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11 Best Beekeeping Apps For Beekeeping Assistant

If you are a beekeeper or planning to become one, then you would know the amount of dedication involved. Owning a bee farm is not your mundane task. It requires plenty of hard work and commitment to it.

But it is profitable; no wonder you can find plenty of bee farms in and around America. If you take steps in the right direction, you stand to become successful. In this review, we have plucked some of the best beekeeping apps that can be operational on Android and iOS devices.

So, you do not have to be concerned about whether you own iOS or Android devices. These apps can work just fine on any platform. During our research, we were overwhelmed with the tons of apps that we came across.

That made our decision pretty tough. Though we found some worthy apps in the market, we compiled only the best from that colossal list. Hence, you may want to become frustrated if you cannot find the beekeeping app instantly.

The beekeeping industry has been thriving for centuries. It is not something new to speak of. You can find bee farms owned by generations successfully. But part of that success can be attributed to beekeeping apps.

There is no denying that technology had played a significant role in that. It is true beekeepers like to use traditional approaches and it contributes to the development of beekeeping. However, using apps along with the traditional approach gives you the desired results.

How do beekeeping apps enable the industry to make profits?

How do apps help your business grow and take care of your beehives? These apps are helpful for designing your colonies from scratch as well as tracking your progress with your bee farm.

Nobody has beehives around their yard unless it involves cash. Bees are not your common animals for pets. The app helps you design cost-effective bee colonies and in maintenance. Those of you familiar with rearing bees might know the costs involved.

It can be staggering, and you certainly do not want to see all your money drown in that way. We have provided you with different kinds of apps that come with crucial features. There is a special fun app we thought of beginning the review with.

Best Beekeeping Apps – Our Top Pick 👌👌

Our list of beekeeping apps contains free tools. You just need to download and install them. However, we found paid apps useful for your cause; hence we have included them here. They are not expensive and cost a few dollars to download and begin.

Without wasting any time, let us delve into them.

1. HiveTracks

HiveTracks is a beekeeping app developed by HiveTracks & Appiarium LLC. The software is able to offer you several tools you require to manage your business. Previously the software was used as a website; today, you can find it downloadable both on Android and iOS.

The app lets you record vital data on your bees and hives. You can also jot down your observations on their conditions. Perhaps, next time, you may want to implement something else for them.

You can view the forage maps, set reminders, and share your information with your employees or clients if you want. The app does not occupy plenty of space, unlike others. It is free for you to download, but the features are essential.

HiveTracks Mobile App - On the Farm

That is why you may want to choose the paid monthly version which comes to around $5. Premium subscription offers you loads of features. The price depends on the number of hives you want to keep track of.

It settles at $20 for 100 hives in a month.


  • The app works flawlessly in rural areas. When you reside or have your business out of city limits, then this app is meant for you.
  • The signal issues do not have to bother you while working on the app. It works seamlessly, even when it is offline.
  • With the GPS coordinates, the location is kept safe.
  • You can finish the tasks and then create an associate audio record of your visit.
  • Besides, you can take images of your work in the beehive for future usage.
  • The crucial information is received, and you can work effortlessly.

We loved the app because it provides you with a regular monitoring system where you can know your progress.

It also has additional features like offering you information about maps, easy sharing of data, reminds you of inspections, and consumes less space on your smartphone.

Does it have a flaw? You may not like the loading time and the upgrades that you have to do quite often. We have ranked it first on our list because it comes with a barrage of features. Besides, it is free to use, and you can subscribe monthly for additional features.

Today, you can make use of more than 80000 hives data through the app. Many users in America have commended how useful the app was to begin a commercial business with bees.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

2. HiveKeepers for Beekeepers

HiveKeepers for Beekeepers is an awesome beekeeping app that comes with a wide range of features for serious beekeepers. Users have commended how easy the app is not only to download but also on their smartphones.

