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11 Best Action Anime Series That You Must Watch

Among various anime series categories, action anime has been able to capture hearts and attract new fans with its fascinating storyline.

In the past few years, some of the best action anime have increased their popularity and have also been able to help the fans connect or acquaint their live events to the adventure episodes.

The traditional shonen manga mold is unique, perfectly blended with the western superhero aspects of the new series like Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia and many more.

There are various types of action anime with great fights and amazing storyline. If you are new to the animation world, then this article will help you choose from some of the best series with amazing action that you can watch right away.

We have assembled some of the best action series with nail-biting suspense, great action, fascinating confrontations, and many more.  

Best Action Anime Series That You Must Watch

1. Kill la Kill

Best Action Anime Series That You Must Watch

The anime series with great battles, attractive style, and amazing moves was made by one of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann’s creators. Ryuuko Matoi is one of the main characters who is wandering around the land to look for the murderer of her father.

Honnouji Academy is one of the prestigious high schools which Ryuuko finds all by herself. Under the rule of the cold-hearted president of the student council Satsuki Kiryuuin, the Elite Four imposed laws in the academy.

Kill la Kill - Official Trailer

The school has a vicious competition for hierarchy levels. Among other students, Satsuki has achieved the best and special clothes known as “Goki uniforms,” which gives him special superhuman abilities.  

When Ryuuko gets thoroughly beaten in a tough fight against one of the uniform students, she sets back for her home. On her way, she totters across Senketsu.

Senketsu is a uniform also known as God clothes or Kamui. When Ryuuko’s blood came in contact with senketsu, it instantly awakened and latched on her, giving Ryuuko immense power.

Now that she has both the senketsu and the Scissor Blade that she discovered earlier, she decided to stand against the Elite four once again, hoping that she will get hold of the culprit behind her father’s murder. 

Kill Al Kill is all about the story of revenge, which starts with a simple scenario but gradually gets deeper and complex with every episode. It becomes an amazing fight series with great battle scenes.

2. Hunter X Hunter

One of the best action anime series with epic battles and action scenarios is the Hunter X Hunter. The series is set in a universe where hunters live to carry out all kinds of dangerous tasks like looking for lost treasures, imprisoning animals in unchecked land areas.

Best Action Anime Series That You Must Watch 1

Gone Freecss is a twelve-year-old boy who wants to become the hunters’ best to search for his father, who abandoned him long ago when he was young. However, Gon realized how hard it is to become the best hunter and faces challenging situations that he never imagined. 

On his journey to becoming an official Hunter, Gon makes some friends with Leorio, who is a trainee doctor, Killua, an adamant ex-assassin, and a vindictive Kurapika. The four friends take their hunter exam together to achieve their desires and goals in life.

In the entire journey of Gon and his friends, they go through various struggles and hardships. They meet multiple creatures, characters, and series of monsters on their adventurous journey and learned the true meaning of being a hunter. 

Hunter X Hunter is a great anime action series with a chain of adventures and epic battles. It has great characters with deeper goals and complex desires. The amazing storyline makes it a must-watch series to make you fall in love with action anime series.

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3. One-Punch Man

One punch Man is based on the remake of ONe’s original comic by Yusuke Murata’s manga. It is the story of the hero Saitama who is not only the strongest man in his world but can also defeat his opponent with one punch.

11 Best Action Anime Series That You Must Watch

The simple and ordinary-looking Saitama was not impressive and had only one special hobby that is to be a hero. To achieve his one childhood dream, he trained hard every day for three consecutive years. Unfortunately, he lost all his hair in the training procedure.

Saitama became extremely powerful, making it impossible for anyone to defeat him. Now that he could beat his enemy with a single punch, it has taken the joy of winning and the thrill of fighting. 

However, the scenario changes when a nineteen-year-old cyborg, Genos, arrives and wants to become a student and disciple of Saitama after learning about his powers. Genos also recommends the idea of the two joining the Hero Association and becoming official heroes known for their positive assistance to society.

Saitama wanted to be popular, and hence, he quickly agrees to the idea. The journey of One Punch Man begins, which is an action-comedy that wants to fight strong enemies. This gave him immense pleasure, realizing that he will become popular in his world. 

