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Ask for help with Alexa


Ask for help with Alexa

Ask My Buddy is an app for Amazon Alexa that lets you alert someone you know that you need help, using only your voice. To use the service, register your details at www.askmybuddy.net, adding the contact details of those you wish to alert. Next, using the Alexa app, enable the Ask My Buddy skill and link your registered account with Alexa.

To alert someone in your contact list, just say “Alexa, Ask My Buddy to alert Fred” to your Echo or Dot, substituting the contact name as required. Or, more simply, you can say “Alexa, Ask My Buddy to send help”.

For more help getting started, see https://www.askmybuddy.net/quick_start.php .

Bear in mind that this isn’t a substitute for contacting the emergency services but it can be a useful addition. Alexa’s voice recognition can be troublesome so you might find it easier to ask Alexa “to contact” rather than “to alert” a named contact. At present,
Ask My Buddy is a free service but you’re limited to 60 voice or SMS messages in
a 30-day period.

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