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7 Best Apps Like Replika Chatbot Companion Powered By AI

It is a fast-paced world where no one really has time for one another. Being busy in our hectic schedules, toggling between jobs and home, struggling hard to establish the difference between personal and professional life, and maintaining the same, it’s hard to keep up with the social ties.

In fact, ever since we got confined into our homes due to the coronavirus pandemic, the social ties and bonds severed more than ever, and we lost most of our connections. With that going on, one can hardly find someone to talk to, and then it is not hard for loneliness to creep in.

Well, luckily enough, we advanced in technology as well as we moved to the virtual world, and with applications for everything out there, you shall be intrigued to know that you can find applications to overcome your loneliness as well.

Yes, you read that right! There are a lot of applications built using Artificial Intelligence that you can use as a friendly companion to talk to.

Not only do these applications act as your friendly companion listening to whatever you need to say and responding with human-like replies, but they can even act like your personal assistants doing whatever you need to be done and managing all your tasks throughout the day.

One of the best applications for everything that we are talking about is Replika. It has every feature that we mentioned as yet.

However, that’s not it. There are more apps like Replika that you can use, and we shall cover some of the best ones in this article. However, before we get to that, let’s first have a look at the Replika app itself.

What is Replika App?💁

As mentioned, Replika is an application to help you get the friendly companion you need to talk to in times when you can find no one else around you. Basically, it is an artificial intelligence tool that is designed to be there for you at every instance.

As such, you can use the tool to have a friendly companion or a personal assistant. As a friendly companion, the Replika App shall listen to everything you have to say, and you can actually pour out your feelings to it, knowing fully well that they shall not go anywhere out of the confines of the application.

So, basically, you will know that it is your personal space, and you can share even the deepest, darkest secrets in your heart with this application.

What’s better is that the application even gives you human-like responses. So, it’s not just you speaking and the application listening. Instead, it is a complete two-way communication that you have with the application.

Besides having these personal talks on the app, you can even use it for professional purposes considering that it acts as a personal assistant too. So, whether you need to manage your schedules, create to-do lists, set reminders, or do anything at all, Replika shall be helpful.

Another thing that makes the application fun and exciting to use is the fact that you can entirely customize it as per your personal preferences. As such, you can choose the themes on the application and have many other personalization features as well.

In fact, you can design it as your own personal space with features like creating lifelogs, saving moments, etc. Moreover, you can have better replies and responses from the app as well as you talk to it by unlocking more emotions. That gives it a more human feeling.

The best part yet is that the application is entirely free to use. So, basically, Replika is everything that you would need for a personal assistant as well as a friendly companion. Yet, when it comes to things like these, you always want to keep a list of options ready. 

Fortunately enough, there is no end to the options you can have in your basket for these kinds of applications. However, we are focused on helping you know the best applications of all.

So, here are some of the best apps like Replika that you may like to try.

Best Apps Like Replika – Our Top Pick👌👌

As the need for having someone by our side, be it for personal or professional reasons, rises, apps like Replika gain a lot of popularity. These are the perfect AI-based tools that anyone would need for assistance, personal as well as professional.

Now, Replika is a popular and useful application for this purpose. But knowing your options never hurts, especially when you have too many of them.

There are many apps like Replika available on the Play Store that are equally good, if not better. So, it shall only be wise on your part to go ahead and try them out.

So, for you to try your options, we are presenting you with some of the best ones that give a tough competition to the Replika app. Let’s move on to the list of apps like Replika.

1. DataBot Assistant

Inspired by the likes of Siri, Databot Assistant is one of the best apps like Replika and a personal voice assistant that you can use for operating your phone without even touching it.

This makes it the perfect tool for use on the go. Whether you are riding your vehicle, playing a game, working out, or doing any other thing at all, you can easily operate your mobile by making voice requests and commands in the DataBot Assistant. 

Best Apps Like Replika

Besides that, you can benefit from a lot of advanced features and functionalities on this assistant such as you can send over multimedia messages and emails, sharing information and answers, in particular, via social media channels, emails, or SMS, and even summarizing pages.

Additionally, it’s a good tool for your research purposes as well and you can use it well to explore any topic you like.

Moreover, its artificial intelligence technology studies, identifies, and analyzes your behaviors, and shows you topics of your interest along with suggested reads. 

Furthermore, you can use this personal digital voice assistant to even manage your work by creating to-do lists and planning schedules.

Additionally, you can set reminders and alarms as well to make sure that you never miss out on a task and nothing ever gets delayed either.

