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15 Best Apps Like TrueBill To Save More and Spend Less


Some software applications are available to help you track your finances. You can track your income, expenses, and savings using these apps. These apps like TrueBill are not the same as accounting software. They are typically used to track your income and expenses.

Budgeting apps can sync with financial accounts. Budgeting apps are most commonly used to track spending via a synced checking account. Many people don’t know how much they spend each month. It makes it much more challenging to make changes.

Use budgeting apps to organize your spending history in categories to identify trends. Over time this will make it easier to track and change your habits.

About Truebill

Truebill is the best personal finance tracker, budget planner, and reminder app. Truebill analyzes your financial situation holistically and gives you a personal finances tracker & bill tracker application that balances automation with customization to help you save money.

The user-friendly interface allows you to track everything, from expenses and spending to upcoming bill payments, while putting money back in your pocket.

Truebill is entirely free and provides a variety of tools on a single platform. Manage your subscriptions and bills to save money.

Truebill, a monthly bill organizer, will automatically detect and manage your subscriptions, helping you keep track of everything, even those you might have forgotten. This app is a bill reminder and budget planner you can trust.

Benefits of Truebill App:-

Truebill offers a variety of options that can be beneficial to make smart financial choices in your monthly budget. Some of its advantages are as follows:

  • Limitless Budgets.
  • Smart Savings Strategies.
  • Customized Categories.
  • Tracks subscription renewals.
  • Chat with an elite user.
  • Balance synchronization.
  • Finds and reports on service failures.
  • Concierge for Cancellations.
  • It does not contain any duplicate or unidentified subscriptions.
  • With the free version of the app, there is no requirement to pay for membership.

How to Select the Best Suited Budgeting App?

Your bank accounts can be synced with a budgeting app, which allows you to track your income and consumer spending.

The app you choose should allow you to track your spending, organize your expenses into categories and see trends over time. These features will help you to make better decisions and understand your spending habits.

Many apps will automatically save you money. They also provide suggestions for saving money, alerts about bills, credit scores, and investment features.

It may be worth switching to an online bank that is tech-focused and offers a higher rate of return depending on how much you are saving.

Best Apps Like Truebill – Our Top Pick👌

You can compare software alternatives that offer similar features to TrueBill, and you can also explore other options.

These other software options are identical to TrueBill and provide key features, benefits, and functionality apps like TrueBill.

1. Mint: Budget, Bills, Finance

Mint is a budgeting application and one of the best apps like TrueBill that helps you save money by creating budgets, setting savings targets, and keeping track of your spending in real-time.

Mint is a money management app that can help you manage all aspects of your financial life, including bill payments, credit scores, budgeting, and investing. Mint is a personal money management app, but small and medium-sized businesses can also use it.

Best Apps  Like Truebill

Mint’s interface on a smartphone or computer is easy to use. Mint is completely free, so there’s no need to worry about extra costs when saving money.

This finance app also makes it easy for you to track credit factors and check your credit score anytime. Mint also offers deals on loans and credit cards.

Mint lets users customize their features and functions to meet their needs. You can personalize per your needs. Get alerts about unusual charges in your account and receive tips to reduce fees and save money.

Mint app gives you detailed information on saving money. You can find it under the “Ways to Save” tab.

The “Ways to Save” section provides valuable information about different financial products, such as credit cards, personal loans, and life insurance.

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2. Stash: Invest. Learn. Save

Stash: Invest. Learn. Save is yet another best apps like TrueBill that makes it easy to save, invest, and retire. You can start it with just $5 and then learn as you go. It’s a unique platform that allows you to save money by turning on smart save automatically.

This app automatically saves the correct amount for you. You have the option to either invest them or to make your entire savings earn interest. This app is a great way to save money, and it’s very innovative.

Best Apps  Like Truebill 1

This app has a lot of features, including Invest. Learn. You can save an app that allows you to become an investment advisor for just five dollars. This platform will enable you to invest in specific themes to build an actual portfolio.

This app also provides financial education and teaches how to invest with Stash. Its educational content will help you develop better financial habits. It allows you to build your retirement plan and protect your funds in one of the most secure environments.

