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11 Best Apps Like Zelle To Make Money Moves Quickly

With more and more major technological advancements, our lives have undoubtedly become more convenient, better organized, and simply troubleless.

In the blink of an eye, or with an instant touch, a lot can be done or achieved nowadays. As technology enhances and grows, so does society.

People are now shifting from traditional methods to new and modernized ones, in almost every aspect and sphere of their lives. 

The most important boon that technology has gifted us with, is the accessibility to make online payments. Be it a mobile recharge, an electricity bill payment, a bank transfer, a payment on the grocery store, or repayment of money to your friends, everything can be done easily and instantly with just a touch! 

Online payments and money transfers are extremely convenient for the users, adding to the benefit that these payments can be made anytime, at any place.

To reduce much of your botheration regarding online payment, we have several online payment apps that are secure and safe to rely on. 

One such app is Zelle. It is a major digital payments network in the United States. This app is an easy, safe and secure method to transfer money or to send money to friends and family.

You can pay and even get paid on Zelle. It suits your needs by allowing you to make an online payment even if the bank accounts of you and your friend are in different U.S.-based banks. 

You can easily get access by using your current mobile banking app. The payments made on Zelle are super secure, hence, it is reliable to use.

It is present in over a thousand banking apps. The transactions made on this platform do not cost the user even a penny more. Hence, most of your online payments can be done through Zelle. 

Moving ahead, there are various other apps like Zelle, the best ones are given below.

Best Apps Like Zelle – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. Google Pay

GooglePay or GPay is one of the easiest to establish online payments apps like Zelle. It is safe, secure, and trustworthy.

By linking your bank account to Google Pay, instant money can be sent to your friends and family members. You can also pay for your electricity bill, or you can purchase tickets for your favorite show/movie.

To make a payment somewhere for the first time, GooglePay allows its user to scan the QR code and pay instantly, thereafter the users can also pay by checking their transaction history. This app works fairly with a major number of QR codes, thereby making the app efficient and effective. 

GooglePay is incredibly easy to use. It is the app that slowly gets incorporated into everyday life as time goes on.

Best Apps Like Zelle

It is safe to choose this as a payment method because it eliminates the need to carry cash with you every time you go out to buy something. Making a payment is now just a one-step away process.

GooglePay has digital securities, for instance, it has two-factor authentication, that makes sure to get the payment accessed only by the legit account owner, and not by somebody else.

From a street-side vendor or a big businessman, it is the app for all. Getting paid on the app is as easy as getting a payment done.

This app can act as a bank or it can act as a wallet. The app can store a lot of payment methods, be it gift cards or bank accounts, or credit cards.

Adding onto this, the app also lets you store and manage key-tag barcodes for grocery stores and gas stations.

The most appealing feature of the app is that by making a payment on GooglePay, you get points or coupons as a reward, which can be used shortly, as long as they are valid. Moreover, it can be accessed through various devices such as your smartphone or smartwatch. 

GooglePay comes with an inbuilt chat room where messages can be sent and received. Also, for a person already added to your contact list, sending money becomes easier as you can search for them/their contact here and then pay them easily.

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2. Wise (ex TransferWise)

The most credible source to make international payments is Wise. It is a fast, easy and cheap way to send money abroad. The money sent does not include any hidden fees and is sent at the real exchange rates. 

Best Apps Like Zelle 1

For example- if you send 1338.77 USD using Wise, you will only have to pay a transfer fee of 24.40 USD, that is, at a conversion rate of 0.01338 which is the same as the mid-market rate. The charges applied by Wise are 70-80 percent less than what a bank charges. 

Moreover, the user interface provided by wise is extremely convenient. This platform is a solution for the people residing abroad, with their families in their homeland. Instant money transfers can be done and payments for overseas education can be made through Wise. 

Wise is secure and reliable, supporting its users by providing over 40 different languages as a means of communicating or contacting.

It saves the trouble of its users of having to stand in long, packed queues to send money abroad. With just a click, instant transfers can be made on the app. 

