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9 Best Art Games For Kids Websites To Explore in 2022

Who doesn’t love a good playtime with friends? We were all once a kid who adored physical playtime alone or with the company and we sometimes have the urge to go back to our stress-free childhood days just to experience those playtimes again.

Art Games for kids over the years have been continuously evolving making them accessible to all people of different ages.

It has always been a stress buster to everybody’s busy working days and boring days. Games spike up our excitement and turn us back into kids on the playfield.

Just as equal to physical games as in hide and seek, sports, and many others that involved physical people or persons playing together, to virtual play areas where people join forces with each other over the internet and battle it out. 

Though virtual or internet games didn’t allow or give the experience of physical movement and exhaustion in real life it surely does click all the other boxes that give the same excitement as physical games do.

In this modern and technological era of the digital world, the world of online games has evolved so much that it covers all the age groups to play games and does not restrict the boundaries to kids alone. Similar to the wide genre list of music and movies, the genre list of games is as long as other genres.  

Some of the popular genres of games are Action, Arcade, Roleplaying of any sort,  Multiplayer online battle arena, Massive multiplayer online role-playing games, Puzzle games, Art games, Battle Royal, Digital Card games, etc.

Best Art Games For Kids – Our Top Pick👌👌

Art games for kids as one thinks don’t always restrict to drawing and coloring books. The area of art games for kids has changed so much that it is surprising to know that art is such a diverse field and what we as kids were exposed to is nothing compared to what kids these days are exposed to.

Art games are interactive and often compete against the computer, oneself, or other players and an outcome of creative purpose on the part of the party proposing the artwork for consideration.

They also go out of their way to have a distinct, distinctive appearance, frequently distinguishing out for aesthetic beauty or intricacy in a design. Any sort of art that includes the audience in the creative process is considered interactive art. The conventional divide between artist and “audience” is challenged by interactive art.

It may employ a physical material, as in installation art, or it may be entirely digital and Internet-based. In this article, we will be briefly discussing and looking into the different Art Games For Kids that are available and which could induce their creative minds to evolve.

1. PBS Kids Coloring Games

PBS Kids Coloring Games (Visit Here) is a unique and visually appealing online gaming gateway designed specifically for children to learn and have fun while playing games.

The way PBS engages youngsters in its many coloring-themed activities is imaginative enough to catch the kids’ attention at first sight.

The brilliant color theme and a plot behind each coloring activity allow children to learn a skill that can be used in a variety of activities.

This gaming website not only boosts the excitement of kids but also allows their creative minds to run freely, giving them the freedom to do, draw, discover, and develop their artistic interests.

Best Art Games For Kids

The interesting fact of PBS coloring games is the diversity of coloring games it offers to the kids so they can pick and choose games they like and also explore their unknown areas of talent.

But it is also important to note that PBS is not only about coloring games but also has a wider and larger variety of games for kids with an artist’s touch to them. 

Art is not all about coloring and drawing as art is present in every form of our day-to-day activity and therefore art games are also not composed of coloring and drawing games alone.

From dressing up games that attract the girl kids to explore the virtual art and designing talent with a touch of fashion to social studies games that cover all the kids with its eye-catching and fun artistic characters that deliver a knowledgeable value whilst giving the sense of enjoyment while playing to the kids.

PBS website specially curated its games for kids not only for entertainment purposes but also to indulge in giving some educational facts and knowledge to the kids on the whole with all of its games.

The number variety it has in all the fields of games entices the kids to check out every game on the website as they are absolutely free to access and play virtually almost anywhere and on any device with a sound network connection.

This website is top 1 in our lists as every game on this website has a creative and attractive artistic theme to it which fills the kids with excitement to explore a new sense of knowledge and happiness while playing these games.

This website is solely and fully created for kids who couldn’t avail of physical playtime in the modern world. Through this website, the kids are making use of their playtime fruitfully and knowledgeably with the different types of games available on the website.

2. POG.com

POG.com is one of the most used and preferred online websites to play virtual games. It has an unending variety of games with more than 700+ categories of games available for everyone. This website also has a unique and interesting alignment and categories of games that we’ve never seen before.

Pog game website is like an experiment different and never played before games which have a unique artistic touch to it. Just like any other gaming platform this platform also offers different art games for kids and even for adults who want to relive their childhood with these games.

Best Art Games For Kids 1

The most interesting part of the website is that there is something for everyone and new variants of games to try out.

Not to mention that this website containing 1000+ games is totally free to access and with zero disturbances of any sort. This website can be accessed almost through all devices through google given that you have good network connectivity.

One can find all the types of genres of games on this single website be it,  Action, Arcade, Role Playing, Multiplayer online battle arenas, Massive multiplayer online role-playing games, Puzzle games, Art games, Battle Royal, Digital Card games, etc. everything is available on this platform absolutely free.

