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11 The Best Apps Like Wattpad Where Stories Live

The popular app Wattpad was launched in 2006, and since then, it has ballooned. Safe to say, Wattpad is the undisputed champion among its pairs.

Writers all across the world have made it their home. Today, it boasts of a 90 million + strong community. Many of its stories have emerged as New York Times Bestsellers and top Netflix movies.

However, a writer or reader might want to look at other options outside this mighty community.

In this article, we will be discussing other apps like Wattpad. We would highlight their features and what makes each unique.

Best Alternative Apps Like Wattpad: Our Pick 👌

1. Amino

Being one of the free social storytelling apps like Wattpad, Books, and Writing Amino is a viable alternative if you’re seeking a devoted community of literary aficionados.

It has become a fast-growing online community, with viewers and authors of all kinds, particularly admirers of Young Adult fiction. Those looking for a sense of belonging will have the opportunity to read fresh stories daily, contribute their work, and receive relevant comments.

Best Alternative Apps Like Wattpad

It’s also a useful tool if anyone just wants to talk about their writings or what they are reading or discover what other people are reading around the world.

Readers can discover new writers. You can also earn reputation credits by telling your story of these acts to help to make the community more engaged.

Users can also build a collection of their favorite books and display them to the world through Books and Writing Amino.

Creators can use editing tools that make their writings more compelling and platform-appropriate.

To join this literary group and use the software, there are two options. Depending on one’s gadget, you can get the Books and Writing Amino application from Play Store or Apple Store.

You can use it to cross-reference your interests, view stories in the writing world, and discover characters from the same story in the cosplaying community.

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

2. Miraquill (Formerly Mirakee) – Write Quotes, Poems

Mirakee can be considered relatively new when compared to Wattpad. It was officially launched in July 2016, and within this relatively short time, Miraquill is ending up being a very respectable Wattpad alternative. 

Even though it doesn’t have the exposure components like Wattys and Wattpad Studios, Miraquill is incredible at its essential objective of being an important tool for the community of writers.

With Miraquill, users can read and share any write-up with the rest of the writing world; Blogs, stories, quotes, poems, haikus, and even the writer’s thoughts can be communicated to others via this medium. 

Best Alternative Apps Like Wattpad 1

Anyone can share a wide range of writing in strikingly dazzling designs you distribute on the stage or on other channels like Pinterest. 

Miraquill isn’t only a spot to distribute your thoughts and ideas and have other people read your writings. Even though the total number of users is unknown, Miraquill has had over 50,000 downloads over time from the Android and ios stores and other websites.

Through distributed works like short stories, poems, tweets, and micro tales, you can discover other enthusiastic writers, follow them, and always comment on their pages. 

In addition to the fact that Miraquill offers a community for writers like Wattpad, it likewise has a kit to assist writers in the entire writing process. Hence, the end product is of higher quality. 

Through day-by-day writing challenges on its platform, writers can allow their creative minds to sparkle by making stories, tweets, quotes, and poems. You can likewise follow your performance against others through comments and likes. 

Miraquill’s Google accessible component is useful in making a web-based composing persona. It permits anybody to discover your composition under your user name if you want to keep your true identity.

Nonetheless, you need to share around 20 posts on the application before others can discover you using keywords like “your username Mirakee reviews.” 

Note that Miraquill allows all languages, and it is without a doubt outstanding amongst other free apps like Wattpad you would find.

Download the App on Google Play Store

3. Scary Chat Stories

Searching for what feels like receiving a text message from a friend on your device? Scary Chat Stories is among the top sites for readers looking for free mini horror stories.

Hundreds of eerie conversation stories in the ghost and scary genres will be available. Scary Chat Stories is unique from other apps like Wattpad in that it only caters to this one niche.

Best Alternative Apps Like Wattpad 2

All of the stories are accessible in bite-sized SMS chats, which makes them quite easy to read. This also creates a feeling of seeing another person’s chat history. It amplifies this experience by using graphics to keep you engrossed.

Although horror stories seem to be the application’s primary focus, it also includes stories from other genres. Romance, action and thrillers, Granny terror, textual games, and much more.

On Scary Chat Pieces, writers inspired by a tale they read cannot create fanfiction or unique stories.

Scary Chat Stories, also called Addicted, is exclusively available for Android & apple. Former Wattpad browser readers need to download the app to access the site’s story library.

Furthermore, while its Android app is free, it is not void of advertisements. There’s also a premium edition available if you don’t want the ads. 

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

4. Commaful: Short Stories, Poems

In case you’re an author, you’ve likely caught wind of Commaful previously. Maybe you were introduced by a companion or user. Perhaps you read a story that was posted on the site. On the off chance that you reason like I do, you looked it up and perhaps felt somewhat confused. 