We found that this app is ideal for newcomers and beginners in the bee industry. It may seem daunting at first to begin a beehive farm, but with the proper software, you can surge ahead. Though pitfalls are there at each step, eventually, you will reach the top.

HiveKeepers App for Smartphones

It is a free app that records information about your bee colonies and integrates with Google maps.

It can immensely help you in handling your own bee apiary.


  • The data comes for only 13.82MB. HiveKeepers for Beekeepers is an exceptional app by Project 467 Pty Ltd for keeping your records safely.
  • You can store records of your bee colonies and hives.
  • It enables you to protect your bees because you can track their health safely. At times, information can make the difference between life and death.
  • The same principle works efficiently with beekeeping.
  • Based on the information that you have you can now make excellent choices for solving problems.
  • You can also record the information on apiaries as it comes integrated with Google maps.

Locating them won’t be a problem. It provides you with visual data of the apiary for tracking your bees so that you know what to do with them.

This is one of the most beekeeping apps, as you can take inspections on four aspects, are the frame, hive, apiary, and super.

The progress you have made with your bee farm can be instantly shared on social media with family and friends. You can also share the details with clients if you want to, using the PDF report download feature available on your smartphone.

Download on Google Play Store

3. HiveTool Mobile – Beekeeping

HiveTool Mobile – Beekeeping is another seamless app designed by the HiveTool Mobile Team. Any user would love to download and use this app. The century has seen some of the best technology apps the industry has made.

This app stands out because it can make use of modern commercial methods for large-scale honey production. Besides, it can easily track the negative effects that are most happening with the bees.

HiveTool Mobile - Google Store Demo 1080p

Most beekeepers are often reluctant to make use of advanced technology on their farms. They tend to stick to the traditional methods of rearing bees. But, the survival of bees has always been a question mark.


  • Using this app, you can now manage your beehive without hassle. You do not need a quick internet connection to work on it.
  • Most of the beehive farms are based in rural areas and locations with a poor internet connections. The app comes with 9 major reporting categories. It lets you add your own custom categories. Some of the other features in the app include express inspections, express setup, to-do list, graph analysis, and forward assessments.
  • We also felt that the user interface is flawless. On the dashboard, you have tabs that enable you to record the population of the bee colony. It helps you keep track of both the brood and adult populations.
  • You can have knowledge of the standing of your queen and the quantitative relation of sirup.

It is free and suitable for new business owners as well as the experienced industrials apiculturist. When you have lots of beehives to maintain and take care of, you are provided with associate categorical scrutiny, colonies having similar characteristics, and individual entries.

Finally, the feature of the export capability, letting you convert analyzed information as spreadsheets to view and share. It can be used as an academic tool.

On the whole, HiveTool Mobile is a reliable beekeeping app that you may want to download on your device. When you can specialize in everything that matters, you can use the cultivation, and come free to use for 28 days with up to 100 hives.

Download APK Here

4. BeePlus Beekeeping Manager

BeePlus Beekeeping Manager is a beekeeping tool that was developed by OmniChrome. Remarkably, the app enables you to have a comprehensive view of the hives. Besides, you can also organize your hives and apiaries likewise.

Best Beekeeping Apps

As we keep repeating the importance of tracking your bees, the same is applicable here. Knowing what is going on in the bee world is crucial for thriving in this competitive business. This is when beekeeping apps like this can make a difference.

It is available only on iOS as of now. You can sync as well as share data on other iOS devices effortlessly. You can track inspection, know what is happening with your queen bee, understand more about your equipment, and keep adding information.


  • The app offers you a barrage of crucial information that is important for any beekeeping business to thrive.
  • You can track hive inspections, data on individual queens, honey production, and when a piece of equipment was used.
  • If you want, you can also take pictures of your bee farm just for future use and share it with your clients or family.
  • You can add little or more information you want based on your requirements. We loved another incredible feature on it, the cloud backup. Using it, you can backup all your vital data.
  • This is a straightforward app and comes with no subscriptions or in-app purchases. Besides, there are no limits on the hives you want to track the information.
  • It comes with only 19.1MB and is available for $4.99.