One Punch Man is unique from other action animations, as, in other series, we see the evolution of the protagonist becoming stronger with struggles to reach his goals.

However, Saitama, on the other hand, is already stronger than any of his enemies. The series makes us realize the emptiness in life when a person achieves his only goal.

4. Terra Formers

If you are really into action series, then Terra Former is the one for you. It is one of the violent action anime series of all time. Moreover, it is has a short, simple plot that is easy to understand. The story starts with the twenty-first-century invasion of Mars.

11 Best Action Anime Series That You Must Watch

Humans send two species, algae, and cockroaches, that have the power to endure the harsh environment of the planet and terraform it. By the twenty-sixth century, an alien disease known as Alien Engine Virus has spread on Earth.

The cure to the disease is only to be found on Mars. The main problem with humans stepping on Mars is that the original species of algae and cockroaches that humans initially sent on Mars have mutated and become extremely intelligent and powerful creatures who are ruling over the planet of Mars. They call themselves the “Terraformers.” 

A team of hundred men and women who are genetically enhanced with powerful organisms known as the Annex I team were sent to Mars. Their only mission is to find out the source or origin of the Alien Engine Virus and find a cure for it.

This is the team’s first fight for survival. Like Starship Troopers, The Terra Former movie is about the battle between humanity and insects. It is a science fiction series and has amazing action. You might not like the plot as it has too much going on, but then the movie is a great option if you are here for the story. 

5. Katekyo Hitman Reborn

One of the best anime action comedies of all time is the Katekyo Hitman Reborn. The plot starts with the talentless clumsy boy Tsunayoshi Sawada who is desperately in love with the school model Kyouku Sasagawa.

Best Action Anime Series That You Must Watch 3

The girl is entirely out of his league. In school, Katekyo’s friends call him ” Loser Tsuna,” which suits his personality of a failure perfectly, especially as a middle schooler. 

However, Katekyo’s life takes a huge turn when he meets the Reborn, mysterious and magical. He also happens to be a Hitman and a baby.

Reborn is assigned the daunting task of helping the talentless middle school boy succeed and become the ninth boss of the popular Vongola family on the verge of retirement. Reborn was sent by one of the powerful mafia families in Italy.

The amazing journey of the dull boy turning into someone who achieves greatness seemed impossible without his private home tutor and criminal associates’ help. 

The first few Katekyo Hitman Reborn episodes are full of comedy, and the plot slowly builds up. The series is about “Loser Tsuna,” changing from the talentless dumb weakling growing into someone great and dependable. It is a great series that keeps your eyes stuck on the screen the whole time.

UNDERRATED: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

6. Kuro no Keiyakusha (Darker than Black)

If you are one of the anime lovers who tend to fall in love with the characters and get amazed by telling the story, then Darker than Black is one of the best action anime series.

The story starts ten years after the hells gate in Japan and Heaven’s Gate appeared in South America. The entire sky turned into a veil over the similar night sky.

Best Action Anime Series That You Must Watch 4

Unknown to the purpose of the gates, these areas are spaces where physics’s basic laws do not work. Various contractors emerged from the gates and, in exchange for humanity, offered different supernatural abilities. 

In the Hell gate encircling Japan, Section four, the chief Misaki Kirihara finds herself at possibility with Hei’s popular contractor. Hei was popularly known as Black Reaper in the underworld among his deputies and carried out missions for the mystical and violent syndicates.

He also tries to slowly peel back the dark layers to cover the nefarious plot that haunts the contractors’ existence. The series is science fiction, and the man behind it is Tensai Okamura. The story turns into a war in which justice or a powerful political position has no way around. The battle takes place in the shadows.  

If you are one of them who likes series about action and supernatural powers, this series is a must-watch. You might not be able to join the story’s pieces in the first few episodes; however, as the story follows, you will gradually understand and assemble the entire plot.

The characters of the story are brilliantly portrayed, even the contractors that do not have any human emotions.

7. Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

If you are looking for action and adventure in one series, then Jojo’s bizarre adventure is probably one of the best action anime series you must watch.

11 Best Action Anime Series That You Must Watch

The series gets interesting and better with every episode and will keep you at the edge of your seat. Jojo’s family has unique powers that they use to defeat supernatural enemies.

