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9 Best Apps Like Flipagram To Edit Photos and Videos

Clicking photos, saving images, recording videos, adding, saving, and sharing music is an entirely common and popular phenomenon using apps like Flipagram.

Now, it is not just an occasional practice; such acts have thoroughly integrated into our everyday lives. For some people, it is rare to have spent a day without taking selfies and other photos.

But it is not just a pastime. Photography, videography, and photo and video editing have become immensely popular. These acts are today counted as people’s hobbies, their passion, and in quite a lot of cases, their livelihoods and careers.

People love to immortalize important moments of their own or others’ lives by capturing them through their devices.

Photos and videos have also become a form of self-expression. Most people post their photos and videos on their social media accounts to show and express what they are doing, what is going on in their life, how they are feeling, what they will be doing soon in their lives, and many more.

Applications such as Flipagram help people beautify and enhance how their most important and wonderful life events are recorded, saved, and shown.

Here is a brief description of Flipagram for all those who are not aware of its functions.

What Is Flipagram?🧐

Flipagram is an excellent platform photo and video editor app that does not need any special skills. It allows its users to capture and edit images, photos, videos, music, and other content with their friends and family members.

A major feature of this application is that the user can create beautiful, exciting, and stimulating slideshows using the photos and images present on the user’s device.

This application was launched in 2015 and has been a favorite of people ever since. Flipagram was created to provide a platform to the people which would allow them to create, manage, banshee, and edit their photos and images.

It comes with many different filters and features which help to enhance and increase the attractiveness, beauty, and quality of the images and videos of the users.

The sideshow feature of the application is extremely easy to use. All the user needs to do is choose and select the images the user wishes to work with.

Then, they can arrange the images and photos per the user’s wishes and requirements. The user can also add music to the slideshow, which can be adjusted and modified according to the user’s tastes.

Flipagram is a greatly beloved and appreciated application. People love to use it to edit and arrange their gallery and its contents.

It is a wonderful application that people use to create and manage content for other social media accounts of the user. The features and advantages provided to the users are incredibly impressive and interesting.

While Flipagram is truly a wonderful application, some users might be interested in using and experimenting with other applications that provide similar and related features and functions. Here are nine other apps like Flipagram.

Best Apps Like Flipagram – Our Top Pick👌

1. Scoompa Video – Slideshow Maker and Video Editor

Scoompa Video is one of the best apps like flipagram to make videos with music and an excellent platform to edit and manage one’s photos and videos. This application comes with a highly easy-to-use and manageable interface.

Best Apps Like Flipagram

It is a highly recommended as well as highly rated photo editing application. Scoompa Video is required with a lot of useful and delightful photo and video editing features.

This application was launched in 2014 and became a user favorite soon after. It is available on both iOS and Android platforms. The application has a free and paid version.

Although the free version has most of the features the application provides, it comes with advertisements. The paid version is entirely ad-free and has a couple of additional features.

Scoompa Video has numerous impressive features. It allows the user to add images from their gallery, by directly taking photos or from the web. Videos are created quickly and instantly and are compatible with any device and platform.

The application provides over a hundred stickers to choose from, and more can be downloaded. It allows the user to choose from quite a lot of different fillers and templates to choose from.

It has 55 built-in fonts and allows users to access more by connecting to the web.

Slideshow Maker for Android

It also lets the user choose the music for their video from the sound and audio collection provided by the application or from audio and songs downloaded on the user’s device.

This photo and video editing application are worth checking out.

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2. Dubsmash – Best apps like flipagram for iPhone

Dubsmash is another incredible and intriguing apps like Flipagram, acting as a photo and video editing platform. This application has quite a few uses other than editing, though.

It also serves as a social media platform where the users can share their photos and videos, look for and find others’ photos and videos, follow their friends and family members, get followed in return, and build and stay connected with their communities and groups.

Best Apps Like Flipagram 1

Therefore, it can be said that Dubsmash is a photo and video editor and a social media platform all in one. This application was launched in 2014 by Reddit Inc.

The application was well-liked as it was itself, but after the company launched the Reddit application, its popularity soared even more. It is available for iOS as well as Android users.

Dubsmash can be used just like any other photo and video editing application. The user can click or record their photos and videos, edit them on the spot using different filters, styles, fonts, stickers, and pop-culture quotes, which this application is especially popular and used for, and share with friends.

And just like any other social media application, Dubsmash allows the user to post their photos and videos, find the posts of their friends and family members, follow them to stay updated with their posts, check out the latest trending photos and videos as well as share posts and stay connected with their close one the people of their community and groups.

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3. Glitch Cam

Glitch Cam is another great photo and video editing application. It allows the users to edit, apply filters and add various effects to their photos and videos.

It has the option of combining and blending distinct filters and effects to create a new one and use this newly created style on the spot.

Glitch Cam is available for both iOS and Android users. It has a free version as well as the paid version. As the name of this application suggests, it is equipped with excellent and incredible glitch effects.

