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9 Best Alternative Apps Like Kik To Get Connected

Online chats and communications have become extremely popular and the younger generation is always on the lookout for chat applications that are incredibly simple to use.

If you are trying to reach out to this younger generation, then Kik might just be the app that you are looking for. Be it normal text conversations or sending any form of media, Kik helps you do that. Moreover, you can even use the application to stream music, watch videos, etc.

In fact, Kik is one of the original applications to introduce a group messaging feature long back in 2009, a feature that today every user seeks in chat applications. It has since taken a backseat to other forms of instant messaging. 

However, Kik has made a comeback of sorts by introducing an impressive group chat service – something other apps are lacking. The Kik app allows users to communicate and converse in diverse groups with many people simultaneously.

Kik is one of the most frequently used apps among teens. Most adults are not aware of the existence of this app, but it has over 15 million users. It has proved to be a useful app since it allows users to contact anyone without having an account.

However, Kik is not the only application out there. There are many other Apps like Kik that you can put to use for communication and chatting.

In fact, in a space where you can find so many applications, it’s hard to be on just one of them. So, here we are presenting you with some of the best apps like Kik that you will love to explore.

Best Apps Like Kik – Our Top Pick👌👌

When it comes to chatting apps like Kik, you have innumerable options to explore. Let us acquaint you with some of the best options available.

1. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger app is one of our favorites and amongst the best apps like Kik. It is a very efficient application for having great communications through text and voice messages.

This application gives you many facilities to chat with your friends easily. If you are looking to do something with your friends, then you can use Facebook messenger for this purpose. 

Best Apps Like Kik

From simple text messages to sending media and even sharing contacts and location, Messenger has features for all of it. Moreover, you can use the application for its calling features too. Additionally, you can use the application for virtual gifting, invitations, and parties.

The main reason for messenger’s popularity is how it attracts and keeps users for longer periods. You will never see a time when someone is switching off their phone and opening Facebook Messenger.

It has one-tap access, and it is always on. No wonder users feel more comfortable communicating within messenger apps rather than text or call. Messenger has already become an integral part of how we communicate with one another.

It is the only messenger that’s completely free and doesn’t require that you download it separately. Since it is a part of Facebook, you can access the app directly from there.

Facebook messenger is the most recent addition to online chat apps. It is an instant messaging client similar to WhatsApp, WeChat, etc.

But the main difference is that messenger is only available to users of Facebook. This simplifies the purpose of the app and lets it focus on providing a fast and fun interface for users to chat with friends and family.

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2. Telegram

With advanced features and functionalities that focus on the privacy and security of its users, Telegram is one of the most secure messaging applications that you can find.

It’s a free application that allows you to communicate with other users without even sharing your contact number.

Best Apps Like Kik 1

You can easily create groups and channels on this application and communicate with multiple people simultaneously. These groups and channels offer a great platform for having some interesting discussions and conversations.

Moreover, these channels can be used for broadcasting as well. In fact, most people use this application to download movies and web series for free and considering the phenomenal speed at which it downloads everything, you shall be watching your favorite movies and web series in almost no time at all.

Also, when it comes to sharing media and files on Telegram, there are no limits and restrictions as to their size. This one feature is something that makes it better than all other chatting applications.

Besides that, what makes it stand out is its excellent security features. The application never stores your data and always keeps your privacy intact.

In fact, it even allows you to delete messages from both sides in just a single click. That’s something very handy when you want to quickly delete some data and information.

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Also, the application has an open API that allows anyone to use it and that too on any device, be it mobile phones, desktops, or tablets.

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3. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp, who doesn’t use this application. Be it personal conversations or business communications, WhatsApp owns the market in terms of popularity and usage. It has over 1 billion users and is popular for its convenience and simplicity.

WhatsApp offers a seamless messaging experience for all devices ranging from the iPhone to the Android.

It allows users to share text, video, photos, audio notes, documents, location, contacts, voice notes, and stickers. Once you become a WhatsApp user, it’s hard to go back to any other messaging service.

9 Best Alternative Apps Like Kik To Get Connected

The messenger app was acquired by Facebook. WhatsApp offers voice calling, file transfer, video chat, text messaging, timing, emoji, GIF, stickers, and so much more.

One of my most favorite features of WhatsApp is its media features. WhatsApp offers most traditional media features, including photos, videos, voice calling, group chatting, file sharing, etc.

It has one major advantage over other apps. It gives you the option to communicate with people free of cost. Also, it is one of the most popular apps in the world, so WhatsApp is a kind of international phenomenon.

