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9 Best Task Management Apps Like Taskrabbit

It can be difficult for freelancers to earn money because getting good clients is often a battle. But there are solutions to help with this predicament in the form of online apps. 

TaskRabbit is where you can easily get freelancers for different tasks in many categories. You can easily get professionals to help you with the home cleaning, deliveries, and even plumbing.

You can make fast money if you’re a freelancer on this app. But this is not the only app that can help you earn money if you’re a freelancer.

Many online apps can help you easily make money as a source of your main income or as a side gig. This article is exactly what we will be looking at.

Eight apps like TaskRabbit are listed here so that you can have many alternatives.   

Best Apps Like TaskRabbit For Quick and Efficient Errands

In this article, as mentioned before, we will look at eight different apps like TaskRabbit so that you have many different alternatives.

Not all apps are distinctly the same as Taskrabbit, but they are a great source of income for many as a side job. Most of them are great for helping freelancers specifically.  

There are links for each platform’s website and to download the apps. In this manner, you can easily find the one that best suits your needs.

Be it if you want to hire a freelancer or if you’re a freelancer looking for work. These great apps have great support for all their users, clients, and freelancers alike. 

1. Poll Pay: Earn money, cash & gift cards /w surveys

When looking for apps like Taskrabbit, Poll Pay is a great option. You can complete surveys to earn money from this app. While this may sound like a scam, it isn’t.

It’s a great way to earn money from your house on your smartphone. You can do the surveys and get the rewards like coupons, gift cards, or free PayPal Cash.  

All you need to do is register, participate in the surveys, and exchange the balance you get for credits, gift cards, vouchers, etc.

Poll Pay: Make money & free gift cards cash app

This can either be a mini-job or a small side gig for you to earn more money. You can get Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Netflix, Xbox gift cards, or PayPal credit. The payouts are fast and secure and happen with no hitch.  

There is a lot of attention paid to data security by the team as well, so there’s no need to worry about that. You can do new surveys daily, so if you don’t find any, you must wait a bit.

These can be short opinion polls or even ones regarding longer market research. The best surveys are picked so you can easily make money from the comfort of your house. You can use it anytime and from anywhere if you have your smartphone.  

Best Apps Like Taskrabbit

Poll Pay prides itself in being one of the only well-working survey apps compared to many others that pay cash as PayPal credit. And as mentioned before, you can get one if you want something more specific, like a gift card.  

So, if you want to earn something extra on the side or want a little more money, this is a great and safe way to do it. The cashback system on this app is pretty unique, especially on the Play Store.

You can also invite your friends to use this particular app and get more cash with each person that joins. All you need to do is share the invite or referral code; the person who uses it will also get a starting bonus. 

Poll Pay has 4.5 stars on the Play Store, and they also ask for the user’s opinions to improve the app’s usability and efficiency.

So the next time you’re looking for an easy way to earn money on the side, use Poll Pay and the credits you earn. Poll Pay is an excellent survey app that is also easy to use.  

Download the App from Google Play Store

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2. Fiverr – Gigs like taskrabbit

Fiverr is another one of the apps like Taskrabbit, and it is a great app if you’re rushing to finish a project on the go or are running a business throughout the day.

It is a great place where a global network or remote freelancers are given access so others can have digital freelance services. The app has a rating of 4.9 stars on the App Store and 4.2 stars on the Play Store. 

It easily connects entrepreneurs to experts and specialists for every need and to help with every idea. If you want an expert to do one job or want different services to help build your business from scratch, Fiverr can help. You can get quality work on-demand and very easily too. 

9 Best Task Management Apps Like Taskrabbit

On the app, you can get updates, place orders, and browse options from any location and at any moment.

You can find a freelancer 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, regardless of the budget, deadline, or service you need. You can even find someone to help with a project you need to be done overnight.  

There are more than 400 service categories and thousands of freelancers that you can choose from, and this includes:-

Business Operations:- Branding, user data, financial strategies, business planning, and promotion 

Music and Audio:- Production, music videos, songwriting 

Video and Animation:- Voice over, video editor, 3D animation, animation design videos 

Writing and Translation:- Editing and proofreading, blog and article writing, translations 

Digital Marketing:- Virtual assistants to speed up a business, SEO, and social media marketing

Graphics and Design:- Flyers and banners design, illustrator, logo creator, graphic designer, app designer 

Programming and Tech:Mobile app developers, website creators, programming services  

Fiverr - Google play store preview

For businesses and entrepreneurs, Fiverr is beneficial in the following ways:-

  • You can enjoy open communication at all times and on every front. 
  • Fiverr customer reviews and seller ratings help prick the perfect match for the project. 
  • Fiverr helps find freelancers instantly so you can hire as and when you need the service. 
  • You can get the projects within your budget and on time.  