The money transfer is extremely fast which makes the user satisfied and accounts for an awesome user experience. The most extraordinary feature of the app is its customer service. The responses to customers’ queries are quick and efficient, making the app user-friendly.

Users can have a multi-currency account on Wise, which allows them to send and receive payments painlessly. This makes Wise more or less like a UPI payment app, but internationally.

If someone has to urgently travel abroad, then this app can be a support, as the user can open the local currency account by using the same debit card. 

Hence, Wise is one of the best apps like zelle to be thought of, in times of a quick and necessary money transfer abroad.

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3. PayPal

Pay easily with PayPal. It is a trustworthy online payment app used by several people. Money can be sent or received on this platform.

Payment of bills and online shopping can also be done here. PayPal lets its users not only send money but also split the bill into fragments. An amount as large as $60,000 can be sent at once, making it a business effective app. 

Best Apps Like Zelle 2

In case a user is unable to make complete payment at once, it allows the feature of “Pay in 3”, wherein the user can pay later and own a thing than itself. Using this feature, the payment can be done in three parts or installments.

The loan provided by the app is interest-free and adding to this, automatic payments will be made. But, in case of a missed payment, a late fee will be applied. 

The app also sends notifications for every penny spent, or for every payment made, thereby keeping the user aware of their remaining balance.

Moreover, whenever a user makes payment via PayPal, he or she gets a reward, this results in the app being even more interesting to use.

Along with this, you can also make a payment by scanning any valid QR code. The “receiving payments” criteria are as simple and easy as the sending one is!

It is handy and instant to use. Being uncomplicated, the app does not confuse its users. They can always think of PayPal whenever they are supposed to make an online payment or an online purchase. 

Along with this, the users can also avail a free PayPal cash card, which can be used to set up direct deposit at no extra fee or to make payments at physical locations. In case of issues or difficulties, it has an ever-ready customer service that is super easy to get hold of. 

The most distinctive feature of PayPal is its ability to buy, hold and even sell crypto. This new add-on glorifies the app even more!

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4. WorldRemit

A better and more convenient way to send money than the traditional method of visiting a bank is to use the WorldRemit app. Payment can be made by using a Debit Card, Credit card, Prepaid Card, Bank Transfer, etc. Thus, the app includes wide-ranging options to make a payment.

The daily money-transfer limit differs according to the country where you are sending money and the international transfers made on the app are undoubtedly convenient and safe.

11 Best Apps Like Zelle To Make Money Moves Quickly

Transfer fee is competitively lower than other companies, and the company is transparent in this aspect. Hence, the user gets acknowledged to the exact amount that is being used as a fee in transferring money overseas. 

WorldRemit is super-easy and handy to use. Further, the user is provided with several varied options to make a payment through or to receive a payment. Payments can also be received in cash, that too home delivered. This enhances the credibility factor of the app.

No matter whenever you switch to WorldRemit, the first 3 transfers made by you will be fee-free. So, you can back out anytime if you do not like the app during these deposits.

It is robust, providing fast money transfers. Transferring money to your friends and family members, residing inland or abroad is absolutely a painless process. It can be trusted and relied upon in terms of making online payments or getting a money transfer. 

Even for those who are not as adapted to technological advancements as the others are, this platform is a secure and easy way to make payments.

WorldRemit does not have an extended learning curve, therefore, a user does not have to invest much time on the app learning anything.

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5. Cash App

Much like other online payment apps, Cash App is primarily a peer-to-peer payment service that has seen rapid growth. Direct and quick funds can be sent and received through the Cash App.

Best Apps Like Zelle 4

The extraordinary feature of the app is that it provides its user with a “bank account” and a “debit card”, which a user can have access to, at any ATM. The ATM withdrawals are free if they are done after setting up a direct deposit, and if that is not the case, a fee of $2 is charged per withdrawal. 

Moreover, Instant discounts are given to the users after creating a debit card on the app. Services like investing in stocks and bitcoin are available to the user for free, adding onto its features, otherwise, a fee is required for certain special services. 

