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Tidy up your Android phone with the best 2019 Cleaner app- Nox Cleaner


Do you ever find that after a long time of using the Android phone, it would perform quite slower than the first day you bought it? Well, cache and junk files from ads or image thumbnails would pile up over time and eat up all of your phone storage! Phone cleaning is not a must but does it regularly is a good idea to boost Android performance!

If your phone memory is out and phone performance gets slower day by day, then take a look at today suggestion on Android phone Cleaner and Booster application- Nox Cleaner!


With more than 10 million downloads and the rating of 4.8 stars on the Google Play Store, it is worthy of giving a try on Nox Cleaner! This app integrates many useful features for optimizing Android phone storage or speeding up phone performance such as Junk cleaner, CPU booster, Antivirus, Game Booster, and other powerful functions waiting for you to discover.

  1. Powerful Cache Cleanup

Being equipped with up-to-date and reliable cleaning algorithm, Nox Cleaner would help you gain additional android space from the scanning process of system cache, junk files, unneeded downloaded files, search history or even contents in every clipboard.  Consequently, your Android phone space would be significantly released and boosted for optimal speed when surfing the social apps, watching movies or even playing games.

One more thing, Nox Cleaner has built a unique feature which can clean some cache from hot SNS apps such as Whatsapp, Line or Wechat. Once scanned, all of the residual files include images, audios in theses SNS apps would be

  1. Smart Image Manager

If you are an expert photographer, then your mobile phone will always be “full of thousands” of photos. Choosing manually one by one to delete seems to pull one’s teeth. Nox Cleaner can help you filter out all the blurry and duplicate photos in seconds for a better app experience.

  1. Real-time antivirus mechanism

On the other hand, it can protect the phone from the risk of information leak with the Antivirus feature. Nox Cleaner now can scan malicious malware or detect privacy vulnerabilities and some types of ads that could harm your device.

Apart from upon features, Nox Cleaner also support Battery Saver which can extend more your battery life, CPU cooler which can drop off your heating phone temperature in seconds, App Manager which can manage all of your apps with just one tap!

  1. Final thoughts

Last but not least, cleaning phone isn’t a must for daily routine, but keep in mind that all the junk files will pile up day by day and your phone would start to work slow as a snail. Then don’t wait for that moment coming and killing your phone. Take action and protect your phone by installing Nox Cleaner now!


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