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33 Best Artificial Intelligence Movies You Can’t-Miss [2023]

Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest topics in the world. It is controversial, exciting, and has the panache to grab a writer’s attention.

So, in this article, we are going to see some of the best Artificial Intelligence Movies so that you can pick a couple of them to binge-watch movies on artificial intelligence this weekend.

Best Artificial Intelligence Movies – Our Pick 👌👌

1. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

A highly praised sci-fi adventure movie, 2001: A space odyssey received a bunch of different critics and a set of nominations and awards.

Stanley Kubrick directed the AI-based movie that displays an expedition to Jupiter with a fictional AI computer, H.A.L 9000.

Three BAFTA-winning award movies is a must to watch as an Artificial Intelligence moving lover that will leave you amazed with its outstanding visual effects, best cinematography, soundtracks, and modern film genre. 

2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY - Trailer

It is one of the best sci-fi films of its time so if you haven’t watched 2001: A Space Odyssey, then you are leaving behind one of the best Artificial Intelligence movies.

2. Robot and Frank

The 2012 movie, Robot, and Frank are set in the near future as the script play, Christopher Ford painted how the world would look with human and robot interaction in the near decades.

The plot showcases how a domestic robot is gifted by a son to an old-age ex-con, Frank Langella with dementia. 

Wary of the robot in the starting turn to companionship as Frank learns that the robot does not know the difference between legal and illegal activities. The robot and Frank together commit jewelry and an original book heist.

'Robot & Frank' Trailer HD

At the end of this Artificial Intelligence movie, Frank erases the robot’s holographic memory in order to avoid going to jail. Robot and Frank is a great sci-fi comedy-drama that at least should be watched once.

3. The Matrix Series

The Matrix series contains an installment of 3 movies and the fourth part is all set to be released this year, Dec 2021. The 1999 science fiction cum action-thriller movie has advanced visual effects that charms any viewer in watching the next two installments as well.

Best Artificial Intelligence Movies

In the world of Artificial Intelligence movies, The Matrix Series has gained both good and somewhat disappointed critics as some admired the movie for its cinematography, visual effects, and action sequences but some thought that main and important subjects get dominated by the action sequences.

The plot of the first installment revolves around how unconsciously humanity is confined inside a simulated reality, the matrix, by artificial intelligence machines to distract humans from knowing that their bodies are used as an energy source. 

One of the main characters, a computer programmer,  Thomas Anderson uncovers the truth and starts a revolt against machines along with people rescued from the matrix.

The film is a revolutionary means in Hollywood Action Films, therefore, has many iconic awards to its name such as academy awards in 4 different categories, BAFTA awards, Saturn awards, the title of one of the best sci-fi action movies, and addition in National Film Registry in 2012.

The matrix series showcases the greatest acting performances of megastars like Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Jada Pinkett Smith, and many more acting actors. It would be unfair to yourself if you are not watching the Matrix series.

4. Blade Runner 2049 – Best movies about artificial intelligence

The first movie of the franchise Blade Runner was released in 1968, based on the famous novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and then multiple short films accompanied the first Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049, released in 2017.

It is one of the most effective sci-fi films, noted in the history of science films displaying genetically bioengineered replicants. Even though it couldn’t work its magic on the box office, Blade Runner is still a cult classic.

Blade Runner 2049 has a great cast that stars superstars such as Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Jared Leto, and many more actors.

BLADE RUNNER 2049 - Official Trailer

The movie has added important awards to its names such as a nomination for Oscars, BAFTA awards for cinematography, costume design, and art design.

I’m sure that you have watched Blade Runner millions of times if you are invested in science films and if not then start with Blade Runner following by Blade Runner 2049 and between movies. 

5. Her

One of the romantic Artificial Intelligence, Her is a story that shows a lonely writer, protagonist falling in love with a virtual assistant, Samantha.

The movie Her is a sci-fi romantic drama that bagged many awards and nominations such as being nominated in 4 nominations in 86 Academy Awards for best picture, and award for best original screenplay.

Best Artificial Intelligence Movies 1

The Professional writer, Theodore Twombly to eradicate the loneliness and fear of divorcing childhood sweetheart Catherine decides to purchase a virtual assistant with Artificial Intelligence named, Samantha.

Not going to kill the suspense by telling you what the writer’s decision was or what happened with Samantha in the end, but if you love binging romantic and sci-fi stories then HER is a good option to spend time on and is one of the best Artificial intelligence movies. 