For freelancers are well, this is a great app to offer services on:-

  • With mobile availability, you can get more orders while you improve the response rate, ratings, and quality of service.  
  • You can increase exposure in the digital marketplace and get noticed. 
  • There is access to an ever-growing pool of entrepreneurs, and global business always needs new talent.  

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Note:- You may like to explore our guide on 9 Best Fiverr Alternatives To kickstart Your Freelancing Journey.

3. Nextdoor: Local Updates, Recommendations, and Deals

Nextdoor is an app with 4.6 stars on the App Store and 4.1 stars on the Play Store. It is one of the apps like Taskrabbit, and you can easily use it to find recommendations for businesses near you.

Best Apps Like Taskrabbit 1

You can also search the Nextdoor Finds to buy and sell great products while connecting with your neighbors through the groups you can join. The possibilities of all that you can do are practically endless. 

This app lets you stay informed and know what is happening in your neighborhood. You can get to know the people near you, learn more about local business openings, and find home services.

You can also share recommendations, plan events nearby, keep up with local happenings, plan activities and block parties, and welcome newcomers.  

You can also get offers on what your neighbors are selling, and in some cases, the finds you procure could also be completely free. You can easily find and even participate locally in community activities, arts festivals, and cookouts.

You can also find clothing swaps and garage sales. There is also information on the shops and restaurants near you if you want to go out.  

Nextdoor can also help in getting deals and home services. For example, you can get discounts that nearby businesses offer, find dog walkers and pet sitters, and even recommend a nanny or hire local babysitters.  

Nextdoor aims to get neighbors together so everyone has a neighborhood to rely on, and the world can be kinder. The neighbors are also verified on this app so that you can safely share on the app all that you would share with your neighbor in person.

Every member must go by their real name on the app and verify the address.  

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4. Upwork for Freelancers 

Upwork for Freelancers is an app with 4.6 stars on both the Play Store and the App Store. This is another one of the apps like Taskrabbit and is great for those looking to get quality freelance work from high-value clients.

Upwork is one of the largest spaces to connect businesses and skilled freelance professionals.  

Best Apps Like Taskrabbit 2

Suppose you want to work with freedom and flexibility while getting work from anywhere worldwide. In that case, Upwork can help as it has many opportunities to help freelancers work in larger established brands and startups.

It was made so agencies and freelancers can start, run, and see their businesses grow.  

The path to having a successful freelancing career can be found at your fingertips on a platform that is very easy to navigate. It is also reliable and has built-in protections to ensure fair and timely payments for the work done.  

There are millions of jobs that are posted annually on Upwork. Freelancers have been earning a lot of money as they provide companies with more than 5,000 skills in more than 70 different categories of work.

Clients pay a lot of money for work that is across the categories, including but not limited to:-

  • Sales 
  • Marketing 
  • Accounting 
  • Customer Service 
  • Admin Support 
  • Writing 
  • Design 
  • Mobile Development 
  • Web Development 
  • Programming  

You can easily get projects no matter what your skill set is. Based on the information that is given on your profile, Upwork helps users find the best jobs.

You can also search on your own for suitable jobs. You can then submit a winning bid, agree on the scope and price, and start.  

You can use this platform to collaborate, share files, and communicate through the project on your mobile device or desktop.

A simple, streamlined process is used to help payments get through on time, and this can be through wire transfers, PayPal, direct deposits, and other options.  

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store

5. Steady – Earn Money

This app has 4.7 stars on the App Store and 4.4 stars on the Play Store. This is one of the apps like Taskrabbit that can help you if you want insights, tools, and opportunities to earn more money.

Steady is a platform that supports more than 3 million workers as it uses technology to put power back into the hands of the workers. 

On average, the workers’ income is an annual increase of $5,500. You can hear more stories on their website in the Testimonials section.

Steady Work - Earn Extra Money

At Steady, they understand that it isn’t easy to increase earnings, and this is why this community was created. Each member has exclusive access to exclusive information and finds personalized opportunities so users can generate more income based on real progress.  

There is a team of hand-selected, trusted, and financially healthy partners through whom more than $4 million and counting is paid to the members in cash boosters so that they can make decisions to better their finances. All you need to do is register and finish the required steps so that you can begin.  

Thousands of employers are available, and you can also see real information on the earnings of people in your area. Real take-home pay data is given to thousands of these employers.

This accurate income data from the community is a great way to earn money. Steady can help you decide how much you want to earn and when you want this. 

Income Boosters and emergency cash are some of the ways you can lift your income through Steady. You also get personalized recommendations on this platform.

This is a trusted community partner where the members pay them. The community is by and for the workers on this app. People can learn and increase their incomes.  

They’ve also given millions of dollars in emergency cash grants away when members needed it in cooperation with the non-profit partners.

Privacy is also taken very seriously so that information remains safe. The latest technology is used to protect data, and it isn’t sold to any third party.  

