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13 Best ATERNOS Alternatives For Excellent Minecraft Experience

ATERNOS is one of the best software for creating Minecraft servers and allows you to have a fascinating and very smooth gaming experience.

You can easily play the game with many people, including your friends, without much fuss.

The amazing platform helps you with your own Minecraft server, where you can connect with other players whenever and wherever you want.  

Customization is one of the most significant advantages of ATERNOS, as it enables you to change and adjust the servers according to your preferences.

The platform offers you various mods and plugins, and you can opt for your favorite mods every time before playing. The simple user interface and ease of use are a few more great things about ATERNOS. In short, it’s nothing less than a blessing for Minecraft lovers worldwide.  

However, ATERNOS is not perfect like all other things in the world! According to some reviews on the website, I have noticed a few glitches in the software. Being one of the most popular servers for Minecraft, there is usually massive traffic, and you have to wait for a very long time before finally entering the server.

Sometimes, the software does get slow due to massive traffic, and you may experience a lag now and then. And there are some other annoying issues you may have to face while connecting to the server.  

And that’s why I have decided to look into some of the best ATERNOS alternatives you can explore and have a similar Minecraft experience – some offer even more!

Let’s know about them in detail, and find out which is made for you!  

Best ATERNOS Alternatives – Our Top Pick👌👌

1. Purple Prison   

If you are a prison Minecraft servers fan, you must try the Purple Prison software! It’s nothing less of a gold standard with some extraordinary features.

The server gets updated regularly with new features and has been among the top Minecraft servers since its incubation more than 7 years ago.

You get a wonderful gameplay experience with the software. You get a lot of options like PvP, mining, building, and even parkour with the software!  

Best ATERNOS Alternatives

Purple Poison might be one of the oldest ATERNOS alternatives, but still doing wonderfully well to be one of the most popular servers.

There is a strong community of more than 30,000 members, and is only increasing with time – the reason is the constant improvement with regular updates.  

With the introduction of a brand-new website, the developers are surely taking the Minecraft experience to an entirely new level.

You get regular announcements and posts directly on the homepage of the website! All-in-all, a great alternative to ATERNOS for those who want to play Minecraft in a completely different way!  

Features of Purple Prison:-

  • A straightforward, clean, smooth, and colorful interface  
  • Guides you step-by-step to join the server easily  
  • Regular, personal suggestions for a great Minecraft experience  
  • Six different tabs for various useful purposes  
  • A plethora of new events are added regularly  

2. Mineserver   

Minserver is one of the best ATERNOS alternatives if you are looking for trusted and open-source software.

You can easily create Minecraft servers and do many other things, including exploring minigames and maps without any problem on the website.

The software enables you to raise your community with administration and reliable hosting packages. It also permits you to do many other things, including installing plugins, creating a new admin server, and even a new MCPE server.  

When it comes to the ease of adding the servers, Minserver automatically finds a place on the top with a lot of unique options.

You can pick a specific server based on your preferences for mineplex, bad wars, sky wars, and more.

What more? The platform also allows you to find the hottest server, know the exact number of online players, and even test the delay.  

Features of Mineserver:-

  • Easy to download minigame maps  
  • Allows you to update the maps daily  
  • Easy installation with the simple and smooth running  
  • Quality display for a great Minecraft experience  
  • It also enables you to know the exact number of online players  

3. TridentSDK 

TridentSDK is another very reliable Minecraft server with complete support for all plugins available for gaming servers.

The software is known for its reliability, stability, and smooth performance, allowing you to raise your own Minecraft community easily.  

Best ATERNOS Alternatives 1

TridentSDK has been one of the top servers mainly because of its massive contribution to the overall enhancement of coding skills.

Using the software, you will slowly but surely start quickly managing and picking up everything. And in addition, you can also improve the server’s API to ensure future stability.  

TridentSDK is undoubtedly one of the best options due to its concurrent, thread-safe, and multi-threaded implementation for Minecraft servers.

If you are into coding, the software will be a long-term solution for you – that’s for sure! And the best part about the software is, that you don’t even have to wait for those annoying Forge updates.  

