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I am an author and a student, pursuing Btech from GGSIPU Delhi. Back in the days, whenever I get stuck in something I usually prefer searching it online and that’s what something that intrigued me to write and solve your queries.

What Does OEM Mean? Are OEM Products Worth Buying

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer as the name would suggest is a sign to show the Original Manufacturer of that product. All the electronics...

TuneFind and other Music Identifier To Identify Songs

So, you have listened to the Devil singing a song in the Netflix original Lucifer. The beauty of that music has left you in...

What is Wifi Direct? Is WiFi Direct safe To Use

Amidst all the talk about advancement in the field of technology we often forget to talk about Wifi Direct. Wifi Direct allows users to...

What is RNG in Video Games? Is it good or bad?

RNG stands for Random Number Generator, it does as its name suggests generate random numbers. Then these random numbers are used to define various...

Fix Ethernet Does Not Have Any Valid IP Configuration

So, when you are plugging an ethernet cable to your device, it’s displaying an error. It is showing “Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP...