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11 Best Addition Apps To Practice and Improve Logical Skills

If you’re struggling with math, you don’t have to put in too much effort anymore. With Addition Apps, math isn’t going to be a problem — not even simple arithmetic.

Math may be a subject that is planned to be boring, but there are ways to make it fun. It is often seen as a complex subject that people don’t enjoy and requires a lot of memorization and practice. 

Children and adults can play fantastic math games to make the experience more enjoyable. Plus, it will help them retain the information.

This article will discuss making math more fun for children, teens, and adults. These Addition Apps for kids can help pupils improve their math abilities and grow more quickly.

Best Addition Apps To Improve Your Math Skills

1. Addition and Subtraction Games

The Addition and Subtraction for Kids are the first on our list of the best Addition Apps that teach children the essential number function – addition and subtraction.

Children have to play a game to find small numbers with big numbers to learn these skills. They must determine what is missing to get the correct answer when adding or subtracting them.

Best Addition Apps

The app also has a self-diagnosis feature which provides users with a comfort-level score when they enter their symptoms. This feature helps users understand their disease by providing tips, videos, and more.

The app was intended to help young toddlers learn basic abilities such as addition and subtraction and other people’s experiences.

It also allows pupils to experiment, learn, and grow. Discover new ideas and resources, and get interesting content from around the world.

Playing 350+ learning games can help kids between the ages of 4 and 8 learn to add and subtract. These games are intended to be engaging, entertaining, and motivating.

As a youngster grows older and is taught increasingly complex arithmetic ideas in school, this is a crucial ability to have.

The app helps students learn addition/subtraction by using interactive games and fun activities. Students are introduced to the concept of two-digit numbers and how to solve addition/subtraction problems with this app.

It also helps them memorize their maths facts with a bit of help.

Kids will learn addition and subtraction from their favorite characters that teach them about numbers. They will also enjoy puzzles and coloring activities before popping balloons with funny characters at the end of each level.

It provides a forum for educators to share and learn from one another’s experiences. This is an entirely free app that you can download to your phone, tablet, or computer.

All the learning games are based on real-world examples and kids love playing these games. The game is available offline and on any device anytime, anywhere.

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store

2. Math Slide Addition +

Math Slide is a free, educational game designed to teach kids how to add and subtract by rewarding them with points after each successful addition or subtraction and the fundamental skills they should learn and practice.

Best Addition Apps 1

This app will also teach you how to calculate numbers faster, solve a puzzle, and do different math problems. Players can explore a virtual environment in the game and progress through stages by solving arithmetic puzzles.

Math Slide presents puzzles, basic math operations, and numbers in a fun, engaging way. 

The app is created by a team of mathematicians and programmers who offer the best practices for teaching kids math.

It uses visuals to communicate with the students, and it also manages to target each child’s individual needs. It might offer a simple, streamlined way to learn the basics of addition and drill kids into those concepts.

The game is simple to play, and it is not difficult to learn the rules once the player has installed the app. Players can play on a variety of levels, from beginner to expert.

Math Tricks are your solution if you’ve ever lost track of time when attempting to figure out how long it would take you to walk a certain distance or have time while working through complex math calculations.

It will provide six tricks to help us solve some mathematical problems faster than classical ones. It also includes a feature on mathematics history.

The multiplication table is an essential skill that is necessary to learn. But some people might get stuck with it. The arithmetic numbers app can also assist in resolving this issue by offering recommendations and advice for understanding the table.

It offers a single fee and no in-app purchases, making it suitable for instructors who wish to use Apple’s Volume Purchase Program to distribute the software to their pupils.

The game allows children to practice math facts and solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems while playing games on their iPads.

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3. Simple Math – Learn Add & Subtract Math Games

Simple Math is one of the best apps that combines education with entertainment. The game is intended to be entertaining and educational for youngsters and adults.

It is built on the proven “Strategy” methodology, which taps the child’s innate competitive spirit and love of winning.

A child who enjoys playing math games can learn simple math concepts for fun. With various mathematical topics like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, and decimals, this strategy game has something for everyone.

The app also includes a timer that can track how long it takes participants to accomplish assignments. It also helps children develop their logical thinking skills by solving challenging puzzles in a fun way.

Best Addition Apps 2

Simple Math is a fun game that helps kids practice math and logic. Each level contains a challenge solved with math equations, leveling up with each level completed.

The game is a mobile app that has been created in a way that helps children learn math quickly. This program is a basic arithmetic app that supports Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese. 

It utilizes well-known graphics that are easy to identify and gives them an overview of the teaching process before interacting with the game to learn math skills at a younger age.

The game has over 100 questions divided into five different play levels. Every level has a corresponding set of graphics and video tutorials developed by licensed teachers and statisticians working closely with the designers.

The most significant feature is free, with no in-app purchases or banner adverts. This way, parents can teach their children at home or in the classroom.

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4. Addition and Subtraction

Addition and subtraction is a free Android app that offers a range of math problems for children to practice with. The app allows kids to learn numbers, counting, and addition/subtraction.

It offers a variety of games for kids to practice basic math facts. Graphs and progress report also allows kids to monitor their progress and see how much they’ve learned.

The app is intended to assist children in learning while having fun. This app offers many different platforms to help children with their learning.

Best Addition Apps 3

It has an interactive map that helps engage the users by showing them where things in the world are located. Its other features include a calendar, games, puzzles, and more!

There are different levels at which the game is divided, the easy level being the most basic level and the most difficult one being the expert level. Each class has a variety of games that the youngster will progressively learn to include.

It helps children to grow their mathematical skills and avoid making mistakes. It also allows the youngster to spend more time playing.

This app is beneficial in various ways, especially for people who have to learn about challenges or issues. It can also track questions and answers to know what the child has completed.

Parents may use two portions of the app to assist their children in practicing reading. The first is a story mode that allows kids to read along with a book, and the second section is a practice mode where kids get to use their own words to learn how to read.

It provides engaging and fun activities for children to practice reading and comprehending words in context. Such free Addition apps are available for Android users.

It provides a visual, interactive, intuitive interface to help you create a story.

Download the App from Google Play Store

5. Math Kids: Addition Game For Kids

Educators who care about children’s futures have created the Math Kids app. It allows users to develop personalized lessons relevant to their children’s age group. From the ABCs to arithmetic classes, this app makes learning entertaining and easy for youngsters.

This game helps kids learn. It can be a tedious task. Even though kids may love playing games, but they might not like the educational aspect very much.

You can help encourage this by sharing intelligent, well-made educational apps and games with them daily in a fun way while they learn what they need.

It’s a free instructional game for kids that teaches them numbers and math. The app was created to make arithmetic more enjoyable and exciting.

Maths Kids By RV AppStudios [English]

Math Kids does not just teach numbers but also teaches how to use numbers in real-world situations. It teaches about fractions, decimals, and percentages and how to use them properly.

The app is intended for preschoolers and from before children who are learning to read. The vibrant visuals make this a fun game for youngsters to play.

Word scrambles, word search puzzles, word tiles, and rhyming games are among the mini-games that toddlers and pre-kindergarten children will enjoy.

Math Kids helps children with their math homework by providing various features. One of these features is the “Math Review,” which can help children quickly check their progress and improve their grades by identifying where they are struggling most.

Adding Quiz is an interactive quiz that challenges children to practice their addition skills. This is where the All In One App comes in.

This application is compatible with all your devices, including your phone, laptop, and tablet. It helps you manage your music and films across several devices and locales.

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6. Math Games – column addition app

Math Games is an excellent app for people of all ages to learn math. The app assists children in calculating their work and using an easy-to-understand layout.

This app provides tools to help students in different school levels build confidence in their math skills, from preschool to high school.

The number one goal of this app is to have fun while practicing addition and subtraction with simple tasks such as sorting colors or building an addition equation of a few steps in length.