With all of this, DataBot Assistant is an excellent tool at your disposal and you shall love to use it for helping you around your work processes and schedules.

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2. Microsoft Cortana

A personal digital assistant introduced by Microsoft in competition with Apple and Google’s personal assistants, Microsoft Cortana, is an excellent application at your disposal.

The special thing about this application is that it’s not just available for Windows devices, but it went a step ahead and launched itself for Android and Apple devices as well, posing a much tougher competition to the parent personal digital assistant applications available for these two operating systems.

Being that robust, the list of features available on Microsoft Cortana is just endless. From creating and planning your tasks to setting reminders so that you don’t forget anything on your to-do list, Cortona assists you in all of this.

Not only that, it even makes your daily activities easier by helping you send messages and emails, find locations, and do such other activities.

Moreover, you can use the application for your entertainment as well by playing music and videos over it. With all of that, the application goes a long way in enhancing your work productivity while also making sure that your personal life is happening.

Additionally, the application assists you in getting other necessary information on the topics that interest you, and you can easily get the answers to your questions by using the ask jock feature.

With all of that, it’s quite the PDA you need for going through with all your work and task management needs and requirements.

Microsoft Build: Cortana + Alexa Demo

3. Hound Voice Search and Mobile Assistant

Hound Voice Search and Mobile Assistant is a complete framework to help you manage your work schedules while making it much easier to operate your mobile phone.

Currently, the application is available only for Android devices, so iOS users will have to look for something else. However, for Android users, this application is nothing less than a boon.

With advanced features and functionalities of the application, you can do almost anything and everything on Hound right from playing some music and videos to using the application for research purposes as well.

The application has a Hound search feature wherein you can ask your search queries and even communicate with the assistant regarding your queries like a normal person.

Hound - In Car Demo

Additionally, the application is useful for managing your daily tasks and schedules as you can easily create to-do lists and set reminders on the application.

Besides that, you can even set alarms so that you never get late or miss out on any important deadline.

It’s also a great application to explore new things and topics and you can even get news and weather reports on this application. In fact, in some time, the application even picks up from your behavior and suggests you some articles to read based on your interest areas.

So, you get great support and assistance from the application and you’d love to use it to the best of your needs, requirements, and benefits. Moreover, you would never get bored with this application either since it just keeps coming up with something new and interesting.

The development and technical team of Hound Voice Search and Mobile Assistant application just never rests. They keep releasing updates and upgrades that make the application better and promise better experiences to the users with every passing day.

This continuous improvement of the application is also something that keeps the users hooked to Hound despite so many other applications available out there in the market.

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4. Siri

Siri is an intelligent personal assistant which was introduced by Apple in 2011. This app has many uses.

It is one of our favorites among the best apps like Replika and can be used to send messages, schedule appointments, search for information on the web, and much more. Siri differs from other apps in that it can sense the mood of the user. 

You can ask, “do you like me?” and Siri will answer, “Sure, how could anyone not like you?” But if you ask again in another mood, “do you like me?” Siri will answer, “Sometimes, when I’m asked that, I say I like you too because I’m programmed to be friendly.” This answer shows the mood of the user.

Siri can also be used in hilarious ways. You can ask, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” to which Siri answers, “I don’t know why the chicken crossed the road.”

You can also ask, “Will you go out with me tomorrow?” to which Siri answers, “Call me, maybe?”

Besides that, you can use the application for other purposes, which cover almost everything on your mobile phone.

25 Things You Didn't Know SIRI Can Do (Siri Tips & Tricks)

It works well with all your other applications on the phone, and you can instruct it for almost anything and everything right from opening an application to making calls, sending messages, playing music, finding locations, altering settings, etc.

You can even use the application to search the web, check the weather, set alarms and reminders, and much more. 

With all of that, Siri is not just another Virtual or Personal Assistant. It is, in fact, the best of both worlds.

5. Robin – AI Voice Assistant

Robin is yet another one of the best apps like Replika and an excellent AI-based personal voice assistant designed to help you achieve more productivity at work.

It has intuitive voice search and texting options that you can use to manage your work and do almost anything on your mobile phone.

Quantum of Robin – not your typical Skyfall trailer

With the voice features, you can speak up your message to the application and send it over to the recipients. This makes it possible for you to do texting on the go.

Besides that, the application is useful to track locations and directions, and you can even find parking spots on this application. Now, that’s something great, because we all know how difficult it can be to find a place to park your vehicle.