The story starts with the popular Japanese high school student who is a simple boy named Kujo Jotaro. Everything was normal for him until he locks himself in a prison, thinking a spirit possesses him.

After Jotaro fights his grandfather Joseph Joestar’s friend Muhammad Abdul, he realizes the spirit he was thinking took possession of hun was Star Platinum, fighting energy in a semi-solid form. However, later in the series, his mother gets a stand and becomes sick.

The Vampire Dio Brando was revived from death after a hundred years after being defeated by Joseph Joestar, and that the vampire was Jotaro’s great grandfather. Later, Jotaro joins his grandfather Joseph and his friend Abdul on a trip to Egypt to defeat Dio for once. 

The story follows the different Joestar family members, which makes the episodes more and more interesting. Overall, it is a must-watch series for both action and adventure.

8. Naruto

One of the popular international series and the longest-running action anime series of all time, Naruto holds a special place in every anime lover’s list of great series. 

The story starts with the attack of Kyuubi, the nine-tailed fox in the village of Konohagakure, which is a hidden leaf village, and it wrecked the town.

The attack took place just after the birth of Naruto. To stop Kyuubi from the spree of wreckage, the Fourth Hokage trapped and sealed Kyuubi inside the newborn baby Naruto and sacrificed his own life. 

The knucklehead ninja Naruto was hyperactive and lived in Konohagakure village. Naruto was shunned since childhood because of the Kyuubi that was inside of him.

He struggled to find his place in the town, and the desire to become the Hokage of the village helps him make some great friends and other deadly enemies. 

Naruto is one of the series which will make you day in love with the characters. You will not only cheer for them but also feel their misery with every episode. The adventurous journey of young Naruto into a powerful ninja is a perfect adrenaline rush journey that you must watch. 

9. Megalo Box

If you love boxing as a sport, you will love Megalo Box as it is one of the best action anime series with a futuristic setting and violent action scenarios. It is a must-watch for Rocky movie lovers as it has amazing action scenes and a great plot. 

11 Best Action Anime Series That You Must Watch

Junk Dog is an underground fighter of Megalo Fox who claims that it is a cowardly choice to be quiet and do what you are told to do. The series has an evolution of boxing that uses mechanical limbs known as Gear to increase speed and power.

Although Junk Dog has enough potential as a boxer, using illegal means of force for participation throws him out of matches as dictated by Gansaku Nanbu is boss.

However, the scenario changes with the Megalo Box champion Yuuri’s entry in the ring as another challenger. Junk Dog was taken out in the first round and was told to bring the fight back to Yuuri’s ring. 

Junk Dog is filled with excitement and supported by the criminal conglomerate because of his previous matches. He enters the tournament, Megalonia that decides the strongest boxer of Megalo Box.

Since Junk Dog has no better name, he takes up the title as “Joe” to participate in the tournament of Megalonia. With only three months left to fight with rivals, Joe faces the challenge of fighting in the fair means of the way he never fought before. 

Megalo Box is one of the best anime action movies that questions individuals how much time, energy, and pin one is willing to give to achieve their dreams. 

10. Deadman Wonderland

Almost every fan of Deadman Wonderland wanted more of the series because it was perfect inaction and plot. Deadman Wonderland is a prison amusement park where Ganta Igarashi and his schoolmates went for a school field trip.

11 Best Action Anime Series That You Must Watch

The park has prisoners performing dangerous acts for the visitor’s entertainment. However, the plot twists when a mysterious man in red murdered all the classmates of Ganta. However, Ganta was suspected and sentenced to death in the Deadman Wonderland itself. 

The nightmare, however, is just beginning. The young hero of the series is forced into the world of mysterious powers and sad inmates, where he lived in fear of the collar that is placed around his neck.

Ganta couldn’t tell if he has a friend or an enemy in the prison while he looks for the mystery Red Man in the prison amusement park. The horrific deaths and scenes with amazing visuals make the anime series a well-written anime series that is a must-watch. 


If you are new to animation series and like to watch action scenes, then this list of best action anime series is the best recommendation that you must consider watching. After all, there is nothing better than delving deep into the characters of a great anime story.