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9 Of The Best Acoustic Guitar For Blues in 2019 With Awesome Sound


Do you have the curiosity to know about the best acoustic guitar for blues to Buy in 2019? You can easily Find out now in this definitive list with our detailed review.

Without any further delay let’s find out. 🙂

From the days using strings to sound the tunes of your heart, the guitar has done more than bring pride to generations of music lovers.

However, blues was played with the electric guitar, but the acoustic guitar changed all that when stringing blues on it gave it soul and life for both the listener and the player.

It is not that the acoustic guitar is better than the electric guitar, but this guitar was capable of bringing out rich, deep tones and resonance that portrayed what Blues was truly about.

To get the right kind of guitar for blues, you have to put certain factors into consideration like the size, the weight, the number of string, the neck length and the overall measurement and proportion of the guitar.

In the article, we have tried to bring to you what we think is our best acoustic guitar for Blues and a detailed buying guide to answer some frequently asked questions to allow you to buy your very own acoustic Blue guitar for some soulful music with ease.

It doesn’t matter why you where you go to buy the best Blues acoustic guitar – whether at a yard sale, a pawn shop, a guitar center or online, you have to consider one tip.

The look of the guitar and its playability matter, but if you really want a guitar that plays Blues, you have to listen to the tones that bounce of the strings when stroked. If the tone is right, every other factor is secondary and can be amended to flow with the tone of your guitar. With that said, some Blues acoustic guitars are:

Here is The List Of The Best Acoustic Guitar For Blues in 2019

1. Gretsch G9200 Roundneck Boxcar

best acoustic guitar for blues
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If you want to get the hang of play Blues with a guitar, the G9200 round neck is a must have – whether you are a student, professional player, guitarist or musician, the Gretsch G9200 is the best soul guitar on the market.

The G9200 is an adventurous guitar with excellent resonance and screams Blues from neck to base. The body, back, sides are all laminated mahogany giving this guitar some really rich, reliable, consistent, smooth tone every time you play.

The V-shape soft neck makes this guitar suitable for Blues reminisce of the original blues guitars used at the beginning of blues. The resonator on this guitar is made of pure aluminum for some impressive volume and for the guitarist that wants to play slide guitar.

Important Features

  • Solid headstock with the Gretsch logo imprinted on it
  • Handspun eastern European spider cone design
  • Round neck guitar all mahogany
  • Weighs for 10.15 pounds and measures 43 by 20 by 7.2 inches

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Gretsch G9200 Roundneck Boxcar.


  • Perfect for slide guitarist
  • Produces warm, rich, mellow sound from the 12 frets
  • Volume is of high quality with great tones


  • Not the most suitable guitar for people that want to play fingerstyle acoustic blues
  • It doesn’t come with a strap
  • No in-built electronics
  • No as versatile as other great Blues guitar

Final Thought

Some players have complained of low bass, weak sound but in all fairness, the Gretsch G9200 Boxcar Acoustic Guitar is an excellent Blues guitar with great design and playability. The guitar will deliver volume and range depending on how you play and if old school Blues is you knack, the Gretsch is one for you which makes it to perfectly fit in our best acoustic guitar for blues 2019 list.

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2. Gretsch G5022CWFE-12 Rancher Falcon White

best acoustic guitar for blues
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The Gretsch G5022CWFE has to be in this list with its features and beautiful design. It has a perfect weight and well-proportioned for the cost. The Gretsch has a solid spruce top with laminated maple finish at the back and sides.

Furthermore, the jumbo cutaway and its round shape allow the sound to be heard from any distance when it’s stroked and the best guitar for a concert, live band or a fun day with the friends.

The playability and tone on the Gretsch have also made the guitar so appealing that people that can afford it never stop playing it. The strings on the Gretsch can play high precise notes or low deep notes and using the Fisherman preamp, you are able to string across the 12-string guitar with ease producing the tones of your choice. Gretsch G5022CWFE-12 Rancher Falcon White is Best Blues Guitar on a budget.

The Gretsch is cosmetically appealing and uniquely captivating when placed alongside other guitars in this series.

Important Features

  • A rosewood fretboard with 21 vintage frets and mahogany neck
  • It has a scale length of 25 inches and a nut width of 47.6mm
  • The product dimension is 20 by 13 by 47 inches
  • Comes with a scalloped X-bracing, arched back, and triangular soundhole
  • Deluxe hardware and gold plated hardware

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Gretsch G5022CWFE-12 Rancher Falcon White.


  • Made for right-handed individuals
  • Excellent craftsmanship and aesthetically appearance
  • Authentic and durable material
  • Top-notch preamp system
  • Deep tones with precise picks


  • None

Final Thought

The Gretsch G5022CWFE-12 Rancher Falcon 12-String Acoustic Electric Guitar is a must buy for a first-time guitar player that loves Blues; not only does the Gretsch Falcon white plays the Blues, but it will also tune out any sound that is stroked on its 12 strings.

