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11 Of The Best Baby Monitor App To Keep an Eye on Your Baby

Do you have the curiosity to know about the Best Baby Monitor App To Keep an Eye on Your Baby? 🤔  You can easily Find out now in this definitive list with our detailed review.

Without any further delay let’s find out. 🔎🔎

So, you have become a new mom and dad. Welcome to the world of parenthood. You are now entering a crucial part of your life, bringing up your child. Your life feels quite different now because you have always keep an eye on your child. 

This is when you can consider using a baby monitor. It is always not possible for you to be physically present in the room. Not to mention, you cannot hire nannies at night or throughout the day, as they are expensive.

How about downloading an affordable baby monitor app on your old smartphone, you are good to go. The need to purchase an expensive smartphone is not required. If your old smartphone is working fine, then you can use it. 

How to turn your old smartphone into a monitoring device?

Using your old smartphone, you can now find out the happenings in your nursery. The moment your baby starts to cry or begins to move around, you are instantly notified through messages or even calls. 

This system is way better than merely placing a walkie-talkie in the nursery and carrying about your chores. You can never come to know who is present in the nursery. Hence, both quality audio features and video images are required. 

This is possible through apps that can be downloaded on your old smartphone and used to receive calls and excellent video images. You need two devices or smartphones to monitor your child. 

One of the devices is placed in your child’s room, while you handle the other. The only thing you need to make sure of is that the network is the same. See to that, the advanced security features are working and active for video streams that are only viewed by you. 

Best Baby Monitor App: Our Top Picks 👌👌

1. Baby Monitor App by Dormi

Baby monitor by Dormi is ranked first on our list and rightly so. This is one of the best baby monitor applications available in the market. Priced just below $9, the app can be downloaded on your android devices. 

Baby Monitor App

You can operate it without internet access at the time. Multiple parent usage is possible through this app. Some of the features of this fantastic app include the sensitivity of the microphone need not be customized, as it can do it.

You are notified through messages and calls, your phone starts vibrating, the moment your precious child starts to cry, there is a powerful night vision, and it also works when the screen gets off. 

Overall, a perfect app to consider downloading and using when you are worried about the welfare of your child. Supposing you are on a call and your child starts to cry, you are notified through vibrations. 

Dormi - The Baby Monitor for Android

The range is excellent and works from quite a distance. Several devices and be connected, and it supports many cellular networks.

Download on Google Play Store

2. Cloud Baby Monitor

Cloud Baby Monitor app can be accessed on iOS devices like Mac, iPad, iPod, and Apple TV. Once you have downloaded the app, you can run it on both devices. One of the devices is placed in your baby’s room, and the other is with you. 

Baby Monitor App

It is affordable and comes with numerous features that you will find beneficial to keep an eye on your little one. The app comes with unlimited range, motion and noise alert, a monitor with video, a battery alert that notifies you, and multiple parent support.

It broadcasts high-quality videos of the ongoings in your nursery. Every moment of your precious child is tracked and noted. The app is safe to use as it comes with the standard encryption process. 

11 Of The Best Baby Monitor App To Keep an Eye on Your Baby

A noteworthy feature here is that it can sing your child to sleep. The moment it notices that your baby is in discomfort, it notifies you and sings through the built-in lullabies. Of course, these can be controlled by you. 

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

3. Baby Monitor by Faebir

Baby Monitor by Faebir is, by far, one of the simplest in design. The user interface is secure, and functionality is excellent. The app can easily detect when your baby is moving around or crying, alerting you immediately through text messages, calls, or even through Skype. 

Some of the features of this easy-to-use app include, you are alerted immediately through a wide range of communication modes.

There is also an alert for low battery, it also works when the background of the screen is not working, the sensitivity of the microphone can be customized, and auto-recovery is present. 

This is a free app that works fine on android devices. With so many features in-built, it is quite hard to resist downloading and using on the smartphone.  

Download on Google Play Store

4. Baby Monitor by CodeGoo

11 Of The Best Baby Monitor App To Keep an Eye on Your Baby

CodeGoo has designed an excellent baby monitor app for iOS devices. It is an excellent app to have with you when you are frequently traveling. It can place phone calls of regular in nature to the number given.  

It is priced cheap and hosts a number of features like a strong range, compatible with several networks, and you can use FaceTime. This is one app you can consider purchasing if you travel frequently and want to keep an eye on your nursery. 

Download on Apple App Store

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5. Baby Monitor HD by Sunshine Apps

Sunshine apps have developed baby Monitor HD. The app can help you monitor your baby’s movements through several devices over the internet connection. You can access it through 3G and Wi-Fi. 

