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Backlinking in 2021- Is it a worthy investment?

Backlinks are links from one web page of a website to a different page on another website. Google tends to like pages with backlinks from credible websites. Higher backlinks often result in higher organic search engine rankings. Good quality backlinks ensure trust and popularity.

Backlinks are essential as they function like ‘votes’ that tell Google that a particular site has quality content. So, if your site has a higher number of votes, Google identifies your site as valuable, useful, and credible. Although Google has made several algorithm updates in the last decade, digital marketing agencies in Bangalore know that still backlinks remain vital in Google’s ranking algorithm.

What Type of Backlinks Work?

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Quality of backlinks matter. Google gives more weightage to backlink if it comes from trusted and authoritative websites that carry ‘domain authority.’ What that means is if your site gets a backlink from Forbes website, that brings more worth than a backlink from a random blogger next street.

The correlation between the link’s anchor text and your web page’s target keyword is also vital. SEO companies in Bangalore include your page’s target keyword in the backlink’s anchor text to provide a higher ranking.

When a site backlink to another site, Google makes sure whether the two are related in some way or not. The site or the topic linking back to your web page should directly or indirectly relate to the subject on your page. Google will give more importance to backlinks made to a digital marketing site from sites that deal with SEO or content marketing rather than from sites about fitness or fishing.

Google gives more weightage to domains that are backlinking to you for the first time. Repeated backlinks have lower returns.

Backlinking in 2021- Is it a worthy investment?

Strategies to Get High-quality Backlinks

  • Build relationships: Develop genuine connections with people who belong to your industry. Strong relationships ensure career longevity. Social media marketing companies in Bangalore help you bounce ideas off these relevant people and support the platforms they are working on. So, it’s highly recommended that you reach out to build a solid foundation with real people and have incredible fun.
  • Create Skyscraper content: Skyscraper content is a marketing strategy that involves reverse engineering – first, you look for content that is doing well on social media and search engines. Then you create comprehensive content that is better than the existing one. The process also includes backlinking to your previous related posts and sharing the same. Digital marketing agencies in Bangalore share case studies to prove how effective the skyscraper technique is to increase search traffic by more than 100%. The method has tremendous potential to build backlinks from authority sites.
  • Get Backlinks from outdated sites: Several sites change the domain name, stop updating or offering a service, or get completely shut down on a daily basis. Spend some time to research such resources. Hundreds of people and sites continue to link back to such outdated web pages.

You can find such a resource by entering the outdated URL to your choice of backlink checking tool. The last step would be to reach out to all the people or websites and inform them about their obsolete links. Suggest them to add your link to their site instead.

  • Content format matters: certain types of content perform better. The following formats tend to attract more backlinks than others
  • ‘how to’ posts
  • ‘why’ posts
  • Infographics
  • List posts
  • Videos

Web design companies in Bangalore produce the right mix of various content types on your website to attract the right kind of quality backlinks. The quality of content still matters but packaging it in the proper format is equally important.

  • Ultimate guides are magnets: Look for a topic that’s not already overpopulated on the web. Outlining the subject is the next step. The post has to be planned appropriately beforehand to make sure you don’t miss any valid points. Social media marketing companies in Bangalore help you write and share the definitive resource for the topic you selected. Just put your heart out into the subject, and backlinks will start pouring in.

How Backlinks Help You Grow?

  • Increase conversion: Ultimate goal of backlinking is conversion. These are tangible results that come in the form of subscribers, leads, traffic, or sales.
  • Interact with prospects: One of the core strengths of backlinking is to reach the desired audience. It’s highly satisfying when your reader comes to you through a series of links and gets what they were looking for. As a content developer, you’re always on the mission to engage and interact with the prospects who may be interested in your message.
  • Build your brand: Digital marketing agencies in Bangalore keep your brand in touch with your customers regularly. You get an opportunity to gather valuable and constructive feedback to improve your content and service continuously.
  • Gain trust and revenue: A robust website will build confidence in the market over time. Web design companies in Bangalore ensure that your target audience sees your ads, message, social campaigns, videos, and emails every day.

Once you’re able to do so, you’ll start generating more conversions and leads.

  • Lead your audience to take action: If your targeted audience comes back to your website frequently, you can gently point them to a place on your page, prompting them to take the desired action. SEO companies in Bangalore strategically place Call-to-Action or CTA in your content that encourages readers to either subscribe to your website or purchase a product/service.

Why is Backlinking Even More Important in 2021?

With the current social situation, more and more people are spending time online. Whether you’re looking for dinner or a place to join to enhance a personal hobby, you’re always scanning online resources to perform these tasks. And so are your targeted audience.

You and your business need an online identity so that your customers and prospects discover their favorite brands. Consumers are consuming new products and services voraciously in the online space. So, it becomes even more important to get backlinks to your website from authority sites. Connect with SEO companies in Bangalore to carve out an effective digital marketing strategy.

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