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6. Thumbtack: Hire Service Pros

Thumbtack is another one of excellent apps like Taskrabbit. It has 4.9 stars on the App Store and 4.3 stars on the Play Store. If you need to hire a massage therapist, a DJ, a landscaper, or anyone else, Thumbtack can help you.  

You can hire local professionals for any project, whether fitness coaching or home improvement. You can easily treat yourself by booking a massage in your price range and near you or renovating your home by hiring an interior designer.

You can chat with professionals directly, check prices, search for services and contractors, and more.  

9 Best Task Management Apps Like Taskrabbit

Thumbtack can help you easily find house services and professionals instead of spending hours researching companies. It will show a list of the professionals available in your area, and you can book a service in your app directly once you find that it will fit your requirements.  

You will find a lot of talented professionals on this platform so that you can easily get help with painting, moving, home design projects, house cleaning, home improvement, or anything else that you can need in a hassle-free manner.  

Millions of cost estimates for thousands of projects, from repair services to home maintenance, are tracked to see the different services’ costs. You can also find what other users have paid for the same projects on the app.

Detailed business information and cost estimates can help you hire local contractors, read reviews, and compare service processes so you can hire professionals that suit your needs and budget.  

About a thousand different kinds of services are available on this platform, so you can find any service you need.

You can get dog walkers, event planners, cleaning services, movers, repairmen, interior designers, massage therapists, plumbers, fitness coaches, electricians, handymen, and more.  

If you want to work to revamp your backyard or home, many professionals can help you out.

You can hire contractors for services like:-

  • Concrete installation 
  • Fence and gate installation 
  • HVAC maintenance and repairs 
  • House painting – interior and exterior 
  • Central air conditioning installation and repair 
  • Swimming pool cleaning, maintenance, and inspection 
  • Gutter cleaning and maintenance 
  • Outdoor landscaping and design 
  • Home repairs – appliance repair, plumbers, handymen, and  
  • Tree trimming and removal 
  • Siding, deck, staining, and sealing 
  • Home renovations – Kitchen and bathroom remodeling 
  • Home flooring – installation and replacement 
  • Full-service lawn care 
  • Deck and porch remodels or additions 
  • Home improvement – furniture removal, home decorators, movers, roofers, cleaning professionals 

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7. Hitask 

Hitask is an app that has 4.6 stars on the App Store and is one of the apps like Taskrabbit. Team task management is extremely easy and simple here as the complexity of project management is removed by this app.

You are in control, and you can easily send and receive notifications, share file library and calendar, add comments and notes, assign and share tasks, and very quickly set up any new projects. 

All the data you collate and work on will be synchronized across all devices and your team members. You can work on many platforms like the iPad, iPhone, mobile, and desktop in a seamless manner.

9 Best Task Management Apps Like Taskrabbit

Since there are expensive task and project management features and it is easy to use, since 2006, more than 700,000 customers have used this tool. 

It is also an app that conforms to enterprise-level security standards making it highly secure. You can use this app to organize tasks into projects and use tags and colors to arrange them for convenience.

You can easily assign the tasks you want to the team members responsible or share them with your team. On the same schedule, you can also have private and shared tasks.  

The clear design of this platform lets you focus on the tasks you’re working on with no distractions. You can assign tasks to the different team members and share the projects and various tasks with the team.

You can also add comments and use the chat for better collaboration with the team. Some features let you grant specific permissions on projects and tasks.  

You can get an email and push notifications whenever a task has a comment added, changed, or even assigned. Sharing the file library and adding images and files as necessary is easy.

There are sub-tasks as well for hierarchical task organization. You can also use colors and tags to organize the work and have unique numbers to track task issues.  

The shared team calendar on this platform also synchronizes across the various time zones. There are also features to record the time spent on tasks and produce reports on the progress of the work. There is also synchronization available with Outlook and Google Calendar.  

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8. Handy 

Handy is the last app on our list of apps like Taskrabbit. It has 4 stars on the App Store, and it is the simplest and easiest method to book top-rated handymen and home cleaners.

It covers over 20 UK, Canadian, and North American cities. You can pay securely from your phone once you decide what services are needed.  

You can easily make and manage the bookings, check the progress, and then rate the service so that the platform can continue having quality service for its customers.

9 Best Task Management Apps Like Taskrabbit

The professionals are insured, have their backgrounds checked, and are friendly and experienced, so you only get the best service. You can get appointments 7 days a week.  

They also have the Handy Happiness Guarantee, where they will work to correct any aspect that has made you unhappy. Customer service too is available 24/7.

They have professionals for services like:-

  • Electrical services, including outlets, fans, and light fixtures, 
  • Plumber services that include garbage disposals, toilets, faucets, and drains 
  • Handyman services include installing knobs and locks, installing window treatments, interior painting, mounting TVs,  moving help, installing air conditioning, and hanging shelves and pictures.  

