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13 Best Apps like Monkey To Discover New Friends

When discussing Social video conferencing, Monkey is the first name that comes to mind. Monkey is very popular, and all its features of Monkey make it one of the top Social video-calling apps.

But recently, Monkey has seen some difficulties in their system. Monkey got shut down on the apple store due to a huge amount of negative feedback and security issues, but it’s still on the Play Store.

After all of these, people feel unsafe and are trying to search apps like Monkey to switch. To ease people’s problems, Technical Ustad has created a list of the 12 best apps like Monkey, which you can use.

We have listed these Social video calling apps after going through solid research because we want to make you sure about privacy and security.

So let’s proceed with our list. 

Best Alternative Apps like Monkey – Our Pick👌

1. Melon – Meet new people

Melon is a similar app to Monkey, so we have placed it at the top of the list. You’ll be able to find many apps like Monkey on the Internet nowadays, but Melon is one of the best of them. Many cool features on Melon take it to the top.

Melon helps you to introduce yourself, and you’ll be able to meet people from different locations seamlessly. The key feature of Melon is to get you more friends.

Best Alternatives Apps like Monkey

Melon operates all over the world, so you can meet internationally. Meetings with strangers become very easy with the expertise of Melon.

Melon provides you with every communication support to help you express yourself.

On Melon, you’ll get support like- chatting, emojis, video calling, and audio calling features. Melon doesn’t compress your arch of reach. Talk to strangers and convert those people into your trusted friend with Melon.

Melon provides you with the best video calling service and works like lightning. Express through Melon, get new stranger friends, and build a close community. On Melon, you can talk through text, photos, emojis, and even videos.

Explore the globe with the super facility of Melon. You can buy region filters on Melon, which will help you to look for friends in a given area. 

The region filter costs $19.99/month and $6.99/week. 

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2. Hoop – New friends on Snapchat

Hoop is another great app that can replace the Monkey app. Hoop is a great alternative to Monkey because of some reasons.

But what are the reasons behind the capability of Hoop?🤔 Well, Hoop provides some great features which will surely attract you to use Hoop.

Hoop helps you guys to get more friends who are interested in the same topics as you. Choose particular topics and hashtags to find people similar to your interest.

Best Alternatives Apps like Monkey 1

Hoop has got features that will connect your Snapchat with this app, and you’ll be able to explore Hoop more effectively.

With Hoop, people can explore new cultures with the help of different native friends. You’ll be able to grow and strengthen your Snapchat community with Hoop very effectively.

With Hoop, you can fill the Snapchat map. The hoop doesn’t reveal your Snapchat Id to any user of your friends. On Hoop, you can ask or request one of your friends or some random people for their Snapchat Id.

If you accept any of the Snapchat Id requests from strangers, only then can they see the Id of your snap, and If some accept your Snapchat id request, you’ll get it.

Hoop gives a special effort to our privacy to ensure a safe and secure experience. 

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3. Camfrog: Make Friends in Group Video Chat Rooms

Another great Monkey alternative and easy meeting app are Camfrog. This app is considered one of the easy meeting apps. With Camfrog, people can connect and build a trusted friendships.

Camfrog is worldwide so you can meet internationally, also. Camfrog is well suited for those who want to interact with more personalities.

Camfrog provides every communication support, whether meeting with strangers or filtering with others.

On Camfrog, millions of people are waiting to become your trusted friend. Camfrog provides you with thousands of rooms for chatting and video calling.

You’ll get many video-calling chatrooms, participate and be extremely social. Camfrog also provides exciting rewards you can get by checking in daily. Also, you can get Camfrog rewards through your sharing.

All the services, like- free video calling or lightning-fast chatting, make Camfrog number one. Millions of Camfrog users are in different communities, get attached to communities, and get more interesting and trusted friends.

Camfrog allows you to be part of international and local communities. 

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4. Yubo: Chat, Play, Make Friends

Yubo is such an app that is based on fun and casual meeting stuff.  Yubo can be the best place to meet and make more interesting friends. On Yubo, you’ll be able to play fun-based games with people who are strangers to you.

Yubo provides the facilities to be and go live through Yubo features. Yubo works to get you some generic, real, and trusted friends.

Yubo is considered one of the coolest social platforms.

Yubo - I gotta hit the beat

Yubo provides all the essential support that helps you present your live streaming without any hassle. With Yubo, you can get in contact with International and also local personalities.

Yubo provides you with live chatting, video calling, and audio conferencing features that can benefit your friendship process. You’ll see some extra advantages of the Yubo app in the Yubo app itself.

Yubo has got you the support of lenses as Google does. To strengthen your friendship process, Yubo is in partnership with Snapchat which will bring the best values.

You’ll get many filters and emojis in hour Yubo lenses. Invite on Yubo, find communities, and get full of Yubo.  

