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7 Simple Fixes For The Audio Renderer Error


The audio renderer error is quite common. It usually occurs when you’re trying to watch YouTube videos or using the iTunes app. Some folks have reported that it also occurred when they used their system’s built-in audio player.

This error occurs irrespective of the browser you’re using. Several users have reported the error occurring while using different popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. 

I’ll be explaining the common causes of the error and the simple fixes you can use to get rid of the error in easy to follow steps below.

Common Causes Of The Audio Renderer Error

The error when it appears on your screen reads “Audio Renderer Error. Please Restart Your Computer”.

The common causes of the error include;

  • Glitches In Your Audio Driver
  • Incorrect Audio Settings Configuration

Simple Fixes For The Audio Renderer Error

The fixes are grouped in a particular order of effectiveness. You can use any of them to get rid of the error but some of the fixes are temporary fixes.

The first two fixes are mainly just for getting rid of the error. It usually reoccurs after some time if you use the first two fixes. If you’re just looking for a quick fix, then you should check them out.

But if what you’re looking for is a long-lasting solution, you might want to check out the other fixes below.

1. Restarting Your System

In the error message, you’ll be asked to restart your system and that’s a fix that usually works for a while.

Turn off your system for a few moments and boot it back up. Most times, the error will be gone.

The drawback of this fix is folks have complained that the error usually just reoccurs after some time. 

2. Unplugging Your Headphones And Plugging It Back

Even though it sounds very easy, this fix is known to work at least temporarily. 

Once you unplug your headphones for a few moments and plug it into the audio jack back, the error should at least disappear for a short while.

This fix works well for users using USB or jack connected headphones.

This fix is also like the first, the error usually comes back after a while. 

Some users have reported that it took a few hours after using this fix for the error to come back while some say it didn’t last long.

But these two fixes above should at least help remove the error temporarily and they are good fixes for folks who don’t want to go in-depth into the system processes required for the fixes below. 

3. Using The Audio Troubleshooting Tool To Fix The Audio Renderer Error

This fix is more a permanent method of getting rid of the error. It requires you to use a tool that is designed to search for known audio problems in your system and resolve them.

As long as the issues are known to Microsoft, your audio troubleshooting tool should be able to find and fix the issue causing the error to occur. 

How To Use The Tool

You’ll have to open a Run dialog box. You can do that by pressing these shortcut keys (Windows + R).

In the dialog box, input this text – 


When you’ve inputted the text above correctly into the dialog box, press the Enter/OK key. 

Audio Renderer Error

What should open is the Troubleshooting tab found in Settings. There are different sections in the Troubleshooting tab. 

Look for the Get Up And Running section and select the Play Audio option.

In the Play Audio option, you’ll see a Run The Troubleshooter button. 

Audio Renderer Error

Click on that button to start the troubleshooting process.

Wait a little bit while the process starts up. You’ll then be asked to choose the device on which you’re facing the error (could be speakers or HDMI).

When you choose, the next menu that appears will be the tool going through your system looking for flaws. 

If there are any flaws, you will have to follow the on-screen instructions to fix the flaws. 

The fixing might be in the form of making changes to the audio settings of your system. 

Follow the recommendations and the error should be permanently resolved.

4. Disabling & Reenabling Your Audio Driver (Adapters)

This fix is you rebooting your audio driver. 

Bugs in cache sometimes can cause errors in processes. These bugs can be gotten rid of by simply disabling and enabling your audio driver. 

To carry out this fix efficiently, you will have to disable every audio adapter and then enable them all back. 

The fix is not hard, the steps are just a little bit longer than most of the fixes in this article. 

If you follow the outline below correctly, you shouldn’t have any issues applying the fix to get rid of the error.

How To Disable Your Audio Adapters

To disable your audio driver, you need to go to your Device Manager. 

You can do that by opening a Run dialog box (the same one already explained above).

Input devmgmt.msc into the box and click on Enter to open the Device Manager menu 

When the menu appears, search for the Sound, Video, And Game Controllers section and expand it.

All the audio adapters should appear when you expand that section. Right-click them one by one and choose Disable Device in the pop-up menu that appears.

Audio Renderer Error

Enabling The Audio Adapters Back

After ensuring you disabled every audio adapter in that section, wait for a few moments and then start enabling them back.

You can enable them by right-clicking on them one by one and selecting the Enable Device option in the menu that appears.

The best way to test if this fix worked is to try out the same activity you were doing when the error first occurred. 

This fix is effective and most folks say it is one of the best permanent fixes for the audio renderer error. 

5. Uninstalling Or Rolling Back Your Audio Driver

The above fix only disabled the adapters but this fix uninstalls the audio driver completely or rolls it back to a previous version that worked perfectly. 

This “Rolling Back” fix is usually useful when the cause of the error is a software bug. Rolling back will get rid of the bug. 

If the rollback option does not work, then try out the “uninstalling” option to get rid of the likely corrupted files causing the error to occur.

The steps to do both of these actions are closely related as outlined below.

How To Rollback & Uninstall

To roll back or uninstall your audio driver, you need to go to your Device Manager. 

You can do that by opening a Run dialog box (the same one already explained above).

Input devmgmt.msc into the box and click on Enter to open the Device Manager menu 

When the menu appears, search for the Sound, Video, And Game Controllers section and expand it.

Double click on your audio adapter to open a menu of its properties. 

Navigate to the Driver tab in the menu you just opened. 

On the left-hand side of the Driver tab, you should see the options to Roll Back or Uninstall Device.

audio renderer error

Sometimes the Roll Back option might be unavailable, when that happens, you will have to choose the Uninstall Device option. 

If you choose the Uninstall Device option, your Driver will be uninstalled. 

Then Microsoft will download and install the latest update available for the audio adapter you uninstalled. 

This action should get rid of any corrupted files or bugs causing the audio renderer error to occur.

Testing The Fix

The same way you tested the fix above, you must test this one too. This is to ensure that the fix worked permanently. 

Try out the same activity that led to the error occurring and see if the error comes up this time.

6. Updating BIOS

This fix is tailored to Dell computers based on the cases I’ve seen. 

It is also not to be used by folks who aren’t tech-savvy because updating BIOS firmware is tricky and could cause more harm than good if done improperly.

The configuration differs from system to system so I won’t be able to offer a one size fits all solution. You might want to check out Dell’s help guide in updating firmware. 

7. Resolving Antivirus Software Issues

A few folks have reported that their antivirus programs were the cause of the error and that the error was resolved when they switched antivirus software. 

There is a few antivirus software that clashes with many system processes. 

You might want to first disable your antivirus and then check to see if the error is still occurring.

If the error stops, then you should look into getting another antivirus software that won’t clash with other system processes.


The audio renderer error can be disturbing because it usually disturbs users from using their systems effectively. 

Getting rid of it temporarily and permanently is possible. Choose any of the fixes above and you should be able to get your audio options back even if it’s for a while (in the case of temporary fixes).

If there are any other methods you have used to get rid of the error and they’re not here, please share using the comments section.