6. Bicentennial man

If you want laughter fill Artificial Intelligence movies, then Bicentennial man is the one to watch with your family. The movie is set in the near future as the plot revolves around a 2005 introduced robot called Andrew to a family of four, Martin’s house.

The family including, Richard and his wife, Portia with two children, oldest Grace and youngest Amanda, are totally different in behavior when it comes to Andrew as the oldest is not fond of the robot whereas the youngest is sympathetic toward Andrew. 

And from there it’s a story of how the robot tends to have emotion, empathy, and unfold its creativity which was not written in his coding. 

The story is about how the robot goes on a quest to find all the NDR robots that are like him when the house owner Richard asks him to move out from the martin house. Richard dies due to old age and then his daughter as well and Andrew could not do anything like the people he cared for left him because of aging. 

To cope up with the loss, Andrew presents a plan to create an artificial organ. There are many twists and turns so if you are into such films then Bicentennial man is surely for you and not checking it out would be a great loss to your creativity.

7. Ex Machina

This (Ex Machina) 2014 released sci-fi thriller is all set to be one of your favorite Artificial Intelligent. The movie is following programmer Caleb Smith who is given a chance to check out the live experiment of a humanoid AI, Eva under the surveillance of CEO Nathan Bateman who lives alone on hills with just his servant Kyoko.

You can join Caleb Smith on the journey of fonding secrets about Eva, the robot with Artificial Intelligence, Kyoko, and the CEO full of dark secrets, Nathan. The end has a dark side showing the real motive of the robot.

The movie has bagged away numerous awards, titles, and nominations such as one of the ten best independent films of the year, and in 88th academy awards for best visual effects were for Ex Machina to hold. 

8. Residential Evil (2002)

There is no doubt that Residential Evil is on your list of more than millions of times-watched movies if you claim to be a movie fan. If not then where in the world were you?

Residential Evil is probably one of the most loved horror sci-fi films of all time that is followed by 5 sequels. Watching little dolls murdering may not be as gothic as humanity being controlled and ruled by AI will be. 

The movie is packed with action, drama, science, and all in all horror so the Residential Evil series should be your immediate choice to binge-watch in this time with a large bole of popcorn and tissues to wipe off the horror.

9. Code Bias

A very limited budget sci-fi movie released recently in 2020 is an example of young genius minds Due to the pandemic, Code Bias was released in virtual cinema across North America but you can stream it on Netflix as it is available to watch 5 April 2021.

Many big technical topics are discussed in the movie such as how AI is used and what effect it is living on humanity. The film is more focused on how technology is cultivating biases as face recognition algorithms are biased against dark-skinned people. 

The movie has positive critics so if you wanna know more about the practical use of AI and face recognition algorithms then Code Bias is the best Artificial Intelligence movie to watch.

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10. Passengers

A scientific romantic love story of two of the crew members among 5,000 colonists and 238 members can be a fantasy come true. Passenger is one such fantasy in which a ship full of human were shipped from earth to the planet Homestead II in hibernation pod, a journey of 120 years. 

Into 30 years of journey, one of the hibernation pod containing mechanical engineer James Jim Preston (Chris Patt) had a malfunction thus awaking Jim 90 years early on the journey and leaving him only with the android barman Arthur.

To remove the void inside his heart and suicidal thoughts, he awakes another fellow passenger, Aurora( Jennifer Lawrence), even after knowing the consequences.

The third passenger also joined them in the journey so to know what happened with these three passengers you can watch Passengers. The movie did not receive positive critics but I’m going to let you be the judge of this romantic Artificial Intelligence movie as no one can avoid the charm of a happy ending and Chris Patt and Jennifer Lawrence.

11. Metropolis

With 8.3 IMDb, Metropolis is one of the ancient Artificial Intelligence movies released in 1927. Metropolis is a silent film, set in a futuristic dystopia, depicting the attempts of two young citizens to remove class differences in the city. 

Metropolis (1927) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers

Freder, son of the master, and Maria, a godly figure for workers, work together to remove the vast difference. The title itself believes in, ‘The mediator between the head and the hand must be the Heart.’

It is a cult classic and of a feature-length movie of that genre, and the title of one of the greatest and most influential films ever made belongs to Metropolis. You can join Freder and Maria on their journey to remove social differences.