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5. Holla – Live Random Video Chat

Another great Monkey alternative app is Holla. Holla is very popular and widely known for its communication features. With Holla making friendships becomes easy and fast.

People all around the globe use Holla as their communicative app. Probably you’ve heard about Holla many times before. I’ll not be surprised if you already use it.

I’ve seen many of my friends discussing all the cool and engaging features of Holla and how Holla is easy to make new friends.

Holla helps you discover and connect with some of the coolest and most chilled people in the world.

On Holla, you’ll get instant video matching features for your better convenience. Get fun and most of it on Holla app. Holla doesn’t let you down for your language problems, Holla breaks all your language inefficiency and provides translation of your native speech.

On Holla, you can communicate with total strangers on One in One easily and effectively. Holla provides you with the best feature, which is the moderation system.

You’ll get 24*7 moderation support from Holla, which makes Holla more secure and safe. Because of 24*7 moderation support, you don’t have to question security and will be in full safety. Get a new experience of meeting strangers with Holla.  

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6. Aha Live 

Aha live is another great Monkey alternative app. Aha live is a video chatting application by which you can chat, video conference, and audio call with random persons all across the globe.

Aha live helps you to meet random personalities and start interesting conversations easily. Aha, live is an app of only 7 MB and contains such friends-making power.

Aha live is considered one of the best random video conferencing app and it’s used by millions worldwide. Build a friendship with no other with Aha live app. Aha live is so simple to use and to connect with random personalities with a single tap.

Connect with those people who have got the same interests as you possess. Aha live is easy, simple to use, and powerful, and you can rely on Aha live in the process of random video calling.

This Aha live app is fun-based, and you will surely enjoy all the communicative features of Aha live. Aha Live believes in the importance of conversing with strangers to make friends.

Aha Live eliminates your problems and difficulties due to languages. On Aha live, your text gets translated to other people in their desired language. 

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7. Ablo – Make friends worldwide

One of the most interesting and feature-packed social apps is Ablo. Ablo is very popular these days, and people all around the world are making use of the Ablo social app.

With Ablo, you can connect, meet, and chat with various random personalities worldwide. The easy usage of Ablo is a great plus and ex-factor for all users.

This Ablo application has got crazy popularity. Teens are completely on Ablo these days.

Best Alternatives Apps like Monkey 2

Ablo provides you with an important and effective feature: the live feature. With Ablo you can stream live and present yourself and your personality to all Able users.

Ablo also helps you to discover locals. With Ablo, you’ll be able to chat seamlessly and video call with every Ablo user across the globe. There is no language barrier as Able has the support of multiple languages.

To keep you entertained Ablo provides video-watching facilities and features, which will be very effective and cool.

On Ablo, they promise that Ablo will help you to explore the globe virtually. Make international connections and friends; they’ll help you in your globe-exploring journey. 

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8. Chatous – Chat with new people

The next name on our list Is Chatous. There are many apps, but Chatous has got the ability. Chatous, the name is an indication of the intent.

You’ll be able to search many social apps that allow you to chat and meet random people freely, but Chatous is different from others.

Chatous helps you interact morewith random personalities and make them your friend.

Best Alternatives Apps like Monkey 3

Chatous has got the facility for free chatting which makes the friendship stronger. Meet with interesting personalities and charming people and be in the same group with the help of Chatous. 

Chatous operates throughout the world, which makes Chatous even more effective. On Chatous, there are many trending hashtags; you can choose one and get the conversation going with random persons on those topics.

Meeting and chatting with random personalities becomes easy with the super features of Chatous. Chatous helps you to make an impactful, rich, and real conversation on any selected topic on which you want to get going.

These hashtags system is a very positive and interactive feature of Chatous. With Chatous, you can hide and change your Id from other personalities and strangers.

Chatous provides you with support related to chatting, sharing, video calling, etc. 

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9. Hello Yo – Group Chat Rooms

Hello is another social app that you can try instead of Monkey. Hello, can be a great Monkey app alternative. Nowadays, you’ll get various apps like Monkey, but few provide the actual and effective features like Monkey does, and Hello is one of them.

Hello helps you to interact and get you to converse with strangers throughout the globe.

Best Alternatives Apps like Monkey 4

Make strangers your buddy with Hello and be a more social personality. Hello operates throughout the globe so You’ll be able to get the exploration.

On Hello, you can make the customization on searches and locations effective. Choose with which gender you want to spend time on the Hello app. Choose male/female, and customize the location to get an accurate searching for people.

The video calling facility of the Hello app is extremely excellent and fast. Hello provides great and cool features to ensure you win in your friendship process.

On video calls, you’ll get various features, such as filters, effects, emojis, colors, etc.

Hello is a completely personal and private app; it fully takes care of your privacy. Hello becomes a safe and secure social app with all these privacy settings and features. Be more social with the help of Hello.  