11 Best Addition Apps To Practice and Improve Logical Skills

It’s a free app with more than 100 levels and no ads or third-party tracking. There are no in-app purchases, so parents won’t have to worry about buying anything before playing.

The game is a fun and easy way to keep your child engaged. They are great for mental math, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Math games come in a variety of sizes and formats. From math puzzles that require the player to think a certain number of moves ahead to board game-style puzzles about logic.

This game helps kids learn how to add numbers with the help of practice games. You can also play a subtraction game to subtract numbers to solve equations.

This is a helpful app for parents and educators who want to help kids learn multiplication tables at home or school.

Like the multiplication and division games, the other math game for 4th graders is a math practice set in reverse. This is a game in which one-digit numerals are used to add, multiply, or divide numbers.

It was created by educators who wanted to use the same game to teach kids how to add, multiply, and divide numbers quickly.

The app is available for all your devices, so you can be wherever and still be productive.

Download the App from Google Play Store

7. Rocket Math School

Rocket Math School is another of the best Addition Apps for elementary school children struggling with basic math skills.

The game is also great for young kids who are just starting to learn to count and adults who want an engaging way to practice basic math skills.

One of the game’s most important characteristics is that it allows kids to learn arithmetic fundamentals while having fun. It gives students quick feedback on their skill level, improving over time.

11 Best Addition Apps To Practice and Improve Logical Skills

This game is designed to teach students basic math skills. It’s a game that teaches students the fundamentals of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Rocket Math School is a math game that helps kids learn four basic skills in math. Parents and educators may use it to assist their children in learning math at home or school.

The game is simple to learn and enjoyable for people of all ages. It contains several stages to improve their math abilities and gradually raises their problem-solving speed. It will also familiarize children with some fundamental math ideas.

Free levels allow students to practice their math skills without paying for them. By doing so, you can increase engagement with users and get them hooked on your product while they are still using the accessible version of your app.

The app’s mission is to enable people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to reach their full potential.

It also includes a detailed progress tracker to monitor your progress daily and adjust accordingly.

It also has features that young students need to improve their math skills, such as extensive lessons, review quizzes, timed exercises, and more.

Download the App from Google Play Store

8. IXL Math – addition and subtraction apps for iPad

IXL Math is a learning app that makes math fun and engaging for kids and is trusted by over lakhs of schools and parents, with over 1 million users.

IXL has been proven to accelerate student achievement by providing teachers with engaging and effective teaching materials tailored to how their students learn best.

As an educational app, IXL Math positively impacts students’ learning in the long term. It provides in-depth lessons which are comprehensive and curriculum-aligned math content for ages 4-18.

11 Best Addition Apps To Practice and Improve Logical Skills

The content on IXL provides students with problem-solving strategies, opportunities for collaboration, differentiated instruction, and other teaching strategies that will help them excel in school.

IXL Math allows users to play games and practice their additional skills in a fun and interactive way.

The game is available for all grade levels and has more than 200 different skills to choose from, which offers teachers and students unlimited opportunities to practice at their own pace.

IXL is an adaptive learning platform that helps students practice and master reading, math, and grammar skills. Adaptive questions were recently unveiled, a new tool that may be adjusted to the student’s ability level.

The skill of converting decimal numerals to fractions can be learned using addition. Adding pictures, adding one-digit numbers, whole numbers, two numbers, and decimal notation are a few examples of the skills that cover addition.

The IXL app provides curriculum-aligned math content, which helps students meet their school and state standards! The materials have been developed by educators, teachers, experts in the field, and industry leaders at IXL.

The platform provides a free daily practice test to students who want to improve their reading, writing, and comprehension skills.

In addition to delivering ten free questions daily, the app is available for all devices, making our work more accessible and efficient.

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9. Fun Maths

The concept behind “Fun Mathematics” is that children learn math through playing with numbers and interacting with other players in the same game.

This game allows children to exercise their brains while they are learning instead of sitting in a classroom or library with no stimulation at all.

The game is a fun way to improve mental maths skills and provides a platform for house party games with friends or family members who may have trouble understanding mental arithmetic at home.