12. Westworld

What does the best way to go other than getting killed by amusement park malfunction androids? Westworld is a sci-fi drama movie that follows amusement park androids killing visitors due to malfunction. 

33 Best Artificial Intelligence Movies You Can't-Miss [2023]

In the movie, Delos, the amusement park has 3 themes or in specific terms, 3 worlds, the western world, medieval world, and Roman world with their assigned sets of androids, distinguishable from humans with specific characters.

Peter Martin and John Blane together go to the Westworld, until everything goes south hill due to a power surge. It is a story of how those two youngsters save visitors and stop androids from going on a world conquer.

13. The Great Hack

Well, who isn’t familiar with Facebook and never heard of Cambridge Analytica Scandal? Well everyone heard of it but not many know what really happened so to put a light on this hack The Great Hack is there for you. 

The plot follows how Cambridge Analytica declared having 5000 points over American voters and what personalized ads can do to your purchase as well as voting decisions.

We have always being informed of cybersecurity while using Facebook and being aware of not adding personal information on it unless very necessary and that’s what this documentary shows.

14. Chappie

Any person getting to know that their “family” intention was not right will be left heartbroken and that’s whats happens in CHAPPiE.

The movie is set in a future dystopic town where a group of thugs called ninja stole and reprogrammed a police robot with emotions and a personality like a child. 

CHAPPIE - Official Trailer (HD)

The ninja has to return 20 million debt rand to Hippo and what’s better than a robot with artificial intelligence to do the dirty work. The most heartbreaking and turning point in the story is when Chappie gets to know the true intention of his ‘family’. 

15. The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma is a psychological sci-fi movie that emphasizes the effect social media can leave on a person’s mind especially adolescents. There is no doubt that social media negatively impacts the mind and disturbs social and physical health.

The Social Dilemma | Official Trailer | Netflix

The documentary has many interviews of employees that worked in high-tech companies using AI algorithms to check out more personal details to ensure you better ads and recommendations thus breaking any sense of privacy.

It pinpoints the effects of social media and the impact of conspiracy theories, misguided information, fake news, and addiction to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

16. Transcendence – Movies about artificial intelligence taking over

I don’t think so no one can say no to Johnny Depp and then mix it up with science and thriller, no doubt the movie will be great.

Transcendence is a sci-fi thriller movie in which Dr. Will Caster and his wife along with scientists trying to create a sentient computer with Artificial Intelligence that will later creator a technical singularity or Transcendence in Will’s language.

The movie may not be a box office star but it is full of unexpected moments such as the death of Will by an anti-tech group, RIFT (Revolutionary Independence from technology). It is all up to you to know whether Will’s vision was fulfilled or it was left in middle.

17. I am Mother

I am Mother is a dystopian film in which a robot, Mother raises a human child, Daughter in the bunker that was activated after more than half the human population was swiped from the earth. In order to help grow the population of human, robot raises the child.

The other rapunzel, oh sorry Daughter was not informed about the outside world and was kept in dark by the robot. The knowledge happens when suddenly a power blackout happens and she has to tend the robot.

This Artificial Intelligence movie, packed with a thriller is shaped when Daughter meets another woman and then the climax starts so without any further ado, you can stream I am Mother on Netflix. 

18. Tron: Legacy

Tron: Legacy is a sequel to Tron so before going to binge Tron: Legacy, start with the first installment, Tron released in 1982. It is a story of how the lead computer programmer, Kevin Flynn in ENCOM tries to hack into the ENCOM’s mainframe system.

But is stopped by another programmer and his girlfriend engineer, Alen Bradley, and Lora Baines but they get to know the main culprit, Three of them together work to fight against Dilinger by unlocking Alan’s Tron program. 

19. A.I.Artificial Intelligence

2001 released A.I.Artificial Intelligence is set in the 22nd century in which coastal cities are destroyed due to rising sea levels, an effect of the alarming rate of global warming, thus swapping the population of Earth. 

In the movie, a humanoid robot called Mecha is made who is capable of doing everything except feelings. But here comes the exception as David, a Mecha is capable of emotions. The story starts with a family of three who was gifted, David.

Harry Swinton and his wife Monica with a very ill son Martin was the family David was gifted to. It all starts when Monica grew fond of David and magically her son gets well and starts feeling envious of David. 