As an owner of a bee colony, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are safe and breeding well. Besides, it is good for business. What better way to collect data on apiaries. It also helps you make decisions at a later time.

You can share images and pictures with your friends as a text or CSV. Now, inspecting beehives cannot become easier using it. BeePlus Beekeeping Manager makes your activities immensely systematic and it is not that expensive.

Download on Apple App Store

5. Apiary Book

The Apiary Book was designed by Bogdan Lordache, who is an apiculturist himself. If you instantly check out the app, you will realize that fact. It comes with a barrage of top-notch features that make us want to claim this as the best app.

Best Beekeeping Apps

To ensure that your bees are well kept, you will need to record and track them. You can use paper and pen to jot down things; using an app; you have a shot in the arm.

This bookkeeping app comes with a friendly user interface better than most other apps.

One feels that the developers wanted to design an app to guide and educate other beekeepers on the right method of bee farming. You see, honey production is not your everyday task because it requires immense knowledge and dedication.


  • It has some sublime features that allow you to enlighten yourself on the apiary types, planners on tasks to be done, recording information, a timeline for checking the progress, a dashboard that highlights your apiary records.
  • You can also decide your next move on the weather, information on the queen, and inspect the frames, and more.
  • The software enables you to analyze the common trends happening. You can literally cover every side of apiculture.
  • The app comes with an associate assistant to help you with the information that you will need. It is helpful for a new beekeeper.
  • A notable feature of the tool is that it comes in 14 languages for those who are not sure about using it only in English.

We also liked it because it comes with less than 3.4MB and does not take 30 seconds to download on your device.

Do we recommend the app? Apiary Book is a must software for beginners and experienced keepers and farmers today. The terrific app comes with just about everything that a successful beekeeper would need.

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6. American Bee Journal

American Bee Journal was designed by Dadant and Sons Inc. We liked the tool because it is straightforward and comes with easy language for beginners. As you may know, every business has its own pros and cons.

The app offers you the right kind of data that you will need. If you are somebody who needs training from scratch, then this app would be suitable. Beekeeping, like we have been saying through the review, is not your mundane task.

Yes, you can gain knowledge from books and magazines, but having everything in a single place is an advantage. It offers you the information that you will require for successful beekeeping.

It comes with a question and answers section. You will also find the event list useful. Attending those events may help you learn more about bee harvesting. It comes for free and is merely 7.6MB to download, which takes half a minute.

American Bee Journal has a printed version that can be used on your smartphone. When you are connected online, you can read vital information for learning more about bees. We recommend you delve into the paid version that is available for $3.99.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on Apple App Store

7. Bee Appy – Hive Management

Bee Appy is a good hive management tool that can quickly help you take care of your bee colonies. You can inspect and record your beehive as and when you want. Besides, when you require the BBKA certificate, you can make use of the app.

We liked the fact that it is designed for recording plenty of information on beehives and the honey that is harvested. This is a lot like the paper system, where it comes to several notable features like GPS mapping.

Users can also make use of other features like easy setup, monitor, and inspection of the beehives. We believe that this app is helpful for both professional beekeepers and individuals who own beehives as a hobby.

There is an inspection list that offers you everything you want to track on the hives. Unfortunately, it works only on Apple devices and if you own one, then you can download it for less than $4.

Download on Apple App Store

At the time of research on Best free Beekeeping Apps for Android and iOS devices, we found a video on What’d Your Life Look Like If You Were a Bee? which is worth watching.

What'd Your Life Look Like If You Were a Bee?

8. BeeScanning

BeeScanning enables you to diagnose your bees’ health in your farming, which is crucial for any business dealing with a beehive. With the help of your smartphone, you can easily ensure that your bees are safe and healthy.