Best Addition Apps 7

The timetables are essential for schoolwork, especially when it comes to multiplication and division. For example, knowing the timeframe for K’s up to 4th grades is a great way to help children with long-division problems.

Mental math is the ability to do math calculations in one’s head. Primary students need to work out problems and comprehend mathematical concepts.

This game aims to make mental learning arithmetic enjoyable. It’s an app where children learn mental arithmetic in a gamified environment.

This innovative way of gaming mathematics may help students overcome any difficulties they face with math in their current curriculum.

This app is compatible with any device you own. So it’s easy for anyone with a laptop, phone, or tablet to use it whenever they need a productivity boost.

Download the App from Apple App Store

10. King of Maths

King of Maths is an app designed for children with math problems who need to practice their skills or brush up on forgotten concepts, like addition and subtraction. It’s also perfect for kids just starting to learn math!

The platform uses a variety of quizzes, games, and fun activities to help kids learn algebra, geometry, division, and other math equations.

Your child must choose the level they want to play and start playing!

11 Best Addition Apps To Practice and Improve Logical Skills

With simple gameplay, King of Maths is a fast-paced mathematics game that challenges players to solve different problems in different areas.

Each problem in this app will give you an in-game definition, an easy-to-understand hint that will help you solve, and finally, enough space for your answer to be entered so that you can check your score.

You are a farmer, and you level your character by answering math questions and improving your total score. You also have the option to play as a male or female farmer, depending on what you prefer. 

It is the best game to help your child practice math and improve their skills. The game introduces them to mathematical concepts to be both fun and educational.

The mathematics level is comparable to that of a junior high school student. This indicates that this level’s necessary language and math abilities would be taught.

Students must possess these abilities and comprehend the ideas that underpin them to do well at this level.

The entertaining game has a unique character design for each level and fresh new music. The game is available for PC, Mobile, and Web, with an active community of players worldwide.

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store

11. Moose Math

Moose Math is a fantastic app for those looking for an early introduction to kindergarten addition, and it helps children prepare for their first day in school.

The app is for teaching kids the fundamentals of mathematics. It has a variety of games and educational activities for children to learn about numbers, addition, subtraction, and even fractions.

It is an intelligent app that helps your child learn to count, recognize numbers, and do simple math problems with the help of fun animal friends. The app also comes with a variety of learning activities.

Moose Math is a game that teaches kids basic skills without a parent or teacher. One way to prepare your child for school is by teaching them early skills like counting, colors, shapes, and letters.

The verbal cues are a simple step-by-step description of what you should do to solve the problems that you have been given. They explain how you should complete different tasks by providing a list of instructions.

The game’s goal is to build a town and landmarks in the shortest time possible. Children must complete a few mini-games to make their town grow.

The game provides kids with purpose, challenge, and enjoyment. It also gives them more opportunities to be creative, making it fun and valuable for adults who work with them.

The game’s most attractive feature is that it may be steered at any moment, allowing players to decide where they want to travel next. This makes it possible for players to control their learning, which is essential for motivation and engagement.

What sets Moose Math apart from other learning apps is its simplicity. Almost any child can use it without any complicated learning methods. Moose Math is available for iPhones and iPads as well as Android phones.

Download the App from Google Play Store

Download the App from Apple App Store


Which app helps with mathematics?

Some of the best apps that can help you with mathematics are Photomath, Mathway, CameraMath, WolframAlpha, etc. You can download them on your smartphones and on the iPad to learn everything about Maths, such as Addition, Subtraction, and much more advanced calculations. 

Which is the best free app for maths?

If you are looking for free apps to learn maths, some of the best ones you can find are Prodigy Game, Photomath, BuzzMath, etc. Even teachers and parents use these apps to help their students understand maths better and make it more interesting.

Not everyone loves math, and it can be quite difficult for many; hence you can download these free apps and learn efficiently. 

Is the Khan Academy app free?

Yes, Khan Academy is free of cost for all age groups. Anyone can download the app on their smartphone and learn everything for free. There are no in-app purchases for students and even teachers. 