Features of TridentSDK:- 

  • Extensive support for multiple Minecraft plugins  
  • It helps you to enhance your coding skills  
  • Allows you to improve the API for developments in future  
  • Simple, secure, and thread-safe implementation for the servers  
  • A long-term solution for coding lovers  
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4. PloudOS – aternos alternatives free

PloudOS is next on my list of best ATERNOS alternatives. It’s a free, easy-to-use, and easily configurable hots with many extraordinary features.

First of all, when you try to create a server on the software, you get a lot of options, including versions and other things like Forge and PaperMC.

When it comes to playing Minecraft on the server, you have to click a button, and you will automatically get a stunning speed – a speed of light!  

13 Best ATERNOS Alternatives For Excellent Minecraft Experience

You also get a myriad of other features with the website, including plugins, backups, and many fast and reliable servers – and you can customize everything according to your liking – isn’t that an amazing option?

And the simple and clean interface of the website makes things even easier for the players.

The website supports up to 5 GB of pure SDD storage and ensures secure and fast loading of the servers.  

Features of PloudOS:-  

  • Smooth performance thanks to AMD Epyc CPUs  
  • Customizable plugins and mods  
  • Protects you from potentially harmful DDoS attacks  
  • You can manage up to 20 servers on a single website without any hassle  
  • Upload your unique mods and plugins with FTP support  

5. Minehut 

Minehut is a free and secure Minecraft hosting server uniquely designed for the community. I can assure you of an excellent online gaming experience with Minehut.

The platform offers you a wide range of servers that can easily be hosted anytime and from anywhere – thanks to a complete package.

You can easily trust the website if you want to put your server on similar host websites.  

And using the software is as simple and easy as it gets! All you have to do is install the setup and follow the steps, and the software will be ready within a few minutes.

If you want to increase your Minecraft community, hundreds of thousands of communities are already available on the Minehut website.

And when it comes to playtime with friends or anyone, there is no limit whatsoever – so enjoy unlimited playtime and have a stunning Minecraft experience with Minehut!  

How to Create a Free Account | Minehut 101

Features of Minehut:- 

  • It allows you to create multiple servers without much fuss 
  • Unlimited playtime with friends as well as others  
  • A customizable list of servers is already available  
  • An ever-increasing community of players from all around the world  
  • Very simple and easy to install 

6. Cuberite  

If you are a C++ lover, here is one of the best ATERNOS alternatives! The Cuberite software is an easy-to-use, extensible custom game server with Minecraft compatibility written beautifully in C++.

If you have ever used Vanilla for Minecraft, Cuberite is undoubtedly the perfect replacement.  

Best ATERNOS Alternatives 3

Agility and performance have been the two talking points about the software, and it makes it very easy to recreate almost all the features of Minecraft – with excellent accuracy.

The software leverages you with a powerful plugin system that enables you to write the plugin with support from Lua quickly.  

You can download the software very easily, and it takes only a couple of minutes to install it, and can automatically be adjusted with Windows, macOS, Windows, and even Android!

What more? You also get a detailed manual guide to understand in detail the features and operations of the software.  

Features of Cuberite:- 

  • It enables you to write your plugin with Lua’s support  
  • One of the best programs that recreate Minecraft features with excellent accuracy  
  • Easy to download and simple to install  
  • Supports Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android  
  • A complete manual guide is available for learning about the software  

7. Glowstone  

Glowstone is one of the most legit Minecraft servers that offers you support for most of the Minecraft APIs you have loved for a long time.

One of those very few platforms that don’t even need Mojang’s code for the operation. You get complete support for code bukkit plugins that work natively with almost all the known servers.  

13 Best ATERNOS Alternatives For Excellent Minecraft Experience

And at the same time, the website offers support for bukkit2sponge if you want to use the plugins powered by Sponger.

Glowstone is one of the simplest Minecraft servers and doesn’t ask you to install an official Minecraft server for improved functionality and performance.  

Anyone, literally anyone, can easily use the Glowstone platform. Whether you have the MIT license or not, you can modify the server according to your preferences.

Furthermore, the software is an open-source platform and is community-centric.   

Features of Glowstone:-  

  • Open-source and community-centric server  
  • Supports bukkit2sponge  
  • Enhanced performance and functionality  
  • Straightforward and smooth interface  
  • It doesn’t require Mojang’s code for coding  

8. Poke-Smash  

If you are a fan of Minecraft pixelmon game mode or are simply interested in Pokemon, you should look into the Poke-Smash server at least once.

It is currently one of the most popular alternatives and Pixelmon Minecraft server. In the game, you can easily catch, trade, train, and battle against all pokemon characters inside a huge Minecraft world.  

The server allows you to compete against many players from different regions. The server has many features – including Pokemon gyms, player battle tournaments, rare shiny Pokemon, and much more.  

If you want to get the best out of the server, you have to download and install the exciting pixelmon mod which is super easy and simple.

And the smooth user interface of the website makes it one of my favorites as far as ease of use and navigation are concerned. So, Poke-Smash is a decent option for those who want a single server for both Pokemon and Minecraft.  

Features of Poke-Smash:-  

  • One of the most popular Minecraft Pixelmon servers  
  • Simple and smooth user interface  
  • Pokemon gyms and player battle tournaments  
  • It allows you to play all your favorite Pokemon characters  
  • An average player count of up to 250+  

9. GGServers  

GGServers is an exclusive Minecraft server hosting platform known for providing extensive support for Java and bedrock edition.

The software helps you with multiple features, including a customized multi-craft control panel, unmetered SSD and NSMs Storage, one-click installation, complete FTP, MySQL database access, and more.  

The server makes it very easy for you to manage all your servers, chat options, and console access – all in one place.

All the features and services offered by the GGServers are completely secured by DDoS protection and ensure your service is always online – without any problem.  

You get support for multiple locations to create a strong server, and you get the latency of playing from anywhere in the world.

The premium version of the server even supports the single-core performance of up to 5 GHz and powerful processing with CPUs.

And you also get the modpacks and different server types to work with BungeCord, FTB, Spigot, and more from the server.   

Features of GGServers:-  

  • Complete support for Java & bedrock editions 
  • Un-metered SSD and NSMe storage  
  • Chat option with console access and FTP file access  
  • Completely protected by DDoS  
  • Allows you to use the server from any location of the world  

10. Server.pro  

Server.pro is among the most professional ATERNOS alternatives and is an excellent Minecraft game server primarily known for effortless setup.

The server is good enough to give you an enhanced gaming experience with your family and friends.

The platform allows you to select multiple servers not only for Minecraft, but for other similar games like Minecraft Bedrock Edition, and Terraria.  

With Server.pro, you can even select multiple virtual servers too! You have many options with the sleek and fast file manager from the Server.pro website.

The website also offers an excellent possibility for syntax highlighting that enables you to scan the files.  

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All you have to do is follow a few simple steps and get everything up and running without wasting time!

Simply signup on to the website, create your server, configure it the way you want, and start playing your favorite Minecraft game!

The website has thousands of communities, allowing you to build a strong community.  

Features of Server.pro:-

  • Multiple servers for different editions of Minecraft  
  • Setting up the things is very simple, easy, and quick  
  • It allows you to build your community with thousands of different communities  
  • You can add multiple admins on the server with the “multi-admins” feature  
  • Thanks to the low latency, you can keep yourself connected with the server all the time 

11. MineVille  

MineVille is not the biggest of Minecraft servers, but surely is one of the best with so many great features. The server is known for its unique game modes, beautiful custom texture pack, and more.

Whether you want to play the game alone or are interested more in playing with your friends, MineVille offers you a wonderful Minecraft experience.  

There are two extraordinary versions of SkyBlock on the website – one with an eye-catching and cool water theme and the other is a hot, attractive fire theme.

There is an active survival server on the website named “Kingdom Survival” which beautifully introduces the “Empire Survival”.  

The amazing “Among Us” clone on the website truly makes you feel like you are playing as a first person in the game. And thanks to the Prison game titled “Asgard Prison”, you get an enhanced, newly integrated Anarchy server.