You can find out if your bees are in good condition. That can be done with the help of your smartphone camera; you can take images and make an analysis. When you can connect to the server, you get deep learning.

11 Best Beekeeping Apps For Beekeeping Assistant

Then, you can make use of the results for the required treatment. The app is highly suggested for beekeeping. If you are facing any issue, then they are on it immediately. This is something that we did not notice in most of the apps.

It comes with GPS details about the images; you can log in using different methods.

Does it come with flaws? Yes, it does. When the connection is lost, you may have to upload the pictures again, which is time-consuming. Additionally, signing up using the SMS can be a hassle at times.

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9. Beecraft Magazine

Beecraft Magazine is one of the best apps because it delivers all information. We felt that it is a vital app for any beekeeper. You are providing all the insights you will need for taking care of your bees.

It comes with a wide range of articles that are very informative, valuable guides, and tips for improving your skills in beekeeping. Besides, you can have all your doubts about beehives clarified through this app.

The app can be downloaded on Android and iOS. You can also make use of the purchases on them for learning more about this business. When you want to gain more out of the app, it is best you use the paid version.

However, you may be disappointed that the app does not come with a record feature. In fact, you cannot record monitoring or inspection using the app. But you can make use of the blogs that provide you with quality news about beekeeping.

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10. BeeKeepQuiz

BeeKeepQuiz is the last tool on our list. It is mostly a quiz-related tool. We wanted to end on a light note for beekeepers. We felt that as a beekeeper, your understanding of bees and their living could benefit your farm.

11 Best Beekeeping Apps For Beekeeping Assistant

Besides, you can learn more about bees through the quiz game. It can be played by your family, your employees, or even friends. Developed by BeeKeepClub, users can use this as a guide and expand their knowledge about them.

You can find easy questions that relate to beekeeping, bee lifestyle, and living. The interface is excellent and straightforward to use. We liked the presentation on the wooden plank. Additionally, it comes with tropical rainforest.

There are plenty of intuitive sounds that let you know the status of your answers. You can make use of the two modes of questions for you namely endurance mode and time trial mode. The app needs to be downloaded on your smartphone.

As of now, it is only on Android devices. We really liked playing this quiz game on bees. We found it useful and came to know several interesting facts about the bees.

Unfortunately, because of the environmental conditions, their popularity is constantly declining.

Through this quiz app, we learned to appreciate the functions of bees for humans as they have been doing for millions of years. There is no age limit for this game. If you are a beekeeper or know somebody who likes to study bees, then this app can come in handy.

Download on Google Play Store


These are our thoughts about beekeeping apps. Being a beekeeper is no joke. There is a multitude of factors that you need to take off. It is not pleasant if some kind of incident happens to you or your workers with the bees.

With the help of the above apps, you can prevent incidents from happening and benefit. The above was some of the best beekeeping apps on the market. It is quite a ton when you have to decide on the kind of app you will install on your smartphone eventually.

Most of them are unique in their own way. We have done our best to differentiate their notable features for an easy choice. Few of the apps come with a design that is much better than the other ones.

It could be the layout or handling capability of the app. The more you become an expert in mastering the app, the better you can manage it. This is required for any beekeeper. With the growing technology in hand, beekeeping is growing rapidly.

There may be new apps on the horizon next month itself. But, as long as you choose an app that enables you to take care of your business, and manage your bees well, you have won. We tested some of the apps and found them to be pretty straightforward to use.

Utilizing these staggering apps now can help you trace your work, know what is happening among your bees, and make changes if required. There is no harm in knowing that you made a mistake and need to implement changes.

In conclusion

The above was some of the sublime beekeeping apps. We have made sure that we have listed most of them on the list. You can be a beginner or somebody with years of experience, you know that there is something on the list that matches your needs.

These apps were developed just for your requirements. They are there to help you make better decisions for your business to thrive and ensure that your bees are well kept. For all your hard-working people, install one of them today, and reap the rewards.