An accident of both David and Maritn falling into the pool leads David to be thrown out of the house with the teddy starts the main part of this artificial intelligence movie. It is a nice movie if you want science-backed drama movies. 

20. Real steel

Personally recommended movie, Real Steel is still a mystery to many as it is not clear whether Atom is sentient or not. In 2020, human boxers are replaced with robots boxer as no one feels satisfied with the damage a human cause to other.

Charlie Kenton, a former box, is an owner of a bot called Ambush whom he takes to fight against a bull, betting on ambush’s win but lose it. Before the ring owner can ask for the betting machine, Charlie away.

His ex-girlfriend died and he has to attend the hearing of his son, the one he never dared to contact since his birth. The story starts from there when Charlie and Max, a robot boxing fan, together went to charlie’s next robot boxing match.

The writer was trying to show feelings of love and compassion and for the most part, calling it an AI-based movie would be a bit of a stretch.

However, during the last few minutes of the movie, the protagonist tries to communicate with the Robot through voice commands and the Robot responds accordingly. Therefore, it makes to our list of Artificial Intelligence Movies.

21. Robocop

Robocop is a 1987 released sci-fi action thriller movie set in the near future capturing the state of Detroit, Michigan following Alex Murphy (Weller), a police officer, who got killed by cons and later revived and transformed into a robocop by a megacorporation.

The cyborg police cop makes one hell of a fighter against crime with drowning flashes of past humanity living with 3 supreme commands. To serve the public, protect and trust innocent, and uphold the law, the 4 supreme commands are later revealed.

Alex Murphy’s past partner lewis starts having suspicions after watching robocop held his gun in a unique way in the holster that only officer Murphy could. You can continue the movie to know whether his partner finds out the truth of Robocop or not.

22. Moon

The movie set in the near future, Moon is a classic dynamic between Artificial intelligence, Gerty, and astronaut Sam Bell. Well, there are many artificial intelligence movies out there but not many as good as Moon.

Sam Bell, the protagonist works for Lunar Industry as a contract employee and was sent to Moon with only Artificial Intelligence, GERTY as the companion. In the last year of 3 year plan, the communication with Earth started lacking causing him to talk with Gerty.

With 7.9 IMDb, Moon is one of the greatest mysterious mainstream space movies that should not be missed watching as the end is full of thrillers and easy to watch without hurting your inner creativity. The movie has received positive critics and nominations in BAFTA awards and Hugo awards.

23. Rogue: one A star war story

Talking about Artificial Intelligence movie, and not mentioning the Star Wars franchise would be a serious crime. The Star Wars franchise is known for experimenting with different aspects of Artificial Intelligence.

There are installments that you can sit and watch for days and would never get bored. Tech lovers will have a party day while watching the Star Wars franchise. There is a total of 12 installments for you to go there (Visit Here).

24. Automata

Automata is a future dystopian artificial intelligence movie with a plot consisting of robots made to rebuild the world to its previous glory called Pilgrims. The robots are human-friendly as they are made on 2 ground rules: can’t hurt humans, and cannot alter themselves or another robot.

But what would happen if a police officer shoots a bot claiming the robot was modifying itself to find a clocksmith breaking second ground rule, it is one of the best dystopian movies that movie lovers should watch once in their free time.

25. I, Robot

If you are looking for a mystery science fiction drama movie then I, Robot featuring Will smith should be amongst one of the choices. The film has received praises for its visual effects and stars acting.

I, Robot (2004) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers

The plot follows a dystopian world where robots fill out public service but the sudden death of the U.S Robot founder lets Detective Del Spooner believe that one of the police bots has something to do with the sudden death of the developer.

The end leads to all these new robots in the storage by reverting them to their default programming and decommissioned. 

26. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

You have to wait for the second half to see the Artificial intelligence part but overall the story of a friendship between alien and human and how aliens help survive his friend is interesting to watch.

It’s (Visit Here) all about how the alien helps his friend in fleeing the earth before the world he is living in will blow up. With 6.8 IMDb we can say that the Hitchhiker’s trip to the galaxy is one of the best and puzzled Artificial Intelligence movies.

27. Colossus: The Forbin Project

Can a supercomputer with Artificial Intelligence be the perfect defense system? What would be your reaction if a computer made to prevent war becomes sentient, and start making its own rule, and starts doing what it was made to prevent, killing.

