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Afam is a writer with a passion for technology amongst many other fields. Aside from putting pen to paper, he is a passionate soccer lover, a dog breeder and enjoys playing the guitar and piano.

How to use Continue on PC in windows 10

Seeing this in Microsoft for someone like me that has stuck with the brand forever is just so relieving. Continue on PC simply means...

How To Connect Your WordPress Site With Mailchimp

Building an email list is one of the oldest methods of connecting with your clients, but it is still very relevant and in practice....

How To Include Multiple Stops In Google Maps

Have you ever been on a road trip and Wants to include multiple stops in google maps? If you have, you will recall one of...

How to Rename Network Profile Name in Windows 10

Network profiles are automatically created in Windows 10 when you connect to a network. These profiles are named depending on the type of connection....

How to Customize Gmail for more Productivity

For millions around the world, Gmail is the preferred emailing service provider. I share this bias along with the millions of Gmail lovers. Unfortunately,...