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Auto & Vehicles Apps: Pimp Your Ride


Most of us spend much time at the wheel. Have a look at these Top 3 Auto & Vehicles Apps that Freepps.Top prepared for you. With these useful applications, you can control vehicle condition, track fuel prices, repairs, etc.

GPS Vehicle Tracker – EverTrack

EverTrack can be used for business and personal purposes. Its main function is to track vehicles in real-time on an interactive map. The menu includes Live Tracking, Open Map, Panic Alarm, Odometer, and Special Events.

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Main Features:

  • Track corporate vehicles and employees if you use the app for business. All routes are recorded automatically.
  • Track your family members to make sure they are safe.
  • Calculate mileage with a built-in odometer.
  • Nice solution for field service and workforce management (job completed and job incomplete options).
  • Send notes to the dispatcher.
  • Select a status (available, pause, busy or not available).


  • Available worldwide.
  • Security control.
  • Live tracking.
  • Automatic mode switch options.
  • Mileage counter.


  • Some plans are not free.

According to Freepps.top, the app can be used for various businesses like food delivery, transport companies or taxi services.

Auto-école Les Arcades

Les Arcades is a driving school located in France. With this application, you can stay connected and informed of any news about the school. In the main menu, you will find general information about auto and moto lessons, photos, tariffs, plans, and contact information.

 Main Features:

  • Find all motorcycle and car packages with one click.
  • Have a look at the school’s videos and photos.
  • Get access to all real-time news.
  • Find news through the school’s Facebook page.
  • Read the latest stories.
  • Manage your route and avoid traffic jams.
  • Contact the school by phone.


  • Contains all the necessary information about Les Arcades including feedback, contacts, exams, news, etc.
  • Intuitive interface.


  • If you live in France and going to get a driver’s license, this app would be helpful.

Vehicle Ledger X – Car Manager

Vehicle Ledger X is a useful app for various types of transport: cars, airplanes and even tractors. Let’s have a look at the main menu which includes Vehicle Info, Expenses, Fuel Log, Locations, Repairs, etc. Diagrams and graphics will show you repairs and expenses in details so that you could calculate your budget and expenses cost per mile. All information can be viewed through charts and reports.

Main Features:

  • Monitor all car expenses, past repairs and search your car’s history.
  • Track fuel economy and determine the amount of fuel you need for the trip.
  • Track your locations.
  • Schedule your future repairs. Now you won’t miss maintenance works.


  • User-friendly navigation with convenient graphics and charts.
  • No ads.
  • Several vehicles supported.
  • Fuel and trip logger.
  • Budgeting (brakes, repairs, maintenances, insurance, etc.).
  • Simple backup.


  • The developers could include more options like information on fines and parking expenses.

With these features, the app is definitely worth testing. It’s a nice tool to monitor your budget for trips and vehicle maintenance, according to Freepps.top.

Each of 3 apps is useful and well-designed, but they’re all developed for different needs. Auto-école Les Arcades is strictly for studying, GPS Vehicle Tracker can be used by anyone; Vehicle Ledger X  is good for personal expenses accounting.


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