Though the security terms and processes of the app are encrypted, they are not very reliable. For instance, your balance is not FDIC-insured, meaning that there’s no guarantee of getting your money back in case of a mishap. 

CashApp works efficiently for sending small sums of money. In that aspect, the app is perfectly usable. The sending and receiving limits of the app are $250 within 7 days (sending), and up to $1,000 within 30 days (receiving). 

The major and the most worthy feature of the app is the “cash boosts”. The cash boosts offer discounts to the users with some retailers, which is by default applied to a purchase.

This helps the users to save money. Not to forget that, only one boost can get activated at a time). Majorly, this app is suited for not too large money transactions. 

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6. Venmo

Venmo is a PayPal service that allows its users to split bills easily and to carry out any purchase. It is like a digital wallet, wherein the user can pay and get paid, usually free, but with a fee of $3 for linked credit cards. Easy payments can be made to your friends and family member.

11 Best Apps Like Zelle To Make Money Moves Quickly

On Venmo, all the daily life necessities such as rent, groceries, or bills can be split up as per the user’s preferences. It also lets its users settle up for “Venmo friends“, who are up for the same activity as yours, from picnic to movies, this doubles up the fun.

Along with this, you can send instant gifts to your near and dear ones, like cash for a party or birthday gift, etc. Venmo is a social-friendly app, using which, you can interact with your friends’ payment using emojis and stickers. 

The payments made here are safe and secure, resulting in it being a trusted site for the users. On every cash sent or spent, the user gets a cashback, thus making the user’s experience satisfactory. Just like a snap clicked, any QR code can be scanned on this app. 

Venmo also introduces the user to a “crypto journey“, where the user can invest in crypto with as low as $1. Furthermore, cryptos can be brought, sold, or tracked.

But, this might be risky so the user has to be aware of that. For every payment to a business, the cashback for the user is assured. This way Venmo saves money for you! 

Moreover, having a business profile maintained here can help you to reach out to various people, thereby providing you with a platform to expand your business.

Hence, you can always think of starting a new business when you know you have such apps like Zelle to assist you.

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7. Lydia

Another app on the list is, Lydia. It is an extremely prominent alternative to have a mobile payment done. Be it a money exchange, sending money via email or SMS, or making a payment by scanning a QR code, everything is made handy and super easy.

Transactions abroad and secure and safe savings can be done at an interest rate of 0.6%. Lydia is an all-in-one solution for all your internet payments or loans, just at your fingertips.

Best Apps Like Zelle 6

It is a step ahead of the traditional banking systems and banking apps. With an enhanced and customizable user interface and innovative designs, Lydia has always been a hand support system for its users. 

The user can keep an instant track of the money that is being transferred from his/her account, without having the botheration of going somewhere.

Debit or credit cards, bank accounts, and payment receipts can be differentiated and better illustrated with photos to give a much more magnificent appearance to them, and to help the user become organized. 

An ample amount of your time, and most importantly money, is saved by using Lydia. It is one of the best banking and insurance services, just a touch away! This app features in creating customized  “money pots” for its users. This makes the user’s experience even more fun. 

On Lydia, users have access to virtual internet cards, by application of which, an instant and secure payment can be made in no time. Thereby, this platform in itself is one of a kind and an efficient online payments app/service.

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8. Payoneer – Global Payments Platform for Businesses

Payoneer is one of the best business-oriented apps like Zelle, wherein the user gets the privilege of carrying out immediate and handy payments for their businesses, in turn leading to its growth.

This platform makes it super-easy to carry out a digital business, reducing much of the stress of its users. It allows you to integrate your business with partnered marketplaces such as iStock, Upwork, 99Designs, etc. 

With Payoneer, you can expand your business up to a greater reach and still be secure of receiving payment, because the app accepts global payments, which can be converted into local currencies painlessly.

Best Apps Like Zelle 7

It is an app connecting various countries and the businesses of the people of those countries, as it provides you with the opportunity to get paid in any currency. 

The payment fees applied are minimal, absolutely transparent, and very reasonable, because of which you will be wanting to stick to it. You can effortlessly withdraw Payoneer funds on your local bank account or ATMs that too, in different currencies. 

