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5 Dangerous Apps You Should Block From Your Teens Phone

Every parent needs to be aware of what’s on their child’s phone. Teens are going off into the world, and they don’t know what dangers they face. It’s your job as a parent to ensure that your teen doesn’t wander too far off the beaten path. You might face a little backlash, but in the end, it’s worth it. It’s up to you to guide your teen through these troubling times and somehow get them on the right path.

Here are five apps that you should block from your teen’s phone right this very minute.


On the surface, Omegle doesn’t seem that bad. However, Omegle is filled with people, mainly adults, who are seeking sexually explicit video chat. Your teen might be lured into chatting with someone who asks them to do filthy things. The worst thing that could happen is that your teen does something on live cam, and it gets spread all over the internet. It happens more than you think, and once the video of your child hits the internet, it will never be taken off.


Much like Omegle, Snapchat users are often lured into taking lewd pictures of themselves. Teens might feel more secure with Snapchat since the pictures are supposed to disappear. A user can still take a screenshot of their phone and preserve the picture that way. Someone might try to trick your teen into sending them sexually suggestive pictures. Snapchat is bad news for many adults, and it’s even worse for teens.


Tinder is a dating app that says it’s for people 17 years old and up. Your child can technically join Tinder regardless of their age since they don’t do anything to check how old their users are. Tinder says that you must be 17 or older, but even 17 is far too young to be using a dating app. The fear here is that your teen will hook up with a predatory adult who manipulates them for their own sexual gain.


Kik seems like a simple idea that’s an excellent way for people to send instant messages. The problem with Kik is, quite a few sexual predators are lurking behind the app. If your teen wants to message their friends, text messaging still works. Also, other free services such as Skype enables teens to talk to their friends without all the creepy people who seem to use Kik. You can monitor text messages sent from your child’s device using app like these.


The sole purpose of using Holla is to connect with strangers. No one knows who the other person on the other end is going to be when using Holla. Stranger danger is a real thing, and every person your teen comes across is going to be a stranger when using Holla. Video chat with friends is okay, but it isn’t with people who they don’t know.

Smartphones are full of potential minefields

There are hundreds of problematic apps that can wreak all kinds of havoc on a teen’s life. Sure, they might not like you telling them how they can use their phone. Your teen isn’t going to understand that you’re protecting them. The way you reduce friction is by providing alternate apps that they can use to talk with their friends and family. There’s nothing wrong with video chatting with grandma, but they don’t need to use an app filled with pedophiles around every corner.