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Shubham Dalwani is a Windows Insider and a technophile persuing Engineering in Computer Science. A keen developer of C# and Python along with a good knowledge of how to deal with small problems which Windows users face in day to day life.

How to Fix Disk Signature Collision Problem in Windows 10

Nowadays storage devices are the main devices other then Smartphone we rely on. No matter how much amount of data is generated daily worldwide,...

How To Read Linux File systems on Windows 10

Have you ever tried to use a dual boot machine running both Windows and Linux? Or is there anyone in your circle who does?...

How to Turn off speech recognition on Windows 10

There are a number of features in Windows 10 which become handy to us if used time-to-time. Now, these features include Cortana, Speech Recognition,...

What is DirectX Raytracing in Windows 10 for Gaming

It's only a couple of weeks back when Microsoft announced their second major Windows 10 Update for this year. The Windows 10 October Update...

Delete System queued Windows Error Reporting files in Windows 10

Most of the times, when our system doesn't respond on time or it is unable to fetch the resources required by a certain task...