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5KPlayer: The Best 4K Video Player for Windows 10 ( Reviewed)


There are multiple video players for Windows 10 available on the web. You may have been using one regularly, such as VLC Media or an in-built software on your system. But the current reality is, using VLC as a 4K video player may not be the best option. There are tons of features that you may find a little too overwhelming.

It is where 5KPlayer steps in and takes the lead. It has been known as the best 4k video player for Windows 10. 5KPlayer is a free media player supporting both Windows and macOS and a perfect alternative to VLC Media player. You can check out all the features of this powerful software, as we have reviewed it intensely below.

What is 5KPlayer?

5KPlayer is a free HD video player, music player, DLNA, & AirPlay enabled media streamer and online downloader. It provides some of the most updated features available on any other video player, such as you can play Ultra 8K HD videos on Windows 10, use AirPlay feature from Windows 10 to Apple TV or Mac, etc.

Furthermore, this HD player supports some of the major video and audio formats such as MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, MP3, AAC, and a lot more. With the use of TrueTheatre technology, 5KPlayer intends to provide the highest picture quality in every format.

Features of 5KPlayer

Here are some of the exclusive and popular features of the best 4K Video player:

1. Hardware Acceleration

If you have been struggling with video players providing low picture quality, well 5KPlayer is here for the rescue. It renders up to 4K and 8K HD picture quality in MP4, H.265/264, VP8/VP9, MTS, MKV, and VR 360° formats. 

The hardware acceleration feature powered by NVIDIA CUDA, Intel QSV, DXVA 2.0 & AMD makes efficient use of the graphics card and the CPU maximizing the picture quality. For a much better audio quality, 5KPlayer can detect the Radio Signal automatically, Dolby, stereo, etc.

2. Supports AirPlay & DLNA Wireless Stream

For instant screen mirroring, 5KPlayer comes in with in-built AirPlay tech. Since it supports both Windows and macOS, you can easily mirror your iPad or iPhone to the computer, and also the mac or PC to the Apple TV.

Furthermore, you can cast your device as an AirPlay sender and receiver. With the screen recording function, you can perform mirroring and record the music and videos on the screen with the suitable options provided.

Similarly, the 5KPlayer has been deemed to be a certified DLNA controller, receiver as well as sender. In fact, you can connect all the DLNA devices and share video music across Android devices and vice versa to PC or Mac. This wireless streaming technology makes it very easy to stream movies and music across systems and other DLNA certified devices.

Well, if you already have a home theatre but does not have an excellent picture quality to view on the screen, you can use 5KPlayer that supports 5.1 Dolby surround sound and streaming 4K 8K videos from your PC/Mac or Android/iPhone to your TV.

3. All-in-one Video Downloader

This 4k video player supports multiple formats and allows users to download video music from numerous platforms. You can download tons of videos from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Daily Motion, Vimeo, etc.

All of this is available for free, and all you need to do is download 5KPlayer on your Windows 10 system. Furthermore, you can also convert the movie videos to an MP3/AAC soundtrack or ringtone.

To download the files from multiple platforms, copy and paste the URL, and this HD player will detect the file. Choose the best resolution and click on the download button, within minutes your data will be downloaded for free.

5KPlayer has access to over 300+ online platforms from where you can download any video very easily. Also, it has a vast library where you can store all the files in the best available quality.

4. Rotation and Subtitles

We all have downloaded loads of movies with poor resolution and wrong orientation. 5KPlayer allows you to quickly flip videos horizontally or vertically to give you a correct viewing angle. Similarly, you can change the orientation or rotate 90 degrees, 180 degrees, or 270 degrees according to your convenience.

Furthermore, watching English movies or in any other language without subtitles is the worst nightmare. To tackle this issue, this 4K video player supports multiple formats such as *.srt, *.ass, *.ssa, *.json, *.aqt , *.sub, etc.

All you need to do is download the subtitle track from the web and drag & drop the file on the window. The application will automatically make the necessary settings to sync the file.

5. Built-in Radio Player

To add more to its exceptional features, 5KPlayers features a built-in Radio Player. It directly catches radio signals from the satellite and switches between multiple channels such as BBC, Heart, Capital, Gold, LBC, XFM, Chill, Kiss, Kisstory, Magic, Kerrang, etc. You can either go for the list of radio channels provided or copy and paste the URL you wish to hear out.

6. Personal Multimedia Library

Apart from providing exclusive features such as DLNA and AirPlay, where you can easily stream and mirror videos on to other devices.

With this UHD player, you can create your personal library, access the YouTube videos and other downloaded files, filter the content, and also create a new playlist of your choice.

7. DVD Player

For all the folks having a humongous DVD collection, you must download the best free video player for Windows 10. It supports multi-region DVDs on Windows. Put on your DVD’s and play all your HD movies or videos on the applications. It will play any DVD no matter whichever country you are from or purchased the disk.

Verdict- Is 5KPlayer the best 4K Video Player for Windows 10?

After extensive research and analysis, there is no doubt in saying that 5KPlayer is indeed the best 4K UHD player for Windows 10.

From streaming videos easily over multiple platforms to providing an all-in-one video downloader, this UHD player is loaded with features. You can find every format compatible with this software for videos, music, movies, subtitles, etc. 

This software is one the best you will find for your system. Moreover, it is compatible with macOS as well and provides a seamless function across all platforms.

There is no doubt that this H264 player has everything you are looking for. It is a free platform with every feature you can vouch for. With no hidden costs whatsoever, it makes it better even the most popular VLC media player.

It could be the right moment to switch your 4K Media player to 5Kplayer that provides security, personal multimedia library, and hours of streaming services.


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