For customers that have bought the Gretsch, it is a dream comes true and delivers on all genre of music including the Blues. When it comes to looks, style, playability, tone production, volume, and cost; the Gretsch is a guitar to have in your collection to boost your music career and soul for Blues.

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3. Martin 000-15M Acoustic Guitar

best acoustic guitar for blues
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The Martins 000-15M offers guitarist a perfect mix of vintage design and technology to bring to your fingertips a guitar that is more than wood with its exceptional tones and volume.

We all know that mahogany is the best wood for guitar construction and the Martins 00015M is all mahogany wood. The acoustic guitar has a solid mahogany body with its rosewood fingerboard and satin finish.

The length of the oval shape headstock is also mahogany which not only gives the 00015M excellent durability, playability, and stability during play but delivers a large amount of resonance and warns sounds when stroked.

We also have to look closely at the craftsmanship of the Martin 00015M are the impeccable detailing to build a guitar that truly is durable and bang on the money. The playability and tone production on the Martins 00015M is excellent and capable of playing powerful mid-tones with enough volume and brightness during play.

Aside from the wonderful sounds and volume emitted from the 00015M, this acoustic guitar not only plays Blues but it is an excellent guitar for both low end and high pitch tunes with an excellent interpretation of other musical genres to produce crisped, clean and well tones with its six strings.

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Martin 000-15M Acoustic Guitar.


  • Excellent tunes and volume
  • The craftsmanship is precise and works to enhance the feel during playability
  • Comes with 14 vintage frets on a rosewood fretboard
  • Full mahogany body and neck for durability and stability during play
  • Weighs in at 20.4 pounds and has dimensions of 9.2 by 47.2 by 20.5 inches
  • It is beautiful, simple and a good addition to your guitar collection


  • None for now

Final Thoughts

If it isn’t the Martins 00015M, then you haven’t gotten a Blues guitar yet. This guitar is so plainly simple that once you stroke the chord you won’t want to stop. The bass is so incredible and great across all frequencies allow you to add your own flair to it.

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4. Fender 6 String Acoustic Guitar 

best acoustic guitar for blues
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Even with your love for playing the guitar, not all can afford the high price of acoustic guitars, but the Fender CD 60 will bridge the gap and allow you to play your soul every time. This budget-friendly guitar is not only affordable but has an excellent captivating design with its laminated mahogany body for some soulful Blues.

Hitting the chord on this 6-string guitar will produce sweet, organic and exotic Blues that will surprise you and your listener too.

The Fender CD-60 has a modern look with the spruce top and mahogany back and sides to deliver a balanced, bright and high volume mid-range tone. This guitar responds well to all music genres and allows you to do hard strumming partners to fast flat or delicate finger picking.

Important Features

  • Complete mahogany dreadnought cutaway body with scalloped X-bracing
  • Comes with an in-built tuner with excellent playability
  • It has a Fishman low profile pickup and the single cutaway allows for easy upper fret access

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Fender 6 String Acoustic Guitar.


  • Great guitar for beginners and intermediate players
  • Comes with a padded guitar bag, strap, and a CD manual to get you started on your way to a wonderful music career
  • The rolled fingerboard edges neck makes playing easy
  • Response to any acoustic style and tunes
  • The strap allows you to play your guitar flawlessly while standing


  • None

Final Thought

The Fender CD-60 has a beautiful build and finish to match the sound and ease of play as the many several guitars on the market. Although, the truss needs adjusting it can produce rich and robust lower, mid and upper-level tones.

Overall the CD-60 is an excellent guitar that will make a great addition to your collection for Blues or another genre. Fender 6 String Acoustic Guitar is the Best Blues Guitar on a Budget.

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5. Breedlove Solo Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar

best acoustic guitar for blues
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For any musician, the solo concert guitar is the quintessential guitar that will help you know and better understand your tunes will let you hear your tunes as you play. The Breedlove Solo concert acoustic-electric guitar is the best guitar for singer, songwriter and students alike.

The body of the Breedlove acoustic guitar has a solid red cedar with rosewood body with a soundhole that allows you hear as you play. The soft cutaway makes an excellent body for players creating a well-balanced, comfortable, and great sounding guitar with accurate range and incredible frequencies.

The Breedlove sides and back are made with rosewood, and the neck is satin finish mahogany with a volute for added strength and angle for a great play which makes it to perfectly fit in our best acoustic guitar for blues 2019 list.

Important Features

  • Scale length of 24.9 inches and a nut width of 1.69 inches
  • Cedarwood for the top and rosewood for the side and back
  • 6-string guitar
  • Glossy wood finish
  • Weighs in at 13.2 pounds and measures 46 by 8 by 19 inches

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Breedlove Solo Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar.