When we say that it has something for everyone we literally mean that the games have been segmented to genders, ages, and neutral games for everyone.

POG, also expressed as Player Of Games is a place where one can take on different characters and play with different people online or join forces together online or enjoy role-playing games of any sort.

It is also important to mention that all the games are age-friendly and mostly appropriate for users. There is also the facility of the search bar to choose the genre of games you would like the kids to play and have access to thereby, keeping them away from other games that you view as inappropriate.

Each game is different from the others in terms of appearance, design, structure, game theme, ideas, and many more. Therefore making it less repetitive and monotonous to others.

There aren’t any complex rules to the games as they are kept simple for the user’s understanding. Simplicity, creativity, and uniqueness are what POG.com stands for and comprises.

3. Girls Go Games

Girls Go Games as the name implies is a gaming website specially and wholly curated for girls alone. Girls Go Games is every girl’s dream of a fantasy world that girls love and adore as their holy grail. This game website has almost all the games that girls would most delightedly love and enjoy.

From creating your own restaurant to living your virtual barbie dream and from personal grooming to animal grooming and training. From special quests to house, room, restaurant revamps, and many more. Girls Go Games is the ultimate dreamland for girls.

9 Best Art Games For Kids Websites To Explore in 2022

Just like any other gaming website Girls Go Games also has something for every girl from kids to adults, from coloring to grooming, from babysitting to adventurous quests, from music to board games, from finding lost items to testing your love percentage, and many more fun, exciting, heart-fluttering, eye-catching games any girl could ever think of.

What art means to one may differ from another, as such art games don’t always restrict to things that involve drawing but they also expand to games that have high artistic game themes which are also art games.

Games like dressing up, self-grooming, hotel, and restaurant revamps, house or room decor, cooking, and presentation, simulation, and skill testing games could also be considered art games for kids where they could learn and have fun while playing these games.

Girls Go Games website has a remarkable categorization of games which makes it easier to identify the type of games you would want the kids to play and have access to play.

Each category of the game has a wide variety in each category with the same idea of the game but different themes and storylines to the game making every game unique on its own from the same category. 

This website is most admired by girls because of its vibrant color theme of every rainbow color. Therefore Girls Go Games is one of the most desirable and best virtual gaming websites among girl kids who love and adore art games of all sorts from a wide range and variety of games to choose from.

4. Sesame Street

Another such art gaming website for kids is the most iconic and popular sesame street website. Sesame Street is such an iconic show solely dedicated to educating kids with humoristic touch to it by fictional characters like muppets.

Sesame Street,” a long-time favorite of both children and adults, and a PBS mainstay, crosses many cultural and educational barriers with a joyful show.

The show is well-known for its visual storyline presented through the use of Jim Henson’s Muppets, which also features short films with a sense of comedy and cultural allusions.

9 Best Art Games For Kids Websites To Explore in 2022

Big Bird leads a troupe of puppets who teach numbers, colors, and the alphabet to children. Some of the most popular characters in this program, which takes place on a city street full of educational opportunities include Bert and Ernie, and Oscar the Grouch.

Sesame Street is an educational children’s television show in the United States that blends live-action, sketch comedy, animation, and puppetry.

Sesame Street’s format is a hybrid of commercial television production components and methods that have developed to match changes in American society and viewing patterns.

The launch of Sesame Street induced producers and writers of a children’s television show to employ educational goals aims and a curriculum to design its material for the first time. 

The Sesame street gaming website just like its commercial episodes has a wide range of art-infused games with a view to inculcate educational knowledge into the kids. This website is solely and fully dedicated to drawing, and coloring aspects of art with a vibrant and eye-catching visual appeal of the website.

This virtual game of sesame street is very simple and less complex compared to other websites and serves only the purpose of drawing, coloring, and fulfilling the objective of art games for kids.

Kids who love the Sesame Street show will also enjoy spending their time on this platform fulfilling their excitement and the satisfaction of kids’ playtime well spent by parents. 

The basic format and the concept of od sesame street game are very simple to the core and focus on a single genre of game.

Therefore, the Sesame Street game website serves the sole purpose and the definition of art games for your kids, if that is what you are looking for.

5. Smithsonian For Kids And Teens

Smithsonian is a quite unusual and rare name to make its presence in the art games for kids. The Smithsonian Institution, sometimes known as the Smithsonian, is the world’s biggest museum and education and research complex, established by the United States government.

It was established as a trust instrumentality and is not legally affiliated with any of the three parts of the federal government. 

