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Benefits of a Professional Web Design and Tips in Getting It

Businesses have varying needs. A manufacturing company requires raw materials to build their products, while a contact center needs an auto dialer software to make their outbound calls faster and more convenient.

However, no matter what size or field they are in, every company needs to have their website at this age. Your website serves as the official place where customers go if they want to get more information about your business, so it must be designed professionally. Below are some of the benefits of a website that is built by a professional.

Benefits of a Professional Web Design and Tips in Getting It

  • It creates a positive impression. Users who want to know about your business and what you offer will check out your website. What they see will determine their first impression of you. You must create a good image, so they will continue to explore your site and end up buying your products or services. A professionally designed website will help you to gain their trust early on. However, a poorly designed page will make them doubt your legitimacy.
  • It improves brand awareness. Your site is another platform to make your brand known. If the branding is consistent in all your accounts, campaigns, and materials, there will be brand recall. It will be easier for people to remember you, so they will go to you if needs arise for your business.
  • It decreases bounce rates. A professionally designed site is fast and easy to navigate, so users are more likely to stay longer to explore its content. If the page is slow and all over the place, users will abandon your site right away.
  • It saves money, and it’s scalable. If done without the help of a pro, your website could cost you money. You may need to hire a pro in the end to fix the problems of the unprofessionally and poorly designed site. Plus, a professional web designer or developer can also ensure its scalability so it will be ready for the growth of your business.
  • It boosts your SERP or search engine results page ranking. Your website will be designed with SEO purposes in mind. It will help you reach the top spot of the search results, giving exposure to your site.
  • It helps you be on top of the competition. In this digital age, your competitors probably have their websites. It will be hard to compete with them if you do not have one.

If you finally decide to have a professionally designed website for your company, you are on the right track. You will enjoy all the above benefits as long as you consider the following in having your website designed and built.

Determine your end-users

It’s a basic thing that you think all business owners will do. However, you will be surprised at how many companies forget about this simple yet vital thing when planning their web design. You want your site to be user-friendly, and it should have all the information and functions that the users will need.

For example, if your site offers booking services, this option should be easy for the users to find, and it should also be convenient for them to complete the process. Besides your customers, your end-users may also include your staff or business partners, so you should consider this too on your web design. For example, you can have a separate login for your customers and employees or partners.

Be consistent with your brand

Your website is an effective platform to improve brand awareness and increase name recall. Make sure that your branding is consistent, so users will easily remember you. The more they see your branding, the more familiar they become with your company, thus also strengthening their trust. In addition, your business will immediately come to mind if they find a need for your services or products.

Include social proof

With all the scams happening around the internet, customers are now more careful when dealing with businesses, especially those they are unfamiliar with. They do their research and consider the reviews and feedback of other users when deciding if they will deal with a company. Include social proof on your website to improve your credibility. When they read positive words about you, they will be more open to trying your business. Besides reviews, you may also include the awards you received and projects for a cause you participated in. Customers love companies who make an impact on others and the world. They are inspired to support them for their good deeds.

Incorporate options for customer communication

One of the reasons why customers go to your site is that they have queries or concerns. While you may have help articles or FAQs on your page, some will still want to talk to you. Provide ways on how they can contact you, such as giving your e-mail and phone number. Incorporating a chat feature on your site also promotes a positive user experience as they can conveniently talk to you right away and get their answers. Be sure to include your operating hours so they know what to expect.

Add call to actions 

Call to action are words that direct users to do something. Some examples are “like our Facebook page,” “click here to order now,” or “subscribe to our YouTube channel.” Users are more likely to take action when they find those on your website. Also, make it convenient for them to complete the action that you want them to take. For example, if you want them to like your Facebook page, then provide a link that will redirect them to your Facebook account so they can immediately like it.

Make it responsive

A responsive web design will ensure your site loads properly on all devices. Whether users are accessing it on their smartphone, tablet, or computer, it will adjust the size based on the device, so users can see and navigate it properly. Customers want to use your site even while on the go, so be sure to give them a positive experience.

With your web design in check, it’s also best to prepare for your website content early. Think of the topics you want to share with your audience that will be helpful and interesting and help your site rank up on search engines.