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A Software Engineer and electronics lover, So I mostly deal with Arduino and raspberry pi projects. I love to write article deploy projects using different microcontrollers

Beginners Guide to the Orange Pi Zero : Install Armbian Linux

Orange Pi Zero is the same single board computer as computers of the Raspberry Pi family. You can install an operating system on it...

Getting Started with Arduino TIP120 Transistor

Digital pins on the Arduino can be high or low. Its property is used to control most external motors, sensors, etc. But sometimes there are...

Getting Started with Arduino and 433mhz Radio Module

In this article, we will solve the problem of transmitting a radio signal between two Arduino controllers using a popular 433 MHz transceiver. In fact,...

How to Build Alarm Clock, Motion Detector with Arduino LCD Shield

A project that fits perfectly into the interior of your DIY corner, room, garage or office in which you collect robots and all sorts...

How to Control Arduino and led lights with a TV Remote

Infrared remote control is one of the easiest ways to interact with electronic devices. So, in almost every home there are several such devices: a...