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3. Spendee: Budget and expense tracking & Bank sync

Spendee – Budget and expense tracking and bank sync are the best tools to help you track your spending, savings, and budgets. It is your finance tracker, helping you spend money efficiently and save more to reach your goals.

Spendee offers a wide range of attractive features that make it more valuable. The app analyzes your income and expenses through beautiful infographics and adds beauty to your finances.

Best Apps Like Truebill 2

It keeps track of your spending with its intuitive and effortless interface. It makes it easy to set budget goals and add spending and savings. It proved to be a great bill tracker, a household budget planner, and a manager.

Spendee creates shared wallets you can share with family and friends. This finance app allows secure bank synchronization and provides a plan manager that will help you plan your finances for the future.

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4. Qapital: Save Small Live Large

Qapital: Save Small, Live Large is stylish stuff that allows you to save money, save more on things you don’t need, and create a new type of checking account that will help you save.

It is easy to set goals and track progress, so you can see your savings grow each step of the journey. You can create a savings plan by using your daily activities to trigger small deposits that lead to your goals.

Best Apps Like Truebill 3

This app allows you to send and get money quickly and access cash whenever you need it. Its purpose is to make money management more accessible and motivating by focusing on your checking and savings accounts.

This app is fantastic and will help you budget for travel, hangouts, as well as larger purchases.

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5. Goodbudget: Budget & Finance

Goodbudget: Budget & Finance, a brilliant money management tool and one of the favorites among apps like TrueBill that tracks your expenses and can be used to measure home budget planning.

It’s your finance manager and proactive budget, planner. This app helps you to stay on top of your finances and bills. It’s a real-time tracker app that you can sync across iPhone and Android. You can also share your budget with other budgeting companions.

Goodbudget: Best Budgeting App for Android

It has many excellent features, including expense tracking, a practical overview of your account balance, and check envelopes.

You can also save time using the smart payee; it provides category suggestions, discovering transactions, adding your income, adding or editing accounts, and more.

To match your real life, you can also choose a budget period. You can also edit your budgets. It helps you to keep your eyes on your spending and will enable you to analyze it. You can track cash flow, income, spending, clear or reconcile transactions, download them, etc.

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6. YNAB Classic (You need a Budget)

YNAB Classic, a classic approach to plan your monthly income, is a great option. This app allows you to monitor your income, spending, expenses, as well as other expenses to help you better manage your monthly income.

This app will enable you to pay your bills on time. It also allows you to save money for shopping, travel, ceremonies, luxury goods, other priorities, or for any emergencies.

Tired of Stressing About Money? You Need A Budget

It is one of the best budget maintenance apps, helps you spend your income in specific sections. It also gives you precise motoring to spend your income the right way and increase your savings.

YNAB Classic offers a new way to manage household income and business budgets. This app will allow you to have total control over your money and reduce your financial stress by allowing you to get stuff. Because of its inventive brilliance, it is the legacy app.

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7. Acorns: Invest Spare Change

Acorns – Invest Spare Change makes it easy and secure to put your spare money into your future. There are more than 2 million people who do it intuitively.

It allows you to easily invest your spare money in an ETF portfolio that includes more than 7,000 bonds and stocks.

Best Apps Like Truebill 4

With its recurring investments and referrals as well as one-time investments, it allows its users around the world to invest with greater precision and security.

The app allows you to monitor the progress and check in on your account anytime, anywhere. These are not the only benefits of Acorns. SIPC protection protects almost $500,000 against fraud. That’s why your money is so safe and protected on this platform.

You can also stay informed and access its online personal finance publication. You can also withdraw your money without fear at no cost. Acorns is a trusted financial app and one of the best apps like TrueBill that’s intelligent and reliable.

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8. Digit – Save Money Automatically

Digit Save Money Automatically offers a solid platform for saving money for all your goals. You can save money without even thinking about it, and you have unlimited withdrawals without any account minimums.

15 Best Apps Like TrueBill To Save More and Spend Less

You can earn a 1 percent bonus for saving money by using this app. This app efficiently saves you the most money every day on both your income and expenditure. You can withdraw your savings as often and quickly as you need, at any time, without incurring any fees.