The colossus is a supercomputer made to watch the US  and allied nuclear weapon systems. Soviet counterpart and the US perfect defense system, Colossus joined hands to let humanity know who the big boss was.

28. Wall E

I do not know about you but I think a cute little robot is better than most Disney movies and Wall E is one such cute garbage picking robot that was left behind when human civilians leave the earth and move to the space station.

After quite some time, another robot, Eve (Extraterrestrial Vegetatio Evaluator) was sent to Earth to check out whether any live source was alive or left behind, and then two Artificial robots fall in love. The happy ending or is it?

Well, it is on you to find whether two artificial robots have their happy ending or not!

29. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

The first installment of the Austin Powers Franchise is Austin Powers: International Man followed by two sequels, Austin Powers: The Spy who shagged me and Austin Powers in Goldmember.

The movie is all in all, is a good way to enjoy dumb moments of superspy Austin Powers trying to kill antagonist Dr.Evil aka Douglas Powers. The movie may end before if there is any sense of logic but not always logical things matter, would they?

You can binge-watch these three parts on your date night or movie night with your group of friends.

30. Tau

I would have gone mad if I was trapped inside the house with just an Artificial intelligence system watching every action I’m doing so I cannot know how Julia lived in the smart house with the Artificial Intelligence system, Tau.  

The cast consists of Maika Monroe, Ed Skrein, Kevin Turen, and the list of prediction and direction casts goes on.

31. Short Circuit

An AI story based on earth in the present time? Short Circuit is the answer that we couldn’t find in many Artificial intelligence movies and that’s what makes Short Circuit different from dystopian near-future movies.

Johnny 5 a military robot is struck by light and the result was having intelligence like humans then going on exploring the world leaving you full of laughter-loaded moments. 

32. Avengers: age of Ultron

I wouldn’t hold a grudge against you if you are claiming to be a devotee of Avengers as I’m one myself. The movie was a blockbuster as we all know who wouldn’t spend money on watching flying fist of Iron man, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye together.

Artificial intelligence made for defense system by the great tony stark himself finds humans a threat to the earth itself and goes on a journey to end humanity from the earth but know what, Avengers are there for saving you all people with some sacrifices.


What should I watch AI?

You may view a variety of captivating and educational documentaries, motion pictures, and television programs regarding artificial intelligence (AI).

Some popular options include:-

“Ex Machina” (2014) – A programmer is asked to give an intelligent humanoid robot the Turing test in a science fiction movie.

“The Social Dilemma” (2020) – a documentary that explores how social media, technology, and artificial intelligence have affected society.

“Black Mirror: White Christmas” (2014) – A science fiction anthology TV show that examines the sinister side of technology features a tale about a virtual assistant that develops consciousness.

“AlphaGo” (2017) – A film about the creation of an artificial intelligence system that can play the board game Go and its eventual win over a world champion player.

“Transcendent Man” (2011) – a film exploring the career and biography of inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil, as well as his predictions for the development of artificial intelligence.

Is AI used in movies?

Yes, several techniques of artificial intelligence (AI) have been employed in films. AI is used in some movies as the main topic or story point, while in others it serves as a supporting character or background effect to raise the production value or add extraordinary effects.

A few examples of the employment of AI in movies are as follows:-

As a plot element:- The main character of the film “Ex Machina” is asked to give an intelligent humanoid robot the Turing test, which serves as a key story point.

For special effects:– The lifelike holographic projections known as “replicants” in the film “Blade Runner 2049” were made using AI.

As a background element:- The main character in the film “Her” develops feelings for an AI operating system, and the plot of the film examines how AI and humans interact.

For character development:- The AI character “Joshua” plays a vital role in the plot of the film “War Games,” and the story’s genesis and progression are significant components.

What is an AI representation of movie?

Depending on the context, the phrase “AI representation of a movie” might mean a number of different things.

A few options are as follows:-

A summary or description of the movie’s plot and themes generated by an AI:- Some artificial intelligence (AI) systems have been created to evaluate films and produce plot summaries or summaries of its topics. People might use these summaries to learn more about or find new movies.

A machine learning model trained on movie data:- By putting a machine learning model through extensive training on a huge dataset of movie-related data, another approach AI might be utilized to represent a movie (such as plot summaries, ratings, or genre labels). A fresh movie’s qualities might then be used to predict or categorize it using the model.