Download the App from Google Play Store

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Thumbtack vs taskrabbit vs handy

Thumbtack, TaskRabbit, and Handy are popular platforms connecting customers with local professionals for home cleaning, handyman work, and personal errands. Each platform has unique features and benefits, so selecting one depends on various factors.

Thumbtack offers many services, including home repairs, personal training, and event planning. Multiple professional quotes can be compared, and satisfaction is guaranteed with a possible refund.

TaskRabbit focuses on cleaning, furniture assembly, and grocery shopping. It’s suitable for busy individuals requiring assistance with everyday tasks. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with a “Tasker Happiness Pledge,” All Taskers undergo background checks and identity verification.

Handy is similar to TaskRabbit but concentrates on home cleaning and handyman services. It provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee and offers 24/7 customer support, with a mobile app available for booking and managing appointments.

Each platform has unique strengths and weaknesses, so consider your needs before selecting one.


What apps are similar to TaskRabbit?

Several apps offer similar services to TaskRabbit, allowing customers to find local professionals to complete household tasks and errands. Some popular options are:

Thumbtack:- This app allows for easy comparison of quotes from local professionals across various services, from home repairs to personal training.

Handy:- A platform that connects customers with local professionals for home cleaning and handyman services.

Takl:- This app offers house cleaning, lawn care, and home repairs services.

Zaarly:– A platform that connects customers with local professionals for cleaning, organization, and yard work tasks.

Airtasker:– An app that connects customers with local professionals for services like cleaning, handyman work, and event planning.

Is handy or TaskRabbit better?

When choosing between Handy and TaskRabbit, personal needs and preferences are crucial. Although both platforms offer similar services, there are some differences.

Handy specializes in home cleaning and handyman services, while TaskRabbit offers a broader range of services, including grocery shopping, pet care, and furniture assembly. Therefore, if you need help with many household tasks, TaskRabbit could be more suitable.

Handy provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee and 24/7 customer support, providing peace of mind. Their mobile app is also convenient for booking and managing appointments, an advantage for busy individuals.

TaskRabbit has a “Tasker Happiness Pledge,” ensuring customer satisfaction. Also, they verify the identity and background of all Taskers, providing trust and security when hiring.

Ultimately, the decision between Handy and TaskRabbit depends on your needs. Evaluate the services required, availability of local professionals, and essential features when deciding.

Is TaskRabbit worth it as a Tasker?

As a Tasker on TaskRabbit, earning money by completing various tasks and errands for customers in your area is possible. The platform offers a convenient way of finding work and building a client base.

TaskRabbit provides a broad range of services, enabling you to find tasks that match your interests and skills. Additionally, setting your schedule and prices is easy through the platform’s user-friendly interface.

However, there may be challenges as a Tasker. Pay rates can vary depending on the area and task, and competition is high. Also, task availability may fluctuate.

Ultimately, TaskRabbit’s worth as a Tasker depends on personal goals, experience, and availability. Comparing different platforms can help you find the one that suits you best.

Is TaskRabbit better than thumbtack?

Personal needs and preferences play an essential role when selecting between TaskRabbit and Thumbtack. Both platforms provide comparable services, with some differences.

TaskRabbit specializes in household tasks and errands like cleaning, pet care, and furniture assembly. In contrast, Thumbtack offers various services, including personal training, event planning, and home repairs.

TaskRabbit provides local services, while Thumbtack caters to professionals offering online and in-person services.

TaskRabbit guarantees customer satisfaction with its “Tasker Happiness Pledge” program, which requires identity verification and background checks for all Taskers.

Thumbtack offers a satisfaction guarantee and lets you compare quotes from various local professionals. If unsatisfied, a refund can be requested.

Overall, the decision between TaskRabbit and Thumbtack is dependent on individual needs. When deciding, consider the required services, availability of local professionals, and important features.

Does TaskRabbit have a 1 hour minimum?

For its services, TaskRabbit has a minimum requirement of one hour. This implies that when booking a Tasker, they will charge for at least an hour of work, even if the task is completed quicker.

After the initial hour, the Tasker will charge in 30-minute increments. Note that certain Taskers may have different minimum requirements or additional fees, so it’s recommended that you confirm the booking details with your Tasker beforehand.


We hope our list of apps like Taskrabbit has helped you find the best platform to suit your needs.

If you’re a person looking for a service, or a freelancer looking to offer your services for payment, these apps are bound to help you find an excellent platform. As mentioned, each has a link to the website and the link to download the app. 

You will also be able to find services at affordable prices and even at discounts on some of these platforms. Some of these apps greatly care about all their users, so you can rest assured that your time on the apps will be great and the experience hassle-free.

So, whether you’re looking for a professional or freelancer service, you only need to pick a platform and easily get started.