It is free to use for 100 days, and then you can have an affordable subscription plan, or you can cancel it anytime.

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9. Pennies: Budget and Expenses

Pennies – Budget and Expenses app allows you to track your income, spending, savings, and income in a way unlike any other. This app is an award-winning one that makes it easier for users to track their credit and monitor them.

Pennies is a budgeting app that can be used every day for many years. It will help you know what you can spend, and it will do all the work so that you have more money tomorrow.

15 Best Apps Like TrueBill To Save More and Spend Less

It is your personal finance client that can offer you a monthly, weekly, and bi-weekly budget, as well as custom, twice-monthly, one-off, and custom budgets.

This app allows you to easily add or edit spending to budget periods and previous dates, and it accurately recalculates your current budgets so that your spending money is in control.

It also offers flexible expense options, multiple currency support, and the ability to transfer money between budgets.

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10. Pocket Guard

It’s a basic free budgeting application that is simple to use. PocketGuard got the nod as it helps to cut down on the overspending. It employs an algorithm to monitor your expenses, income, and savings goals.

It will reveal how much you can afford to spend each day. The spending limits will stop overspending and achieve what you want to accomplish in your finances.

PocketGuard has been awarded the top spot in terms of the best app for people who overspend because it aims to help users control their spending. It offers a no-cost version and a premium, paid version called PocketGuard Plus.

In order to begin, it is necessary to join your savings, checking, or credit cards accounts. The app can show you the amount you spend as well as where you can save. It will also remind you when bills for credit cards are due.

The “In My Pocket” feature of PocketGuard “In My Pocket” features an algorithm to determine the total amount you can spend depending on your income, your upcoming bills and goals, your budgets, and recent spending.

The app has an intelligent reminder for bills to help you keep track of the due dates and indicates how you can use it to negotiate lower costs.

It also has an automated savings option that lets you make a plan and save towards it. PocketGuard automates the transfer of money into an FDIC-insured account on behalf of you.

PocketGuard Plus offers additional features, including creating your categories, changing dates for transactions, and the ability to export information, track cash, coordinate ATM withdrawals, and deposits, and even split transactions. The company also has an educational blog that provides opportunities to gain knowledge.

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11. Clarity Money: Budget Planner

Clarity Money – Budget Planner is a powerful app that can be used as your financial advisor. It offers many features to help you professionally analyze your personal finances.

The app uses machine learning and data science for a comprehensive analysis of your personal finances. It helps you to make correct decisions about where to spend your money.

This app is free and will help you track your spending, save money, protect your credit score, plan for your budgets, lower bills, and manage all your accounts in one place.

It doesn’t charge you for subscriptions or accounts that aren’t necessary. All aspects of your payments can be managed easily. You can cancel or lower your bills instantly.

Clarity Money – Budget Planner allows you to transfer money between accounts. You can also generate your credit score instantly. It’s your financial partner that will efficiently search for ways to save money and manage your finances.

12. Simplifi by Quicken

Quicken’s Simplifi offers a personal spending plan that includes real-time updates about how much money you have leftover each month.

The app syncs with your bank accounts to track your financial progress and show you where you are at. Simplifi from Quicken tracks all your subscriptions and bills, even those that you don’t use.

15 Best Apps Like TrueBill To Save More and Spend Less

Because of its effective tracking capabilities, Simplifi from Quicken is the best app for cash flow. You will need to connect your bank accounts to get started.

Once you do, you’ll have a complete picture of your finances. The app automatically categorizes and tracks your spending and keeps you up to date with any upcoming expenses.

The app’s unique watchlist feature allows you to limit your spending by payee or category. The app’s custom spending plan monitors your cash flow to avoid spending more than what you earn. Quicken’s Simplifi app offers tips, but you can also access a blog with educational content.

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13. Zeta

Zeta is a budgeting app that’s free for couples. This app is for all types of couples: married, engaged, newlyweds, and others. You can connect multiple accounts to track spending, view your net worth, manage bills, and more.

A joint, no-fee bank account can be opened. This card will include no account fees, digital checks, and access to the Allpoint ATM network. Contactless payments and bill pay are also available. Zeta is the best choice for couples because of all these added features.

