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I am an author and a student, pursuing Btech from GGSIPU Delhi. Back in the days, whenever I get stuck in something I usually prefer searching it online and that’s what something that intrigued me to write and solve your queries.

19 Of The Best AutoHotKey Script To Make Your Life Easier

AutoHotkey(AHK) is open-source software, initially designed to provide users with custom shortcuts but now it is converted into full-fledged automation software. It was built...

How To Run CMD as Administrator in Windows 10

Command Prompt is a built-in command-line interpreter in Microsoft windows. You type and command in it and it will execute it. You don’t need...

What is “Enhance Pointer Precision” in Windows 10?

If you want to change your Mouse’s precision and are not sure whether you want your Pointer Speed to be fast or slow, then...

What is Patreon Used For? The Definitive Guide To Know It

If you are a content creator and have a huge fan base but want to convert those cheers into cash then you might .want...

What is DLC in Games? Advantage and Disadvantage of DLC

DLC or Downloadable Content is an extra content added to your Video Game in order to enhance your gaming experience. In this article, we...