  • Ability to hear yourself when you play
  • Enjoy a full strum sound
  • Comes with a gig bag to protect your guitar
  • Excellent cutaway style


  • Strings are weak and need to be changed
  • Some players can’t handle the high action of the guitar

Final thought

The Breedlove acoustic Blues guitar works exceptionally well due to the bridge truss that reduces tension and vibration playing the guitar resulting in a flawless sound. The sound and design certain are appealing and one of the best guitars for blues which has been the aim of Breedlove since inception.

It is a great acoustic Blues guitar for intermediate and advanced players who love something different and high action. Breedlove Solo Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar is your Best Blues Concert Guitar.

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6. Taylor 214ce DLX – Sunburst

best acoustic guitar for blues
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This dark polished wood finish brings warm and soothing sounds with the flavor that comes off this full-bodied acoustic guitar. With a solid Sitka top, the 214ce DLX is a layered Indian Rosewood back and sides that helps deliver an exceptional mid-range sound in any situation whether playing solo or in the confines of a studio.

The rosewood gives the guitar its durability and the ability to deliver the rich robust tones that it’s known for. The neck of the Taylor 214ce DLX is a long, narrow and comfortable wood that the player embraces as they string the guitar.

Furthermore, the expression system 2 electronics preamp, and a Venetian cutaway give the guitar a broad range of sound frequencies to experiment with when playing

Important Features

  • The sleek and beautiful body of the Taylor makes it the ultimate acoustic guitar for Blues and any broad range of music
  • Soli spruce Sitka top allows for a more dynamic playing style and tone production
  • The laminated rosewood shine and layered construction gives the Taylor 214ce the cosmetic pristine look
  • Elixir phosphor bronze string with Venetian cutaway gives players the comfort they need to play flawlessly
  • Scale length is 25.5 inches with a standard bracing and tortoise pickguard
  • A 20-inch long guitar with 20 frets

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Taylor 214ce DLX – Sunburst.


  • The construction material makes it one of the lightest guitars to play with
  • Has 2 pickup and preamp system with crisp, deep singing resonance
  • Has an excellent electronic system
  • Beautiful wood finish


  • A guitar for advanced players

Final Thought

The Taylor 214ce DLX has great aesthetic and great value for money. This guitar offers you the best sound with some high-end sonic features incomparable in any acoustic guitar.

Although it is not a guitar for beginners, it is one that will take your music career to the next level. Taylor 214ce DLX –Sunburst Acoustic Blues Guitar is your Best Acoustic Blues Guitar.

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7. Gibson Acoustic Parlor Rosewood AG 

best acoustic guitar for blues
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If you are looking to buy a good starter guitar or add one to your collection, the Gibson is the best in this range. Its parlor body design allows for exquisite killer tunes and volume that resonates with the player and the listener.

This guitar compared with other acoustic guitars has a slimmer and shallower look that a dreadnought and hence able to track your sound and performance especially in the mid-range point.

The body of the guitar is built to response every stroke on the string; the Gibson has a neck design that allows you to play a single note or chord due to the 16-inch mahogany length with a fingerboard that balances out the rich tones and improves playability and consistency.

Important Features

  • Sitka spruce top wood with single cutaways
  • Rosewood back and sides
  • Righted hand orientation with the traditional X-bracing
  • Scale length of 24.75 inches and a nut width of 1.725 inches
  • 20 frets
  • Richlite bridge guitar with 6-string
  • Weighs 4 pounds with a dimension of 38.5 by 14.5 by 3.5 inches

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Gibson Acoustic Parlor Rosewood AG.


  • The small and slim body creates a loud and wild sound
  • An excellent guitar for advanced players
  • Quick finger response


  • Not one to play at home
  • It is very expensive

Final thought

If you truly want a guitar that can give you sound and range, the Gibson Acoustic Parlor guitar with its unique inlay and finish allows you to demonstrate your expression at the touch of the string. The 20 frets give you enough volume and a touch of professionalism. Gibson Acoustic Parlor Rosewood AG is your Best Blues Guitar.

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8. Fender CP-60S Acoustic Guitar

best acoustic guitar for blues
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The Fender series of guitars have excellent guitars for all range and genre of music. The CP-60S is a parlor body design with a 14 fret neck made with mahogany creating some really rich and beautifully précised tones at every stroke.

The rolled edge rosewood fingerboard of the neck allows for more easy playability and with strap buttons allows you to play while standing too. The solid spruce top of the CP-60S makes the guitar suitable for flat picking and fingerpicking.

The sound on the guitar is great with bright and excellent mid-range tones produced due to the X bracing that helps this guitar release loud and impressive tone.