15 Best Apps Like TrueBill To Save More and Spend Less

It is a free budgeting tool that caters to all couples. You can also use the product to manage your spending and pay bills together. Zeta’s Money Manager App is available for free.

Zeta Money Manager allows you to sync your accounts and manually add data to share a standard view of your finances. It can track spending, create budgets, manage bills, and set goals.

The highlights are sharing controls, personal and shared budgets, reminders for bills, and many other features. Zeta helps to keep you focused on your goals while connecting your financial actions with them. 

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14. Betterment

Betterment, a financial app with powerful features, brings you a great financial advisor. The app efficiently uses proven investment strategies, user-friendly, and modern technology to make them available to all investors.

It is a great way to make money. It will make recommendations about how much risk you should take into your portfolio.

15 Best Apps Like TrueBill To Save More and Spend Less

Then, it will invest your money in a globally diversified portfolio with low-cost ETFs. It allows for low taxes that traditional investment services can’t match. You can achieve higher returns by using globally diversified portfolios and automated portfolio management.

It also offers tax-efficient investing plans like asset location and tax loss harvesting. This app is the best to ensure the best possible investing experience.

It allows you to sync your external investments, access to customer support plans, as well as have access to licensed financial professionals for all customers, anywhere and anytime.

You can save and invest with transparency. It also integrates low-fee funds and low-cost funds without additional trading fees.

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People Also Ask

1. Do Budgeting apps help to lower your bills?

Depending on your financial situation, budgeting apps may help you lower your bills. There are many ways they can help you lower your bills. They include professional negotiating and refunds for service outages or fees.

2. What are the best monthly budgeting apps?

The app that suits you best is the best for your monthly budget. Each app recommended has features that will help you avoid common mistakes in budgeting. These features can be applied to many different financial goals and styles.

3. What makes for a successful budget?

The process of budgeting begins by setting your budgeting goals, savings goals, and spending prioritizations.

If you know, the amount of money is being spent or coming into your account, and then you’re more prepared to face the unexpected and expected financial difficulties that life throws at you.

Your spending habits are also important. The more precise your financial attitude, savings, and spending habits are, the more effectively your budgeting and investment efforts will help you achieve your goals. If you’re struggling with spending habits that you must improve, the appropriate app will help.

4. Are budgeting apps beneficial?

Budgeting apps can be a powerful tool for helping you live your budget and not plan one. These apps can give you great insight into your spending habits and show you how to make savings.

5. Is Truebill free or paid?

Truebill is entirely free to use; however, it comes with paid-for features that you can choose to avail yourself of. For instance, it’s completely easy to set up budgets in the Truebill application.

However, it’s only possible to make a small amount of funding before you are required to purchase the upgraded version. Additionally, you need to buy an account with a premium subscription if you wish to use Truebill’s Smart Savings feature and save funds for set goals.

6. What are the top budgeting apps for free?

There are a variety of fantastic budgeting apps that you can select from to satisfy your requirements. The best free budgeting software for you will be the one that can best fulfill your financial objectives. If you’re trying to find the perfect application for you, try downloading and testing them to see if you like them.

Final Thoughts

Truebill is far from flawless. Truebill isn’t perfect. When you look at the benefits of canceling your subscription and saving money, the application is worth the cost. Truebill might not be the right choice for you if you keep track of your monthly expenses and budget accordingly.

If you’re unable to keep track of issues such as auto-renewing subscriptions and service interruptions, then the service is worthwhile. In the end, an untapped 60 percent savings chance is far better than the 100 percent chance of missing a savings opportunity.

The process to figure out how you can manage your finances is much simpler when you use beneficial financial applications. In addition to Truebill, there are many other apps, including Mint, YNAB (You Need a Budget), Zeta, Spendee, Simplifi, Unsplurge, Goodbudget, etc.

Any of these personal finance apps could work for most people, but you should evaluate them while selecting one for your finances. Selected ones must align better with your financial goals.

Of course, you can always use two or more apps simultaneously if you want to take advantage of their different features and benefits. One to help lower your bills and use another one to manage your finances properly.