If you plan to try the MineVille server, you should be ready for many exciting things as the website already shows 6 portals marked with “coming soon”.   

Features of MineVille:-  

  • A beautifully-designed custom texture pack  
  • It allows you to play alone or with your friends  
  • Two different themes, i.e., water theme and fire theme 
  • Prison game with a newly integrated Anarchy server  
  • A lot more to come with regular updates  

12. The Hive  

If you are in search of an extremely active and solid Minecraft server, The Hive should be on your “to-do” list for sure.

The server has been around since 2013 and has remained one of the best alternatives, with some wonderful features. The best thing about the server over the years is that it constantly remains active with regular updates.  

And the developers are only improving the server with every passing year. The server constantly adds new games, including BedWars, Hide and Seek, BlockParty, etc.

Hence, you don’t have the only option of playing Minecraft. Thanks to the Bukkit plugin, you can also play the Meowball game on the platform.  

A customized Blaze Rod, known as “FunGun” throws snowballs that explode into multiple flames.

While installing the Meoball on the server is as easy as it gets, you have plenty of other things to try. Throw the balls around, at your friends, or anywhere you want!  

Features of The Hive:-

  • Extremely active Minecraft server  
  • Remains up-to-date all the time  
  • Thanks to the Bukkit plugin, you can also play Meowball and other games  
  • Installing the server is very simple and easy  
  • Allows you to apply different types of customizations 

13. Minefort

Lastly, Minefort is a robust platform that provides a secure and free Minecraft server with very useful cloud support.

Thanks to cloud support, you don’t have to think about losing your gameplay server as the minefort automatically saves your progress to the cloud.

There is a straightforward and intuitive dashboard that makes it very easy to find the right server.  

13 Best ATERNOS Alternatives For Excellent Minecraft Experience

Using the platform, you can manage all the servers in one place without any problem – even if you don’t have any technical knowledge.

minefort is undoubtedly one of the best Minecraft servers from an ease-of-use point of view.

You can easily deal with all your games, including Minecraft. Furthermore, the website lets you play games online with your family and friends.  

The website allows you to access your files on the Minecraft server easily. And it’s straightforward to explore all the files in one place with a file manager and a powerful FTP client.

An SSD server hosts all the different servers with fast internet speed. Moreover, the website helps you to customize and install the plugins of your choice. Hence, you are in for a stunning gameplay experience with minefort.   

Features of minefort:-

  • Intuitive and straightforward dashboard to make things very easy and simple  
  • Allows you to manage all your servers in one place  
  • You can also access your Minecraft files without much fuss 
  • An SSD server for securely hosting multiple game servers  
  • Offers you a wide range of customization options  


Is Aternos the best free server?

When choosing a server, there are many factors to consider, and what is best for you may depend on your specific needs and requirements.

It is a good idea to compare different servers’ features, performance, and reliability to determine the best fit for you.

Why are Aternos servers so laggy?

In general, many factors can affect the performance of a server, including the hardware, software, network connectivity, and the number of users.

If you are experiencing lag on an Aternos server, the server may be overloaded or have other issues causing performance problems.

It is a good idea to contact Aternos support for help with any performance issues you may be experiencing.

Can cracked Minecraft use Aternos?

I do not have information on Aternos or whether or not they allow the use of cracked Minecraft versions on their servers.

Is there anything better than aternos?

Yes, Purple Prison is better than Aternos as one of the leading Minecraft servers. It gives you a wonderful gameplay experience along with an easy-to-use interface.

Is there 1.19 in Aternos?

Yes, The Wild Update (Minecraft 1.19) was recently added to the server and is already available.

The Final Words  

Aternos minecraft is undoubtedly one of the best Minecraft servers, but as I already said, it’s far from perfection. And that’s when these amazing ATERNOS alternatives are designed for you! 

You don’t have to worry about the ranking as they are not in a particular order! They are packed with some wonderful features and are more than suitable for a never-forgetting gaming experience.  

I would suggest you try them all – whether you are a newbie or you are in Minecraft coding for a long time! You won’t be disappointed with any of these websites – I can assure you that!