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15 Best Autohotkey Alternatives Macro Programs For Window

Ever heard of Autohotkey? It is one of the best scripting language software for Desktop Windows which seems to be more powerful than any batch file. It is an inexpensive and open-source utility tool for Microsoft Windows. 

The aim of the AutoHotkey is to give easy-to-use shortcut keys of software automation, macro-creation, hotkeys, and keyboards. It automatically allows the automation of repetitive work in Windows apps. 

With the aid of mouseclicks and keystrokes, this tool will help you create macros and applications. To do this you can either pen down macros manually or use a macro recorder.

If keys and buttons can be combined successfully, it can be a hotkey, hence, hotkeys can be created for joystick,  mouse, and keyboards.

The software was recently released on October 14, 2019, and was licensed by GPL. It has a Microsoft Windows operating system, and a C++ programming language.

However, Autohotkeys has sent some tools packing with its incredible function and ease of use but today, you are going to learn about similar software and other  AutoHotkey alternatives.

Best Autohotkey Alternatives: Our Top Pick 👌👌

Looking for better Autohotkey Alternatives Macro Programs For Window? Continue reading to review a well-written list of free and easy-to-use scripting tools you may want to consider.

1. AutoIT

AutoIT (Download Here) is amongst the best Autohotkeys alternatives you can bet on at any time. It lets helps you read a script while allowing the functions of keystrokes, executing programs, mouse clicks, automation, manipulation of Windows functions, and a whole lot of others. 

It is a collection of simulated commands, strokes, and windows manipulation. In the AutoIT tool, mouse movements will help you automate lots of tasks that cannot be done in other scripting languages.

Best Autohotkey Alternatives

Its setup process is compatible and easy, runs effortlessly on all Windows OS, and takes little or no time to get running. It gives you all the relieves you need while performing actions on your system.

AutoIT is capable of advanced functions too. For example, it can automate simple texts and clipboard functions. The best part of this Autohotkey alternative is that is easy to use. It should be an Autohokey alternative to try out.

Features of AutoIT:-

  • It is easy to learn basic and similar syntax.
  • It creates GUI.
  • AutoIT manipulates processes and Windows.
  • It can compile and turn scripts into a single executable.
  • The regular expression is used.
  • It supports Component Object Model (COM).
  • It involves the use of mouse movements and keystrokes stimulation.

AutoIT is free software that has system support for both Linux and Windows.

2. Pulover’s Macro Creator

Pulover’s Macro Creator (Download Here) helps you easily record the movement of the mouse via clicks on the displayed Windows screen, and keystrokes. Actions may be played pr paused depending on the user. 

Pulover’s Macro Creator helps you get tasks done faster especially when you have got repetitive tasks. For single-user projects, more than one macros can be used to run programs, delete, send, and read copies.

Furthermore, the software supports a specific function made by a user ranging from image search, taking screenshots, search files, folder, resize, move, and a lot more of other functions performed.

What’s more, it supports user-defined functions from image search, taking screenshots, search files and folders, move, resize, and much more.

Webinar part 1 feat. Pulover's Macro Creator

 This is definitely an Autohotkey alternative for any user.

Features of Pulover’s Macro Creator:-

  • It supports advanced loops
  • Control and Windows commands
  • Image and pixel search can be done.
  • Functions and variables
  • It has a user-defined function system.

This is free software that can be used on a Windows system.

3. PhraseExpress

PhraseExpress is used to write repetitive texts and expressions. For those of you that find it hard to construct a different type of expression, PhraseExpress should be your number one plug. 

It consists of customized keyboard shortcuts you can use to insert text parts you cannot do without whenever you are writing. This is done so that you do not have to always type those parts repeatedly when you want to use them. 

Best Autohotkey Alternatives 1

PhraseExpress is supported on any Windows application and programs can be automatically set. You can launch programs, correct words that are wrongly spelled, increase the function of the keyboard, and manage emails signature efficiently without much hassle. 

This software takes care of every nitty-gritty detail you can sometimes overlook. I sure bet you wouldn’t want to miss out on this Autohotkey alternative. 

PhraseExpress is free and is supported on Windows, Mac, IOS, and Linux. 

It is important to always read the user manual of every software before downloading it to avoid unforeseen issues.

Features of PhraseExpress:-

  • It uses tabular forms.
  • As you type, every form adapts
  • It uses Macro Recorder Support.
  • Macros are in a single place.
  • It has an AI-powered text translation.
  • There is usually an output preview of forms.
  • Lightweight code-free phrases.