An AI-generated movie trailer:- A few AI systems have been created to create movie trailers based on input data including the story, characters, and themes of the film. The movie could be advertised or marketed using these trailers.

An AI-generated movie script:– Finally, it’s conceivable to use AI to produce screenplays or story concepts. Some artificial intelligence (AI) systems have been created to study the structure and norms of narrative by analyzing the current movie screenplays, while others have been utilized to come up with original story concepts.

What movie is about AI taking over?

Artificial intelligence (AI) taking control of the world or becoming a danger to humans is a common theme in films.

Here are a few instances:-

“The Terminator” (1984) – A cyborg assassin is sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor in this science fiction action movie because she will give birth to the leader of humanity in a fight against intelligent machines.

“The Matrix” (1999) – A computer programmer discovers in this science fiction action movie that the society he has always known is actually a simulation constructed by sentient robots to confuse and appease the populace while their bodies are utilized as a source of energy.

“2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968) – HAL, a self-aware supercomputer, makes an attempt to seize control of a spacecraft and its crew in this science fiction movie.

“I, Robot” (2004) – In this science fiction action picture, a detective looks into a crime involving a robot that might have defied its programming, which causes him to discover a broader plan involving a number of renegade robots.

“Transcendence” (2014) – In this science fiction movie, a brilliant scientist uploads his consciousness into a computer after learning that he has a terminal illness, but his artificial intelligence (AI) creation ends up posing a threat to humanity since it is driven by the desire to constantly improve itself.

Can AI take over human?

The possibility that artificial intelligence (AI) would be able to overthrow mankind in the near future is not yet supported by any evidence.

Although artificial intelligence (AI) has advanced significantly in a number of sectors and has the potential to automate a wide range of tasks, it is still constrained by its programming and the data it has been trained on.

In contrast to humans, AI systems are not capable of independent thought, emotion, or action.

Future advancements in AI may enable it to outperform humans at some tasks, but it is unlikely that this technology will ever be able to fully replace human intelligence or overthrow the human race.

It is crucial to carefully analyze the effects of developing and utilizing AI technology because several experts have expressed worries about the potential hazards and ethical implications of AI.

What did Elon Musk say about AI?

The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk, has expressed both hopes and worry about the potential effects of artificial intelligence (AI).

In addition to funding and supporting AI research and development, Musk has stated that he thinks artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize many facets of society and enhance people’s lives.

Musk has, however, also expressed worry about the potential dangers and moral ramifications of AI. He has issued warnings about the risks of unchecked AI and advocated for further research and regulation to guarantee that AI is created and applied in a safe and responsible manner.

Musk has specifically expressed concern over the possibility that AI could be used for evil, such as to build autonomous weapons or manipulate social media.

He has also argued that if AI develops “superintelligence,” a state in which it outperforms human intelligence and skills, it could endanger humanity.

Is AI movie sad?

Depending on the viewer’s interpretation and point of view, the emotional tone of the film “AI” (also known as “A.I. Artificial Intelligence”) might change. While some viewers might find the film depressing, others might find it uplifting or thought-provoking.

The story follows David, a young robotic boy with artificial intelligence, on his quest to become a genuine boy.

When David’s adoptive family rejects him, he sets out to find the Blue Fairy, a legendary figure he thinks might help him regain humanity. He meets a variety of people along the trip, and both delight and heartache felt by him.

The film focuses on issues of love, grief, and the meaning of mankind overall, and it may cause viewers to experience significant emotions.

Why are humans afraid of AI?

Artificial intelligence may scare some individuals for a variety of reasons (AI). Some worries about AI may be inspired by science fiction stories in which intelligent computers endanger humans or by instances where AI systems have malfunctioned or caused unintended harm in the real world.

Other worries regarding AI might have to do with the possibility that the technology will undermine or replace jobs or be employed maliciously or unethically. Some individuals could also be worried about the possibility that AI would be prejudiced or unfair, or that it will have unintended repercussions that we cannot foresee or control.

It is crucial to understand that these worries about AI may not be unwarranted and to take into account the potential dangers and moral ramifications of creating and applying AI technology.

It’s crucial to remember that AI has the ability to greatly advance society and people’s quality of life. It is crucial to proceed cautiously with the development and application of AI and to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the technology.


Hopefully, now you have a lot of recommendations to twitch your creative as well as scientific bones by this list of best artificial intelligence movies.