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Apps That Helps You to Earn Money

When we think about methods to earn money from home, we always look at the internet and the online platforms. But we forgot about the most important aspect of the technology, applications. In the search of the different ways of earning money, we certainly forget about the applications.

Apps That Helps You to Earn Money

Today, every business website has a customized app. Most of the people use Smartphone and want to have application for everything. In this article we will also discuss about some application, which will let you earn money from no matter where you are. If you have your Smartphone, you will be able to make money by using the given applications.

Money making Applications

If you will look in the app store, you will find there are thousands of applications that boast of being money earning app. However, do not get convinced with their words alone, as there are many apps that are fake.

Here given below are some of the handpicked applications that will let you earn money in a legit way.


  • PeoplePerHour


People Per Hour is an application for the content marketer and content writers. It is an application that acts like a joining bridge between the content writer and employer. It is a meeting ground for the freelance content writer and content service seekers.

For instance, if you are approaching this application as a content service seeker, you just have posted your job on the notice board of the application highlighting all the requirements (Like how much you are willing to pay, word count, deadline, etc). And once you find a suitable content writer, you can collaborate with them for your work.


  • Bitcoins Union App


Bitcoins Union app is a trading application. With the help of this trading application, you can place trading deal. This application will help you to buy Cryptocurrency. Then you can use that Cryptocurrency to place you deals in the trade market. Bitcoin union to help you with bitcoin trading.

You can also use Bitcoins Union app for the Crypto exchanges. Crypto exchanges are the process of exchanging crypto coins among the fellow traders. You can even open up a CFD trading account for the cryptocurrencies.


  • Swagbucks


If you do not want to invest money in the application and want to earn some short live quick cash, then Swagbucks fits you perfectly. Swagbucks is an application where you can enjoy several games and quizzes. You can spend your free time answering quizzes and playing exciting games. And in return, you are rewarded with some quick cash. You can redeem the cash with the help of the PayPal, and Amazon Pay.


  • MooCash


In terms of simplicity, MooCash is the simplest app you can get on the app store. This app collects several offers on the internet and displays them on your lock screen. You just have to swipe left to watch all the offers and do as directed. With simple steps, you will be able to earn some easy cash. You claim that reward with the help of the Google.


  • U Speak We Pay


This application is a part of an AI (Artificial intelligence) based experiment, and records your voice for the artificial intelligence uses. You just have to repeat the words or sentence displaying on the screen properly. With each read out, users are rewarded with cash directly to their account. This method may be short lived, once the experiment is over, this application may cease to exist. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity before it gets out of your hand.


There are several applications on the app store that provide you opportunities to make money with just few clicks. However, you also need to be careful of the fraudulent activity. With that being said, here are the top apps mentioned above which you can use to earn money in you free time.