Best Apps Like Flipagram 2

These effects are astounding in quality as well as quantity. It comes with a highly impressive retro VHS recorder that allows the users to create and record videos distinctly and nostalgically as the video would look like a videotape.

This application has a wonderful interface that is easy to navigate through and manage.

It also comes with varied and impressive audio and sound collections that allow users to add any and every type of audio or sound effect to their edited photo slideshows and videos. The total effects provided by this application are easily more than one hundred.

Glitch Cam also comes with numerous varieties and types of stickers. The stickers provided by this application are interactive and attractive.

The free version itself is quite impressive; most users never even need to subscribe to the paid version.

Its filters and glitch effects receive the maximum appreciation as the photos and videos edited through them always turn out to be beautiful and praiseworthy.

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4. InShot Video Editor – Best apps like flipagram for android

InShot Video Editor is one of the best apps like Flipagram, to work with videos. This application allows its users to create and edit videos, add filters and other effects to images and photos, create collages and slideshows, and beautify and enhance the looks and quality of the photos and videos of the user.

InShot Video Editor is a free application, though a subscription option is also available to the users.

Release Your Creativity with InShot | Promo Video

The only limitation with the free version is that it displays advertisements, even though they are not disruptive, and that sharing the image or video would be done with the inbuilt watermark of this application. This application is available on both iOS and Android platforms and devices.

InShot Video Editor is equipped with filters, editing effects, fonts, and stickers. A lot of these features are animated and extremely attractive.

While most of them are free, a handful of these features require the payment of an extremely small fee. But it is suggested that the users subscribe to the paid version rather than continuously pay to gain individual features.

This application has an extremely easy-to-use, manage and handle interface. Creating videos, slideshows, and collages and editing them simply follow some incredibly easy steps.

All the tools, effects, and features are easy to find, apply or manipulate. InShot Video Editor is an amazing application that has proven incredibly effective and efficient in creating, editing, or modifying photos, images, and videos.

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5. Tempo – Music Video Maker

Tempo – Music Video Maker is a great application for creating and editing videos, adding effects to photos and images, creating slideshows and collages, and sharing them with friends and family members.

Best Apps Like Flipagram 3

Tempo provides the option of a premium version of the application as well. Still, its free version has many incredibly impressive and distinguished features that do not allow users to feel that subscribing to the paid version is required or needed.

This application is available on both iOS and Android platforms. It provides a lot of different themes and styles to choose from for the user.

Another impressive feature of this application is its large variety of sounds and audio. The user can find and select any music and sound effects to add to their videos or slideshows in this application.

Tempo has a lot of intriguing and interesting features. It allows the user to choose from more than one hundred different and high-quality filter effects.

It also comes with many different and unique transition effects that increase and enhance the videos’ and slideshows’ attractiveness and refinement. Its special effects and filters are greatly praised and appreciated.

Tempo allows users to add various sound effects and other songs to their videos. The audio to be added can be cropped, trimmed, edited, cut, modified, altered, or manipulated according to the users’ wishes and convenience.

This application adds, introduces, and modifies its filters and social effects timely, generally every week.

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6. PicPlayPost

PicPlayPost is one of the most unique and popular photos and video editing applications. Its diverse, advanced, and rare features and services are major reasons for its popularity.

This application can create and edit photographs, videos, slideshows, live wallpapers, photo and video collages, voice-overs, watermarks, etc.

Best Video Editor Slideshow Collage Maker - PicPlayPost

This application is available on both iOS and Android platforms. It claims to have more than 15 million users all across the globe.

It is also one of the highest-rated photo and video editing applications on both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. The application has a free version as well as a paid one.

PicPlayPost is equipped with a variety of interesting features. Unlike other video-creating and editing platforms which limit the video duration to 5 to 10 minutes, this application allows the creation of videos with a duration of 30 minutes.

It has every possible video editing tool, like trimming, cutting, adding, removing, etc. It also allows the user to add various video sound effects and voice-overs. It may even support 4K videos with some specific iOS and Android versions.

Its photo editing features are just as impressive. The collage option provided by this application allows the use of a maximum of 9 separate frames that can support both images and videos. It can also be used to create, import, and edit GIFs.

Watermarks can also be added to different images as well as videos. Background sound can also be attached to the photos using this application. It also supports multiple fonts, styles, and animated designs for texts.

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7. VivaVideo – Video Editor&Maker

VivaVideo is an incredible amazing photo and video editing application. It can be used by beginners or amateurs and by professional editors easily and efficiently.

While beginners can get familiar with photo and video editing basics using it, this application offers the experts diverse, advanced, and professional editing features.

VivaVideo is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It has a paid version as well, but the basic one has a large variety of fascinating and attractive features and tools, so it can be said that it is quite efficient.

This application has an extremely simple interface that can be used, handled, and grasped by almost anyone.

