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Afam is a writer with a passion for technology amongst many other fields. Aside from putting pen to paper, he is a passionate soccer lover, a dog breeder and enjoys playing the guitar and piano.

Windows Logon Application: Why It Is Running On My PC

The "Windows Logon Application" is just one of those processes that you always see in your taskbar.  Users normally don't even notice it because there...

Application Frame Host: What It Is And Why It Is Running

There are many processes that we don't recognize running on our systems daily. The "application frame host" is one of them. If you open your...

How To Check Google Maps Distance Between Points

Knowing how to check in Google maps distance between two or more points is very important especially for joggers, hikers, and other folks that...

Tips On Enabling And Disabling Reader Mode In Chrome

Reading with ads interfering left and right is the norm these days. The internet is oversaturated with ads and it makes for uncomfortable reading....

How To Find Hidden Apps On Android

I will be explaining how to find hidden apps on Android. This is particularly useful for adults who want to find out what their...