Additionally, it makes even calling on the go easier, as all you have to do is tap your microphone for making a call. The best part yet about the application is that it comes with all the more features and has an entirely ads-free interface that makes using it less irritable and more fun.

However, to enjoy these features, you shall have to move to the premium version of the application, which, if you ask us, shall be a great choice, especially when you need the perfect PDA to meet all your needs and requirements as regards operating your mobile on the go.

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6. Google Assistant

When it comes to a personal digital assistant or a voice assistant, how can one ever miss the name of Google Assistant? The words OK GOOGLE have been of common use for many and why not.

Google Assistant is, after all, one of the most phenomenal voice assistants ever made and it works freely on all operating systems, be it Android, iOS, or even Windows operating systems.

Best Apps Like Replika 1

The application is great in helping you with operating your mobile phone on the go. With Google Assistant, it is possible for you to make calls without even ever touching your phone or accessing your contacts and dial-pad.

Additionally, you can even program it to receive your calls on the go. Also, if you want to play any music or video, the assistant shall be helpful.

Moreover, you can use Google Assistant for asking questions and solving your queries. It’s even great in helping you with your research, projects, and other assignments. So, you can add a lot of value to your work by using Google Assistant.

It’s not behind in helping you with work management either. You can use Google Assistant for creating your to-do lists, planning schedules, setting reminders and alarms as well, all of which will, in turn, ensure that your tasks are completed on time and you are not missing out on anything at all.

Moreover, you can use the tool for exploring a lot of things. In fact, finding places near you is extremely easy with Google Assistant and you can even quickly see directions or book tickets and reservations.

With that, Google Assistant really has phenomenal capabilities, features, and functionalities that you shall love using.

In addition to all of this, the application eliminates all kinds of language constraints as well. Google Assistant is equipped with multi-lingual functionalities, so you need not worry about the language you use either.

It supports a lot of languages for that matter and you shall never face any issue on Google Assistant when it comes to regional languages and dialects.

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7. Jarvis- My Personal Assistant

Another great and excellent application to help you manage your work and operate your mobile with more ease and flexibility on the go is Jarvis – My Personal Assistant.

As its name suggests, this is an application that will act as your personal voice assistant and help you manage everything on your mobile phone by your voice alone.

7 Best Apps Like Replika Chatbot Companion Powered By AI

In fact, Jarvis is actually popular for its cool and intuitive features and functionalities. As such, you can use Jarvis for almost anything on your mobile phone. Be it making calls, playing music, sending emails and messages, or any other function at all, Jarvis shall be helpful.

Moreover, this personal assistant always keeps you updated with the latest news and trends and even suggests you great articles that will interest you and give you some useful bites of knowledge.

You can even use Jarvis to keep changing the look and layout of your mobile phone by setting up automatic wallpaper changes.

Additionally, you can set alarms on this application to make sure that you are always on schedule and never running late for any work or other things you need to attend.

Moreover, it can be your personal motivator as well since it has features and functionalities to motivate you with talks, videos, audio, music, etc.

The best part yet is that the application always keeps getting better since the developers are always making changes and updates to it. So, there’s always something to look forward to on Jarvis which keeps you much hooked to it.

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Final Statement

Replika is one of the most innovative artificial intelligence projects on the market, and you shouldn’t be worried about having your secrets told to the world.

Having your jobs managed, tasks planned, and doing other things on the go requires a digital assistant in today’s time.

Moreover, with no one to talk to, considering the social bonds and ties are very much severed in today’s time, you need an alternative outlet. Luckily technology provides you with the same through apps like Replika.

These apps basically do everything for you, right from helping manage your tasks and working with more productivity to helping you find the information you need and being that friendly companion that will never let you feel lonely.

Basically, these applications are friends, guides, mentors, assistants, and a lot of things that everyone inevitably needs in their life. Using these applications will not only help you grow professionally but personally as well. With applications like these, you can be sure that you never suffer from mental health problems.

In fact, where everyone uses their phones to stay connected with other people, these applications serve as a platform helping you understand that even if there are no other people, you have a place to go to and that you can talk without the fear of being judged.

Basically, these applications are the outlet and platform you need for your mental health and personal well-being. The professional growth through stronger work management and enhanced productivity is just the cherry on the top of the cake.

With all that said, it shall only be fair to conclude that it is time you check out all these applications on the list, explore them, and see what wonders they can do for both your personal as well as professional life.

We hope that this article was helpful, and you are right on your way to finding the best personal digital assistants, voice assistants, and virtual assistants that suit you the best.