What age should you start addition?

Any child who starts going to school learns Addition and Subtraction as their first set of math problems.

It can start from kindergarten itself with the very basic and keep on getting advanced as they grow up. You can also help your child learn at home using the additional apps that make learning easier. 

Is there a Duolingo for math? 

Duolingo is currently testing its Math application which has a similar interface to its Duolingo Language app. You can join the waitlist to test out the Beta Program that might come out soon.

However, the app will only be available for iPhone and iPad users. With this app, kids in 3rd grade can learn maths through this app. 

How accurate is PhotoMath? 

Photomath allows you to upload the math problem on the app or the website, and then you can get the solution.

This platform is almost right every time for all the calculations it has been subjected to. You can complete your homework with it and learn a lot through it. 

Is there an app for adding and subtracting?

The following are a few illustrations of adding and subtracting apps:-

Calculator (iOS, Android):- The built-in calculator app is typically pre-installed on cellphones and is available for iOS and Android. It is capable of performing both simple operations like addition and subtraction as well as more complex computations like square roots and percentage calculations.

MyScript Calculator (iOS, Android):- The handwriting calculator app MyScript Calculator (iOS, Android) enables you to enter calculations by writing them out with your finger or a stylus.

Both more complex calculations and simple operations like addition and subtraction can be handled by it.

Calculator Plus (iOS, Android):- Calculator Plus (iOS, Android) is a straightforward calculator app that can perform addition, subtraction, and more complicated calculations like square roots and percentage calculations.

You can review your earlier computations using the history tool, which is also included.

What age should a child be able to do addition?

At different ages, children often pick up fundamental math concepts like addition. But by six or seven, most kids can understand the fundamentals of addition.

It’s vital to remember that each child is unique and may develop their mathematical abilities at a different rate. While some kids may pick up addition more quickly than others, it might vary.

Counting items, utilizing manipulatives (such as blocks or counting bears), and engaging in math-related games are just a few ways you may assist your child in learning addition.

Having your child complete worksheets, use educational apps, or visit educational websites is another way to encourage them to practice addition.

How do I teach my child to add to 10?

Using visual aides like counters or manipulatives like connecting cubes or blocks is one technique to teach your youngster to add to ten.

The relationship between numbers and how they can be combined can also be explained to your child using a number line.

To further aid your child in understanding the concept, utilize simple addition problems with sums up to 10 and have them complete them using counters or other manipulatives.

How do I teach myself to add up to 20?

You can learn to add to 20 in a variety of methods.

Listed below are a few ideas:-

1. Practice reciting the numbers from 1 to 20 out loud while writing them down. You will better understand the numbers and their placement as a result.

2. Utilize objects or drawings to practice adding little amounts. Use coins or blocks to add 2 + 3 or stick figures representing 4 + 5 as examples.

3. Practice adding greater numbers using flashcards or a math game online. When you feel more confident with the fundamental addition facts, you can start with the numbers 1 to 10 and then gradually increase the difficulty.

4. To practice adding greater numbers, use a calculator or a pencil and paper. Your understanding of carrying and borrowing when adding multi-digit numbers will improve as a result.

5. Make an effort to incorporate math into your daily routine. You may, for instance, practice adding numbers while shopping or while adding up the results of a game you are playing.

Making math more enjoyable and applicable to your daily life will assist.

Is my child gifted in math?

There are a few clues that your child might be a math prodigy:-

1. Your youngster enjoys solving arithmetic puzzles and problems and shows an early and strong interest in math.

2. Your child understands arithmetic concepts well and can use them in various contexts.

3. Your youngster can comprehend and use abstract mathematical concepts and solve math problems quickly and accurately.

4. In math problems, your youngster can recognize patterns and relationships as well as reason logically and analytically.

5. Your youngster can work independently on arithmetic assignments and has the fortitude to stick with it when faced with difficult issues.

How do I teach my child to add mentally?