VivaVideo - Pro Video Editor App

This application’s editing features and services are quite diverse and large in numbers. It has an enormous variety of text effects. These are available in different fonts, styles, sizes, animation effects, and color variations.

It also has a great collection of transition effects for the videos, making them attractive and elegant. It also offers different playback speeds for the videos and slideshows created or imported into the application.

This application has a large and impressive amount of audio and sound effects. The user can also import the music of their choice into the application.

The amount and variety of stickers provided by this application are also staggering. Its filters and other editing effects are equally impressive and beautiful.

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8. WeVideo

WeVideo is another highly rated, easy-to-use, amazingly efficient apps like Flipagram for photo and video editing. It can be used to capture, create, edit or modify pictures, videos, collages, slideshows, etc, in the best possible quality anytime and anywhere.

It is a beginner-friendly application equipped with all the features and tools that anyone could require to get started with editing and altering their photos and videos easily and effectively.

WeVideo for Android App | Create, Edit & Share

WeVideo can be used on both Android and iOS operating systems. It has a free version and the option to subscribe to the paid version with a handful of extra features.

This application has precise and efficient cutting, trimming, and adding options for the videos. It also has incredibly useful video editing options like playback speed control, easy-to-use photo animation options, great transition effects, impressive sound effects, intro and outro editing options, etc.

This application also has a large number of text editing options. The fonts, styles, sizes, colors, display effects, lighting effects, etc., can be added, changed, or removed per the users’ wishes and convenience.

It also has a large variety of music, voice-over, sound effects, and audio options.

WeVideo also has excellent filters and photo editing options. It can create images, videos, and collages of different dimensions like 9:16, 1:1, 16:9, etc.

The application also supports importing, creating, or editing high-quality resolutions like 4K resolution or 1080p HD resolution. This app is mostly used to create content for other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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9. Video FX: Movie Maker & Editor

Video FX is a highly rated and recommended photo and video edition application that allows users to create, develop, edit and alter their photos, images, videos, collages, slideshows, etc.

It has many features and tools that efficiently and effectively modify the users’ content per their requirements and wishes.

9 Best Apps Like Flipagram To Edit Photos and Videos

This application is compatible with iOS as well as Android devices. It also has a free and paid version. It is a business-friendly application and can be accessed by anyone who has never dealt with photo and video editing before. The application comes with a variety of different editing effects.

Video FX has an exceedingly easy-to-use interface with simple navigation and editing options. This application allows its users to choose from various unique video effects.

It also has an extensive music and sound effects collection, which can be used to create beautiful and entrancing videos.

VideoFX - Music Video Creator for Android

This application offers different collage-making options and photo editing features. It allows the user to import their photos and videos from their devices or other social media platforms, edit and modify them and export them to be posted on the web or shown to friends and family members.

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What has replaced Flipagram? 

Some of the best Flpagram alternatives include Scoopma Video, Dubsmash, Glitch Cam, InShot Video Maker, Temp, etc.

These programs offer a variety of features, including burns effects, slide mixes, wipe mixes, transition effects, video aspect ratio, adjustable frame duration, high-definition video output, and much more. 

What is the Flipagram app called now? 

The popular photo and video app Flipagram is now known as “Vigo Video” and enables users to do various things with their projects, like edit photographs and videos, apply effects, and add music. 

What app is the same as Flipagram? 

It is possible to combine movies with photographs and music using apps like VivaVideo, InShot Video Editor, PicPlayPost, Video FX, Glitch Cam, etc., similar to Flipagram (formerly Vigo Video) and that have a range of capabilities. 

Has the Flipagram app been deleted? 

Because the firm that bought Flipagram wanted to leverage its technology for one of its new products, Flipagram was erased.

As previously mentioned, Flipagram was purchased by news recommendation app Toutiao, a division of Chinese technology behemoth ByteDance, and was then transformed by its parent firm into a social media app.

Vigo Video, formerly Flipagram, allows users to create and share 15-second videos with their network. 

Final Thoughts on the apps like flipagram list

A good photo and video editing platform can be a remarkably fun, delightful, useful, and helpful tool to have. It is common to see edited, filtered, combined, cropped, or alerted photos, images, videos, collages, slideshows, memes, etc. Almost all of them are created with the help of staff supplications and platforms.

With the countless photo and video editing software and apps like Flipagram available on the web and at the app stores, it can be difficult to choose a single one or narrow the options down to a few.

The users may be unable to find the application that would suit them the best and serve their purpose flawlessly.

The users can shortlist their options in a few ways. They can decide whether they wish to use a free app or a paid one. They can further narrow their options by checking the different features and services of those particular applications’ free and paid versions.

They can also learn more about the special effects and filters provided by the different applications and platforms.

Photo and video editing is a lovely craft and a wonderful way to express and exhibit one’s creativity and ingenuity. The correct and appropriate application can be the best tool to demonstrate their imagination.