4. Arduino IDE

This Autohotkey alternative is one you should try out immediately. Arduino IDE makes it easy for programming newbies to understand the rudiments of programming without the feeling of frustration. 

It has an easy community-driven system interface that perfectly makes coding simple to do through the use of a specific programming function. 

The best part of it is that it has an easy-to-understand auto-format system that takes users very little time to master. This software is support on Windows and Linux.

Features of Arduino IDE:-

  • It has a serial monitor.
  • The auto-format function is simple.
  • It has a programmer function.
  • Burn bootloader.
  • The software supports sketch editing tools.
  • Sketches management.

5. Python

This is another best Autohotkey alternative that you should check out. Python is definitely a big deal amongst newbies programmers, and programmer experts. Its software can easily blend with SOL and Java PHP. 

Python is used in many industries and the best part about it is that it is a combination of web development and programming of network. You will find it easy to learn because of its language, as it provides users with more traditional options.

This software can be downloaded from its main source website since it is one hundred percent free and open source. It can be used on any Windows system, Mac, and OS X system.

How to Make Hotkeys in Python

Features of Python:-

  • It has a cross-platform language.
  • The language is expressive.
  • Python is easy to learn and use.
  • It has an object-oriented language.
  • Comprises of a huge standard library.
  • The language it uses can be read, understood, and interpreted.

6. WinAutomation

The WinAutomation tool gives you total control and you can automate every process that is taking place on your desktop. This tool allows users to automate web pages and applications.

By extracting data from local files, this tool chooses and completes your web forms with the assistance of a macro recorder/web recorder. It is one of the fastest and efficient tools you can lay your hands on. 

15 Best Autohotkey Alternatives Macro Programs For Window

WinAutomation helps you to update your database with every detail/data you might ever need from your email.

This tool also allows for the extraction of data from any web page into a worksheet or text file of your choice. 

WinAutomation Overview

Features of WinAutomation:-

  • You can multitask with it
  • It uses a Macro recorder for speed and efficiency
  • It has an automation process for mouse and keyboard
  • Automation for Desktop and Web
  • For security purposes, it has triggers and system monitoring
  • You can automate emails data into an Excel sheet
  • Automation for FTP
  • UI designer
  • The auto-login makes accessing easy
  • It has a process designer

7. Actionaz

Actionaz is also called ‘Action’ and is one of the best tools for automation. Just as the name implies, it lets you execute lots of action at a single goal. No programming language is needed to use this tool as it is free and can be used on Windows 10, 8, 7, and Linux systems.

For an advanced user to use this tool, the use of JavaScript is advised as it will enhance the functions. 

It is developed in Qt and C++ and can also support Ubuntu and Windows 64 and 32 bits.

Features of Actionaz:-

  • The automation process is one of the best
  • It improves team collaboration
  • Increases office productivity
  • Makes use of a Macro recorder

8. TinyTask

TinyTask is software that does a simple automation process by recording playback. Recently, TinyTask has an EXE compiler that brings every bit of scattered program together.

This software does not need an installer for you to use and does not affect your usage of other files or applications on your system

Features of TinyTask:-

  • It reports bugs found in your system
  • The automation process is user friendly
  • EXE compiler to assemble scattered programs together
  • It has a portable task process
  • It makes use of command recording

9. AutoKey

The AutoKey is another good Autohotkey alternative you can opt for when searching for a new tool to use. 

AutoKey was previously named AutoKey Py3 and it works perfectly on a Windows 11 and Linux system. 

It allows users to gather scripts and execute programs that are needed for the user. The AutoKey software is a free and open-source tool that can be downloaded easily.

Features of AutoKey:-

  • Scripts in AutoKey can be assigned
  • It launches proge=rams and uses scripts
  • It doesn’t tamper with files and folders
  • Movements can be done by clicking a mouse
  • It manipulates Windows and works perfectly for loops that are running within the system
  • Uses open documents
  • Variables can be manipulated and retrieved

10. UI Vision Kantu

The UI Vision Kantu is a browser extension that automates the web and applications of your system. This extension gives the necessary security assurance that a user needs before opting for this open-source tool.

It sure is an Autohotkey alternative users can download when they use it. It can be used on a Mac, Windows, and Linux system that supports Chrome, and firefox apps.

Web and Desktop Automation with UI Vision - Free RPA Software

The app helps to verify website layout and canvas elements for programmers, developers, and designers. It recognizes images, resizes Windows, and has lots of other browser resolutions you want to.