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4. Hangout

Hangout Messenger is a free app that works on the Android and iPhone platforms. By downloading this app, you will communicate with your friends and family through your phone, tablet, and desktop.

The most enjoyable part of this app is the animation and fun filters that come with it. Your conversations with your friends can easily become more playful with cool animations for each message. 

Best Apps Like Kik 3

You can also place stickers and emojis in your messages and make them more fun and interesting. There is a feature called that allows you to send messages with smart replies and emojis.

Your messages and calls will always be encrypted and safe. With this app, you can call and message anyone, anywhere. It is unique because it combines the best features of other instant messaging apps with the unique Google+ Hangouts capability. 

You can send SMS, make video or voice calls, share photos, location, maps, etc. The app is easy to use, so anyone can text or hang out with anyone, no matter which phone or computer or even web browser they are using.

Since the app is tied to all your Google accounts, it automatically brings together chats from Gmail, Hangouts, and Google Voice. Hangout Messenger is the only app that is built for the modern generation of Google users that prefer to communicate in a variety of ways. 

For instance, when they want to make a phone call, they want to use Hangout Messenger instead of opening a new app, selecting a contact, and placing a call.

Hangout Messenger is the only app that Google has designed and built from the ground up and they have invested a lot of resources and they will continue to invest resources in making it better and better.

Never miss an important message, whether it’s SMS, Hangouts, or someone using the app. Amazing features like Callback (for SMS messages) and Read Receipts make Hangout Messenger unique. 

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5. Snapchat – Share the moment

Snapchat differs from other messaging apps because it encourages its users to send more than just the meager 160-character messages.

It also offers an easy way to send short videos, photos, and other files to friends. It’s all very seamless and easy to use, and it’s a lot of fun too.

Rather than just a messaging platform, Snapchat is a network for communicating visually. It has a unique feature called “snap”, a short video or a photo that the user can take and send to friends. 

9 Best Alternative Apps Like Kik To Get Connected

When the recipient opens the snap, it disappears after 10 seconds. Users can also change their appearance (face, eye shape, lips, etc.) to make funny videos and send them to friends. Users can also add text, doodle, and use stickers. One of the most powerful distinctions is the friend list. 

A friend list is the list of friends you’ve added and who can send you snaps (that is, see your snaps). Therefore, users must carefully choose whom they add to their friend list and who they send snaps to. 

This feature distinguishes Snapchat from other social media because it eliminates the need to add random people to your friend list just because they add you. Also, Snapchat doesn’t show your number of friends to your friend list, so users can keep their list private.

Snapchat makes it easy for users to send photos and videos to their friends and family through a messaging system that is supposed to make the content disappear after a few seconds.

Most social media apps like Facebook and Twitter require you to click on a link on the page, while Snapchat has got rid of the need for a link – you can add new addresses on the app by simply tapping the contact’s name. 

This makes it easy to add multiple friends to Snapchat and send them all photos at once. When you scroll through your Snapchat feed, you will see your friend’s stories, which are images and videos that are saved for 24 hours.

How To Use Snapchat (2022)

The stories are sorted in chronological order, or you can view stories from your best friends, top friends, or recent stories.

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6. WeChat

With more intuitive features and functionalities that support chats, calls, and media sharing, WeChat goes beyond being just a messaging app.

Instead, it comes as a one-stop solution for all social media activities. You can get in touch with friends, get news, find useful info about the city that you are in, get deals from businesses, send money to all your friends, play games with others around the world, pay for your shopping and even order a taxi from your phone. 

9 Best Alternative Apps Like Kik To Get Connected

It’s as simple as sending a text message but as powerful as all the other social media apps combined. In short, WeChat is the ultimate app for your needs, and it will continue to innovate and provide new ways for people to connect.

Not only that, you can use the application for content generation and content creation as well. It has invested heavily in its content creation ability.

It allows users to be active participants in creating its content, not just passive recipients. The content is not only entertaining but edifying as well.

It provides its users with a platform to share their life experiences, their opinions, their passions, and their feelings. WeChat’s success lies in its ability to provide its users with an ‘Echo’ that is greater than life.

It helps users to feel that they are not alone. WeChat is the only platform where you both create and consume content.

You can also use it to pay utility bills, send money to family or friends, transfer money to bank accounts, book train or plane tickets, play games, send chat messages to someone you know, share your location, follow your favorite public accounts, and much more. WeChat is leading the way in China in the evolution of social media sites.