Here are some pointers for assisting your youngster with mental addition:-

1. Start with a low number. As your youngster becomes more adept at the fundamental addition concepts, start by practicing addition with numbers up to 10, then gradually increase the challenge.

2. To assist your child in seeing the issue, use common objects. Use pennies, bricks, or other little things as examples to assist your youngster in understanding the quantities they are working with.

3. Encourage your kid to utilize mental math techniques to help them solve problems more quickly, such as rounding, estimating, and dividing numbers into smaller parts.

4. Practicing is essential. The technique will become more automatic and speedy the more your child exercises mental math.

5. By including arithmetic in routine activities, you may make the subject interesting and exciting. You could, for instance, ask your youngster to add the costs for you as you shop or the scores from a game you are playing.

6. Encourage your youngster to keep trying despite their blunders by being patient and upbeat. Making mistakes is a normal part of learning, and your child should be encouraged to take lessons from them.

At what age should a child count to 10?

By the time they are 2 or 3 years old, most kids can count to ten. Though every child is different and develops at their rate, it’s crucial to keep this in mind.

The ability to count to ten may come more easily to some kids than others, and some kids may need a longer time to master it.

What should the average 10 year old be able to do?

Children can usually do the following by the time they are 10 years old:-

1. Recognize and apply place values (e.g., ones, tens, hundreds) in decimals and whole numbers.

2. Multi-digit numbers and decimals can be added and subtracted.

3. Divide and multiply decimals and whole numbers.

4. Address difficulties in basic geometry using angles, perimeters, and areas.

5. Comprehend and apply the fundamental ideas behind fractions and decimals.

6. To solve arithmetic questions, use fundamental tactics for problem-solving and reasoning abilities.

Ten-year-olds are normally capable of the following in addition to math:-

1. Read and grasp texts that are appropriate for your age.

2. Utilize proper language and spelling to produce clear, effective writing.

3. basic knowledge of and application of social studies and scientific ideas

4. Take part in a variety of physical activities and organized sports

5. Form and maintain relationships with others, and start to recognize and communicate their own and others’ emotions.

What strategies can I use to add?

You can add numbers by using the following methods:-

Use a number line: A number line is a visual depiction of numbers that can assist you in understanding how to add numbers and determining their relationship. A number line can be used by placing a marker on the first number, counting up or down to the second number, and then moving the marker along the number line as you go.

Break numbers into smaller parts: This tactic, also known as “decomposition,” entails breaking numbers into more manageable pieces.

For example, if you wanted to add 37 + 25, you could break 37 down into 30 + 7 and 25 down into 20 + 5, which are easier to add: 30 + 20 + 7 + 5 = 57.

Use the “nearest ten” method: this method entails rounding both figures to the nearest ten and then accounting for the difference.

For example, to add 37 + 25, you could round 37 to 40 and 25 to 30, then subtract 10 from the sum to get the correct answer: 40 + 30 – 10 = 60 – 10 = 50.

Use the “create a ten” method to locate a pair of numbers that add up to 10, then account for the discrepancy.

For example, to add 37 + 25, you could find that 25 is 2 away from 27 and 37 is 3 away from 40, so you could add 2 + 3 + 27 + 40 to get the correct answer: 2 + 3 + 27 + 40 = 72.

Use a calculator: You can use a calculator to assist you check your work and navigate more difficult issues. Just make sure you double-check your work and know how to use the calculator correctly.

(Q) How can I learn addition quickly?

The easiest way to learn addition quickly is

  • Use a number line
  • Counting Up
  • Finding the ten
  • Word problems

Here is the perfect video tutorial for you.

@Numberblocks- All the Sums | Learn to Add and Subtract

Overall, the above addition apps for kids are designed to teach them the basics of arithmetic and help them practice their skills.

If you’re a parent who wants to assist their kid in learning math more quickly or a teacher who wishes to add math games to the classroom curriculum, these apps provide hours of practice for math problems.

Since both adults and children can use these apps, adults can also use them to brush up on their math skills at any time. Doing so will help them develop more fun math-related activities for the kids.