The possibilities are always there when you use any application or software. They all come with loopholes in them. When you use your Discord username along with the IP, then the chances are that they may catch you. 

Many users have got hacked similarly. It also means that the device you currently use needs to be secure and safe. Not to mention, when you use your login details, you can get hacked too. 

So, please use it carefully. 


The above were some of the best discord app alternatives. However, you will want to know that Discord is one of the best VoIP apps in the market.

Yes, some allegations have been made against it, but it is an excellent option for PC gaming and smartphone usage. 

We want to mention that the apps mentioned in the above post come with their benefits and disadvantages. You might want to try them a few times before deciding to take the plunge. 

Some of our favorites were Steam Chat, Overtone, and Slack. They come with ideal features for your usage. We just felt that they are more reliable than the others. However, that does not mean; others are not good. 

Once you use a few of them, you will get the feel of it and understand which app meets your requirements. We have provided you with ample discord alternative apps for your choice. Hence, we are sure that you will find your option. 

So, what did you feel about this post?

Which Discord alternative app do you feel was the best?

Most importantly, did we miss out on some worthy discord alternatives in this post?

Please do write to us in the comments.