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Available CT scanner and How They Work


A CT scanner or CAT scanner is a device that consists of integrated computing equipment and X-ray that provides CT scans used mainly in medical diagnosis.

The computed tomography scan allows the doctors to look over what is inside of your body. It also uses the combination of computer and X-ray to create a picture of the bones, organs, and other tissues. It shows extra details than the regular X-ray. A lot of ct scanner for sale is available online and also can be visited on site and it is just a matter of specific needs and budget that points you to the right item.

How a CT/CAT scan Work?

They use narrow X-ray beams that circle around one portion of the patient’s body. This will deliver a sequence of images or pictures from numerous different angles. The computer uses this info to generate a cross-sectional image. As a one piece of loaf bread, this 2D scan shows the “slice” of your inner body.

This procedure is done again to produce a number of slices. The computer loads these scans 1 on the top of others to generate a detailed picture of the patient’s organs, blood vessels or bones. For example, a medical practitioner can use this kind of scan to see all sides of a tumor for them to get ready for operation.

CT scanner Information and Features:-


  • GE BrightSpeed 4 CT Scanner


With the CT system, you can simply achieve convenience and powerful performance in ultra-compact plan. Built with advanced technology, bright speed series uses the Volara DAS and Highlight Matrix II Detector with an improved workflow to give more quality services for you and increase the patient comfort. GE BrightSpeed 4 CT Scanner can help your diagnostic capability.

GE BrightSpeed 4 CT Scanner benefits:-

  • Obtain high-quality diagnostic pictures
  • Optimize the workflow with a built-in solution to speed up processing, acquisition, and transfer
  • Increase productivity by regulating the WW/WL for a single recon versus double
  • Increase the user ease during the operation
  • Manage large, the thick-slice dataset faster and easier

GE BrightSpeed 4 CT scanner Specifications:

  • CopyComposer
  • Helical Tilt
  • Connect Pro
  • Powe 440
  • Smart Prep
  • Direct 3D
  • Data Export
  • 90kVA
  • 300 Picture Series
  • Software version: 07M11.10
  • Accurate sub-millimeter imaging
  • AutomA
  • Direct-MRP


TOSHIBA Aquilion Prime 80 CT Scanner


This CT scanner provides a high-quality clinical picture and reduces radiation exposure with an AIDR 3D (Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction 3D), this system can make 80 slices per cycle or rotation.

Toshiba Aquilion PRIME features

  • 0.5-millimeter detector
  • the large-capacity tube is 7.5 MHU
  • second scanning of 0.35
  • The high-speed rotations let rapid data acquisitions and reduce the scan periods while a fast renovation unit further develops throughput, which provides a faster, accurate, and safer diagnoses.
  • 78-centimeter gantry aperture
  • 80-135 kV

PHILIPS Brilliance Big Bore 16 CT scanner



Philips Brilliance Big Bore CT scanner Oncology structure forms on the AcQsim single-slice computed tomography (CT) scanner. It offers an oncologist 85 centimeter bore that address to the patient positioning worries and secures the reward of a high-speed, larger spatial resolution and providing isotropic imaging with 16 x 0.75.

Features and its benefits:

  • 85 centimeter bore size to assist the patients in control devices or with the huge patient observing devices.
  • 60-centimeter SFOV (Scan Field of View) to comprise all the patient skin; no settlement when using scan for the radiation dose calculation.
  • The 16 slice per insurrection with a 2.4-centimeter coverage lets you cover the larger areas at a faster time.
  • Oncology precise the tools to increase a throughput example, a full-length cursor, oncology procedures.
  • The CT Localization on the Console (L.O.C.) increases the workflow.
  • Respiratory linked gating with the connectivity to a third-party gating device. 
  • The patient settee assembly to encounter the accuracy demand of the oncology departments.


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