Each time I saw it around, I got more inquisitive. At last, I chose to take a plunge. Somewhat recently, I have grown a decent, little, however faithful following on  Commaful. Even though it took some time to become acclimated to it, I can proudly tell you I am totally in love.

Best Alternative Apps Like Wattpad 3

Do you like to see your stories in multimedia design, with stories expressed in contextual gifs and pictures? Commaful is an app like Wattpad that you should consider. 

Even though Wattpad enables the comparative format, this application has its stories told completely in picturebook design. 

You simply tap on a title and each picture to view the subsequent piece of the story. 

You can transfer your photos with genuine individuals or utilize stock pictures from places like Unsplash and Pexels

It’s got a loaded tapestry of stories from different classifications, including short stories, poems, comics, and fanfiction. 

It has a wide genre, including horror, spine-chiller, and love stories. What’s more, it is ideal for those searching for thrilling experiences or less terrifying stories in light of its configuration. 

Being one of the writing apps like wattpad, it provides a web platform. Hence, you don’t need to download the application if you don’t want to. 

It would prove useful for readers changing from Wattpad, who are accustomed to using their PC. Be that as it may, if you incline toward using an application, it remains accessible only on iOS. 

You should simply go to the site and sign up through three accessible choices: Facebook, Twitter, or Email. The site, nonetheless, permits you to look at a couple of stories before you join to check whether there is something in it for you. 

More than being about the best site for readers, Commaful is likewise a strong stage for authors. 

The application is home to proficient writers, top bestsellers, and popular screenwriters who explore diverse story thoughts for readers to appreciate and authors to be motivated by. 

Moreover, writers get their work presented to loads of readers and other authors who will give you support, not minding their proficiency.

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5. Penana

One of Wattpad’s benefits is the ability to read stories in indigenous or translation languages from all around the globe.

If you’re hunting for apps like Wattpad, this could be a really important aspect to give up. This is where Penana shines as a Wattpad alternative.

Asian authors and readers primarily dominate it. As a result, it has a diverse range of writings, including K-Pop literature from Japan, China, and S. Korea, among others. There are writings in almost every genre, comprising drama, science fiction, humor, adventure, and love story. You can view them in their local text or a translation.

As a user, the service gives several categorizations that are geared to individual users. There are many long narratives to read and short bits to read.

Penana - Your Mobile Fiction Platform

You could also use the Charts tool to view competition entries and the most viewed and discussed stories.

You could also follow authors and offer suggestions, making the interaction between authors and readers highly interactive.

Penana isn’t just a location where readers can read various content; it is a site where writers can share their ideas among thousands of people.

Users can add their content or enter writing competitions based on various subjects. You also could work on a narrative with some other writers, making it more of a social hosting service.

Additionally, the Suggestion Revision feature allows your viewers to submit your proposed narrative improvements. All you need to do now is turn on the feature. Furthermore, the corrections are only accessible to you and are only made public when you authorize them.

Notwithstanding this, Penana will not provide a deal or a book contract. As a result, authors only can utilize it to improve the work quality as well as assess the reaction of their readers.

Also, online, the program is accessible through a different browser. Android and iOS versions are also accessible. Again, the app is completely free; you’ll have to register with an email address or just a Facebook profile.

When considering apps like Wattpad in Asia, Penana would be a top pick.

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

6. Inkitt: Books, Novels, Stories

You cant talk about apps like Wattpad without mentioning Inkitt. This application is presumably the most well-known Wattpad alternative, notwithstanding being launched only in 2013. 

The application has been used by more than 3,000,000 people around the world because of its many features that are similar to Wattpad the world’s biggest storytelling community.

The main thing people need from Wattpad is a door to its huge collection of stories. This way, the German-created application Inkitt doesn’t let you down. 

11 The Best Apps Like Wattpad Where Stories Live

It has various incredible stories distributed across different categories, such as love stories, drama, science fiction, adventure, and erotica. 

Additionally, there are numerous fanfictions, with mainstream titles like Glee, Lord of the Rings, Naruto, Supernatural, and Harry Potter. 

You would not only be able to burn through numerous stories on Inkitt, but you have the opportunity to immerse and thoughts, thereby adding to the conversation using its trending topics feature. 

Would you prefer to avoid clamor and stick to discussions with similar people? Inkitt additionally has various groups where you can discuss your desired niche. 

Authors can likewise discover distinct fan groups who go through their accounts before distributing them to the public. Talking about Authors, Inkitt also permits readers to tell their own stories. 