Direct payments to colleagues, contractors, or advertising companies can be instantly made as well. Moreover, if money is transferred from one Payoneer account to another, no fees are levied.

Paying here, or getting paid is just like a piece of cake, simple and easy. It is the safest way to send money to clients across the world. 

To have a better understanding of the usage of the app, you can always trust the customer service. This platform also provides accessibility to a 24/7 multilingual support team, reducing your trouble of communicating in the native language of a place. 

Hence, Payoneer is an app for small startups that want to be outgrown into big businesses.

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A universe of opportunities│Payoneer

9. Remitly

Remitly is a safe, trusted, and secure digital payment option providing two-factor authentication before sending or transferring funds. The fund’s transfer fee is reasonable and straightforward, and it varies according to country and amount. 

Best Apps Like Zelle 8

The app is suitably trusted for business enterprises, as it allows a fund transfer of $30,000 in a single go. On Remitly, the funds delivered are fast and assured.

Along with this, $1,000 can be sent here for free, even if the transaction is done by using a debit card. Remitly is user-friendly and understands the preferences of its users. 

While receiving the money you can opt for any of the following methods:-

  • Bank Deposit – You can receive money directly in your valid bank account.
  • UPI – For instant fund usage, you can choose the UPI method to receive money.
  • Cash Pickup – For handy pick up, you can also receive the money in cash.

Remitly includes almost all the major banks, thereby enabling the user to transfer funds super easily. You can send money in two ways, those are Express and Economy.

Through Express, your money will be transferred or sent instantly, and by opting for Economy, it will take approximately 3 to 5 business days for your money to get transferred. So, as per the need and urgency, you can select how you prefer to transfer money. 

It provides an easy and efficient tracking method for both senders and receivers. Therefore, Remitly works best for both transferring and sending short sums and large sums of money, nationally and internationally. 

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10. SuperPay

A hassle-free payment site, SuperPay allows its users to make online payments or transfer money in no time.

It eliminates the trouble of having to chase a client or remind them of the due dates to collect money. Recurring payments with customizable collection dates can be made and set on SuperPay. 

Easy links can be sent to clients for recurring payments. The same link can also be shared with several clients via email or messaging.

An in-depth record of tracking and history can be maintained by using this app. Also, the transaction fee here is as reasonable as 1% per transaction, therefore International transactions can be done and managed effortlessly.

Superpay.me Help Guide

SuperPay is handy, efficient, and effortless to set up and to use. It dynamically supports all the major card networks, also applying SCA rules on transactions. This makes it more enhanced and user-friendly. 

Regarding any kind of troubles or issues, you always have the customer support team to rely on. They are very quick and genuine in their responses. Paying bills on this platform includes a clean and minimal procedure, ultimately making SuperPay a source of attraction for its users.

Also, the convenience and ease with which you can use SuperPay is an add-on to it getting recommended by its users.

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When in a split-second efficient and safe payments can be done, then why not take advantage of it. Using quick and unchallenging online payment methods, you undoubtedly save a major amount of your time. 

Payments are done via your mobile phone to reduce the chances of theft. The payments are convenient and super-easy to make. Moreover, being engaged and still able to pay for everything in no time, takes away much of your stress.

Be it your house bill, your rental payment, or your major cash transfers, everything can be done effortlessly by opting for online payment methods.

Just link your bank account to the app you prefer and start availing of the services of the app. Adding to this, you do not have to be concerned about carrying big wallets or bags with you, as you go shopping. 

All that you have to take along is your mobile phone and you can still come home along with a lot of shopping bags! As things are becoming fast-paced and better grown, these apps are starting to become an urgent necessity, majorly for the people who have to travel frequently within the boundaries of any geographical area. 

With these apps in their use, they do not have to worry about having cash and they can simply and easily make a secure payment anywhere. 

More importantly, switching to digital payment options, vanishes the pain of having “change” whenever you visit a nearby grocery store for buying candies or things alike. Therefore, operating online payment apps like Zelle is a wise choice to make.