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10. Lamou -Video random chat &Video Chat Free

In the list of 13 best apps like Monkey, Lamou is one of the special and unique apps you can use. Lamou is very cool and fun-based, well suited for all teenagers.

Lamou provides very beneficial features that can be very effective in your friend-making journey. On Lamou you can explore and experience different personalities with seamless video calling.

Best Alternatives Apps like Monkey 5

You’ll be able to get in touch with strangers and meet new interesting personalities throughout the globe with the help of Lamou. Lamou is very popular, and it’s effective too.

You’ll be able to get personalities with the same interests as you, so it will be very easy and simple for you to converse. Meeting and chatting get very easy and fast with Lamou.

Lamou helps you with their extreme features to make honest and trusted friends. There are many communication support on Lamou, like- video calling, audio calling, emojis, etc.

You must go through three steps to verify your Lamou account which is great for future experience. Lamou is fun, safe, and provides the best 1 on 1 chatting and video calling feature. 

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11. Chamet 

Chamet is one of the most popular and effective apps among all the apps like Monkey. Chamet has some amazing and cool features that make Chamet one of the best alternatives of Monkey.

With Chamet, all the communicative features like – video calls, live chats, the audio transfer becomes borderless, and you’ll be able to explore the globe virtually as you want to.

Chamet helps you to make friends with those people who are strangers to you. Chamet has a rich diversity, and it’ll help you explore more fun and cool features.

Live talk with strangers worldwide to make friends

Chamet is very responsible and keen on our privacy. Chamet provides the necessary privacy features and other security benefits to you for a better social experience.

You’ll get many rooms on Chamet to enter. Enter any chatroom and get unlimited chatting and video calling support on Chamet. Chamet doesn’t disappoint you because of languages; Chamet has very effective and cool multi-language support.

Chamet is now the no.1 top-grossing media you can get on the play store. Enjoy seamless entries, video calling features, safe experience on Chamet.

You’ll get smart and intelligent support of auto recommendation on Chamet. Chamet is completely an authentic social app, and it’s very private. 

Download the App from Google Play Store  

12. Azar – Video Chat

Another great and popular social app is Azar. Azar is one of the best among all the apps like Monkey. Azar provides live chatting, video calling, and audio conferencing features that can benefit your friendship process.

Azar - Live Video Chats For Curious People!

On the Azar app, you can communicate efficiently and easily with strangers. Azar has its support all over the globe, so you can explore as you want.

With Azar, you’ll be able to chat seamlessly and video call with every Azar user across the globe.

Azar is well known for the quality and features in produce for creating new friendships. Talking with strangers becomes very easy and simple with the powerful features of the Azar social app.

Azar helps you to discover and get connected with some of the coolest and most chilled people in the world. On Azar, you’ll get instant video matching features for your better convenience.

I’ll recommend Azar to all those people who are continuously in search of the best apps like Monkey. Azar app has the ability and features to be an alternative to Monkey.

Make international connections and friends and complete your globe-exploring journey. 

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13. Meowchat  

Meowchat is another social video calling app that you can give a try? Meowchat is one of the best Social video calling apps. On Meowchat, you’ll be able to meet with random personalities very easily and build your circle of trusted friends.

So many cool and exciting features on Meowchat will surely convince you to use Meowchat. On Meowchat, you can get on video calls with all the other strangers on Meowchat.

Best Alternatives Apps like Monkey 6

Build solid, trusted friendships and relationships on Meowchat effectively. You can use all communication features on Meowchat, like- video calls, audio calling, texting, emojis, etc.

With the help of Meowchat, you can be friends with random personalities all across the globe. Meowchat also suggests the feature to search for local people.

I’ve to say you that Meowchat is the most interactive and interesting video-calling app That I’ve seen. On Meowchat, there are many trending hashtags; you can choose one and get into conversations.

On Meowchat You’ll get many interesting chatrooms and groups; by joining that chatroom, You’ll be able to meet many more strangers. The instant live video calling feature is the main highlight and ex-factor for Meowchat.

Lots of people get excited about the instant video calling feature of Meowchat. Meowchat also allows you to share your video clipping with others to communicate more efficiently.

You can get all the access to Meowchat with just by one tap feature. Meowchat also supports you to stream live on the platform without any hassle. Like other listed social video calling apps, Meowchat is also easy and simple to use.

You’ll get a sure secure and safe social video calling experience with Meowchat be it provides you with the best private security. Meet strangers on Meowchat through common interests and build friendships all across the globe.  

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So this was the list of the 13 best apps like Monkey which you can make use of. There are thousands of apps like Monkey but we feel these are some of the best.

All these social apps are very gun-based, and they care about the privacy of their users. We have listed these Social video calling apps after going through solid research to ensure you a joyful time.

Search for solutions on the Technical Ustad website for any other technical problem. We have covered every technical problem on the Technical Ustad website and hope you’ll get help from here.