Baby Monitor App

Ideal to use, especially when you travel too, as all the data is received. The video and audio are of high quality. It comes with a retina display and has more than 3 video feeds that are life at the same time. 

As always, do not share the video feed with anybody. Some of the features include easy setup of the camera, controls that can be tilted, excellent support, you need to double-tap to zoom, which is a unique feature, and the video and audio come in digital format. 

With so many features, you should seriously consider downloading this monitor app for the safety of your child. 

Download on Apple App Store

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6. Baby Monitor 3G

Baby Monitor 3G can be accessed on Android and iOS devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It is a secure and robust baby monitor app. The app comes protected by powerful encryption. It can work on several internet connections or Wi-Fi. 

11 Of The Best Baby Monitor App To Keep an Eye on Your Baby

Parents can easily view and hear the happenings in the nursery. A noteworthy point here is that parents can decide on the volume of the microphone that is present in the nursery.

It is priced reasonably low. It comes with a wide range of features like excellent range, record activity, multi-parents units are supported, the volume of the microphone can be adjusted, and alerts are sent when something is detected from the nursery. 

Overall, an app that is definitely worth considering on your smartphone. 

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

7. Baby Monitor and Alarm

Baby Monitor and Alarm is one of the most secure apps for monitoring babies. It is no wonder that parents from many countries rely on this app. The app can be downloaded and accessed on android and iOS devices. 

11 Of The Best Baby Monitor App To Keep an Eye on Your Baby

There is a function that calls parents. If there is some noise or disturbances in the nursery where your child is sleeping, then a call is placed to you by the app. There is also a noise recording feature. 

It is affordable and comes with several features that are too hard to ignore. The app is safe and reliable for use. You can play and listen to the noises that you hear later on for reference or to ensure that it is your child. 

There is an activity log, which allows you to keep track of what is happening. The mummy’s voice function enables you to make noises as the mother to keep the child assured that the mother is nearby. 

Download on Apple App Store

Download on Google Play Store

8. WiFi Baby Monitor

WiFi Baby Monitor helps you monitor your child using the audio and video broadcasts that are transmitted by the app. Parents can zoom in for better clarity to know exactly what their child is up to. Sometimes, the view can be unclear. Hence, with the zoom-in feature, you can also see the happenings in the room. 

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The app is password protected and comes with several connections. Several viewers can view it. Both iOS and Android device users can access this app. It is free to use and comes with excellent quality audio and video streaming. 

The zoom-in feature of the videos provides you with crucial moments of your child. You can also adjust the resolution of the video, join many connections, and create a strong password for the camera for your own safety. 

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

9. Third Eye – Wireless Monitoring

11 Of The Best Baby Monitor App To Keep an Eye on Your Baby

Third Eye is compatible with iOS devices like the iPhone, PC, and Mac. Even the old iPhone device is good enough. The app lets you roam around in wireless. You can monitor your child, both video and audio. 

That is incredibly satisfying, knowing that your child is safe and secure. You have to be connected to the same network. It is free to use ad that comes with the ability to support several connections, real-time video streaming, remote record, and real-time audio. 

Download on Apple App Store

10. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi App Box

 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi App Box are probably the simplest of all apps to monitor your baby. The features are easy to use. The app can be used only on iOS devices. All you need to do is download the application and start your monitoring. 

It works just fine on your iPhone. Using the front and rear camera, you can take quality photos of your child. Perhaps, your child was trying to get out of the crib or doing some fun activity by himself. 

These beautiful moments can be saved on your iPhone, provided you have this app installed. The app is free to use. Some of the features that you will find useful include live photos when you are monitoring your child, use both the rear and front camera, and the snapshot timer can be adjusted.

The above was our list of top 10 baby monitors. Now we have provided our take on the best security cameras in the market. 

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11. SmartCam HD Pro

SmartCam HD Pro, designed by Samsung, is one of the most advanced HD pro monitors to add along with your baby monitor apps. Samsung, as you know, has one of the best research teams on the planet. 

11 Of The Best Baby Monitor App To Keep an Eye on Your Baby

They ensure that the products have to go through rigorous testing before being released in the market. The camera helps you to create zones according to the size of your nursery. It is easy to set up and simple to use. 

Parents who are not well-versed using gadgets need not panic. It also comes with a night vision feature for up to a distance of more than 30 feet. You can also increase the CMOS sensor size, depending on your requirements. 

Hence, we added it to the list, just for your convenience. Perhaps, the only drawback of this app is the cost. But, when it comes to your baby or child, then no amount of money should come in the way when it regards to their safety. 