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7. Viber

Viber is yet another one of the best apps like Kik that aims to deliver a personal messaging experience between people across various platforms.

What makes it better is its compatibility for all types of platforms and operating systems right from Apple operating systems like iOS and macOS to other operating systems like Android and Windows.

In fact, even the Blackberry operating system supports Viber. With that, there is no restriction in using this wonderful chat app, at least from the device point of view.

For its mobile application, Viber uses a proprietary, built-in data channel users can use to chat with friends without using a wireless carrier plan – all users need is a Wi-Fi connection. This makes Viber very appealing to users who rely on a wireless carrier’s limited messaging services.

WoF LK app store for Google Play 11sec

The app is free to install and use, but you will have to buy credits to talk to people who are not already on your contact list.

What makes Viber different from other messaging applications is the possibility of adding people with whom you are not in contact directly, something that is not possible in its main competitor, WhatsApp.

It is very popular among teenagers and young adults, and it can be used to send messages over 3G and Wi-Fi. When you want to call someone, the app will connect the call to you, so you don’t have to worry about using your Wi-Fi or 3G connection. There’s a lot to love about Viber.

Unlike other messaging apps, Viber finds the people you are most likely to be talking to, wherever they are, and helps you connect.

It does this by scanning your phonebook, contacting people who have Viber installed, and offering them free calls on Viber whenever they have a data connection.

It also finds the people you are most likely to be talking to, wherever they are, by cross-referencing your phone’s contact book with the contact books of other Viber users.

It’s the only app that you would find in almost all play stores, be it Google Play Store, Apple Store, or Windows Store, and with the phenomenal features and functionalities to help you communicate with any of your contacts, no matter what mobile device they use.

With Viber you can:-

  • Call any mobile or landline in the world at low rates using the Viber Call Out feature.
  • Let your acquaintances know your whereabouts with the location and status sharing feature.
  • Communicate and chat in groups and share the same
  • Maintain quick and easy records of your chats and communications
  • Get notified about the delivery and reading of the messages by the recipients.
  • Viber Desktop allows you to make and receive calls and messages from your Mac or Windows PC 
  • Protect your communications with end-to-end encryption
  • Create and join groups and share with anyone 
  • Run a Facebook contest and connect with your fans on Viber 
  • Use Viber on PC and Mac through Viber Desktop.

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8. MeetMe -- Chat & Meet New People

MeetMe App is a great platform for meeting new people. With an average of 20 million monthly users, MeetMe App is one of the most popular chat communities out there.

The App helps you find people who are right for you based on your location, interests, photo, and message exchange. With these kinds of features, it’s a great platform to help you meet new people and build friendships.

9 Best Alternative Apps Like Kik To Get Connected

It is the only messenger with the highest number of singles making new friends, finding dates and relationships. MeetMe is the number one social application with the most users and the most active users. 

It is a responsive and friendliest app to use. If you’re living in the U.S. and want to meet people then MeetMe is the app for you. It has worked hard to make sure each user can connect quickly and easily.

MeetMe is the number one mobile community for singles to make new friends and connect with like-minded people in the world.

It’s easy to use, and it has an appealing interface. You can find people based on similar interests or locations. Moreover, you can even build your small or big social circle on this application by creating groups with the like-minded people you meet through the app.

Basically, the application is all about helping you come out of your bubble and building new relationships, contacts, and connections. MeetMe is available on IOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry. It’s very popular among young people.

The average MeetMe user is 28 years old, which is significantly younger than the average MySpace or Facebook user.

The age range is 14-55 years old, which is extremely wide. Whether you are using it for making new friends, or just staying in touch with old ones, MeetMe is your best choice for social networks.

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The Bottom Line

Apps like Kik let you exchange texts, pictures, and videos with other users in a safe and fun way. One great app that we recommend is an app called WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is the perfect application to meet all your business and personal communication needs and requirements with features for chats, calls, media sharing, contact sharing, location sharing, and a lot more.

What makes it better is that there are no operating system constraints in using WhatsApp. It is available for all operating systems including Android, iOS, Windows, Bada, Symbian, BlackBerry, etc.

Every year, thousands of new apps are released into the digital world. With this influx of new apps, it’s difficult to separate the good ones from the bad ones. We’ve put together a list of our favorite apps that are like Kik. If you’re looking for apps like Kik, then you’ll love these!

There are a lot of apps to choose from when you’re looking for a messaging app. Sometimes it can feel like a chore to find the right app for you. We hope this blog post has helped you decide which messaging app is right for you.