Important Features

  • Scale length is 24.75 inches, nut width is 1.725 inches and fingerboard radius is 16 inches
  • The body and neck are all mahogany
  • Advance response neck profile
  • Dimension is 40 by 16 by 5 inches and weighs 6.6 pounds

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Fender CP-60S Acoustic Guitar.


  • A solid and sturdy headstock and guitar overall
  • Excellent guitar for players that want to stay true to the originality of Blues
  • Traditional guitar with a modern design
  • The entire guitar is built with mahogany
  • The sound production is smooth, rich and flawless
  • It has an enhanced resonance due to the solid spruce top


  • Not a great slide guitar
  • It doesn’t come with any built-in electronics
  • The headstock is not synonymous with traditional blues guitars

Final Thought

Whether you are a musician or a guitarist, the Fender CP-60S will provide you with the adequate guitar needed to make all the improvement in your music career. The quality is great for the price with rich tones on all frequencies.

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9. Yamaha NTX 1200R Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar

best acoustic guitar for blues
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This is perhaps the best two-way blues guitar on the market with excellent and detail craftsmanship. The NTX1200R has a spruce top, a back, and rib of rosewood and mahogany neck for stability and great play.

The small body and narrow neck allow the player or guitarist to string through gently creating beautiful soulful tunes with their fingers.

The Yamaha guitar series has maintained its reputation, in this guitar guitarist can enjoy different volumes for individual pickups to produce smooth, flawless and velvety silky sound.

This guitar will serve you excellently well if you are intending to pursue a singing career in jazz music. The playability of the NTX1200R means you have to be able to maneuver the slim neck and make use of the nickel and pearl markers at the edge while playing.

Important Features

  • Solid Sitka spruce top wood
  • Rosewood back and side
  • Mahogany neck
  • Guitar dimension is 45 by 23 by 8 inches and weighs 14 pounds
  • Scale length is 25.5 inches and the nut width is 1-57/64 inches
  • It’s a 6-string guitar
  • Has a 2-way preamp system

Below is the summary of the main Pros and Cons of The Yamaha NTX 1200R Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar.


  • Comes in a natural and black finish
  • Small neck and string distance allows for some cool blues tunes
  • Excellent guitar for playing jazz and Blues
  • Durable and stability with great harmonics


  • Doesn’t produce enough volume when playing in large spaces

Final Thought

Even though the Yamaha NYX1200R is not as powerful as other jumbo guitars, if you are looking for sound, playability, comfort and cool blues tones, then don’t hesitate to get this guitar. The level of harmonics makes you look and feel professional during play. Furthermore, the weight of the guitar gives you extra balance especially, if you play on stage or in front of a large audience.

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Buying Guide For The Best Acoustic Guitar For Blues in 2019

Remember that the music genre Blues is a piece of music that have undergone years of evolution and is still on a transition today. With that said, your guitar shouldn’t be perfect to get the Blues tunes from the onset; so buying one should not be calculus but fun as Blues comes from the heart to the fingertips.

Some factors to consider are:-

Size:- when purchasing a Blues Guitar, the size matters. The size matter for comfort and playability but also for sound and volume, if you are able to embrace and hug your guitar, you will get the best out of it which is what Blues is all about, the ability to embrace and capture your audience with soul lifting tunes.

Weight:- although most Blues guitars are small framed, you have to consider the weight. A heavy guitar even when small will not allow you to deliver excellence the way it is intended.

Body Style:- the style and design of the guitar give the guitar its distinct feature. For example, a large soundboard will deliver deeper and louder result and vice versa.

The Make Material:- what the guitar is built with effects the playability, sound, and quality. Most acoustic guitars are made with mahogany, cedarwood, rosewood, ebony, koa, maple, Ovangkol, spruce, Walmart etc.

The Top:- this is the part where the sound played on the guitar is heard or amplified. The larger the soundboard is louder and deeper the sound. Furthermore, pure wood and layer guitars produce a resonance that works well with Blues.

The Neck:- we won’t have a guitar without the neck to hold and string good music. The neck comes in different sizes, thickness, and width. Although the neck play zero impact of the sound produced, it does matter as it is part of what makes the guitar playable or not. Furthermore, for a Blues guitar, it is better to choose a 12 or 14 fret neck.

The Strings:- strings are either nylon or steel made; while nylon string produces softer, mellower tunes steel strings produces loud bass and brighter sound.

The scale length and Nut Width:- the former has to do with the overall height and size of the guitar while the nut width is used to guide the string on the fretboard.

For a musician or guitarist, the instrument of play is of high consideration. So when you go to choose what the perfect guitar for you; remember what you play, how you play, how long you play and then choose a guitar that expresses your inner Blues heart.

The guitars listed in this article are some of the best on the market if you don’t find your choice here; we have given you a decent guide and insight to choosing guitars for blues without a doubt.


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