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

Baby Monitor App:- Significance of using it

Unlike what many parents think and feel, a baby monitor app is one of the safest ways to ensure that your child is safe and sound. What better way than to merely use your old smartphone? 

The need to get yourself another expensive device is not there. You only have to download the app, depending on the device you use. According to technology experts, parents tend to use so many different kinds of tools and software to communicate with family and friends. 

For example, you use teleconferencing, Skype, and so on. Using these, you can easily see and hear your loved ones. It is as if they are right in front of you, even though they are 1000 miles away from you. 

This way, you feel closer to them and know that they are doing good. With the help of the monitor app, keeping an eye on your precious child becomes easy. Be it from work, when traveling, or from your backyard. 

You know that your child is safe and in his own sweet world. Though some of you new moms and dads are skeptical about monitor apps getting hacked by unwanted elements, these are quite low when you install a reliable app. 

We have taken care to ensure that the apps mentioned above are safe and reliable. Keeping in mind this is about your little one, we have taken special care of that. Our team has put adequate research on the best apps available in the market. 

You can consider the paid version, though there is no guarantee that they are safer than the free version. An app is an app meant to do a specific job. It is up to the users to ensure that they are reliable and trustworthy. 

For best results, have your Wi-Fi network secured with a strong password. You can change the password every week or month. Avoid using your birthdays or names. These are very predictable, and before you know it, hackers can pounce on your network. 

Another point to take care of is, avoid uploading the monitor feed on the internet for your family and friends to see them. While some genuinely care about your family, not all are good people. 

The internet is vast. You can find all kinds of unwanted elements in there. To keep your child safe from adverse incidents like hacking, follow the above two ideas in all seriousness. 

Changing your old smartphone as a baby monitor

The need to make several expensive purchases like a new parent is not required. You can make use of your old smartphone, provided that it is working fine. Of course, if you do not have one, then you can purchase the latest release. 

However, an old smartphone can come handy, because you do not have to pay anything extra. The only thing that you need is internet access. The monitor app works fine on the same Wi-Fi network that your old device uses. 

You are lucky if the app is accessible on both android and iOS. Not everybody has deep pockets to afford Apple devices. If at all, you own iOS devices, android apps are quite decent and come with a wide range of features. 

iOS device owners have lamented the fact that some of the apps available on android devices are quite powerful and do their job well. Most of the apps can be downloaded and set up easily on both android and iOS devices. 

Once you have downloaded the app on your device, you need to set one of them in the nursery where your infant child is sleeping. When you have done that, you need to point the camera to where your child is sleeping. 

Perhaps an angle where the door and 3/4th of the room are visible. It would be better because you can see who is entering and handling your child. You may want to keep the windows closed during the night. 

If you are at home, then you can leave the window open for some time. Of course, you have to make sure that the internet is working. The device also needs to be connected to a plug point. You do not want the smartphone to switch off once the battery has drained. 

A decent smartphone can easily last 4-6 hours with the camera switched on. But, with the power socket in, you can expect it to run for a good 24 hours without hassle. As you can see, your smartphone is as good as your baby monitor. 

It will be ideal if you use the apps we have mentioned here because they are safe and developed by trustworthy sources. It is also crucial that the security features of the app are active, and the video stream is private. 

Only you should be able to view the video stream. This way, you can monitor your baby safely without problems and worries. Using an old smartphone to monitor your child is the best to go about things. 

Tips for choosing the right kind of baby monitor app

Here are some powerful tips that can help you get hold of the best baby monitor app. 

1. You want an app that comes with excellent clarity and less interference. That is possible when you choose a model with a frequency higher than 900 MHz. Choosing a lower frequency app comes with too many interruptions and low clarity images. 

2. The low-battery light is an excellent feature that can immensely help you with the right kind of images. When your smartphone is low on battery, it immediately alerts you on that. 

3. It goes without saying that you should choose a wireless app. That is because wireless apps give you more flexibility as your hands are free. You can complete all your tasks and chores when your child is sleeping. 

4. Another idea would be to make use of sound-activated light. The app starts to flash when noises and other kinds of movements are detected in your child’s room. The nature of your task is not dependent on that. For example, you may be in the garden or listening to music and be alerted.

5. A video monitor is an ideal option. That is because you can easily make out if your child is sleeping or not. Though sound apps enable you to know what is happening, videos give you the actual picture of what is going on in there. Is your child awake? Is somebody in the room with your child? The quality of low-light pictures is also crucial. 

Any responsible parent will be extremely concerned about the safety of their child. Hence, you would have been searching for the ideal baby monitor app. These apps keep an eye on your baby for you. 

The above list of apps can be extremely useful for you.