Features of UI Vision Kantu:-

  • It has a Google Chrome extension
  • It automates business process
  • It completes code
  • It has room for auto-update
  • Web scraping is anonymous
  • Form filler is automatic

11. Hammerspoon

This automation software links the Lua scripting engine and the operating system which is very powerful for any OS X system. 

When you decide to get Hammerspoon as an Autohotkey alternative, you should know that it is a collection of browser extensions that you special automation power for efficiency and speed.

Hammerspoon can be used to write codes and connect to an OS X, Windows, mouse pointers, WiFi, batteries, clipboards, screens, filesystem objects, location services, screens, and any audio devices.

Exploring the many features of Hammerspoon is necessary before downloading so that you do not put your device at a risk but if you feel it is safe for you, you can go ahead to download. Explore as much as you want to and if you do not find it interesting, remove the browser extension from your system.

Hammerspoon is made by plugins called spoons. It works well when you write in Lua by connecting you to all other actions you require. 

It provides you with keyboard shortcuts, some Windows operations, and works with Applescript. WiFi can be used to run lots of commands and when you are running low on battery, a display alert will let you know. 

Hammerspoon lets you play iTunes automatically when MAC detects it running on your system.

Features of Hammerspoon:-

  • It gives you access to core Hammerspoon functionality
  • It manipulates the system’s audio devices
  • Provides you with a simple on-screen alert display
  • Automates tasks
  • You can watch apps launch and termination events
  • Automatically inspects source of audio devices data
  • Find hs. Window and application objects

12. Macro Express

This is a windows macro utility tool that allows users to record, edit, and playback keyboard and mouse macros.

The robust nature and powerful feature of the Macro Express tool make it stand out amongst all other Autohotkey alternatives. 

The Macro Express is a given set of written down instructions or an easy keystroke/mouse action done.

A 60 second overview of Macro Express

It is time-efficient as a user may not have a need to repeat a given task continually. This effective way of managing time makes the Macro Express more desirable to users than the others.

Due to its automation capabilities, the wear and tear that our hands go through while typing is avoided as it automatically takes away that burden.

Features of Macro express:-

  • It creates a lot of macro files
  • The macroscope properties are used to define when a macro will run or not
  • It creates and runs macros

13. Phrase Express

This tool relieves you from typing normal text phrases which is the major reason why it uses texts and snippets given by the macro tool.

Phrase express helps you abbreviate easily while giving you the option to expand or modify abbreviations too.

It provides you with an easy-to-use automation process that helps you complete repetitive tasks.

This is by far one great Autohotkey alternative tool to use as it has no room for spelling errors with quick access to Windows clipboard history when you have a need to use it.

14. JitBit Micro Recorder

This Autohotkey alternative tool is a strong automation tool that converts macros into similar EXE files.  It is an easy-to-use tool with no need for a prior programing language experience. 

Best Autohotkey Alternatives 2

The simple EXE file JitBit converts macros into can be used on all Windows versions with no exception. 

To use the JitBit Micro Recorder, you need to your keyboard or mouse macros to hotkeys and then you can run them from any app on your system. 

Jitbit Macro Recorder tutorial

Features of JitBit Micro Recorder:-

  • Very Flexible
  • Easy usage
  • It offers users the stealth mode option
  • It concerts macros into simple EXE files you can access
  • Offers loop the macro playback option
  • Very accessible
  • It gives different playback speeds of your choice
  • You can run the software from any of your applications as long as you have assigned mouse and keyboard macros to hotkeys 

15. HotKeyz

This is another Autohotkeys alternative and a convenient utility tool that boosts the productivity of your tasks. 

With HotKeyz, the use of a mouse is not necessary which makes working with it much faster and bearable.  It helps you have a well-organized list of hotkeys where interaction is solely based on commands you assign.

Its automation prowess totally takes care of repetitive tasks which reduce the time and effort spent using the tool. 

Final Thoughts

All the above-mentioned Autohotkey alternatives are at your disposal when you need to make work-life easy. 

Most of them are free, open-source, and easy to use. You do not necessarily need to have knowledge of programming before you can use them. 

To get the best out of their services, you should get their software version. This will provide you with unlimited access to automation options that will blow your mind away.  Giving all the time you need by managing tasks efficiently 

Feel free to explore them and pick out what works best for you.

Don’t forget to tell us your favorite Autohotkey alternative in the comment section.