The institution bears the name of its initial benefactor, British physicist James Smithson. The Smithsonian museums are made up of nineteen museums and galleries, as well as the National Zoological Park. Eleven are located on the National Mall, a park that connects the Lincoln Memorial to the United States Capitol.

Best Art Games For Kids 4

The Smithsonian Institution is most renowned for its massive collection of millions of artworks, artifacts, and specimens, as well as nearly anything related to art.

Smithsonian has also made most of its available collection digitally making its collections of artifacts available to everyone with internet access.

Smithsonian website has a vast section of the site dedicated to the art and craft games and activities for kids of all ages. Smithsonian learning lab curates and educates the kids on all necessary fields of art exposing them to all the artifacts among their collections.

Smithsonian Art, History, and Culture: Activities and Games lets you color the collections available on the digital platform to introduce and expose the kids to the millions of artifacts available in the Smithsonian museum.

6. Toy Theater

Toy Theater is a set of interactive instructional activities for your primary school classroom. They are all free and intended for use on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

It is a neat little website that offers educational exercises for elementary school pupils. Proceed to the selection of enjoyable online art activities that will assist your children in developing visual learning abilities, abstract concept expression, and design awareness. The exercises are ideal for early learners in kindergarten through third grade.

Best Art Games For Kids 5

Toy theater features art games that are so basic in their build and formation and quite simple and easy with less complexity. These art games are specially curated for kids alone consisting of basic drawing, doodling, and coloring.

Original art exercises that assist primary school pupils in expressing their own creativity while improving visual learning abilities, abstract concept expressions, decision making, mathematics and scientific intuition, cultural awareness, and problem-solving.

These exercises include building blocks, mirror and balancing tasks, drawings, animation, and many more. As a result, Toy Theater is one of the greatest alternatives for art games for kids, and it is trusted by instructors all over the world since it emphasizes the educational side of art.

7. Quick, Draw!

Quick, Draw! is a Google-created online game that asks participants to draw a representation of an object or idea and then utilizes artificial intelligence to identify what the drawings represent.

Each painting teaches the AI something new, enhancing its ability to anticipate properly in the future. The game is similar to Pictionary in the sense that the participant has a limited amount of time to draw (20 seconds). Its estimates might be basic, such as ‘foot,’ or complex, such as ‘animal migration.’

In Quick, Draw, the game is segmented into six rounds and at the beginning of each round, the player gets 20 seconds to draw a random object generated from the game’s database. 

While artificial intelligence attempts to guess the artwork drawn by the player, the player on the other hand has 20 seconds to draw the given object at the beginning of each round.

A.I. Experiments: Quick, Draw!

This Quick Draw game is almost similar to the game of Pictionary. A round finishes when the artificial intelligence correctly predicts the drawing or when the player runs out of time.

The player is given their drawing and results at the end of a Quick, Draw! game. They may also compare and predictions made by the artificial intelligence with other player-provided things before quitting or restarting.

The twenty-second timer will also encourage kids to sketch intuitively rather than pause and think. Since the drawings do not have to be flawless, anyone with or without creative aptitude may participate and have a good time.

8. Auto Draw

Auto Draw is a modern drawing tool that uses machine learning or artificial intelligence to turn scribbles, doodles, and crude sketches into inventive, traditional icons.

It is completely free of charge to design almost anything aesthetically, without the hassle of downloading any special software of any kind.

Auto draw helps youngsters to draw things quickly and combines machine learning with drawings from renowned artists to assist you in drawing things quickly.

Auto Draw is described by Google as “a new web-based application that mixes machine learning with drawings generated by skilled artists to help you draw,” and it was created because drawing on your phone or computer could be annoying and challenging.

Best Art Games For Kids 6

This auto-draw ai-based application will assist and challenge children while developing their creative methods of drawing items quickly and learning to do so.

This AI tool is made up of an automated bot that will “predict” your doodle and recommend a more polished piece of clip art to replace it. Children may also instantly examine and compare whether their own doodles are similar enough to the suggested drawings done by icon painters.

AutoDraw is a useful tool for non-artistic children since it allows them to exchange their crude drawings for prettier clipart, which they can then use in any art project. As a result, their artistic nodes are encouraged and motivated to draw things easier whilst enjoying the process joyfully and filled with enthusiasm.


To summarise, games have progressed so much into digital, virtual, Ai-based games with an astounding number of genres and sorts of games that are distinctive in their own right. Similarly, Art Games For Kids has grown while maintaining its sole roots as a foundation for its evolving process.

These games adhere to the same fundamental base of art but add value by including other educational and human qualities. These are designed to be basic enough for children to learn and incorporate into their life while enjoying fun and excitement at playtime. However, it is equally crucial to note that, while virtual gaming is vital in a child’s early years, so are physical activities.