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Pavithra is a Windows enthusiast, who also holds a Masters Degree in Computer Networking, She loves to enlighten the people and guide them through the troubleshooting

7 Of Best Sandbox Applications for Windows 10

Are you looking for a Best Sandbox Applications for Windows 10? 🤔 you are not alone in this. most of we want to test...

15 Of The Best Whiteboard Animation Software For Windows

Nowadays computer animation is so popular that it's not just used as an entertainment but it's also used in the field of education, advertisement,...

How to Switch from Google Search to DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that procured more than a billion of searches since its launch.DuckDuckGo is prevailed over Google and Bing by many...

How to Fix “Open with” Option missing from the menu in...

In Windows 10, Users have the flexibility to use a file or an application with many programs other than the default program. This flexibility...

Best Effective ways to search file on MacOS

Best Effective ways to search file on MacOS
Finder is an inbuilt Mac component used to search the documents, folders, and files as well organize them on your desktop. The Finder makes...