You can show your exploratory writing abilities through its contests or by writing your book that can be distributed by employing Inkitt distributing arm called Inkitt Publishing. 

If a writer’s story draws numerous readers and comments, they could become eligible for a publishing contract and distribute it on paper, in digital form, and different formats. Besides that, they will likewise get published on Inkitt’s sister application, GALATEA.

GALATEA is a reading application where Inkitt’s stories are transformed to make vivid encounters through special visualizations, haptic feedback, audio effects, and chat fiction. 

Inkitt is accessible as an application on Android and iOS. Its contents can be equally opened through an internet browser. Only a few apps like Wattpad can be compared to Inkitt.

You should simply join your email, Facebook, or Google accounts.

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

7. Movellas

Movellas customer base isn’t as large as Wattpad’s; however, it’s a good option for individuals who want to upload or read stories on less-popular platforms.

It’s had a roller coaster ride since its inception in 2011, and while it is available as a browser app and mobile app.

Movellas stands out among other apps because of its simple and easy design. Internet users will like how versatile it is across their many smartphones. This makes it simple to stay current with the hundreds of stories accessible in various genres.

Welcome to Movellas!

Plays, fantasy, screenplays, poetry, fanfiction, and realism are among the 19 genres available on Movellas. Aside from that, you can keep track of stories submitted to writing competitions.

As a public storytelling medium, this app is doing an outstanding job of building a society. It offers a Discover feature that allows you to explore new authors and tales.

Anyone can follow writers they like once they’ve found them; they can also follow you back, similar to how existing social networks function. If you want to interact with live writers, you could track them down.

Mumbles is a service that allows you to review personal comments and postings from many other authors and readers. Writers can also compete in writing contests centered on word suggestions or themes provided by groups and the service.

A frequently updated guidance blog, where authors offer various writing advice, is one of several creative writing kits.

Movellas offers a low entrance barrier, following the principles that identify the finest Wattpad-like apps. Most apps like Wattpad are free, and Movellas is no exception; all you’ll have to subscribe with is an email address, a Gmail, or a Facebook profile.

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

8. Sweek

Sweek publishing is an important part of Sweek, a stage where anybody can become a writer, compose and share stories, and be read everywhere in the world. 

It takes only a few seconds and at zero expense. Through their mobile applications and site, authors can make a fanbase of faithful readers. On Sweek, you can discover stories from less known and notable creators from all genres.

Best Alternative Apps Like Wattpad 5

Follow your #1 stories, get told when a new chapter is out, and give your input. Going on vacation? Your choice stories are saved on your device, even when offline.

Have your own dream story formed in your mind? Sweek allows you to easily record your script on your cell phone, tablet, or PC. With Sweek, you can read, compose and share stories through the application and site. 

Do you want to earn a living from writing, Sweek allows you to distribute, print, and market books. Many individuals fantasize about composing a book: Sweek empowers them to live the dream. 

It is an online book distributor that empowers you to distribute your writeups and digital books at no expense effortlessly. The platform helps you all through the distributing cycle and helps you with advancing and selling your book. The goal is to empower readers and authors using its global reach. 

The site offers everyone the functionalities needed to write and distribute, advance, and sell their books. In less than an hour, you can distribute your book by yourself, sell it through bookstores, and market it using social media and your site directly to your readers. 

The platform offers top-notch Print on Demand and offsets printing for enormous amounts. There are no costs included, and your profits are high. Sweek offers different options to sell your writings. First, you can purchase your book at competitive rates (this includes volume discounts beginning from just 3 copies) and offer it to your readers.

Other than that, there is a webshop that links you with important book shops and the chance to sell books straightforwardly to clients utilizing online media and your sites. The profit, particularly when selling your books straightforwardly, is high. 

Sweek’s creators have immediate access to every one of their data, including their sales and profits. Authors get paid for their work monthly.

The Sweek support team is ever-present to direct you during the process of distributing and selling. This is a platform that knows the importance of a book for you and continues to support and encourage you to the end of your book. 

With more than 40 brands in different nations, Mybestseller and Sweek support many thousands of hopeful creators on a worldwide scale. My bestseller provides third parties with a white-label distributing stage.

This is one of the apps like Wattpad worth the mention.

Download the App on Google Play Store

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9. NovelCat

This Wattpad substitute is among the most powerful social storytelling tools available and one of the best apps like Wattpad. Many users and contributors write for and view its huge library, despite lacking the popularity of other apps like Wattpad.

NovelCat offers a solid presence online that is as functional as its Android and iOS apps, unlike other programs that turn a blind eye to a functional web version. There are over five million stories in over 20 genres, such as fantasy, romance,  fanfiction, and many others.

💕Makes The Reading World More Wonderful~

Posting your original stories to the collection also could earn you incentives, including money. Writers have access to this option through the Writer Benefits program.

If you don’t want to browse the tales by genre, this app can also suggest weekly content to you. To find new content and authors, there are featured and ranked sections. Top hits, hot stories, growing stories, and often updated charts are all included in ranked lists.

Should you find things you enjoy, you may engage with the authors and offer them presents to express your gratitude for their work.

NovelCat excels at more than just being a story library. This is also a fantastic reader platform. On mobile applications, you can personalize actions such as the page-turning action and typeface, which you can’t use on the web version.

The application’s overall intuitive UI includes a configurable design. Install the software on an Android or iOS system. You could equally visit their website in your browser and join up with a Facebook or Google account.

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store

10. BookBreaks

Harlequin is the creator of this app. It works both on Android and iOS. Many stories have already been posted within the App. Also, more stories are being posted every weekday. The coolest thing about this recent innovation is that each piece of content is free.

BookBreaks gives romance story readers a helpful menu for personalizing their reading time.  Hanging tight in line for espresso? The BookBreak application proposes various brief yet cool stories to keep you occupied during the waiting time.

11 The Best Apps Like Wattpad Where Stories Live

Searching for the perfect story to light up a dull day? The menu suggests a choice of energetic, heart-racing “Edge of Your Seat” thrillers to slow pace love stories that get you smiling all through.

BookBreaks is a cleverly helpful new access point for Harlequin’s main site. BookBreaks is immensely well-known for its online serialized content and serialized love stories. Fresh chapters are uploaded and are accessible on a day-by-day or weekly basis.

 More than 300 online reads—are included each month. BookBreaks can boast of over a quarter of a million daily readers.

BookBreaks gives readers the capacity to look across this tremendous assortment of romantic stories for the ideal story for their mood. Readers can equally choose the best fit with their time and favorite writers. 

When a story has been chosen, the reader is given more details, such as a plot depiction, the number of chapters available, the release date for the next chapter, links to the chapters, and other stories in the same niche.

Users can set notifications (guaranteeing they keep up on the contents they need to follow), read multiple stories at a time, add new stories to their favorite list, are given depending on their favorite stories, and authors can share their favorite stories with anyone. Readers can download Book Breaks for Android or iOS. 

Remember, This app is relatively new, which explains the reports of failed email signup by users of the app. In any list of apps like Wattpad, BookBreaks should get a mention.

Download the App on Google Play Store

Download the App on Apple App Store


Which is better, Wattpad or Inkitt?

Both platforms are exceptional for writers. Well, Wattpad is massive in terms of both the number of users and the popularity. It has a great interface, and you can easily create your stories on it.

Similarly, Inkitt is difficult to work on, speaking of the interface. But since the number of users here is lesser than Wattpad, you might get more viewers and be able to earn more money, likewise. 

What age is Wattpad suitable for?

According to the terms of service mentioned by the Wattpad team, anyone 13 years or older is allowed to use Wattpad. Moreover.

If you are found using the platform below the age limit, your account will be banned. Hence, the team takes records of your date of birth to ensure the content served to you is appropriate. 

Is there a site better than Wattpad?

Even though there are millions of readers on Wattpad, it is not the only platform for writers and readers. Other alternatives you can find are Penana, Sweek, Inkitt, Tap, Medium, etc.

All of these not only allow you to read stories and novels posted by different writers, but also you can be that writer as well and post your stories as well. 

Does Wattpad pay authors?

Wattpad introduced a Paid Stories program where authors or writers can earn money from their stories. It even allows readers to support their favorite authors monetarily by purchasing the stories within this program.

Anyone can purchase the stories that are only available from the Wattpad app. You will have to purchase coins through Google Pay or Apple Pay, after which you can get the stories through these coins. 

Does Wattpad own your story? 

No, Wattpad does not own your story, even if you post it on their site. You are always free to get your work published by other publishing houses or any other platform to earn money.

However, it is always better to fill in the copyright so that your content is legally yours and no one can copy it. 

Is Wattpad safe?

Yes, Wattpad is safe to use. It has an age requirement of 13 years and above, but you will find it on every other application.

Such platforms have stories and content published by writers that might be suitable for childer under the age of 17, which might make it skeptical for parents to allow them to use this app. 


So many apps like Wattpad are out there for you to prioritize being a writer in a literary community or reading different types of stories. The next time you think of being a writer, one of these options may play a vital part in enhancing your reach. 

These ten are the highest quality, with minimum tradeoffs based on your main objective. Please share your thoughts in the comments. I would like to know what other alternatives you may have tested, as well as your experience using any of these.